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Kabby Being Human AU:


Marcus- Vampire

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@eve1978 ‘s post reminded me that I watched Central Intelligence right after Tom and Taylor started dating.

“We are like a power couple. Like Taylor Swift and whoever she is dating right now.”

Unbeknownst Tom was the joke and the punchline to the general public and mainstream media, before he even met Taylor.

S/immons, they’re targeting Inhumans. They are murdering us.

There are protocols, Daisy.

Wow, you sure don’t give a fuck about innocent people from a persecuted minority dying because of your organization fucking up but hey, I guess that’s one of the perks of being a rich, white, educated woman who never has to worry about those xenophobic terrorists coming to murder her and anyone who is like her.

My friend is flying up to RI today that I haven’t seen IRL since I was 12 years old, and I’m so so so excited. We talk all the time online and she’s genuinely one of the best people I’ve ever met.

Day 14 - Makoto as a Jiang Shi

I’m performing a poem that I wrote for this girl I like tonight at my school’s weekly poetry slam & I’ve been high key stressing about it all day

nightmare-scholar  asked:

*Appears from Sheol in front of Yumi and the Anon, takes out a giant mallet from his sleeve and slams it on the Anon*

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make me attempt a character! [ x ]

knight paragon ;

do i even need to talk about how much i love cordelia…….i’ve already cried at length to you about her because she’s literally my favorite character in all of fire emblem i cry so much every day

right off the bat, i’m such a sucker for tragic romantic characters who don’t end up getting the love they pine for? like that shit hits me right in the solar plexus every single time, without fail. but aside from that, i really appreciate how strong of a person she is – all the shit she’s been through, all the mental and emotional scarring from her time as a trainee? but still she works so hard even though i’m sure she must suffer so much on the inside – it’s really heartbreaking and really admirable at the same time. 

i’m actually not a super fan of how the game portrays her in her supports – a lot of the time, she comes across as more obnoxious and attention-seek-y than i think she would be; in general i think the writing for her could’ve been a lot more subtle and still get across the elements of her backstory that are important for her characterization. the way it’s set up now doesn’t make her very sympathetic at all.

i have a lot of anger about people ( and there are many in the fandom, unfortunately ), who write her off solely as a trope. “she’s basically catria!” or w/e, because there is so, so much more to cordelia’s personality than strictly her unrequited love for chrom; while that’s definitely an important aspect of her, it is far from being all of her, but that’s what she gets pigeon-holed into ( not entirely the fandom’s fault; 80% of her dialogue in-game centers around chrom ). 

i also have even more anger about the fact that the game basically straight up implies that no matter who she gets with, she never fulls gets over chrom, which always makes me feel bad pairing her up because it feels like she’s simply ‘settling’ for someone else because she can’t have her dream man, and then i end up feeling terrible for the guy she gets with because he’s basically always second best hah. if she can’t get with chrom ( and i always get mad about the fact that she can’t, because i don’t care if it’s a trope it’s perfectly plausible??? ), then at least let her move on eventually. i think she’s strong enough to be capable of that.

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Well, I’m worried out of my mind about Charlotte so much it hurts, but I’ve done everything I can think of, so I’m going to attempt some blogging as usual. In case anyone was wondering where all my happy joyous posts are, because today sure was starting out a wonderful day.