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ok hi guys

for those asking for it, this is a post about 7x10

but please keep in mind these are my own opinions and feelings and I don’t mean to influence anyone with them whatsoever

I do also have a theory which I’ll be including at the bottom because reasons

click the cut if you feel like listening to me ramble

(and also beware of possible spoilers)

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*Viciously ignores canon because forehead kisses are my weakness*

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.

I honestly can’t fathom why some people don’t see how good the Duchess of Cambridge is for the Royal Family. Look at today’s engagement: she visited a mental health charity, attended a meeting about it and had multiple impromptu fun moments with the children involved. She is radiant and spontaneous and the Royal Family is lucky to have her on board.

To Nanamin,

Happy Birthday,
And congratulation on your graduation.

I have been in Nogizaka46 for 5 years and a half, which means I have been standing by Nanamin’s side for 5 years and a half already.

- video cut -

From now on, please lead on the coolest life in your unique, Nanamin’s way.If there is anything we can do for you, please contact us.
No matter where you are, we will come running to you.

Thank you for your hard work these past 5 years.
I will always, always love you.

Shiraishi Mai

Video of Maiyan’s letter as translated by @kisumaiyan in his post:


After probably an hour and a half my mama decided that I should finally post photos with her so here ya goo :))

Almost forgot don’t give your mom wine before photos guys

  • What I expected from Rhombus of Ruin: Fun time spy adventures with witty commentary from characters I love and general humorous nonsense.
  • What I was not expecting from Rhombus of Ruin: The last half hour to get really heavy and kind of snap my heart in half.

My dudes we had cinnamon in the cupboard for the first time in a decade and I don’t know if putting cinnamon in lemsip is some kind of abomination to mankind or anything but fuck it it’s in there

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((@daily--cuteifly)) Bee flies up to Frajyle nervously, one of the yellow flowers from her home in her hands. She offers the flower to him, hoping he likes it!


Frajyle happens to be on the outskirts of the forest, muttering to himself as Bee approaches. He’s unaware of her presence, seeming to be too focused on something else to notice her.

“Should I gift these to her? It seems positively silly… For her small size, and despite my threats, she does not seem to fear me. It’s strange… How can–”

He cuts himself off when he finally hears the fluttering of Bee’s wings and turns in surprise to see the very pokemon he was just talking about, offering him a flower. Though her sudden appearance had surprised him a bit too much that he shot upward and turned to flee, only to crash into one of the nearby trees. He had been too much in a hurry to faze through it.

His mask cracks, and the flowers he was holding fall from his hands. Frajyle’s a bit too flustered to care about the state of his now broken mask, or retrieve the fallen flowers. He felt the need to hide and quickly disappeared into the forest, hoping Bee did not overhear him talking to himself.

The mask, and the flowers he was going to gift Bee with still remain. An Almond Blossom, symbolizing hope and contemplation. As well as a blue periwinkle, symbolizing the beginning of a friendship.

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Joker and Harley have a pretty decent amount of tattoos(some in difficult to reach places), do you think they helped each other out in the aftercare department? (I'm an apprentice-tattooist and I can't help but think about that lol)

Ya, I would think so!

I can definitely see Harley needing J’s help since hers were all done once they got together :)

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obiyuki ice skating. thank you

Shirayuki doesn’t believe in bad days.

That isn’t to say she doesn’t believe in bad things. She knows intimately the way that life can throw an unrelenting series of bumps and curves, enough to make it feel like you’ve lost control and the only way out is to turn into the spin. She’s lived that.

She knows what its like to want to sink into the bed, to want to pull the covers up over her ears and block the world out until tomorrow, or next week, or – forever. You can’t pick when those days will be, when life will come after you with teeth bared. But getting up is a choice. Moving forward is a choice.

She doesn’t believe in bad days, because its her choice what holds her down.

But today is really giving her a run for her money

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For @kurisuumakise and her great fic on ao3 (check it out to get wrekked every saturday)

Sorry if its a little big i have no idea what i’m doing

My mom’s so wild. When I’m at an even temperament she’s like “oh you’re not mentally ill, you have great control of your emotions”. And when I refer to myself as mentally ill she rolls her eyes, but when I’m severely depressed she’s like “you need to go see a doctor and get medicated, you need help”. She also still refuses to believe I’m bipolar even though I’ve been diagnosed for over half a year by 3 different doctors (and been showing the signs for years). But when I’m manic she’s always threatening to have me committed or saying “you’re scaring me, why are you acting like this?” Gee, I have no ideaaa 😒She’s also the sort to believe PTSD is a myth or that people who suffer from it should just “get over it”, so talking to her about my experiences is a no-go.