because seriously 2 hours working on this

Me again. Since our storemanager is still out sick, im the only fulltimer running this shit show. On the 12th our new parttimer called in sick. So now im doing 3 x 12 hour shits in a row…and on friday 13th my minijober for the 6-8 closing shift got her back in a bad way and couldnt even put on socks, so bad did it hurt.
Guess what, turns out I can manage the whole store completly on my own if there isnt much going on. But seriously I shouldnt have to, but Minijober called in 20 min before her sgift and I thought “fuck it, its just 2 hours more what ever” . But all our stores are understufft when it comes to people who can open or close, especially after a fulltimer just quit on Thursday. The righthand of my boss is just choking on his “Just ask for help in that other store” because hes gotta work there now after the other dude quit

So..heh…hello. It’s my first time on Tumblr so I’m a little bit scared sometimes I am really shy + my English can be weird cause I’m not native, but you only live once right? Heh (⁄ ⁄◕⁄ω⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿) soooo……about this art…yas. This freaking “masterpiece” took me like 4 hours + 3 hours of editing this cause I have shitty program for recording my screen and I can even explain how painful it was  ಥ益ಥ Okey…but, seriously… I just hope u like my art because I was working really hard on it.

Once again, sorry for my English. I’m still learning



2/100 days of productivity | new mug who dis!! but in all seriousness, new cups make me so happy ^-^ especially when they hold large amounts of water wooOOoo. weather has been very strange today (ah California) and it’s been on and off raining, which is good because that drought, you feel. also, slowly slowly slowly working my way through this task…..we’ll see where the next three hours take me(; ̄ェ ̄)


I’m seriously about to have a panic attack because I’m only scheduled to work 3days this week. 2 of those days are days I have written down as unavailable for classes. If I go into work between classes I’ll only have 15 hours this week. Which means I’ll get paid less than 100 this week, which means I can’t pay rent, which means I might get evicted. And all my managers and when I explained about my classes was “ just come in between classes”… Like seriously you’re only going to work me 15 hours? There is no reason for this!!! And now I just found out that they permanently switched my favorite manager to another location.







4 hours of work later….

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Time Travel Prompts

Just something fun, hope you enjoy!

1. So, I was one of the good guys – but then the world ended and so now I’ve traveling back in time and am pretending to be a super villain in order to save it.  I’m so evil.  Seriously though, it’s really difficult to pretend to be a bad guy, cut me some slack.
2. So I traveled back in time and they think I’m a witch, I still have twelve hours until my device works again so I’m going to have to stall.
3. I don’t really know how to ask this without sounding weird, but are you a time traveler too?  I don’t ask because I’ve been trying to find the historical thing ™ all day and I’d like some directions.
4. Every time I sneeze I travel to a random point in time.  On the bright side my Babylonian is improving.
5. I was crossing the 1900s street and now I’m in the future.  Don’t mind me, I totally know what these 1950s cars are.  Yes.  I know what I’m about.
6. So I accidentally created a paradox and I seem to fallen out of time into a waiting room.  It has excellent refreshments and also you.  So what are you in for?
7. I am one time traveler trying to assassinate the Archduke Franz Ferdinand seven different times.  This is not going well.
8. So it turns out if you run into your past self you don’t both disappear, you just get a really well suited roommate.
9. So I appreciate you’re the son of the pharaoh, but I have to get back to sixteenth century China, can you not follow me through time.  Or do.  You know, whatever.
10. So I traveled back in time for an unrelated purpose and now am raising myself.  I guess I really do look like my mom.
11. I thought some guy left his phone behind on accident and no, he left his time travel device behind on accident and now I am standing in front of King George.
12. When I took this job it was to be a reference librarian, now you have me traveling through time righting wrongs and saving the day.  I demand a raise and better coffee.
13. I’ve traveled forward in the future and every time it’s slightly different.  I guess the future really is flexible.
14. Rich people are ‘retiring’ back in time to make their money really stretch.  I’m a waitress who overheard and has snuck her way in to do the same.  They aren’t terribly happy about it.

So I just saw Victor Frankenstein

Lolol I saw the 22% it has on RT and mentioned it to @schmaptainschmamerica and she goes “yeah but it looks like something we would like”

And omg yes it is. Ship all the things.

So good. Seriously I need to draw some Victor/Igor. Well….if I feel well enough to sit at the cintiq.

Also need to get home and eat before 8 because I have to fast before tests tomorrow morning. Then into work for 2 hours and then off to more doctors.

A fun filled day.

But the important thing to take away from this is you should go see Victor Frankenstein so you can join me.

Nobody talks about how like 80% of girls these days are smoking fuckin hot because we work at it every second of our lives, but we have like 5 naturally hot guys in the world to fight over, and a planet full of ugly slob-assed fuckboys crying about how girls are shallow and won’t date them. Like bitch if you spent 2 hours every morning to be beautiful we’d fight over you. Man up and get some god-damn foundation and a nice shirt and we’ll talk.