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Balding Victor VictuuriWeek Comic #7

Day 7: Memories(Yuuri)

Solely dedicated to @hasuyawwn because she’s completely responsible for enabling this. :^) 

And that’s all of it! Thanks for following along with me this past week and indulging in my crack headcanons. I hope you had as much fun reading these as I did drawing them. Look out for something special coming (hopefully!) tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day! ;) 

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Way to Attention

Summary: Jyn feels as if Cassian has been ignoring her because of work and gets a little carried with drinks one night. It leads to an interesting conversation in the morning and revelation that maybe she has much simpler means than passing out straight in his arms to get his attentions.

A/N: Response to @dogtorbones prompt, because she’s such an enabler. Anxious about characterization, but thought I’d share it anyway. Also @radiojamming come and look at the mess!! :D

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For people who do not know if they will see next day, Rebels sure party a lot. Or perhaps that’s exactly the reason why. Though ‘party’ is a mightily stretched term for groups gathering together in the makeshift cantina and drinking until they sing or drop. (Or both.)

Usually, Jyn does not join them, still feeling like there’s invisible wall between her and rest of the rebels. With equally invisible ink words 'Galen Erso’s daughter’ are written on it and she isn’t sure if there’s any door in this wall that would lead to them occupying the same space. Doesn’t really care to find it, either. She has her Rogue One team. That’s more than she could ever imagine.

But tonight she’s angry and either she will drink it away or punch it out of her system. Probably the latter. It’d be best if she could hit Draven, for making Cassian so busy he has been basically ignoring her for a week now while she’s forced to sit back and do nothing. Baze and Chirrut have each other for endless bickering and Bodhi’s busy learning to be X-Wing pilot, but no one is teaching her that, as she’s too unpredictable in field.

Bantha assholes. Every last of them.

So, if she can’t touch their precious ships, she’s at least going to peruse their booze collection. Especially since this is a larger gathering they’re all suggested to attend. Even Cassian is here, in middle of small crowd, most likely discussing something work related. The bottle in his hand looks half empty, not that she’s checking or anything.

Jyn downs another glass (or two) of something sweet and suddenly, he’s by her side. “Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Cassian asks with a frown she wants to slap off his face. Who gave him right to-to…

The thought floats away, as does lights and the next thing she’s aware of is metal ceiling above her and dryness in her mouth that would make Jedha jealous.

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As a lesbian, I am really fucking tired of seeing people attack trans people under the guise of being supportive of lesbians. 

I really don’t give a shit if someone once identified as a lesbian and now as a trans man or if a trans woman hits on a cis lesbian. I don’t care if you think that trans women are “invading” women’s spaces. They’re women and so they belong in there.  It’s not progressive to pit woman against woman. It’s not progressive to hate another woman because of how she was born. It’s not progressive to pass or enable laws that result in women being harassed in bathrooms. Stop misgendering them. Stop excluding them. Stop stereotyping them. Stop treating them like shit. I don’t give a lick about how you were raised. Everyone can learn to be a better person, you just have to want to be.

@fauxfires asked me to reproduce my tags on this post in their own rebloggable post, because she is an enabler probably? but here they are in all their spiraling madness:

# this whole thing of anders’ really gets me in just a very visceral way# ‘they tear down your little rat-spit village and find you’# because they do - and i have to wonder# i think we’re programmed to instinctually protect one another# i don’t think any of us are born wanting to see other humans suffer# and more than that i think we’re more inclined to be against it instead of just passive or ambivalent# idk i’m thinking a lot about when a mage has to hide among their people# because those people inherently don’t want them to get hurt. not really.# but this is an old game being played and the momentum is so strong that it’s practically beaten out that instinct# twisted the nature of those human beings through constant threat of violence# arguably? a problem too big and too old to ever fix# like that thing cass says about power being its own master# eventually if you systematically strip away peoples’ human reactions they will cease to behave like humans# what am i getting at here# basically: to not fall into that cycle and to not do nothing# it’s an active fight against something that to others seems as natural and unarguable as gravity# TL;DR: anders is incredibly strong# he not only fought against that abuse and dehumanization but he came out the other side of it in fact human /enough/ to want to heal others# his own freedom wasn’t enough which i think puts him up in the ranks of Really Important People in all of this# and what potentially puts him in the top spot is that despite that inclination for healing and restoration# creation instead of destruction# he saw what had to be done and he did it# it couldn’t be small and it could be subtle. because you can’t fight gravity with small and subtle# and he was smart enough to know that and compassionate enough to feel every inch of what he was doing# anders could not have done what he did out of anger# i don’t think anders’ character progression is a hate story - i think it’s a love story.# and that’s. that’s something.

I think one of the most Gryffindor things Minerva McGonagall did in the entire Harry Potter series was to change the rules to allow Harry to play Quidditch then go out and buy this young promising Seeker an expensive broomstick because she was damn determined to get Gryffindor back to being a dominate team. She wasn’t just being nice, she wanted to win. Like we know Oliver Wood had unhealthy obsession with the game but let’s not pretend McGonagall wasn’t enabling him because she freaking wanted Gryffindor to go out and kick ass on the Quidditch pitch.

We have never seen a “submission problem” that did not have a controlling husband at its root. When the wife begins to set clear boundaries, the lack of Christlikeness in a controlling husband becomes evident because the wife is no longer enabling his immature behavior. She is confronting the truth and setting biblical limits on hurtful behavior. Often, when the wife sets boundaries, the husband begins to grow up.
—  Henry Cloud & John Townsend, Boundaries
Antis:  The Mission Statement

Goal:  Stop free thought and its expression by anyone in the world about the personal relationship between 2 actors that none of us have met, but for whom we vow to defend the right to be free from any speculation about their admitted close and intimate friendship.

Primary medium:  The internet, with a particular focus on Twitter and Tumblr.  This medium provide us with the ability to tag the actors, their friends, and co-workers as we pursue our mission  While those new to our membership may find this practice distasteful, keep in mind that we are acting in the best interest of the actors.  We acknowledge that the female actor has asked for kindness on the internet, but we are convinced that she tacitly approves of this Mission Statement because it will enable her to live her life without the intrusiveness of the so-called “Shippers,” notwithstanding the fact that successfully completing this Mission will, by definition, be intrusive.

Target:  The focus of our attack will be the person with the widest audience.  Presently, that appears to be a young woman whose delusional followers believe to be a lovely person who is caring for a parent with what is ultimately a terminal illness.  Do not be fooled by her enthusiasm for love–she is dangerous to the  successful completion of the Mission.  Therefore, members should call into question any and all aspects of her life, regardless of whether there is any evidence to support the allegation.  Remember, she is a “Super Shipper” and has the ability to force her followers to continue to believe that the actors are more than close, intimate friends.

The “Shipper” Community:  Do not be deterred by the fact that much of the vocal Shipper community is comprised of what appears to be well-educated, intelligent women of all ages.  The weak link is the identified target.  If we can force her off of the internet, the Ship will sink and then we will be in control of the narrative and protect our actors.  While it is true that during the short period of times that she has gone “radio silent” online the Ship has powered on, a concerted campaign against her is still the most effective game plan for the successful completion of the mission.

Collateral Damage:  We acknowledge that the female actor has clearly stated that she desires kindness above all else.  However, we are convinced that she would approve of our efforts to protect her.  Therefore, we are willing to sacrifice her esteem and “virtual” friendship in order to complete this mission.  We are also prepared to involve the actors’ friends in this campaign.  We are certain that they also approve of this campaign.  It is suggested, however, that members keep the specifics of this campaign away from RL friends and family as they may not understand the necessity for being “blunt” in our efforts to destroy the Target and the Ship.  This Mission will require conduct that may directly contradict our RL standard of conduct, but the ends justify the means.

Plan of Attack:  Members should troll any follower of the Target provided that they have a significant following of their own.  Members should screencap any conversation that contradicts the official narrative of this Membership.  Any suggestion that the actors are more than friends is subject to attack.  And particularly “offensive” conversation should be passed on to the actors by tagging them on Twitter, Facebook or IG.  Any suggestion by their RL friends that contradicts the official narrative should be challenged as well.  While we are certain that the actors’ friends would never knowingly suggest that our actors are more than friends, they may not realize how their own choice of words might be interpreted.  And, since we know how best to protect our actors, we must bring the fight to their friends.  Again, we believe that  our actors are thankful for our efforts because they are unable to speak for themselves, the denial video notwithstanding.

Conclusion:  This Mission is being undertaken with the ultimate goal of eradicating the thought that our actors are more than friends and, ultimately, the Shipper community itself.  This cancer must be removed from the Fandom.  Once we have completed the Mission, we will begin the next phase:  eradicating the blasphemy from the gossip magazines and mainstream media.

Oath of Membership:  I [state my name] swear to take any action necessary to achieve the goal of the Mission at the expense of my self-respect and humanity.  I will not be deterred from the goal of the Mission, even if told to stop by the actors who I hereby vow to protect from anyone who might suggest that they are anything more than close, personal  friends.  I acknowledge that the female actor has explicitly asked that I not conduct this campaign, but I know what is in their best interest and will engage in this war of attrition in order to complete the Mission.

Signed _________ [please use your own blood to sign]