because she feels no need to dress up her words to enhance their effect

In that dress

Guess who’s still stuck at home? That’s right it’s ME! Again feel free to make requests or send me promts and ideas, I’ll start psoting my edits and more icons soon. Anyway, the lovely @ferosa requested a fic inspired by this particular dress:

What a glorious piece, Michelle Clapton! It’s very sexy but Dany pulls it off like no other, but in this fic, Jon will pull it off I guess…

Dragonstone was not Essos. Especially not with winter being here. Daenerys missed the days of light dresses and thin silks and cottons, and grew more tired of the stern dressing of Westeros. Today, she was supposed to have super with her guests from the North before she bids them farewell to the crazy mission they’re planning to do. She stared at her clothes, not being sure what to wear. The Queen picked up a coat lined with fur and embroidered with scales. That won’t do for diner…

Another heavy-duty coat and a warm dress with fur lining wasn’t what she imagined. In her practicality, she forgot to actually buy dresses she’d wear for opportunities like this. The clothing she wore here was heavy and made out of strong materials, almost armor like… She closed the trunk and turned around to her old clothes she wore back in Meeren. There was a dress out of blue leather and silk, then her fine white dresses, the one with the collar, and then she found a piece she almost forgot about. It had blue cap sleeves, the same fabric crossed in an x shape and went around her waist. The rest of the dress was made out of a light gray fabric and it only covered her breast and legs, leaving her stomach exposed. She almost squealed when she saw it.

Dany put it on hastily and admired herself in the mirror. Her hair was still down, only moved from her face by two simple braids. She turned around and looked at the back. Would it wrong to wear it for dinner? Perhaps with some blue earrings or a necklace?

She was interrupted from her own thoughts by Jon Snow. The man strolled into her private chambers and looked for her. And then he spotted her. Jon’s mind went blank after witnessing what she was wearing, and never seeing a woman in something like this, he figured these must be her undergarments. He immediately turned around.

-Lord Snow? Is everything alright?-

He was panicking now.

-Your Grace, we wanted to tell you that mining is over and we have gathered the dragonglass we need.-

-Why did you turn around?-

-Because you aren’t wearing any clothes…-

She laughed.

-But I am? My lord, turn around, this is a dress, I am not naked.-

He turned around and glanced over her body. That dress was hiding nothing. He decided to look away.

-Won’t you be cold in that?-

-If you haven’t noticed, the palace has several fireplaces.-

-Seven hells…-

He couldn’t bear to look at her, it felt almost inappropriate. Wherever his gaze went, she’d follow, making him stare at her. Jon realized there is no use for looking away, she had no shame.

-Forgive me, but how does one consider this a dress?-

-The people in Meeren wear this all the time. This is tame by their standards? Have you ever seen a naked woman?-

-Yes, I mean, what are you asking me?-

-I am asking you if you are comfortable with naked women. Or do you prefer naked men?-

-No! Oh gods, are you sure that you are not cold?-

-I am the blood of the dragon. Dragons don’t get cold.-

She looked divine. Her skin was beautiful, and it looked so soft, her hair tumbling down her shoulders, making her look like a dream. Daenerys approached him. He could now see she had a tiny little freckle underneath her left breast. Oh. Now he’s staring at her chest. He reminded himself to kick Davos for the good heart joke, because his words were now coming back to haunt him in this sensitive moment. Her good heart, was, to put it simply, to close for comfort now.

-It does suit you very well.-

-Excellent! That means you can escort me to diner!-

She looped their arms together, his upper arm briefly brushed her breast. He was blushing now, on the verge to break out into a nervous sweat. He led her to the room and she tried to hold a conversation with him but it was useless. A glass of wine should fix that.

When they entered the room together, Missandei acknowledged their presence, Tyrion raised an eyebrow and Davos spat out his drink. Jorah Mormont looked like he’s on the verge of tears. Greyworm was the only one to greet them.

-The King in the North was kind enough to escort me to diner.-

-I see…- Said Davos, snickering at Jon.

They all had a pleasant evening. Well, except for Jon and Jorah. The Bear managed to avoid glancing at the Queen, but Jon had the fortune to sit next to her. He used every fiber in his body not to look over. And it had no effect. Whatever magic and charm he had, he was dizzy from a mixture of her magic and wine, and it was all enhanced by her beauty and elegance. Jon, being Jon, tried to stay noble and not let his thoughts wander elsewhere. Too bad he was only human.

-And then, he fell down the stairs and the Madame started screaming! - Said Tyrion, finishing his story up. The table erupted with laughter.

-Who is next?-

Davos was the next one to open his mouth.

-Back in the day when I was a young lad in Flea Bottom…-

-Aegon the Conqueror was still king at the time. True story… - Said Tyrion raising his glass.

The table was now shaking from laughter, Dany put a hand on Jon’s shoulder and he leaned against her.

Missandei told them about the butterflies she used to catch in Naath with her brother. It was getting late now. Dany got up to stir the fire in the dragon-mouth shaped fireplace, turning her back to Jon. She was shaped like a pear. Her bare back was teasing him mercilessly, igniting a fire in him that had only one way to be extinguished. The small company parted again, leaving ice and fire alone in a room. Dany tapped her foot and got up to bid Jon Snow good night. And he did something she’d never expected him to do. He grabbed her hand and pushed her against the wall. She wasn’t angry or aggravated, more surprised and happy than the wolf finally came out. He breathed against her neck, causing her to shiver.

-What are you doing, my lord?-

-You must be mad… First, you put on a garment that’s barely a dress… Second, you tease me mercilessly the entire night, as if you are playing a little game… Third, I tried, I really tried…-

-What did you try?-

And he crashed against her mouth, almost biting her lip. He sucked on it and they were both panting, fighting for air.

-If you’d release me, my lord, I would take you somewhere to take care of the problem that I feel against my thigh…-

He was almost embarrassed. But, now was not the time to play a blushing maid because neither of them was. She guided him to her chamber, and he pushed her on the bed, climbing on top of her. HE started kissing her neck, leaving bite-marks, he started kissing the skin that was exposed by her dress, and carefully undid the laces of the soft garment. And she wore nothing underneath it. At all.

The following morning he was seated at the breakfast table, Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister sitting across of him. The Imp was going through some reports and the knight was stirring his porridge. Jon was not able to keep his eyes open. He yawned and covered his mouth. Davos sat down next to him.

-Did you sleep well last night, my King?-

-No, not really…-

-I figured since you were missing from your rooms.-

Mormont put his spoon down and Tyrion folded a letter and grinned.

-Oh, this suddenly took a turn for the interesting! Did you get lost last night? After all, this is a large fortress.-

Jon was on the verge of screaming now.

-I believe His Grace was misled last night by something and he got lost. Happens to all of us. Doesn’t it, Sir Jorah?-

-Yes, I suppose it does.-

-I think His Grace’s last night was quite an adventure. - nodded Davos.

-Yes, I heard it last night!-

Jon calculated remembering that Tyrion’s abode is located next to Dany’s. Oh, he was a dead man again. Why did she have to be loud at sunrise? He left the room maybe an hour later and he could bet his sword that the Lannister saw him.

-And where’s the Queen? - asked Jorah, looking completely worried and oblivious, - she never misses any meetings or meals.-

-I believe she’s resting, Sir Jorah. Even queens need rest sometimes, don’t you agree, King Jon?-

He put his head on between his hands.

-I am too tired to reply to those remarks.-

-Why would you be tired? You had a good meal and a long night to rest.-

-I think I’m going back to bed.-

-Don’t get lost again, my friend! The gods know you need your sleep!-

Lady in Red: Linda Cho’s “Anastasia” Pièce de Résistance

I was going to wait a little bit before doing a piece on one specific outfit, especially since I’ve blogged about it a couple times, but inspiration has struck and I want to try and go in-depth on one of my absolute favorite costumes of the 2016-2017 season today.

As those who follow my other blog ( @overheardinwod ) already know, I am a huge fan of the musical Anastasia and have eagerly anticipated its debut for years. Linda Cho, in doing her research for the costumes for the stage musical, clearly took some inspiration from the 1997 animated Don Bluth classic upon which the musical is partially based, but instead of doing a shot-for-shot remake of Anya’s costumes, she chose to adapt them or create entirely new designs.

One of those designs is Anastasia’s Royal Red gown, sumptuously decorated with gold filigree, beadwork, and some of the most impressive gem work I have seen on Broadway this season. It’s a showstopping gown, and the one in which Christy Altomare took her very well-deserved bow on opening night, which is where many of the stills for this review have come from. Fortunately for me, this is an eye-catching gown, and so there are a lot of high-quality stills to choose from.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what I believe to truly be Linda Cho’s greatest accomplishment from the production:

(Photo credit: JustJared)

I’d be emotional in something this fine too, so I completely understand the expression on Christy Altomare’s face (okay, it’s because of the wild reception to her performance from the crowd, but I had to). The dress is absolutely fantastic on her figure, which is both petite and slender–in some ways, that made Linda Cho’s job designing a little easier because (while a bit on the short side), Christy Altomare has a “classical” figure for a leading lady on Broadway.

The dress itself is in two parts: a rust-red and gold brocade underskirt (presumably with some kind of corsetry or petticoats beneath to provide additional body), with an outer satiny, silky red body that is richly enhanced by gold filigree, beadwork, and truly impressive beadwork. At first glance, it positively screams royalty, even without the tiara (it’s not quite a kokoshnik this time because of the lack of a solid band!) on the head of the wearer. It’s a gown that is meant to impress the audience, not only in the scene but out in the crowd as observers of the musical. It has presence and helps to make Anastasia stand out in a positive way.

Look at the background of the scene (where this dress appears, even if this is a still from the bows). The scenery is a blend of black, white, and gray, and the other figured onstage are clad either in white or in much more muted colors. The bright, vibrant red of the outer portion of the dress and the bust are designed to command the attention of the viewer; they make clear that not only is Anastasia the central character here, she is the most important figure in the building. Even from a distance, one can see how important this costume is: it’s heavy, it’s rich, it’s colorful (and in shades not seen elsewhere in the musical), and it has body that gives it substance. But beyond all of that, the detail hops out even from afar.

From afar, we can see the patterning in rough form. The fold filigree forms a geometric, almost feather-like design on the gown, while the bust sports a pattern that should be familiar to students of Russian history: it’s an homage to the Romanovs’ double-headed eagle, a symbol of Imperial Russia, the Romanov family, and the empire itself. But while typically a quite masculine symbol, here it takes on an airier, more feminine tone as befits the character. Even in a heavy dress like this, the light touch with the gold means that we are reminded that this is a princess, with all the soft connotations that word tends to conjure in our minds.

Let’s go in a bit closer, with a still from Christy Altomare’s dressing room (which I also first saw on @anyasdimitry‘s blog):

Up close, it’s easy to see the sheer beauty and mastery of the detail work, and the lighting lets us look even closer. We see that Linda Cho has chosen to accent the dress not only with gold filigree detailing, but with beadwork and with gem work. The way the light falls in this image, we can see that the jewels are quite a bit darker than the outer gown, but also more bright and “pure” red than the brocade that forms the inner body of the gown. That is a clever and intentional design decision; whenever you are stacking colors atop one another, you need to find ways to distinguish them. Usually you will do that by one of two means: variations in shade, or variations in texture. Linda Cho has taken both options here: she varied the texture of the brocade, silk or satin, and jewels, all the while finding complementary but quite different shades of red.

By having darker jewels on the dress, I noted earlier that there is an almost fiery effect. The jewels allow the dress to shimmer, looking like “sparks” over the more sustained flame of the satin surface of the outer body. It also means that the light will never catch on the dress the same way twice. Remember that jewels, when of a high quality (and while almost certainly rhinestones here, they will be of unmatched quality for a first-run Broadway production), jewels refract light and offer a little bit of “glow” when used in costumery.

For a better idea, Playbill provides us with a shot of Anastasia’s gown from the rear (I believe this still is from the Hartford production, but the gown itself did not change between tryouts and Broadway as near as I have been able to discern from my research):

Take a look at the sparkle and shine of the jewels on the bustle (which is the term generally used for the part of the rear of the dress that pops out a bit, offering a contrast to a woman’s bust in the front; traditionally this provided her with a bit more “personal space” on a ballroom floor, as well as flattered her figure). The darkness compared with the rich red color of the fabric gives the gown a whole new feel: the light catching on the stones almost gives a crackling effect. The gold filigree, in some ways, even takes a backseat to the interplay between the jewels and the fabric of the dress itself–but it also provides a contrast that is important.

There’s more than just color-matching at work here. Balancing a primary color with a metallic color has been a standard practice in design since the age of heraldry; colors (red, blue, yellow, and combinations thereof) and metals (gold and silver) could be mixed, but you always wanted to have a buffer between them, especially when using two different shades of the same color or tones of the same metal. Linda Cho has obeyed that relatively ancient rule by surrounding the ruby-red jewels with the gold filigree. In so doing, the jewels “pop” more and become much more noticeable than if they had merely been laid against the red body of the gown.

Another still offers us a better example of just how well this design works, this time as Ms Altomare emerges offstage:

Once again, we’re able to see the balance of the red tones from the brocade (the V-shape at the bottom of the frame), the silk/satin of the gown itself, and the jewels. In this light, the jewels on the bodice/bust appear dark and rich, almost crimson in color and tone, while those on the body of the dress, flaring out to the sides, are a lighter color that is just a bit offset from the red of the fabric beneath. This is one of the two images I have seen of this dress that really made me think of the phoenix idea I mentioned in another post. The other comes from my all-time favorite picture of the dress, from the New York Post’s “Page Six” blog:

Take these two previous pictures together and you can see some of what I mean by phoenix-like. The myth of the phoenix is that it is an immortal bird which ends its life in a bright explosion of flame and color, only to rise from the ashes reborn; it’s a classic mythological trope and one that I can’t help but think Linda Cho was trying to harness in this gown. Recall what I said earlier about the design elements of the gown: on the body of the dress, we see the almost feather-like filigree and jewel-work (accented with some gold beadwork), while the bust is covered with an homage to the Romanov double-headed eagle.

Doesn’t it look a tiny bit like the eagle has “shed” the feathers that float down the sides of the gown? Look at the way the eagle design “drips” down towards the open seam that reveals the brocade, jewels in every inch of the “tail.” To my mind, it’s a little like a phoenix that has shed its old feathers, burst into flame, and risen again up the bust of the gown as a new being. In many ways, that’s a great metaphor for Anastasia herself: she had an identity as the Grand Duchess, lost it, found it again, and then decided to renounce it in favor of another identity. Like the mythical firebird, she undergoes a cycle of birth and renewal over and over throughout the course of the musical.

I don’t know for certain that this is the effect Linda Cho was trying to harness with this gown, but it certainly seems plausible given how richly designed it is and how keen an eye for detail she possesses as a costume designer. This dress is rightfully the showpiece of the end of the musical, and the one that is designed to leave the audience with a key visual to take away from their enjoyment of the performance. It’s rich, heavy, and gorgeous from bust to floor and all points in between, and sits perfectly on the wearer.

Simply put, this is Linda Cho’s 2016-2017 pièce de résistance, a masterwork to end all masterworks, and one that deserves to be studied by fans of classic and modern design, the theatre, and the way in which these art forms intersect. It’s a joy to look at and a joy to analyze.

And that’s what costumery is about: bringing a sense of emotion and wonder to the viewer to complement their feelings regarding the performance onstage. In that regard, the royal red gown from Anastasia is a complete and total success.

Before the Dawn (Part 3/?)

Summary: The Avengers are called to destroy a HYDRA weapon, but when they arrive at it’s location, they find you there. Bucky knows you’re highly dangerous, your powers even more so, but he can’t help but get closer to you.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (slower burn)

Word Count: ~2500

Warnings: Language, angst, and food/starvation tw!! (nothing is majorly detailed, but it is mentioned/is a theme!)

A/N: Apologies for this update taking so long, but school has been kicking my butt, and obviously, that comes first. Still, I hope you all continue to enjoy this series! (Also, I’m putting a Wanda GIF because I love her & she’s a bigger character in this part.)

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January 1st


Waking up to see Harry’s living room rather than Harry’s face created an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach, instinctively tugging the throw up a little higher, feeling cold, alone.
The smell of booze wafted and clung against my nostrils, and it made me feel sick. Maybe it wasn’t entirely down to that, but it was certainly easy to blame that, rather than the true reason that I could feel my insides curdling.
I tried my best not to think about what had happened the night before. The memory shot into my mind as soon as my eyes opened, but I didn’t want it to be there. I was trying my hardest to think of something else, anything else, but I couldn’t.

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Shed a Little Light

Inspired by 1-800-273-8255 by Logic ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid.

It’s holding on, though the road’s long
And seeing light in the darkest things
And when you stare at your reflection
Finally knowing who it is
I know that you’ll thank God you did

I know where you been, where you are, where you goin’
I know you’re the reason I believe in life
What’s the day without a little night?
I’m just tryna shed a little light
It can be hard
It can be so hard
But you gotta live right now

Includes Actual Dad Tony Stark, emotional hurt/comfort, the hugs we’ve all been waiting for, and our favorite spider child. 

The day FRIDAY informs him that there is a call from May Parker on his personal line, Tony gets a sense of dejavu. It feels like the wormhole and Ultron and every other shit that has happened to him felt like it was coming at him all over again. He’d been in the middle of a meeting with the financial department, kill him please, when his phone had begun blasting the Stones. Pepper’s eye had twitched, but she’d merely resorted to glaring at him. He’d apologized, and was ready to get back on the meeting when May’s picture had popped up in his phone.

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anonymous asked:

Struggling to write witty dialogue, one of my characters traits is being funny/witty and I want to show it not just say that they are but I've hit a block and everythings falling flat! Please give me some advice if you can

I’m glad that you’re working toward showing it because “informed traits” are a real pain to read about. 

First, I’m going to draw the line between “funny” and “witty” because there is an important difference. “Wit” can be a type of “funny”, but is more of a matter of presentation as opposed to a joke, and not all wit is funny. “Witty” characters are often smart, or at least well-informed, about what they’re attempting to humor. Being witty is often about being able to improvise quickly and work with what other people have said, which involves set-up and background knowledge. 

Part of what makes wit so effective as humor is that it isn’t funny all of the time and can exist for more than just a laugh. So get out of the mindset of “this has to be funny” because that’s going to make things sound forced. Instead, look at the flow of your scenes. Obviously, some scenes don’t call for jokes (or if a character jokes then, they can be branded as insensitive), so make sure the conversations make sense in the mood. 

Here are a few ways that wit can show up in conversation. Just be aware that wit is heavily contextual (and can come across as rude sometimes), so you need to look at the scene as a whole and deem what’s appropriate and what isn’t. 

1. Exaggeration with a hint of sarcasm. Take one tiny point out of the conversation and blow it up with a few words. Redefine something small into something larger.

“Stop treating me like a child– I’m six months older than you!”

“Then what does your infinite wisdom have to offer us?”

“A way out of this mess.”

“Six months” redefined to “Infinite wisdom”.

Note that the conversation isn’t derailed by the wit and the subject remains on-topic. In fact, it’s often better to not have anyone react or draw attention to it because then it can really seem forced.

2. Tone. Tone. Tone! This is two-toned advice: don’t change the tone of the conversation just for wit, and wit can imply more than the character’s tone suggests. 

“Every time I travel, I come back to a lecture from him.”

“I’m sure he’s just worried. It’s hard to keep an eye on someone when they’re in another country, especially if that someone is seeing a suspicious boyfriend.”

Perhaps my context isn’t the best, but “suspicious boyfriend” is likely read in the same caring tone as the rest of the blurb of speech, yet it implies an undertone of displeasure.

3. Keep it tight and quick. Wit is not about setting up a joke, it’s about reacting in a manner that could be perceived as funny. It’s a reactive type of humor. This part of what makes it hard to write, since it’s relies heavily on flow instead of planning.

4. React to stupidity. Even smart people say stupid things, and a witty character may be snarking at the person who slipped up. Or maybe even themselves when they slip up! The key is to keep it away from bring cruel (unless that’s the point). 

5. Not all wit is blatant. Sometimes, it’s just a slightly missed point.

“I thought you said you wouldn’t lecture me,” she said, the low angle of the sun enhancing her sharp features as she rested her chin on the back of her hand. “And no, I can’t find friends, at least not in a way that feels genuine anymore. My face is in the news at least one a week— even that billboard is constantly flashing pictures of me.”

She gestured to a digital display a few buildings over, which cycled through five vibrant ads. One exhibited the princess in a form-fitting, lacy gown, the black details intricately curling up to her neck and flaring out into a cape of shimmering silver.

“Didn’t you willingly model for them?” he said.

“Yes, they’re my favorite designer, but I didn’t think they’d put it in the middle of the city!”

The conversation isn’t about the dress, but he pointed it out anyway as something that was a little odd. Still, I’d make sure that the moment transitions back to the point of the conversation.

6. Find books with witty characters, study them. I recommend multiple authors so you get different perspectives, but I came across an indie author (Lindsay Buroker) who has a plethora of witty characters and affordable books. There are definitely more people to use as examples, but I can at least attest that she works wit into her stories very well. If anything, I may criticize her for having too many witty characters. 

Examples really are the best things you can learn to work with, since part of wit really is internal. Sure, you can work to fit it in, and I’m sure there are writers who have gotten around the issue, but learning the types of conversations (and thought processes!) that bring it out is key to easier writing. 

Good luck with your witty character!

Chance - Bucky x Reader

Walking into the main room of the Avengers tower after a relatively good nights sleep, you were greeted by a sleepy Bucky.

“Hey, (Y/n).” He waved a hand at you from the couch then rubbed his eyes, sitting up.

“Hi. You slept down here?” You asked, sitting beside him.

“Yeah. I wasn’t with you so I was just… thinking.” He said, leaning his head back.

You frowned slightly, “What?”

“Nothing.” He smiled innocently then suddenly stood up.

“Breakfast?” He asks, head tilted to the side.

“Are you making pancakes, Frosty?” Tony strode through the door, stretching. He freezes suddenly, pointing between you and Bucky.
“I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”

Bucky gave you a glance.

“Nope. No interrupting.” You smiled at Tony and Bucky.

“Great. So, pancakes?” Tony looked expectantly at Bucky.

Bucky rolled his eyes. “You really trust me not to burn down your precious tower?”

Tony chewed his lip, “Anyone feel like Chinese instead?”

“For breakfast?” Natasha made her entrance, dressed only in a long t-shirt. Bruce followed behind her.

“You sure you two don’t want to go back to bed?” Tony asked, an eyebrow cocked.

Natasha ignored him but Bruce blushed slightly.

“Where’s Cap?” Nat asked Bucky, sitting on the edge of the couch arm.

“I don’t spend the night with him!” Bucky frowned, “Honestly.” He rolled his eyes in your direction and you laughed.

The rest of the Avengers; Peter, Steve, Wanda, Pietro, Sam and Vision walked in. Thor was off doing god knows what, Clint was off on his farm and Rhodes was staying at his own house.

Pietro and Wanda sat on the bar stools, Steve stood beside Bucky.

Tony rolled his eyes, “Now we’ve had our little reunion can we please get something to eat?”

There was silence.

“Oh I forgot. You’re all superhumans who don’t need to eat! My bad!” Tony raised an exasperated hand and went into the kitchen.

There were a few confused looks around the group because, afterall you did eat.

After a few shrugs, the conversation picked up again and you went over to Steve and Bucky.

Their conversation instantly stopped and they gave you twin ‘innocent’ smiles so you assumed they’d been talking about you.

“Hey, (Y/n)!” Steve said quickly.

“Hi.” You smiled halfheartedly.

“Sleep well?” Steve asked and Bucky bit his lip.

“Yeah I did thanks. Did you?”

“I would have if Bucky hadn’t been questioning me late into the night.”

Bucky gave Steve a death glare, causing Steve to chuckle.

“What do you-” you began but were cut off by Natasha grabbing your wrist.

“(Y/n), come on I need you to train with me. Barnes, Rogers you can come too.” She smiled slyly.

“Nat, shouldn’t you not…?” Bruce sent you an apologetic look and changed to address you. “Don’t hurt her.”

“(Y/n)? She wouldn’t dream of hurting me.” Nat sent you a wink, teasing you about the time Loki had you brainwashed and you’d nearly taken her head off until Steve had stopped you.
You were a super soldier, much like Steve except you weren’t quite as strong. The scientists had focused on your speed and agility instead of your strength so you were quite a bit faster than your average human.

Nat led you down to the training room. You were aware of Steve, Bruce and Bucky following.

You had a few rounds with Nat while Steve and Bucky sparred.

You won most of your matches but Natasha came close a lot of the time.

“(Y/n)!” Bucky called you over and you left Nat to do her stretches.

“Spar with me?” Bucky asked, nodding at the training mat.

You smirked, “Of course.”

As you were walking onto the mat, Bucky swung an arm out to scoop you over. You turned at the last second and instead of falling over you were only knocked backwards.

“Cheating are we?” You teased.

Bucky shrugged, “Is it cheating if you’ve been enhanced?”

“Says the one with the metal arm.”

He shrugged again and ran at you. You sidestepped him easily but he anticipated it and doubled back, grabbing you around the waist and flipping you over his shoulder.


“Distracted by my charm?” Bucky teased as you got up.

“Maybe.” You muttered before sending a kick at his chest.
You sent him stumbling back slightly but he grabbed your foot, twisting it round so you had your back to him.

He ran up behind you but you used your agility to jump over him. You leapt onto his back, your arm around his neck.

“Yield, Bucky?” You whispered in his ear.

“You know…” he hissed, trying to get you off, “I always thought that when I die I want to die in your arms.”

You managed a laugh. “You want me to kill you?”

“Not exactly, but if that would make you happy.” He said absently, prising your arms from his neck and holding on to flip you onto the ground in front of him.

You hit the mat with a loud smack and a groan escaped your lips.

“Interesting choice of words, but just as effective.” Bucky teased, offering you a hand.
Though you could have snapped his neck, Bucky could have won after he’d got you on the ground.

“I think we’re pretty fairly matched.” You accepted his hand and he pulled you to your feet.

Bucky tilted his head, “I’d rather not dismiss the possibility that I have a chance.”

“Evenly matched means we both have a chance.”

“I know. I meant a chance with you.” Bucky didn’t break eye contact.

“You want a chance?”

“Of course. Were my hints not enough, (Y/n)?”

You smiled, “Was I being oblivious?”

Bucky grinned, “You usually are. Pietro, Tony, me.”

You bit your lip.

“I’ll give you a chance.” You said, mustering your courage.

Bucky’s eyes seemed to light up.

“Great! I’ll take you… dancing? Can we go dancing?”

You laughed, “You’ll have to teach me.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

Game of Love. (Adam Imagine)

Request: I’d like to request the reader and Adam going to an arcade and girls hitting on Adam the whole way through and making the reader feel bad since she looks like a geek with glasses (Despite being a strong hunter she has low self esteem and is pretty tomboyish)

A/N: I’m so sorry if this sucks. I have a feeling it does…

“I’m telling you, no one can beat me at this game. I’m the king.”

"Adam,” you smirked and crossed your arms, giving your best friend a once over as he toward over one of the many arcade games he was about to play, “It’s Pac-Man. I think the reason no one can beat you is because no one plays.

"Jealous much?” Adam leaned over so that he was close to you, “Y/N, I can always teach you. It would be fun, you know,” He smirked, blue eyes sparkling, “to teach you.”

You ducked your head as a harsh blush crept on your cheeks. Adam was a natural flirt, and you were used to it, but lately it had a stronger effect on you than usual. It started back when the two of you were on a hunt together. As always, you were doing just fine on your own after splitting up, kicking ass was never an obstacle. But when one demon too many surrounded and began to torture you, it was Adam to the rescue. You didn’t know if it was the heroic aspect of it all or if it was just for the fact that he held you that night after you were too scared to sleep alone, but it went downhill from there. Looking him in the eye was enough to make you dizzy and you had no clue yet if you loved it or hated it.

“Earth to Y/N.”


Adam chuckled as you looked back up at him, “I asked if you wanted to play.”

“Oh, uhm,” You pushed your glasses that slipped to the bridge of your nose back up with your finger, “You go ahead first. I’ll watch and try to measure up to your awesomeness.”

“You bet your ass you will.” He winked and sat down on the chair, beginning to play. Not surprisingly, he was right about being good at this game. It was as if he could even master it in his sleep and all you could do was stand back with a baffled grin on your face.

“Wow." You and Adam both turned around and slightly jumped, noticing a girl your age standing behind you, "You’re pretty good at that.” She smiled a perfect smile and smoothed out the form fitting dress that displayed her curves, “Im Marylin.”

“Adam.” He responded, giving her a once over with his eyes then turning to you, “And this is Y/N.”

You self consciously looked down at your outfit, jeans and a tank-top, before turning your attention back to miss beauty, “Hi.”

“Do you come here often?” She ignored, batting her eyes towards Adam, “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

Adam smirked, “Haven’t seen you around either, and I think I would have remembered that.”

She visibly blushed and allowed her eyes to catch yours, “So are you two together?”

“No.” You said too quickly, feeling your heart drop from the truth, “No, we’re just friends.”

Adams eyes lingered on you for a while before he finally peeled them away, “She’s my best friend.”

Marylin flashed another smile, “That makes much more sense.”

He furrowed his brows together and dropped his smile, “What makes sense?”

“Well,” she bit her lip and stepped forward, running her hand along his arm, “It’s just that you’re really cute.”

You felt your entire body shut down at the indication of her words, but she was right. Wasn’t she? All you were was a hunter, who wore no make up, and whose outfit of choice was a hoodie and jeans. And then there was Adam.

"I’m flattered.” He replied dryly, interrupting your thoughts, “But I think Y/N is just as ‘cute’ as I am, if not cuter.”

“That’s not what I-”

“Then what did you mean?” He was standing next to you now, but you were too enhanced with what he had just said to notice, “Please, explain.”

“I-I…Sorry. I should just go.”

“I think you should.”

Marylins face was pale white as she scurried away, leaving you and Adam alone.

“Thanks for that.” You whispered, unable to bring your eyes to his, “You didn’t have to.”

“No. I did have to. But do you want to know the worst part about what she said was?”

Instead of answering, you shifted lightly and waited for him to continue.

“You believed her.”

Your head shot up, “How did you-”

“We’ve been best friends for two years.” He sighed heavily, “I know the ins and outs of your insecurities. And quite frankly, they never make sense to me.”

“You wouldn’t understand, Adam.” Slight anger arose in your body when you looked at him, “You’re…”

“I’m what?”

“You’re perfect. Handsome, sweet, brave..every girls dream. But me? Hell, I can’t even get a second glance from a middle schooler.”

“Wow.” He breathed and shook his head, “You really are cluless, aren’t you?”

“I guess we can add that to the list.”

He ignored you, running a hand through his blonde hair, “Y/N, I…I’ve been in love with you for a year now.”

Your mouth dropped slightly, “You love me?”

“I do.” He laughed lightly, “And that means every part of you. You’re beautiful and I wouldn’t trade you for anyone.”

A boost of confidence rose in you as you reached up and cupped his face, bringing him down into a kiss. He ran his hands through your hair while kissing you back and let out a satisfied sigh onto your lips, “You’re perfect.”

You pulled away just enough to look into his eyes, “I love you too, you know.”

“Good to hear.” He giggled, glancing down at your lips, “You’re a good kisser. Just saying.”

You grinned, “I can teach you. I think it would be fun, to teach you.”

His brow lifted, “Do I need to be taught?”

“Not at all. But it’s a good excuse to kiss you whenever I want.”

“You don’t need an excuse for that. But if that’s what it takes, then by all means-”

“Shut-up!” You giggled, pecking him on the lips anyways, “Do you wanna stay here or..”

“Do you have to ask?” Adam smiled and grabbed your hand, “Pac-Man can wait.”

You laughed out loud and followed him out of the arcade with your hand in his, passing Marylin on the way out.

Regarding Abigail - Part 16 (AU Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Regarding Abigail
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: In an alternate universe (of In Formal Wear), a terrible car accident robs Abigail of her recent memory. She doesn’t remember Tom or their relationship. Injured and alone, Abby can only put her trust in a man who claims to be her boyfriend. Tom has a second chance to make Abby fall in love with him - again. (Based on a request from missviolethunter from THIS LIST)
RATING: Mature (NSFW in this one)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss,In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better,Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order FLASHBACKS IN ITALICS

Book Cover | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15

Regarding Abigail

With my heartin my throat and my pulse pounding in my skull, I tore through my flat at thefastest I’d ever gone from my office to the master suite bathroom where I’d left Abby. The bedroom door was partially open when I pushed through at top speed, the wall groaning in protest against the slap-bang, the wood cracking in my wake.

My mind raced with every terrible scenario that would cause Abby to shriek that awful sound of terror that rang in my ears. I called out to her, “Abby!”

Please don’t let her be bleeding.

Please don’t let her be hurt.

Please just let her be mine.

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totheendoftheworldortime  asked:

Prompt: "In all his many years, he could honestly say he'd never seen anything like this." CS fluff or smut please!

A/N: Michelle, my love! You know I had to go smutty ;)

Anniversary Treat

They had been together for an entire year, and had faced more obstacles than seemingly any couple ever had: going back in time; multiple Dark Ones (as well as being Dark Ones themselves); death; resurrection. Their partnership had never been easy, but throughout all that life—and the afterlife—had dealt them, they always made it back to one another. Tonight was definitely a night to celebrate.

Emma sat at the vanity in her bathroom, applying eyeliner to her waterline. She had taken to borrowing Killian’s from time to time, because she noticed how much longer his stayed on him. As a nod to their very first date, she wore the same pale pink, shimmery dress with the angled-capped sleeves and the same high ponytail, but what she wore a little something special underneath for Killian. Emma had used her magic and fashioned one of his old black vests into a tight bustier—complete with gold buttons—and capped off the look with one of her favorite black g-strings. She was going to end this night off with a bang, in more ways than one.

Putting the finishing touches on her lips, she was about to get up from her vanity chair when she heard a voice behind her.

“Almost ready, love? The reservation is at 7:00 sharp.”

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Teen Wolf AU Stiles Stilinski Part 2

Part 2 of my fan fic is finally here! I deeply apologize for the wait. I work a lot and don’t have the time I would like to spend writing. I didn’t fully proof read just did a quick scan sorry for any typo’s but  I hope you enjoy!

Part 1

Warning: Cursing, drinking, smut etc.

Your P.O.V.

The next 2 days of the week went by in a blur. You had a lot to take in being at a new school. So many notes and homework had already began to build up but being the studious girl that you were you never got behind on an assignment. The fact that you were a junior and your new found friends were seniors meant that the only time you could hang together during school was at breakfast and lunch. Lydia and Allison quickly became your 2 best friends. These girls were the perfect balance, like night and day. While Lydia offered her bold opinion Allison would step in and back it up with a comforting statement. Stiles always would insist on sitting next to you during the sessions you would spend with the group as a whole. You had small private conversations that were always made awkward by either you or him.

“So are you still going to Lydia’s party tomorrow night?” He asked while fidgeting with his hands. You looked down and noticed how nervous he was but also that he had such long fingers. No Y/N focus he is your friend. You just met him. But god was he cute.

“Yes Stiles of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” You replied smirking curiously.

“I uh well I was just making sure nothing had came up. Would you like me to pick you up? I don’t mind at all since we are uhm going together. We’re still going together right?” He quickly asked while stuttering and looking anxious.

You couldn’t help but laugh. He was being so well Stiles! This is how he has acted since you first met and it was nothing short of adorable. He was always so unsure. Always wanting to say the right thing. You liked that about him.

“I am still going with you unless you had someone else in mind?”

“No! I don’t! Not at all I’m all yours. I mean available.” He keep licking his lips and looking all around except at you.

“Great! I will actually see you there, I would love a ride but Lydia and Allison are wanting me to come over a bit early. They are giving me a make over. Well actually Allison is doing my hair and make up while Lydia is putting together my outfit. She said she had a dress in mind that would show off my legs but I’m not sure. I’m not the one for dresses. But I will give it a try for her, she is so excited.” You said while giggling at the thought. You caught Stiles staring. His eyes were fixated on your smile. He jumped up when he noticed you were no longer talking.

“Wow Lydia is picking the outfit?” He said quietly.

“Yeah? Why?” You questioned. He smiled and said

“Oh its nothing she just has great taste. I know you will look great.” He grinned and looked down as if he was trying to hide an even bigger smile. Your eyes moved over to see Lydia and you observed her outfit. It was a short floral skirt and a low cut top that showed off her chest. You thought about yourself in something like that and hoped that you could pull it off.

After lunch your day was spent finishing all of your work so you had nothing tying you down this weekend. You had promised your dad that the 2 of you would go out for dinner tonight since your Saturday was booked up. It was nice to sit and chat with him about your new friends, school and life. He was really enjoying his job here in Beacon Hills although the dead bodies that show up are mostly from animals attacks. This thought frightens you some. You made note to never go around the woods at night. Saturday had came and Lydia was blowing up your phone, you awoke to a text message and 2 missed calls. You rang her back once you were fully awake.

“Finally you are up! You need to come over when Allison does she is leaving in 30 minutes. You looked over at your clock and noticed it was just 1 pm. You had slept in very late. It was a good thing though you wanted to best rested for her party.

“Oh okay. I will be ready in a few. Tell Allison to stop by and I’ll look out for her. Happy birthday by the way!” You said cheerily.

“Eek thank you doll! I am so excited to be turning 18!” Lydia said in a happy tone. The 2 of you exchanged goodbyes and you began to put your clothes on. Skipping the hair and make up since it would be all done up later today. Allison arrived right on time and honked her horn to let you know she was there. The ride to Lydia’s was very short. She lived only 10 minutes away from your street. Upon entering her huge home you were greeted by the half dressed red head who was wearing a robe but her make up and hair was completely flawless.

“Girl you already looking amazing and you haven’t even put your dress on!” You exclaimed while hugging her.

She laughed. “And soon you will look beyond amazing once we get you in my room! Stiles won’t be able to keep his eyes and hands off of you!” She said with a wink.

“How did you know I liked him? I thought  I was being low key?” You questioned.

“Oh you are being low key. You are very good at it. Its Stiles who gives the red flag. I haven’t seen him look at anybody like that in a long time.” Allison stepped in said.

“Yeah I was the only girl who he looked at in that manner.” Lydia said. You heart sank a bit. Stiles used to like Lydia? Why was she so cool about this?

“Oh sweetie please its not big deal! Stiles is a wonderful guy. I just can’t look at him in a romantic way. He is well just Stiles to me! Like a little brother. I want him to be happy with someone else. He deserves it.” The redhead finished while patting your head. You immediately felt better. Now you had the goal in your head to help Stiles forget about Lydia and have the time of his life tonight. After decorating for Lydia for almost 2 hours it was time for you and Allison to start getting ready. She took the rollers out of her hair that she had been wearing the whole day and rocked loose curls. She did a very subtle and natural make up then it was time for you to sit in the vanity. Allison was like an artist and you felt to be her masterpiece. You watched in the mirror as you slowly blossomed. She did a dark smokey eye to enhance your eye color. A light blush adorned your cheeks. She put a dark plum lipstick on and you had never felt more beautiful. She styled your hair in flowing mermaid curls that waved down your back side. She had put half of it up to highlight your face and show off the whole look of your make up.

“Y/N you look beautiful. Well you were before but I just brought more of it out.” Allison said while looked at you through the mirror.

“Thank you so much. You are better than a pro! I look and feel beyond amazing!” You replied with a huge grin.

“Well prepare to feel like a goddess because here is your dress for this evening!” Lydia entered the room holding a gorgeous piece in her arms. The dress was a dark plum the same color as your lips. It had black lace flowing down the side and underneath. It was a high low. Short in the front but long on the sides and in the back.

“I knew you would love it! Look at her face Allison!” Lydia yelled and giggled.

“Go ahead and get dressed. I am going down stairs to start the music. Allison and I will be waiting!” She said while tugging her brunette friend away. After situating yourself you took one last look in the mirror. You had never felt more beautiful or confident in your whole life. You made your way down the stairs and noticed the house was already filling up with guests.

“She didn’t leave she will be down in a minute Stiles calm down please.” You heard Allison’s voice from the other side of the room. You looked over to find a wide eyed Stiles staring at you. His mouth was slightly agape. You smiled and waved at him. His hand quickly shot up and waved back. He smiled from ear to ear.

“Hey handsome, I’m glad you could make it.” You said trying to remain calm and cool. His eyes light up like a christmas tree at your words.

“I uhh thank you Y/N you look just so wow. Beyond beautiful. Stunning really.” He was stuttering again. You giggled and thanked him. Taking this as your cue to step it up you grabbed his hand and pulled him to the dance floor.

“I’m not much of a dancer but there’s a firs time for everything right?” You said while moving to the music. Stiles simply nodded. He was up for anything that you were. The beat of the music flooded your ears and took over. You found yourself grinding upon the tall boy beside of you. Making it a point to rub your behind right against his crotch. It took not time for this to effect him. You glanced up to see his cheeks has become very flustered. You turned around the face him and has you inched closer you noticed his breathing was very ragged.

“Stiles you okay?” You asked in his ear so he could hear you over the music.

“Erm uhm yeah I’m great.” He tried to play it cool but his body language said otherwise.

“No you’re not. You need to come upstairs with me right now so I can help take care of that ever growing problem you have down there.” Your words rolled off your tongue like honey. His mind was immediately flooded with thoughts of you he had only thought about when he was alone. He looked down at you in disbelief at what he just heard.

“How about I just show you uh Stilinski?” You said while grabbing his hand and leading him up the large stair case. The 2 of you hand in hand made your way down the hall and into the last bedroom on the left. It was the guest room you noticed with the minimal decor. You made sure to lock the door behind you so no one could disturb.

“Stiles I have noticed the way you have been looking at me these past few days and I want you to know the feeling is very much mutual.” You whispered in his ear while unbuttoning his shirt. He helped you out by loosening his tie. You laid it on the night stand.

“Y/N I can’t help it you. You are intoxicating. Not just your looks but your personality. You won me over from the minute we met.” You smiled at his confession and kissed him. Sweet and soft but it quickly turned into heated passion. His tongued danced along your lips and you granted him entrance. There was nothing like the warm feeling on him inside of your mouth. He dominated and proved to be an amazing kisser. His lips soft and addictive. It was only to catch your breath that caused you to pull away.

“Stiles I want you. So bad. Can you feel that?” You took his large hand and slid it down the front of your panties. His face melted and he closed his eyes. He brought his other hand up to your face as if to make sure this was really happening.

“Fuck Y/N I want you to. I uh I’ve never went all the way before.” He confessed with a look of disappointment. You smiled at his honesty. This wasn’t your first. You had a boyfriend for a while back home but broke things off when you began to lose feelings for him. It wasn’t nothing major you both wanted to move on.

“That is fine Stiles. I’ll show you exactly what to do. Okay?” You reassured him. His face beamed with joy. You completely removed his shirt and revealed a toned torso. He was lean but still fit and strong. Your hands slid down his chest and began working on his belt. Once it was undone you stood back and slid out of your dress. He took this as a sign to get out of his jeans. You watched him fumble around and he was in front of you in nothing but boxers. You had on a matching bra and panties just for this moment. His Adams apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed. You unclasped you bra and let it fall to the floor. His eyes were glued to your chest. You weren’t nothing praise worthy but you had decent sized breasts.

“You are flawless Y/N.” Stiles said as you approached him. You urged him to use his hands and he did. He began to caress your breasts in both of his hands this caused you to become even more turned on. You lead him over to the bed and straddled him while he teased your nipples. Pinching lightly on each bud making you more and more wet. The need to have him inside of you was growing. Deciding to speed things up a bit you slipped your underwear off and did the same with his boxers.

“Are you sure you want this Stiles?” You asked while grinding your exposed heat over his member that was now rock hard.

“Yes hell yes actually. But first can I try something? He asked so sweetly. You nodded and he moved you put you under him. This change of scenery was unexpected but very much welcomed.

“I want you make you feel good first. I need to see your eyes rolling in the back of your head. I want to make you see stars.” He said in a husky tone in your ear. This confidence of his came out of no where. I guess he took notes from watching some adult videos in the past. You bite his neck and obliged him to continue. He sucked and kissed down your chest and stopped at your tits. He licked all around your nipple while rolling the other between his fingers. His tongue was hot. It melted around your sensitive bud and cause the ache to become annoying between your legs. He felt you squirming under his touch. He worked his mouth down your stomach and in between your legs. You spread yourself open to allow him better access. You looked down at him and he shot you a wink before he licked a strip up your core.

“Y/N you are dripping wet. Do you want me that bad?” He questioned before he sunk a long finger inside of you.

“Yes Stiles! Yes please I need you right now!” You said in almost a scream. His actions were driving you insane.

Not until you cum in my mouth. Then I will be all yours.” The boy said while moving his face back to your heat and he planted a soft kiss before completely indulging. He started working circles around your clit with his tongue. Around and around. You felt your orgasm already approaching. He slowed down and changed course. Licking up and down then side to side.

“You taste so fucking good Y/N.” Stiles stated while kissing you down there again as if to admire you. You went to give a reply but it was cut off. He slid 2 fingers inside and curved them upwards. He slid in and out at the perfect speed cause you to drip all over his hand. He pulled his fingers out and brought them to his mouth. You watched carefully as he licked you clean. You bit your lip and he grinned. Stiles went back down and plunged his tongue deep inside of you this made you buck your hips up to invite him in even more. He licked back up to your clit and started with slow figure 8′s. Your bundle of nerves couldn’t take anymore and you came undone. You shook with pleasure as he lapped up your juices. He hummed with satisfaction while you rode out the remainder of your pleasure grabbing fist fulls of his hair.

“You can’t still be a virgin. That was beyond amazing Mr. Stilinski.” He smiled and shook his head.

“I’ve did a lot of research.” You couldn’t help but laugh at his clever response.

“Well get ready for a new chapter that you are going to learn all about first hand.” You said while moving up to straddle him.

“I have a condom in my pants pocket.” He said motioning to his jeans on the floor.

“Don’t worry I’m on the pill. Trust me it feels way better this way.” You reassured him. He bite his lip at the thought. You took his member in your hand and gave it a few strokes. You admired how big he was. You thought for a second about his size, you have never been with anyone this well endowed.

“Stiles why didn’t you tell me you were packing?” You said while positioning him at your entrance. Before he could even reply you sank down onto him causing a loud moan to escape from his lips. His eyes closed and his hands went to grab your hips your support as he he couldn’t stay down on the bed. Slowly began grinding down trying to adjust to his large size. It was not easy task to accommodate someone this big.

“Y/N you feel so good. I don’t know how long I will last.” Stiles whimpered from below you.

“Its okay I only aim to make you feel good. This is all about you now Stiles. Don’t fight it.” You coaxed him while you moved up and down. He felt so good inside of you. Stretching your ways and hitting all the right spots. You were getting more wet by the second and he couldn’t handle it anymore. You picked up your pace and started riding him. He looked up you find your head slightly throw back and your breasts were bouncing up and down. But it wasn’t unit you moaned his name that he lost it.

“Stiles yes.” You voice was strained and it was music to his ears.

“Y/n fucking hell I’m going to cum. You..feel so good.” His words turned into moans as he tightened his grip on your hips. He released himself completely inside of you and it was the best feeling he had ever experienced, You slowed down and felt that he was done. You looked to see an exhausted Stiles below you panting as sweating ran down his forehead. You were tired as well and climbed off of him and into the bed.

“So how was it? I hope I made your first time enjoyable” You said while cuddling up to his chest, You could still hear his heart pounding.

“Y/N this was the best night of my life. You made me feel things I didn’t even know I could feel. You are way better than my hand and my dreams.” He confessed and kissed the top of your head. His arms draped around you and you loved the closeness of your bodies. He felt welcoming and warm.

“I am glad I could be your first. You are amazing with your mouth Stiles. For no experience you felt like a pro.” This comment made him smile like a school boy.

“You really know how to make me smile. Does this mean we are together? Like as couple?” Stiles asked in such an innocent voice as if you were going to say no. How could you?

“I would love to be your girlfriend. That means we could hang like this every weekend. And I don’t know about you but I would really enjoy more nights like this.” He pulled you closer and hugged you even more.

“So would I Y/N, so would I.”