because seriously

astrakiseki asked:

*whispers* Nerdy little sphinx girl who plops next to the lady she's riddling like an oversized cat and saying pun-ishment will be having to provide purr-fect pettings for a half hour.

oh no oh no oh no

Stern lady adventurer who catches on to the pun thing in like two seconds flat and answers every single one with a totally straight face – “okay okay okay try this one: what did the scientist say about the book on anti-gravity?” “that it was impossible to put down?” “eeeeeee you guessed it!!!!!!” – and at first the sphinx is super-excited because NO ONE EVER GUESSES PROPERLY, NO ONE!!!!!, but her elation soon turns to disappointment because the stern lady adventurer isn’t laughing and, like, that’s the whole point, and anyway the sphinx is hilarious, she knows she’s hilarious, puns are the bEST–

so basically it turns into a ridiculous and adorable adventure story where the sphinx decides she needs to accompany the stern lady adventurer on her travels because she is damn well going to make the woman crack a smile, and they get up to all sorts of shenanigans and the nerdy little sphinx girl puns her way out of half their scrapes and the stern lady adventurer is like “what” and “how” and “no”

The sphinx is all, “it’s probably a good thing you have me along, you know, because I make for a pretty great pawdyguard”

The stern lady adventurer scowls, all, “stop that,” and she IS NOT GOING TO SMILE at the way the little sphinx goes all wiggly and delighted

“Wait wait wait,” the sphinx says. “I have to tell you something. Me and you–”

“no. NO.”

“–make a TOTALLY–”

“don’t you dare”


“oh gods why”

mayleacastiel asked:

so I just thought about cockles (you know as I do) and it occurted to me that in the beginning of their friendship Misha thought that Jensen was a stuck up prick (he probably exaggerated, but we know he really thought something like that) and now he said that Jensen doesn't have any annoying qualities and Jensen thought of Misha as really weird (in a bad way) and now he thinks Misha is the funniest thing that ever happened to him and for some reason that's some really adorable shit

When you summarize it like THAT, this literally makes me want to puke rainbows