because she gets it

Okay how about this....

What about a video diary featuring Jenny. What if she started recording after she officially joined Team Witness. She documented everything from missions she was on, to rants about Crane and Abbie’s relationship. To how she feels/felt about Irving and what he is going through/went through. Or maybe just to talk. She could say stuff that she couldn’t express even to Abbie about. No judgement. 

I just really want this. If we can’t have one with Irving, because Orlando’s gone. Then I will lobby for a web series featuring Jenny.

If there’s one thing I can talk about without feeling stupid or I have to explain something subjective to my mom and we can actually have an engaging conversation: it’s about economics. Good news for her I guess aha



scene 1: vasha is a Little Shit. Bastila and Carth are done with her.

scene 2: little nina is trying to get the pretty flower out of her mom’s hair. mical is just letting this happen while atton tries to get triz’s attention. tiniat is absolutely done with her family. bao-dur was done about half an hour ago.

conclusions: if there’s a dollmaker out there that gives mical a ponytail, i am using it to make mical. and to give him a baby. and flowy fins.



Mistakes, they’re inevitable, they’re critical to an individual’s journey, they’re stepping stones. 

It’s how one evolves from innocence to resounding wisdom. It’s how collectively, we keep from maintaining an infant’s psyche well into our seventies. It’s our ever-learning, ever-adapting GPS for life. 

Although we are influenced by our environment and the people that are in our lives, and although we make decisions that we may regret, the most important thing is to be able to forgive ourselves and not forget our past mistakes, but, to learn from our solecism and continue to live; because we are more than our past blunders. 

Never forget the mistakes, they exist so we can learn and grow. Never regret the decisions you’ve made, it cannot be changed, undone, or forgotten. Take it as a lesson learned and move on. Focus on developing into someone you’re proud of; strive for greatness. Forgive yourself, because you are, and always will be, worth of another’s love and friendship.


So I was reading angelofthurs ’s blog, and she wrote the cutest story. So, I asked her if I could draw it. 

It’s fluffy and I love it.

I’ll go draw some X-men now.


every westallen scene ever (55/?)

  • Friend:Jasper wasn't trying to reach out to hurt Steven, she was reaching for help from him!
  • Me:Look, I love Lapis, but when she tried to drown Steven and Connie I'm not going to pretend that she was trying to help them breathe.
  • if you really love the character don't try to ignore their faults or paint them into something they're not even when it contradicts everything about their character, the way they were voice acted, and the way they were animated

turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio