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Name: Lilith, you can call me whatever tho but never call me late for dinner ;3

Birthday: January 5th
Relationship status: gay with @nonbinaridot

Siblings: 1 my sister!
Pets: 1 ball python named Damian❤ she is cute and has a snek booty

Type of phone: iPhone owo

Lemonade or ice tea: Lemonade because I love the sugary sour

Text or call: Fucking texting

Make up or natural look: EEEEEEHM welp I don’t make up that much at all but yeh I would say both

Smile or eyes: both can kill me so yeah ❤
Shorter or taller: Taller ////w////

Chapstick or lipstick: lipstick

City or country: Space

Last song I listened to: I’d rather drown- Set it off

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sophie 2.0, bc a) i forgot to change her name the first time oops and b) it took 0.3 seconds to decide i didn’t like her hairstyle

smol bi sentinel, shameless flirt, The Family DisappointmentTM. her last words will probably be “hey liam watch this”

she feels like everyone knew alec better than she ever has. clearly self-taught with tech and biotics, because she never, in alec’s words, “got serious enough” to benefit from his training. she’s more the learn-by-doing sort and alec wasn’t too supportive in that regard projecting what do you mean i’m projecting

she’s also a bit of a romantic, and believes in hope and the future and really truly thought the milky way was lost when shepard died (and sophie definitely wasn’t crushing on her as a teen and totally never idolized her shut up scott) and joined the initiative sorta last minute, to scott’s relief and alec’s… chagrin? frustration? both?

tl;dr sophie’s in andromeda to kick ass and take names but maybe later? bc right now she’s doing shots and hitting on reyes and at some point liam’s shirt is probably coming off, so let’s reschedule the ass kicking for like, next week? and we’ll deal with the name taking when we get there


yuri!!! on ice instagram: mila babicheva, sara crispino, & anya

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It’s something I keep forgetting because I haven’t read the comics in a while, but every now and then I remember how all the Luthors’ names start with an L because the “S” of the Supers really stands for the house of “El”. That is to say, the Luthors were from the start intended to be the foils of the Supers, in every way right down to the name. The Supers represent the last legacy of Krypton, and the Luthors represent the greatest that humanity has to offer, be it on the side of good or evil.

So when Lena wants to get away from Lex’s legacy, she creates “L” Corp, because she might be running away from Lex, but she’s still a Luthor, and that “L” means something.

And when Winn calls the symbol of Kara’s chest an “S”, she corrects him and names it for what it is, an “El”, the crest of the House of El, her house, the name of her family, and that means something, it means they are stronger together.

Supers and Luthors have been enemies, and foils, and mirrors, for a long part of comic history, and there is a weight to that dynamic, that is far more poignant than “The girl from Krypton and the boy from Daxam.”

okay but Danielle is probably missing such weird chunks of knowledge like Vlad taught her how to speak and read and probably write and he taught her enough social skills to be useful to his plans but there would be so many things she hasn’t learned and she soaks up random shit like a sponge so

she could tell you everything there is to know about ants because she watched this David Attenborough special last night and did you know some ants can jump like there’s this species from Tasmania- but if you ask her what clouds are made of she’ll be like, I dunno, marshmallows?

and she could tell you every detail about her ghost core and what elements are found in ectoplasm but if you ask her to name any human organs she’ll basically stop at ‘brain, heart and stomach’ like what’s a liver?

and the first time she gets her period she has no idea what’s happening and it’s like that scene from Carrie, she thinks she’s dying, she’s on Valerie’s bathroom floor crying her eyes out begging her to call Danny because she thinks her human form is destabilising and doesn’t know what to do or how to fix it

and she has no concept of matching colours or what foods go with what so she’ll eat cereal with orange juice because they’re out of milk and I mean it’s the only other liquid in the fridge and it’s tastier than water, and she’ll wear the most garish mismatching clothes and not understand why people are giving her strange looks

she also uses a lot of words she doesn’t understand and pronounces things wrong a lot because she’s only read them in books and never heard it out loud, but the girl can pick up a new language like a pro, she can speak Cantonese and Swahili as well as she can speak english and nobody really knows where she learnt them and she can ask for the bathroom in like twelve other languages, she just picks shit up from her travels

she thinks the moon is the size of a coin and asks why nobody has ever just, plucked it out of the sky and Danny is just, HORRIFIED and six hours later Danielle knows everything Danny knows about space and she still doesn’t understand where trees come from

and she has the most impeccable manners but punctuates sentences with really bizarre swear words and phrases because she knows those words have power and makes people gasp but she’s not sure how to use them because nobody will tell her so if she wants to make a point she’ll lob a random swear at the end of a perfectly articulated sentence and think that’s just how it’s done

I just love the idea of this tiny chipper outlandishly dressed girl travelling the globe and talking to strangers on the street in whatever country she’s landed in this time, slipping in and out of three different languages, eating a hot dog with chocolate sauce drizzled on it and chatting in precise detail about how bees make honey and then asking where rain comes from like

she’s such a contradiction I love it

you i’ve been thinking lately about how ginny’s the only one out her friends and family to not keep her maiden name– which seemed weird at first, since ginny’s plenty independent, has family pride, and isn’t the type to do something just because it’s traditional. not to mention she’s rather famous in her own right due to her sports career, and seeing as how she continues writing on the subject, she probably could cash in on maintaining her name.

but then i thought of how for almost his whole life harry has been the odd one out as a ‘potter’. he grew up in a family with a different last name than him, who went out of their way to single him out as an 'other’. harry never had any relatives with his name or any sort of substantial connection to family member, which only exacerbated his feelings of being an outsider. i think he would have been proud of his name on some level– it honored his parents who gave their lives for him, and certainly his name became a big part of his identity as he grappled with his fame. but still. harry was the only potter. he had no family, no one else with his name.

i think ginny would have picked up on this, though i doubt harry would have articulated it (or even consciously recognized it). she took his name as a sign, an obvious indicator to all who met them, that harry was no longer alone. she was his family now.

get the fuck ready for some DP HEADCANONS ABOUT MY GURL STAR

first up her last name is Benson because @melancholicmarionette
made it so in a fic and I’m adopting it because it sounds gud thank

Star Benson has an insane memory, like she remembers everything, and it’s all important stuff like who’s fucking who and which stores have the best deals and all the important current political figures and their policies

and also she can recite the entire Bee Movie script by heart for some reason

she only uses this power for evil

Star Benson knows everyone, literally everyone, that kid who moved into town last week? Star knows his favourite colour, that girl who sits in a corner and doesn’t talk to anyone? Star knows exactly which hair salon she goes to every month for that shitty dye job

names, phone numbers, addresses, Star knows them all, her phone is so full of contacts and emails and she has an account on almost all forms of social media and follows everyone from school on all of them, if anyone needs to contact someone Star can hook you up, she’s owed favours by half the student body

she is a gossip queen, she has all of the dirt, she can recognise someone by voice, by mannerisms even. she knows who the Red Huntress is, she knows who Danny PHANTOM is

nobody knows how she knows all this shit

Star Benson’s mother is a hippy fortune teller, she reads tarot cards and crystal balls and palms, very few people know this. Dash, Kwan and Paulina are the only ones she allows over her house, and they know better than to tell anyone, Star has dirt on ALL OF THEM

Star might be lowkey psychic nobody can be sure

she’s defs highkey gay tho Star is so gay and everybody knows… except her mum her mum doesn’t know because if her mum knows she’ll be so excited that she’ll tell EVERYONE and then her dad will find out

Star does not want her dad to find out her dad is a dICK

but everyone is defs lowkey scared of Star tbh Paulina acts like she’s top dog but only because Star let’s her because Star is crushing on her SO HARD, in reality Star runs the whole fucking social structure of the school. but she won’t fuck over her friends she’s not a MONSTER… as long as they don’t fuck over her first

Danny knows Star’s mother, their parents are friends, they used to hang out as kids, they didn’t have much in common but they were chill, Star and Danny are still pretty chill, mostly when nobody else is around to see it, they still chat at family barbecues

Danny doesn’t know Star knows his secret, Star doesn’t tell him, she doesn’t tell anyone

well she tells Wes because Wes already knows and nobody believes him and he keeps begging her to back him up

she thinks it’s funny

she doesn’t like Wes, he stole her chocolate bar in elementary school and Star n e v e r f o r g e t s

Star knows better than to fuck with a superhero, she could have him wrapped around her little finger but she’s smart enough to recognise that his secret is important, HE’S important I mean he regularly SAVES THE ENTIRE TOWN AND SOMETIMES THE WORLD she ain’t gonna fuck around with stakes that high she knows better than that

she doesn’t say shit about the Red Huntress because Valerie is a fucking rage nuke who can hold a grudge tighter than a god damn hydraulic press, playing with Val is playing with fire and Star ain’t about getting her ass kicked by fucking with the wrong bad bitch

Star is really focused on things she’s into the only classes she makes sure to nail perfectly are the ones she’s interested in and the ones that are relevant to her intended future political career so she’s really good at anything involving history, geography, politics, economics she’s into learning about the world and where it’s been and where it’s going

Star is going to be president of the United States one day, she’ll make fucking sure of it

Can we talk about how this is the second time Bellamy has quietly pleaded with Clarke to come inside?

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With that epic Graveltone™ which Bob uses when Bellamy is trying to dissuade Clarke from doing something self-destructive and sacrificial (see also: “you’re out of your mind if you think I’m letting you do this alone”)?

Only this time, the gate they’re standing at is metaphorical and in the future – a gate that neither of them want to be standing at.

But this time, he isn’t taking no for an answer. This time Bellamy Blake is not letting her walk away into nothingness. Last time he thought it was what she needed, now he knows it’s not. This time, he has faced the fact that he needs her and he cannot come to terms with his own name on that list unless hers is right beside it.  What’s more – and this is the clincher – he’s got an honest to god reason to fight for his own survival because now he’s convinced that Clarke believes in him and maybe, just maybe, that means he can look himself in the mirror again.

And you know what else? This time she doesn’t fight him. She knows, now, that she doesn’t have to bear any of this alone. And what is more, when he writes her name down, he’s letting her know that she, Clarke Griffin, deserves to be on the list. Not just for him (and yes for him because that is also what he’s finally telling her) but for everyone, all the people she couldn’t bear to face when she walked away last time. Because even though she thought she could leave because they had you,  ultimately that wasn’t enough. Not for Bellamy. Not for her people.  She matters to everyone and she only believes it because Bellamy believes it and finally, finally she’s allowing her faith in his judgement to override all her self-doubt. 

Bellamy and Clarke’s belief in each other is life-affirming, folks.  They finally understand what they mean to each other and that’s what validation looks like.

A list of things about Yuno Gasai that are interesting besides the fact that she’s a yandere:

  • She’s adopted
  • She is practically a genius and makes very good grades
  • She has super instincts and lazer focus
  • She is very physically strong (strong enough to throw off two grown men)
  • She can repress her own memories to fit her own needs
  • She is afraid of haunted houses
  • She has difficulty trusting people
  • She is very resourceful and uses many things in her surroundings to help her out
  • Yuno accidentally killed her adoptive parents and pretends they are still alive
  • Yuno attached herself to Yuki because she believed he wanted to become her family and take care of her
  • She was so desperate for Yuki’s mother’s approval she broke into his house and cleaned it and made food for them
  • Yuno’s last name means “wife”
  • She was name after Juno, the jealous and possessive wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology

Feel free to add any others you feel belong on this list!

Auston Matthews - Part 14

Little side note: The Jessie name I used in the last part is literally someone I made up because I was listening to “Jessie’s girl” when I was writing. It’s not important. 

Once dinner has been cleared away I actually do have to go to the bathroom. I excuse myself and head down the hallway that leads to the woman’s room, I’m about to open the door when I hear my name coming from inside the men’s room.

               “I don’t know man, he’s acting a bit different around this one,” I hear who I’m assuming is Mitch say.

               “She doesn’t look like someone who would take shit from anyone,” I hear Zach say.

               A waiter passes the door frame and I hastily hide around the corner, still within hearing distance of the men’s bathroom.

               “That and she’s incredibly close to his family, so it’s not like he could ever get rid of her,” Mitch replies and I frown before he adds. “But he told me that he doesn’t really know if she has any interest in him. She never paid him any attention when he lived in Ann Arbor and she never made any attempt to get to know him even after she became friends with Alex.”

               What? I thought that was pretty obvious and he never made any attempt to get to know me either… I think.

               “Are you kidding me? Have you seen the two of them tonight? He literally stole your seat so he could sit across from her and have an excuse to look at her!” Zach says and I can’t help but smile and lean my head back against the wall.

               “That’s true, did you see the way she constantly plays with that little charm he got her? Remember when he got it and was freaking out because he didn’t know if she would like it or not because he had never talked to her before?” Mitch laughs and I hear the faucet turn on, I inch towards the women’s restroom door but want to hear the rest of what they have to say.

               “I think they’re into each other, and I wish they would just get it on already because I’m tired of listening to Matts lust over her,” Zach says and my cheeks feel like they are on fire.

               “I don’t think its lust he’s after bud, if it was I don’t think he would have waited this long. He’s had a crush on her for how many years? Somehow I feel like he isn’t going to be content with just spending a night with her.”

The door knob to the bathroom jiggles and I scurry into the women’s bathroom, closing the door softly behind me. I let out a quiet strangled cry as my mind wraps around what I just overheard. However, at the same time, I feel something warm blooming inside me.

When I return to the table I sit in silence, content listening to the conversations around me. Absentmindedly, my hand immediately goes to my bracelet and I realize I do exactly what Mitch says, I only play with the one Auston gave me. I look up at Mitch who exchanges a glance with Zach, an “I told you so” look clearly on his face. Mitch looks back at me, and seeing me him staring back at him, he turns a faint pink. I can’t help but laugh and when Alex looks quizzically at me, I just shake my head at her.

Shortly after everyone is getting ready to go and I’m struggling to get my arm into my coat when someone moves to my side and holds the coat out for me to slip my arm in. I know without looking that it’s Auston, the warm feeling in my stomach tells me.

I grin up at him and he winks, luckily his back is to his teammates who are watching him, smirks on their faces. Auston follows my gaze to them and quickly scowls.

“Weren’t you all leaving?” He snaps at them and I hide my mouth behind my scarf to shield my smile.

They all scoff at him, clearly enjoying making him uncomfortable, just as Alex and Breyana do. However, they listen and after saying goodbye to me and the others, they all shuffle out of the dining area, Mitch winking at me before turning away. He’s my favorite by a long shot.

“Now, are we all ready?” Mrs. Matthews asks, appearing at my side.

“Ready to go to bed,” Breyana mumbles, stifling a yawn behind her hand.

“Oh, we aren’t going to bed, we have a couple hours on the road before that,” Mr. Matthews says, and everyone but Auston and Mrs. Matthews look at him oddly.

“What are you talking about? Where are we going?” Alex asks, looking back and forth between her parents.

“About two hours north out of the city. We don’t get to partake in a lot of winter activities down in Arizona so, since Auston doesn’t have practice or a game tomorrow, we figured we could escape for a day,” Mrs. Matthews explains, taking me by the arm and leading us out of the restaurant.

“But don’t we need our stuff?” I ask.

“We grabbed it before we left, it’s all in the back of the car,” Mrs. Matthews replies.

“Why am I so bad at noticing my stuff going missing?” I exclaim and she laughs.

The moment we get outside, my head snaps up to the sky. Two hours outside Toronto should put us nearly in the middle of nowhere, which means no light to make it hard to see my stars. Excitement pulls in my mind at the thought of it.

I climb up into my seat on the middle bench and look into the back of the SUV, sure enough, there’s a bag for everyone. I turn to say something to Alex, assuming it was her that I just felt sit next to me and instead I’m greeted by Auston’s face right next to mine.

“Mind if I sit here?” He asks, his tone low and I flush.

“I mean, I guess I don’t really have a choice,” I sigh back, gesturing to the seat belt already around him.

He laughs and settles back into his seat and I am reminded of my first night in Toronto and our ride to the restaurant then, and I kind of wish that the bags weren’t in the back and were taking up my seat again. Auston seems to have the same thought because he glances at the empty seat between us on the bench and picks up a water bottle from the floor with just a little bit of water inside it.

He turns it around in his hand and I can see his mind whirling about. Finally he moves the bottle to my side, loosening the cap slightly, he leans it against my hip and then gestures for me to stand up. I get where this is going and play along. I shift myself slightly, like I’m reaching for my purse on the floor and the moment I do so, the water bottle tips and water seeps onto my seat where my butt had just been.

I squeal and Mrs. Matthews’ turns to look at me.

“What’s wrong?” She asks.

“I spilled water on my seat,” I say, trying in vain to wipe at the water.

“Well move to the middle then, unless you want a wet butt,” she says, turning back to face the front. That’s exactly what I planned to do.

I avoid looking at Auston as I shift to his side, I buckle myself in and lean back in my seat. He too ignores me, looking out the window, though I know we both got exactly what we wanted.

My phone buzzes in my coat pocket and when I pull it out there’s a message from Alex.

A+ acting skills, sure u don’t want to be an actress?

I press a hand to my mouth to keep from laughing before typing out a reply.

You got exactly what you wanted, shouldn’t you be happy?

Almost instantly Alex responds.

U have no idea

“Are you two texting each other again?” Breyana exclaims behind me and she’s cut off from an elbow from Alex.

Auston looks at me and I press my lips together, slipping my phone back in my pocket. When I go to bring my hand back to my lap, he stops me. He brushes his fingers against mine and the simple touch sends shockwaves through my body. I move my hand into his and he presses our now intertwined fingers between our legs, hidden from view if Mrs. Matthews were to turn around. A thrill goes through my body at both his touch and the secrecy of said touch.

Within a half hour of the car ride, my eyes are already starting to get heavy. I can hear Alex and Breyana breathing softly behind me and know they are already sleeping. Auston is still awake beside me, I can tell from the rhythmic movement of his thumb against the back of my hand.

I yawn and Auston glances at me, sitting in the middle seat I don’t exactly have the most comfortable neck support. He let’s go of my hand and before I can protest, his hand snakes behind my back and wraps around my waist, he glances at his parents in the front seat, Mrs. Matthews is slumped over asleep and Mr. Matthews is fully focused on the road and nodding his head to the beat of the song playing. He turns his attention back to me and gently pulls me closer to him and in doing so, I slip farther down the seat and right into the crook of his arm.

I don’t think in my entire life I have been so comfortable and almost instantly I turn my head into his shoulder and fall asleep.

I wake up when I feel the SUV shift beneath me, turning a sharp corner onto a much rougher road. I blink several times, forgetting where I am until I see Auston’s hand resting in front of my face. I peek up at him and see him passed out as well, his head back against his headrest. He looks younger in his sleep, like I remember him from Ann Arbor. I realize I am once again wrapped around him, my head had been resting against his chest and my arm across his waist. Feeling me move, Auston snaps awake, startling me.

“Sorry,” I whisper, blushing from being caught staring at him.

He grins at me before wiping the sleep from his face and my heart melts, he looks beyond adorable. I pull myself up from practically sitting on his lap and stretch as best I can while sitting in a cramped SUV. Auston watches me, and I feel slightly self-conscious.

“Ah finally awake, just in time,” Mr. Matthews says from the front seat, having realized we were awake. “Nearly there.”

I lean across Auston without thinking about it to look out his window towards the sky.

“You know, you have your own window,” Auston whispers to me and I flush, about to move back into my own seat when his hand presses against my back, halting me. “Good thing, I don’t mind,” he whispers even quieter and a tingle runs down my spine.

Yeah, this definitely isn’t playful flirting.

I see the others in the backseat coming around and I quickly pull back into my own seat, much to Auston’s disappointment. I wink at him as Alex speaks up from the back.

“Not to be that kid, but are we there yet?”

Mr. Matthews chuckles and pulls into a long driveway leading up to a respectable sized house. When we pull to a stop outside, Mr. Matthews awakes Mrs. Matthews and we begin unpacking the SUV.

“There are enough rooms here for everyone to have their own,” Mrs. Matthews begins, “ours is on the main floor and you four can fight over the ones upstairs, I’m going to bed,” she leads the way inside and instantly disappears into her bedroom, Mr. Matthews following her after saying goodnight to us.

Heading upstairs, we all take a look at each room and then settle down for a tournament of rock-paper-scissors to decide who gets what room. Breyana wins and she takes the biggest room, I come in second and take the next room, leaving Auston and Alex to duel it out. I take a look out my window that overlooks the backyard and spot a hot tub on the deck. Stars and a hot tub? Don’t have to ask me twice.

I run across the hall and tell Breyana to get her bathing suit on. By the time we meet in the hallway, Alex and Auston are still grumbling about who gets the bigger room. Breyana and I try to sneak past them, our towels wrapped around us but Auston catches a glance of me and doesn’t even celebrate that he just beat Alex, he takes in my towel and again I feel incredibly self-conscious.

“There’s a hot tub outside, Y/N and I are going to check it out,” Breyana says, shoving past Auston which breaks him from his eye groping of my towel.

“Oh wait for me!” Alex says, rushing into her room and forgetting to complain about it to change.

“Auston, are you coming?” Breyana asks and I avoid looking at him, waiting for his answer.

“Uh, maybe,” Auston says. “I’ll be down in a few minutes,” he adds, seeing the pout on Breyana’s face and I can’t help but laugh at the fact that Breyana still has her big brother wrapped around her finger.

Once Alex joins us in the hallway, we make out way downstairs and out the back slider. The cold air is shocking against my bare skin and we hurry to turn on the hot tub, thankful that it’s one that always has hot water inside it even when it’s not being used.

We get ourselves settled in the water and while Alex and Breyana argue about what settings to use for the jets, I tilt my head to the sky and stretch out in the water. Thousands and thousands of beautiful stars wink back at me for the first time I got to Toronto.

“Y/N you look like you’re in heaven,” Breyana notes, I look over to see her staring at me.

“I am, look at this sky!” I exclaim and tilt my head back again. Alex and Breyana also look up but the stars don’t interest them as much as it does me and quickly start talking about something else.

A few minutes later Alex addresses me again.

“Y/N, I can think of something that will for sure make you think you’re in heaven,” she wiggles her eyebrows at me and I glance at her annoyed to be interrupted from my star gazing again.

“What’s that?” I snap at her.

“Wait about three seconds and you’ll find out,” Alex says, an evil grin on her face.

“Wha-“, I start to ask and then hear the slider door open. I bite the inside of my cheek and glare at her, silently cursing her for being right.

Alfred the Kitten

Tumblr Prompt: @phiwatcher : lena has a kitten (like she found it on the street and could not leave it there but then she got attached, but she still can’t find a name for it though…) and she has to go to metropolis for a weekend. Kara obviously promises she will take care of the kitten While lena is away, but then on the last day she’s coming to lena’s apartment in supergirl clothes after a mission and plays with the kitten (this is adorable of course) and lena comes in early and just watches supergirl playing with the kitten

So … .  this ended up being way longer than I intended, but no regrets because it was a blast to write! I hope you enjoy!

Lena isn’t sure why she stops.

She’s halfway from apartment to her town car, head buried in her tablet when she hears a soft meow coming from the bushes by the street. There’s something about the barely audible cry that draws her attention from the morning reports and sends her eyes flittering along the ground.

The sky is gray and there’s a light drizzle falling, so maybe she just feels bad about some poor creature left out in this mess. Whatever the reason, she takes a tentative step into the manicured grass, careful not to get her heels stuck in the quickly forming muck. She’s just going to find the cat, call the number on it’s collar and drop it of with the door man - a ten minute delay at most.

But nothing is ever that easy, and she bites back a curse as she teeters a few more steps, grateful that she chose a pant suit instead of a skirt today as she crouches down to take a peek in the rose bushes hedging the apartment complex.

“Here, kitty, kitty.” She tucks her tablet in the pocket of her trench coat and extends a hand towards the pitiful sound. It takes a few moments, but eventually a tiny black ball of fluff staggers from behind the base of on of the bushes.

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I don’t get why Eragon doesn’t have a bigger fanbase.
Like the leader of the largest and most EPIC rebellion against Mr. Fucktwat Galbatorix is literally a woman of color and ISNT USED AS A ROMANTIC INTEREST FOR THE MAIN CHARACTER. OR ANY CHARACTER. I mean that whole thing with Murtagh happened but it didn’t really go anywhere and it wasn’t the main focus soo. Plus, we got this KICKASS FEMALE ELF NAMED ARYA WHO. KICKS. ASS. ERAGON TRIES TO GO AFTER THAT BOOTY BUT SHES LIKE NAAAAW SON and he still has those romantic feelings but HE RESPECTS THAT SHE DOESNT FEEL THE SAME SO HE PUSHES HIS DICK FEELINGS ASIDE. Another great example of kickass females is the litERAL MAIN CHARACTER well one of the two main characters SAPHIRA WHO IS A FUCKN DRAGON WHO IS SO SELF CONFIDENT AND KICKS. FUCKING. ASS. BECAUSE SHE IS A L I T E R A L D R A G O N AND ALSO THE LAST FEMALE DRAGON IN EXISTENCE. Then the motherfuckin queen of ELVES - elves, who are like 10 times stronger than humans and are immortal and SHE KICKS ASS AS QUEEN WITH A MOTHA FUCKIN ALBINO RAVEN. Then we got Bridget who ain’t having none of Roran’s shit. Katrina’s a bit of a damsel-type, but not to the point of total helplessness - she’s still rad af. And tbh, it’s okay to have a few damsel types - just look at our boy Eragon in the beginning of the series. Total damsel. Murtagh is also in serious need of rescuing. He’s like the Bucky in this series. And don’t even get me started on Orrin…. And let’s not forget the fact that one of the two original bad guys that got our main characters involved in everything is actually female. Like seriously - I had no idea that the Ra'zac weren’t both male until Brisingr. Also, the leader of Du Vrangr Gata - Trianna - is a kickass girl and a SORCERESS. And that kickass leader of the Varden actually becomes motherfucking QUEEN
ALSO that dumbfuck Eragon fucks up when using magic to bless a kid so that kid ends up being able to feel EVERYONE’S PAIN so she grows up real quick and IS FORCED TO FEEL EVERYONE’S DISCOMFORT BECAUSE SOMEBODY FUCKED UP but then it gets sorted out and she’s bitter af because after all that suffering of an ENTIRE WAR she kinda has a right to be a lil upset. But then she ends up helping out n stuff even tho she is LITERALLY a child. And I don’t even know what Angela is, but she’s like my favorite character aND SO FUKCIN RAD N KICKASS so honestly I think you should just read these books like right now because of all the KICKASS FEMALES but stay tf away from the movie.
Also, in case I didn’t mention,

What song would you use to describe each Katie character and which one would you use to describe them all? - (anon)

This turned out to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I’m so picky when it comes to music and I wanted to consider legitimate reasons as to why these songs remind me of each character. For those interested, I did create a playlist on Spotify. You know your girl is extra af so it was necessary. Here we go!

Lena Luthor: Rise by Katy Perry

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I won’t just survive
Oh, you will see me thrive
Can’t write my story
I’m beyond the archetype

I’m sorry but if those four sentences don’t describe Lena, tell me what does! Lena has survived so much and she keeps fighting every day. She knows that even though she is a Luthor by blood, she can rise beyond the dark reputation that comes with the name. There are people out there that doubt her because of her last name and there are others that seek to make her fail but she refuses to give them that satisfaction. It works!

Gloria Miller: Beast by Nico Vega

Stand tall for the people of America.
Stand tall for the man next door.
We are free in the land of America.
We ain’t goin’ down like this!
Come on now!

Sharing time: This is one of my favorite songs. Okay, I mostly just imagine a montage of Gloria kicking serious ass while this song plays (Someone wanna make that?). It’s loud and full of action and a bit of anger but mostly it just sends a message to stand up and fight for your country and for those that can’t fight for themselves. Be a hero. Be a Gloria!

Elizabeth Carruthers: BO$$ by Fifth Harmony

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Sleep Talker - Bucky x Reader

Plot: Reader (Y/N) falls asleep during a movie and wakes up to find that she has talked in her sleep, revealing her feelings for Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,963

Warnings: Some language, indications of smut, [slight] spoiler for Finding Nemo if you haven’t seen it in the last 12 years??

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After nearly thirty minutes, Tony finally picked out the movie he wanted to watch for his mandatory weekly ‘Avengers bonding session’, as he called them. 

“This is the one, my friends, Finding Nemo.” Tony held up the movie as he walked over to the TV to insert it into the DVD player. You rolled your eyes, but made your way over to the couch and sat down on the edge to lean your head against the armrest.

Nat and Clint snuggled up in the chair to the left of the couch. Steve, Sam, and Bruce all found spots on the floor. Thor was still in the kitchen eating pop-tarts. Wanda and Pietro sat in beanbag chairs to your right. Tony sat on the other end of the couch and Bucky made his way into the middle, right next to you. On the outside, you managed to stay calm and collected, but on the inside your stomach was doing backflips.

You had been apart of the Avengers for nearly a year. Ever since then, Bucky has not only been a mentor to you, but also one of your best friends, and the person you have secretly been in love with since you were recruited to the team. And no matter how hard you tried to fight off the feelings you have for Bucky, it always seemed to make things worse.

There were many times that you two sat next to each other during movie or game nights, but for the last few weeks, you’ve found it extremely difficult to focus on anything but Bucky. When they were focused on you, his gray eyes would sparkle, especially as he would smile. You loved his eyes, and they were your favorite things about him, though you really couldn’t find anything you disliked.

Once the movie started, you realized how exhausted you were from the mission earlier that day. Your eyelids became heavy as you tried your hardest to keep them open to watch, but as the diver was scooping the little clown fish into a fish net, you found yourself dozing off.

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Josh Dun| My Other Band Mate.

Description: An alternate universe based on the Hamilton soundtrack.

Y/N falls for a boy with highlighter hair. She soon finds out that this boy was her sister’s fellow band mate. She thought it would be fine to date him because if her sister liked him, her sister would’ve told her, right?

Y/N=Your Name, L/N=(Your) Last Name, POV=Point Of View

Chapter 1: Helpless

I straightened out my dress and added a few touches on my make-up. Tonight, my sister, Zoë, and along with her band mates has thrown a party to celebrate the success of their new album, Vessel. I’ve never met any of her band mates, but she has told me a lot about them.

“Y/N, Bridgette, it’s time to go!” Zoë yelled.

“Okay!” Bridgette and I replied in unison.

I collected some stuff and shoved it in my purse and headed downstairs. We all said our goodbyes to our parents and headed out to Zoë’s car.

The party was being held in Tyler’s house. The drive there was pretty fast and Zoë parked in front of the house, with all the other people’s cars.

We all walked up to the front door and instead of knocking, Zoë opened the door herself. The house was filled with people, some of them were already drunk.

“Hey, Zoë!”

I looked at the direction of the voice and saw a guy coming up to us, avoiding some drunk people along the way. He has brown hair and hazel eyes and he had a cute smile on his face

“Hey, Tyler,” Zoë greeted.

“This is Y/N and Bridgette, my sisters.”

“Nice to meet you two,” Tyler said, shaking my hand then shakes Bridgette’s hand right after.

Tyler’s gaze went back to Zoë. I noticed how he looked at her with such love in his eyes and I smirked at him.

“Ty, where’s Josh?” Zoë said, looking around.

Tyler snapped out of his trance and frowned a little bit at Zoë’s question.

“Uh, he went out to buy more ice. Excuse me, I’m going to do some…” He trailed off.

“Stuff,” he continued.

He went back to what he was doing and disappeared into the crowd.

“Hey Zoë, are you and Tyler something?” I asked once Tyler was gone.

“What? No. I like someone else…” Zoë answered, her voice getting quieter and quieter by every word.

“Come, let’s go sit down on the couch,” she said, avoiding further questions.

Me and Bridgette followed her steps and sat down with her. She introduced us to some people, but I was completely uninterested on them. I silently laugh at her as how she’s dazzling in the room.

The door opened and it revealed a guy who was about Zoë’s age, which made sense since everyone here is probably her friends, he looked really good. My heart went “boom” and I looked at him in complete awe. He had brown eyes and his hair was dyed bright yellow. He had a bag of ice in his hand and he had a cap backwards on his head.

He went in the direction of the kitchen and I looked at my sister to see her complete engross in a conversation with Tyler. I smirked at them and I silently trailed the tracks of the boy earlier. He was chatting with the band’s manager, Mark. I tried to get his eye from the side of the room as I went to the fridge and got myself a can of coke. I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight, but this was my only chance because who knows if I’m ever going to encounter someone like him again.

Everybody else was dancing and chatting in the living room leaving us the only people in the kitchen. And, yet, he won’t even acknowledge my presence.

I muttered curses under my breath, which was completely pointless since the music was already on top volume. Talking in general is like barely a whisper. I made my way back to the living room avoiding all the people who was grinding to the rhythm of the song or the people who was simply wine and dining.

I made my way to the couch where Zoë and Tyler was still talking to each other. I excused her to Tyler and grabbed her and whispered: “Yo, that guy with the highlighter hair. He’s mine.” I scanned her face for a reaction and she looked completely confused.

“Tyler’s yours and that guy with the highlighter hair can be mine,” I repeated.

She chuckled softly and asked me where this guy was. I pointed to the direction of the kitchen and she made her way there. I got nervous thinking: “what is she going to do?” I followed her to the kitchen and saw her grab the boy’s arm. I was completely heartbroken and I thought I was through, but then he turn his gaze to me and I was completely helpless.

“Josh, this is my sister, Y/N. Y/N, this is Josh, my other band mate,” Zoë said.

I mentally face palmed myself, but I smiled at him and shook his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Josh,” I said, trying his name out of my tongue.

“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet it would have been worth it,” he flirted.

“I’ll leave you two to talk,” Zoë said.

Before she left the room she took one more look at us and I took this an opportunity to whisper a “thank you”. She smiled at me, but her smile soon faded when he looked at Josh. I thought none of it and responded to one of Josh’s question. She then finally left the room, Mark soon following her.

Mr Robot in a nutshell
  • Cashier: cash or credit?
  • Elliot voiceover: okay I knew she would ask something like this because I hacked into her g-mail account last night her password was incredibly juvenile it was her dogs name and the year she graduated from Arizona state she secretly writes Doctor Who fan fiction on the Internet and voted for the Green Party in 2012 but she's grown since then and has realized the frugality of voting for a third party in a society dominated by corporations also she likes to watch Dance Moms and has a boyfriend who is cheating on her with another man
  • Cashier: you're not saying anything
  • Elliot: 👀
  • Cashier: 😐
  • Elliot: 👀
  • Elliot: Cash
Daily McBride #6

I love her sense of fashion. She’s not the type to show up with an outfit that has a famous name attached to it. She has her own style and she creates outfits that, even though are unique, are absolutely perfect for her. It could be very simple, or have a lot of accessories, and she still somehow makes it work.

It just shows that just because you don’t have the same fashion, doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.

So which Melissa style is your favorite?

The three images below are my top three. The last is my number one b/c… lord have mercy she’s hot!!