because she has never experienced humanity

Hotel Transylvania: Mavis Dracula-Loughran [ESFP]


Extroverted Sensing (Se): Mavis is tired of being locked up in the hotel all her life by her father; she just wants to go out and explore the world! She’s not wholly willing to believe what Drac has to say about humans, because she hasn’t personally experienced them herself. Only when she meets them herself does she believe what her dad told her, but she changes her perceptions again when Johnny tells her about his own personal experiences with humans. She is agile and adept, fully able to merge herself into her environment, and is extremely good at things she’s never tried before (skateboarding). As soon as she moves out into the human world, she is eager to try out everything.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Mavis wants to be her own person, and struggles to find her own individuality, much to her dad’s chagrin. Throughout, Mavis wants to make her own decisions, whether Drac likes it or not: she wants to marry Johnny, she wants the two of them (and Dennis) to move out into the human world, and she wants Drac to change his old, traditional ways. Because of this, she is highly respectful of people who don’t try to mold her into someone she’s not (Frank). When she finds out the truth about Johnny and the human village, she explodes with anger, and then goes off to process her feelings alone. She feels a “zing” with Johnny, so she decisively decides to…

Extroverted Thinking (Te): fall in love with him, and marry him. To this end, she takes immediate action to make sure her goals come to fruition, including having random encounters with Johnny, spending time with him to get to know him better, and trying to convince her dad. When she finds out about Drac’s putting Dennis in danger, she immediately rushes over to try to stop him. Relatively speaking, she is very good at organizing Dennis’ birthday party, and she can be blunt when she wants to be.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): When Mavis pursues something, she pursues it. She will not allow Drac to stop her, and is very good at knowing exactly what she will do when she moves out, having visualized every single little detail of her plan. However, she doesn’t catch onto the truth about Johnny, the human village or Dennis’ “baby-sitting”, until it’s too late.

when men are like “girls shouldn’t wear slutty outfits if they don’t want to be catcalled/harassed!!! it’s human nature for guys to be attracted to that!!”

and yet…….i know of no queer woman in the entire universe (including the aliens) who has ever sexually harassed or catcalled a woman because of what’s shes wearing. i suppose there must be women who do, but i’ve never ever heard of it happening compared to the fact that most of my female friends have at some point experienced it from guys. yike. 

hope solo has overcome so much in her life from the time she was a child and even now, she still has so much to overcome. she has dealt with so many obstacles in life that many couldn’t even imagine going through. many she didn’t deserve, others she had made decisions that weren’t the best, but she has never once made excuses for anything that she has experienced in life and that is only one of the reasons why i admire her so much. hope is someone whose personality is often overlooked because people like to pass judgement without ever trying to learn anything or understand. i have never seen hope as anything other than human. more so than anything, to me she’s very genuine. she is someone who is very vocal and open about herself and the things she has chosen to share with her fans and the world about her life and she has never once been afraid to hide the parts that haven’t always been so great. despite everything she has had a postive outlook on life and has chosen to learn and grow from her experiences, both as an athlete and as a person. watching and reading interviews over the years, it’s almost as if you can see how much she has grown from everything and has used her experiences to her advantage to become a better person and for that, i truly admire and respect her. after everything, after all of her accomplishments, she has proved time and time again that she is the best female goalkeeper in the world, and shortly now will be making history as the first goalkeeper in US history to earn 100 shutouts, and will become the first female goalkeeper in the world to do.  i am inspired by her every single day and i honestly cannot and won’t ever be able to put into words just how much i love her and just how much she means to me but i have nothing but the utmost respect for her and i always will.