because she (bonnie) is good

Oh.My.God. I just realized one thing!

Do you remember when in 1x22 Damon tells Elena/Katherine that Bonnie was a good person because she had saved his life? He said “she helped Stefan save me”. Do you remember that then he said that she had obviously done it for Elena? Do you remember that he said to Katlena “Somewhere along the way you decided that I was worth saving”?
And what did he say in 6x08? “When the opportunity presented for me to comeback, she made sure I took it” but this time he knew she didn’t do it for Elena. He knew that this time it was Bonnie that somewhere along the way though he was worth saving.

So this is my mom’s theory, and I think she’s got it down pretty damn good.

She thinks Bonnie killed Sam, because we’ve all been lead to believe Bonnie is in love with him, yeah? Well, Sam probably tells Bonnie to piss off or something, and it upsets her, so bam, she kills him. Then she sleeps with Asher so if she’s questioned, she can say that’s where she was that night, sleeping with a student.

It makes sense, really. Why else would Bonnie be a total hypocrite and tell Laurel not to flirt with Frank when she (5 weeks later) fucks Asher? Hm.

My mother has an interesting brain and she woke me up and told me to write all this down and put it on my “bloggy website where the other people who watch it will see it.” I think she means tumblr.

So this one was SUPPOSED to be for yesterday but certain things prevented me to finish it. But it is somewhat inspired by Futurama so I think it kind of works? Thanks to @lynyrdwrites for popping the idea into my askbox!

You’re Better Than Normal

Caroline groaned as she woke, with the mother of all cricks in her neck. Shouldn’t being a vampire mean she was immune to the effects of uncomfy sleeping positions?

Twisting her neck, trying to loosen the knots, she squinted into the darkness around her. Caroline blinked, confused at what she was seeing. Because this definitely wasn’t one of the spare rooms at the Lockwood mansion, where Matt had graciously agreed to let her and Bonnie stay for a few days. This wasn’t even a house.

This was a cave and in Caroline’s experience? Waking up in a cave was never a good thing. Caroline forced herself into a sitting positon, looking around wildly for threats. She winced because that had hurt, every bone, muscle and ligament in her body screaming at her that moving so quickly was a very bad idea.

It’s then she notices that she’s filthy. Sand, soil, pebbles and bugs falling from her, her skin and hair coated with a thick layer of muck. Caroline’s just about to start freaking the fuck out (because bugs! Seriously, gross) when she notices the lump on the ground next to her, recognizes the hair, the line of the nose, despite the fact that Bonnie’s in the exact same, debris covered, state that Caroline is in.

Caroline scoots over, gritting her teeth and ignoring her own discomfort. She frantically brushes away the dirt, her fingers flying to Bonnie’s neck, feeling for a pulse.

It’s the longest few seconds of her life but then Caroline lets out a gasp of relief, feeling the strong, steady throbbing, that meant Bonnie was alive. Maybe not well, but a little vampire blood could fix that right up, as soon as Bonnie was conscious.

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This is why this show is so infuriating.

The just turned bringing Bonnie back into a crusade for Damon to win over Elena. Which is total bullshit.

& if Elena was a good friend, and not the most selfish person to walk the earth, she would want Bonnie back with no qualifiers. It should be “ I want Bonnie back so that she can live the life she deserves” not “ I want bonnie back so that she can convince me to be with Damon.”

& what is even more annoying is that they are distorting the feelings that Damon has for Bonnie and her wellbeing. He wanted to get Bonnie back because she is a good person and he knows that she hasn’t been treated the way she should have been. Now they are throwing that to the wind in favor of delena. This shit pisses me off.

FDTD: Seth and Kate

It’s not that I don’t like the dynamic between Richie and Kate (so everybody, be cool. Kitchie shipper, you be cool). I just like Seth and Kate more, and here is why:

  1. Their relationship is more fluid and dynamic to me: sometimes he’s wiser, sometimes she is; sometimes Kate’s protective, other times Seth is; sometimes they’re friends, other times family, other times a hint of something else
  2. He hallucinated her coming back to him (if that doesn’t tell you something)
  3. There were times in season 1 when he used Kate to gain an advantage, times when Seth could think out a game plan. But in the times Seth had to think fast and go with his gut (ex: first shootout at the motel with Ranger Gonzalez), his instinct was to protect her (putting her behind him as opposed to Richie who used her like a shield). 
  4. She doesn’t try to change him, but protects him from his own self-destruction.
  5. He teaches her the craft.
  6. She teaches him a kinder way of living than he’s ever known.
  7. He impresses her. (no nonsense)
  8. He’s impressed by her. (fast learner)
  9. “She’s not on the menu”
  10. He punches those who objectify her.
  11. She agreed with Seth in 1x08 to leave the ranger after Gonzalez shot Richie, and I don’t think it was just the danger of him being a culebra.
  12. Seth gives nicknames to Kate: Preachers daughter, little miss sunshine, Miley, princess, little lady, etc
  13. And he makes an oath to her (do what I tell you, and you’ll get out of this without any bumps or scratches)
  14. She cares about Seth’s relationship with Richie as much as he does. She wants  the Gecko boys to work it out.
  15. They’ve got love for each other, they’re a family.
  16. They drink together.
  17. Seth is not beyond a little jealousy of Richie around Kate.
  18. (and a little jealous of Rafa)
  19. But ultimately she brings them together.
  20. Because they’re better together, when they’re alone they’re lost.
  21. “You want some company?” Kate offers when Seth is in need, even though she has a clear way out.
  22. Yeah.” He accepts even though he’s been down that road before, knowing it did not go well. But he changes his mind because she changes him.
  23. They make a good Bonnie and Clyde.
  24. He owes her a toaster.
  25. He calls her partner.
  26. He’s willing to scrub a job when he doesn’t think she’s ready.
  27. “You’re home early / Towels?” He watches her back (and stakes the culebra who creeps on her)
  28. Kate’s tough and bluntly honest with Seth when he needs it and sensitive when he’s low…
  29. He’s a mess, but he’s her mess.
  30. …Seth is the same way.  Kate opens up to him about her dad.
  31. And he listens without judgement.
  32. Kate does more than put up with him. He knows it, and he thanks her.
  33. The way he looks at her when he thinks she’s not watching.
  34. The way she looks at him when he can’t see.
  35. He turned the car around for her.
  36. And didn’t leave her or her father in the labyrinth.
  37. He saves her from being sacrificed to culebras.
  38. Whenever they touch, they protect each other.
  39. But when push comes to shove, Seth gave Kate an out, the one she should have taken instead of his company, in order to keep her safe. When he left her, it was with everything that he had to give, and he didn’t look back or he would turn around again.
  40. Seth’s reaction when he learns Kate has been killed…
  41. The way Seth says “don’t say her name.”
  42. He changes his life’s outlook after she dies (…and die on a beautiful beach somewhere)
  43. The way it physically hurts him when her words come from other people, and he recognizes them immediately.
  44. ..then his reaction when he knows she’s alive – to get up off the mat and keep fighting, like he did for Richard, the only other person he cares about that much.
  45. Seth is the first to believe “I know what I saw”…
  46. When Seth learns that she is possessed, his first thought is not how or why, but how do we save Kate.
  47. His reaction when Ranger Gonzalez says “I stopped her.”
  48. …And one of the first who tries to believe that she’s gone. He has to say it over and over to convince himself, to protect his brother and himself…
  49. But as soon as he hears her speak, he can’t help but be drawn to her (even though it put’s him in danger)
  50. Kate breaks the surface for two people before anyone – he brother whom she loves dearly – and Seth. What does that say?
  51. Amaru planned to kill Scott to break Kate’s spirit, but when that proved to difficult and she saw Seth, she attempted to kill him to the same end. What does that say?
  52. When Seth confronts Amaru, he says “you really ******** my life, you know that?” Subtextually speaking, Kate’s his life.
  53. They had planned to start new lives together. Partners make plans.

etc, etc 

 All the world ever did was take / he’s going to take her back.

kimkilluhx  asked:

At 1st I didnt understand the whole Bamon thing, but seeing them together it makes perfect sense why they should be together. Elena hated the real damon, the one who killed innocent people, was self fish and ruthless. She eventually gave in and once her humanity was shut off she "understood & accepted him" but bonnie in the other hand, knew how damon was, didnt like how he was, but when they were trapped in the prison world, she was not scared or worried about his actions, she was use to him &

became closer to him, at the same time, liked his flaws.

That’s not entirely why I like them together, though. xD Bonnie doesn’t “like” his flaws and you make it seem like Bonnie’s okay with a selfish, ruthless, innocent people killing Damon, which she’s absolutely not. But you are right that there’s one big difference between Dullena and Bamon: Elena wants Damon to be a Stefan 2.0, because she doesn’t see how Damon is actually capable of being a decent person all by himself (and because Stefan is her soulmate and she’s not letting herself see that anymore, so she just tries her hardest to change the “second epic love of her life” into the actual love her of life). And Bonnie wants Damon to be exactly who he is, because she knows he can. It’s in there, Bonnie has hope for him. For him. For Damon Salvatore himself. That’s the difference. Bonnie doesn’t want to change who he is, because she knows the good things were there all along, he just needs a little push to let them surface.

my-light-into-the-darkness  asked:

Since apparently you still accept prompts, Klaroline +knocking on the wrong door ! Thanks :D

She hadn’t meant for it to happen. Bonnie’s apartment building had turned out to be incredibly confusing, and was it really her fault that every single door looked exactly the same as it’s neighbours?

She’s knocking absentmindedly on the door, running a hand through her hair and doing her very best to not think about Tyler, her piece of shit ex boyfriend who is even now probably fucking some random girl into the mattress. He liked to do that a lot when they were in a relationship with each other.

She should have left him sooner.

The door swings open, and someone who is most definitely not  Bonnie- unless Bonnie had suddenly morphed into an obscenely attractive six foot male with piercing blue eyes and a devastating smirk- is staring back at her curiously.

“Hello. You’re not my brother.” The man voices with obvious amusement, those blue eyes giving her a quick if not obvious once over.

“You’re not Bonnie.” She replies a little stupidly, because good lord this man is attractive.

The man chuckles, sticking out a hand for her to shake.

“No I’m not.” He agrees amiably enough, and she almost dies when she hears the divine British accent. “I’m Klaus. Bonnie lives around the corner and down the hall a little.”

“Lovely to meet you. Caroline.” She replies in return as she grips his hand briefly.

“Of course, I’ve heard a lot about you from Bonnie. I don’t think she’s home from work yet, but you’re welcome to come inside and wait. I promise I’m not a serial killer.”

He steps out of the door frame, gesturing for her to come inside. But she figures if Bonnie speaks to this guy on the regular he can’t be a complete and total psycho.

“Isn’t that what serial killers usually say to cover up the fact that they aren’t serial killers?” She muses out loud.

She’s rewarded with a chuckle as he closes the door behind them. His apartment is open and full of light, very similar to Bonnie’s. There are art supplies absolutely everywhere, paintbrushes scattered across tables, canvases stacked haphazardly against an exposed brick wall, drop sheets balled up and thrown carelessly into the corner.

“You’re an artist?” She asks in obvious surprise, because she did not see that coming in a million years.

“It’s a side project of mine. I lecture down at the local university. Art history.” He supplies as she nods to herself.

“I’m sure you drive your female students crazy.” She slaps a hand over her mouth as the words escape because did she seriously just say that out loud?

Klaus looks faintly amused at her words but instead keeps his distance, leaning up against the kitchen counter as he tracks her progress around the apartment.

“I certainly do my best. It goes against regulation though, even though I’ve had more than a few offers.”

She hates to think exactly what those ‘offers’ would entail exactly.

“And what about you sweetheart?”

“What about me?” She asks a little coyly, and oh my god was she flirting with this guy?

Klaus gives her a look, like he knows exactly what she’s doing, and she drops her eyes to the floor briefly before meeting his calm gaze once more.

“I’m an EA. And I’m single if you’d like to take me out to dinner?” She phrases it like a question, a little teasingly, giving him room to back out if she’d read this entire situation wrong.

“Tomorrow at six? I’ll pick you up.” He agrees immediately as they’re both interrupted by a banging on the door. She fishes around in her bag for a pen, grabbing his hand and scrawling her number onto heated skin.

“It’s a date. Until tomorrow then.”

She doesn’t give him time to recover, lifting her hand in a wave and stepping towards the door, letting the brunette man into the apartment with a pleasant smile.

Her phone beeps with a message as she steps out into the hallway, and she leans against the door as she reads the small text from Bonnie.  

Did Klaus get around to asking you out yet?