because she didnt see him any differently

that fight scene was super cool! i loved seeing the different ways they each fought, and how they incorporated their powers together. i didnt take any screen shots because i was too absorbed in it lol. also… is this fight where some of their ship names come from? ive heard of bumblebee and freezerburn before as ship names for those pairings. 

the robot gets destroyed, and roman was about to be blasted by yang but…

this girl drops in to save him. i know she was at the meeting with the white fang i saw her on the stage i just didnt comment on her. i like her design!!

also, i think just something thatll probably happen with most of my liveblogs is i wont take screenshots of fight scenes (unless something happens that i really wanna show) because i get too into them and kinda just forget to actually analyze or comment on any small parts of the fight lol. 

I don't ship Wolfstar

Okay, so before any of you start bombarding me with hate because i don’t ship wolfstar hear me out:

While the idea that sirius and remus is amusing, and possible, i will never ship remus with anyone els than tonks. The relationship shown in the books of Lupin and Tonks speaks volumes, it shows how much Love influences a person, and how no matter what, they will continue being together. There were many problems between remus and tonks which could’ve hindered their relationship, such as age diffrence, the fact that lupin was a werewolf etc.. However, they never stopped fighting for each other, which is an essential part of harry potter, seeing as it shows how love is love, that no race diffrence, age difference, or any other things can stop true love. Tonks didnt care tht lupin was a werewolf, as long as she was with him. I think most people ship wolfstar because it is a very cute idea, and it would’ve fit to the characters, but also because it is easy. It is a easy solution on why they meant the world to each other, but i think people forget that the maurauders were like brothers, they cared the fucking world for each other, but in the sense of the closest way friendship can go. The realationship between tonks and lupin is more difficult, which i think plays a role in why people tend to rather ship wolfstar.

Now, i’m not saying wolfstar is a bad ship, i think it’s cute and i also enjoy reading headcannons about it, so please don’t hate or anything. Love you

Ok guys chill! 

I`ve got like 10 messages asking about MEt - and cause I´m too lazy to reply to the same question over and over again ….

Nope, this didnt convince that Rob and the singer are a “couple” cause I see nothing different about the way he behaves around her than he does with all his female co-stars.

yeah - he never did this with Kris - but Kris isnt business for him - she´s private. Plus she never needed him to get attention. she can do this all by herself.

and no- I dont think Rob has gone through a massive “personality” change because he attended with her….

do I like it - nope. not really. but again - I´ve seen nothing between these two I havent seen between any other co-stars. just watch the actual video better than to rely on those pix… you´ll see what I see ;)

so bye - and everyone - BREATHE !!!

love, E.