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How about a Jasico AU where Nico and Jason are students of rivaling schools and Nico's one school's mascot and Jason is the other school's football captain and the football team comes up with a mean prank on their rivals mascot but Jason doesn't want to do it because it doesn't seem right so he like, rescues Nico.

I’m sooo sorry for several reasons. First being, that while this is a great prompt, i’m honestly just the wrong person to write it for several reason i won’t bother getting into.

I tried, I really did, but in the end  it kinda turned waay different than what you asked.

All in all, give this a shot if you’d like. I worked hard on it, and while it might not be what you wanted, it should be good in it’s own sense. 

Side note, when you said football i hope you meant FOOTBALL as in a ball kicked in with your feet and not that american crap (no offense) 

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Tryna Get to You (PART 8)

(A/N) SOOOOORRRRYYY this one is short but I’m sort of liking the Gilinsky angle and I didn’t want to put too much good stuff in one chapter! The next one will be up soon though because this one is itsy bitsy! Love you guys so much and if you’re reading this for the first time LINKS to previous parts are right below this. If you love it, tell me, click the heart, reblog it! I don’t care how you do it just let me know your opinion! My ask is always open! Xx

The courthouse was slow and you didn’t end up having much to do so you got to text Alex for a while and talk about your predicament. It was weird talking to him about boy problems because after you explained everything to him, all he had to say was ignore them and don’t associate with them. He wouldn’t give you any real advice on how to deal with it which is not like him at all. And then the one word answers started coming so you got annoyed and said bye before you two got in an argument.

What’s got into him? You ask yourself. Alex is always supportive of me but he’s being an asshole right now. Boys are definitely way more complicated than girls.

When you got in the car you decide to go check out downtown instead of heading back to the hotel right away. You find this really cute shop and decide to use some of the spending money your parents had given you. Speaking of parents, you wonder, why haven’t mine checked in on me? Usually your mom was pretty overprotective. So you shoot both of them a text basically saying how much fun you’re having and how grateful you are that they let you do this. Then, with that off your chest, you continue shopping.

Hidden on the clearance rack you find this gorgeous sky blue bikini with white ties. The sales lady compliments you profusely saying how gorgeous it would look with your skin and hair. So you decide to buy it along with a cute, sheer white tank top and a new pair of black, “destroyed” high-waisted shorts. With an outfit like this I’m definitely hitting up the beach for some sun on Saturday. You’re getting excited for the weekend because you can sleep in and not worry about your internship.

Heading back to the hotel you check your phone and see 3 texts from Nash.

We still on for a nap?


Ok just text me I guess when you’re not busy….

You smile and how persistent he was. Alex is wrong, these are good guys, you think to yourself. And send him a text back.

Hey! Sorry I went shopping, be right up xx

When you get upstairs you put your bag on the floor and leave the door cracked for Nash. You decide to change into comfy clothes and then proceed to climb under the covers. As sleepiness overcomes you, you hear the door shut and feel a warm body press up against you.

“G'night.” You mumble incoherently.

“Night beautiful.” You thought you heard him say but you couldn’t be sure. You fell asleep with a smile on your face and Nash stroking your hair.

—— an hour later ——

Nash wakes you up by gently shaking you. “Sorry but I don’t think we should nap for another 4 hours today…” He apologizes.

“You’re right.” You reply as you sit up, yawn, and stretch.

“Soo… What did you buy today?” Nash gestures to your bag on the ground, trying to make small talk.

You almost tell him and then decide to make it fun, “Come to the beach with me on Saturday and you’ll see!”

Nash’s face lights up and then falls almost immediately. “I can’t.” He says dejectedly. “I have MagCon Saturday.”

“Oh.” You reply, a little disappointed. “Is that like, all day?”

“Pretty much… I mean, it ends at a reasonable time but we’re all so tired afterwards it feels like it’s been forever.” He explains.

“Hmmm… What about Sunday?” You ask brightly.

“We usually debrief with Bart that day but it shouldn’t take too long.” He says, cheering up.

“Ok then it’s a date!” You say, trying not to show too much excitement.

“That will be our second in just 3 days,” Nash winks at you.

You pause for a second trying to figure out what the first date was. Oh SHIT. We’re going on a date tomorrow night! FUCK I forgot.

“You forgot didn’t you?” Nash asks quietly.

“What gave it away?” You ask, laughing awkwardly.

“Your facial expressions,” Nash tells you. “You can’t really mask how you feel very well cause most of your thoughts play out on your face. It’s one of the things I first noticed about you.”

You’re a little shocked to hear how much attention he pays to the little details.

Nash gets up and starts walking towards the door, “Tomorrow night at 7 meet me in the lobby. And PLEASE don’t forget.”

“I won’t.” You say shyly and lean against the doorframe as he walks out. He turns to look back down at you and pushes a piece of your hair behind your ear. “Promise?” He asks quietly.

“Promise.” You reply, and in that moment you knew that you had to stop yourself from falling into those blue eyes because it would be a long and difficult climb out.

When you shut the door you decide you need to go do something productive, throw on some work out clothes, and head to the hotel gym all in about 10 minutes. You do a little cardio to warm up and then hit the weights.

“Need a spotter?” Someone says from above you as you bench press. You look up and notice Cameron’s upside down smiling face.

“Sure!” You say, despite normally working out alone.

20 minutes later you both are drenched in sweat and sitting on the floor laughing. Cam had showed you some new stuff you can do with body resistance and you had shown him better technique on free weights and leg exercises.

“Ok I neeeeed to beat my PR today on squat.” You say as you drag yourself up off the ground. “I’m motivated right now and it’s now or never.” You’re talking more to yourself than Cameron but he gets up too to help you load the weight.

“Ok be careful” he says, concerned, as you remove the bar+weights from their holders.

You don’t notice the Jacks walk in because you’re so focused on getting “ass to grass” as your old trainer called it and with a little – ok a lot – of effort you make it back up.

Cam helps you put the weights back up and then you shout, “YES OMG IVE BEEN TRYING TO PR FOR SO LONG.” And give him a huge hug. “Thank you so much for helping!”

He laughs and lifts you off the ground and spins you around.

The Jacks haven’t said anything but once you’re back on the ground they congratulate you and laugh that you can probably squat more than they can. Then Gilinsky comments quietly, “I never knew squatting could do a body so good.” His eyes were glued to your ass and you can’t help but blush and punch him in the arm, hoping he’s joking because you don’t need another corner to this love triangle (square) thing that’s beginning to form.

—- an hour later —-

You have showered and put on comfy clothes and knock on Cam’s door to ask if you guys can just chill in his room with whoever wants to watch movies. He thinks it’s a great idea.

You end up dibs-ing a seat on Cam’s bed and sit with your back against the headboard next to him as some of the other guys file in with popcorn and claim seats around the room.

Gilinsky walks right up to the bed and sits down right in front of you. You slap him on the back and laugh. “DOWN IN FRONT ASSHOLE.”

“Oh sorry I didn’t even see you there!” He says sarcastically with a wink. Then, your breath catches in your throat as he pushes your legs open. There was nothing to be worried about though because all he does is slide back so the back of his head is on your upper stomach and his shoulders and arms are around your legs. It’s a little weird considering usually the girl is in that position but you just decide to let it be.

Cam can’t help but feel jealous. He’s not pushy like the other guys. He prefers to get to know a girl, peel back her layers, figure out what makes her who she is before he makes a move. But obviously Gilinsky is seeing the same thing he was. And not to mention Nash. And for a good reason too. She’s beautiful but doesn’t flaunt it, has a good sense of humor, and has goals. It’s a triple threat. The movie begins and breaks him out of his thoughts.

20 minutes in, you feel Gilinsky’s thumbs start to work circles on your thighs. You tense up slightly but he doesn’t stop. After a while you relax because his thumbs haven’t moved from the spot they started in. PLUS I’m starting to get sore from my work out today and this is definitely helping, you try to justify to yourself as you notice Nash glance over at you.

Halfway through Iron Man your phone starts blowing up with notifications. 99% are from people you’ve never even heard of. You click on one and it takes you straight to Nash’s Instagram where the picture of you two on the beach is staring back at you. It’s the one the lady took right when Nash looked down at you and smiled, and the way you two are standing makes you look an awful lot like a couple.

Shit. All these notifications must be from his fan girls, you think, more than a little annoyed. It’s not like I’m his girlfriend? Leave me alone. Ugh.

But then you notice the caption.

“Every time I see you.”

It’s pretty vague and leaves a lot to be implied but lord knows what these fan girls can come up with, even with just five words. You watch your follower count grow and text Nash asking why he did it even though he’s sitting 10 feet away from you on the other bed acting like there’s nothing to be concerned about.

My phone won’t stop blowing up, people from home are texting me asking what the hell is going on and I don’t appreciate 13 year old girls calling me ugly one second and “Queen” the next. You should have warned me.

It’s not your choice what I post?

Ok but it affects me, you’re used to fame I’m not, I didn’t ask for this.

Ok I’m sorry but I’m not taking it down, it’s a good picture.

The conversation does little to ease your irritation as the movie ends and Cam walks you back to your room. He can sense something’s up and asks if you want to talk about it but you decline. When you say goodnight he pulls you in close and gives you a long hug. His chest feels so strong and his arms so gentle you could have fallen asleep right there, but you pull away not wanting to make things awkward, say goodnight one more time and step into your hotel room.

This week is such a fucking roller coaster ride, you think as you climb in bed. My brain is exhausted and I don’t know how much more I can take.