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I realize you like Punk!Cas and Nerd!Dean... But another one of my favorite Aus is Punk!DEAN and Nerd!CAS. BARE WITH ME!!! There are the loud, rowdy jocks, the geeky, book-loving nerds, but you'll never see Dean with anyone. He's always alone. People say it's because he's so scary, nobody wants to risk messing with him. Others say it's just simply"how Dean rolls". He doesn't need to inconvenience himself with the presence of other people. He's the intimidating lone-wolf. (1)

Then we have Cas. Genius at science, charming, funny (in his own quirky way) - he’s got a good thing going, he’s got a great group of friends who all share his interests, he’s great with people, he’s fairly known among school. Then one day he’s paired up with Dean Winchester on a science project, and while all his friends think it’s “so COOL Cassie!” - all he can think is, “great, this guy.” Because really, Dean Winchester? Cas doesn’t get what the big deal is about him. (2)

He walks around, moping and glaring at anyone who crosses his path. Who does he think he is, huh? What’s his deal, is he trying to keep up some fucking image? What, does he think it’s cool? Does he think he’s scary? Intimidating? Puh-lease. Castiel’s not buying any of it. He thinks Dean is just a stuck up, angsty little brat. No, he KNOWS he is. (3)

(4) But three days later, he finds himself sitting on his bed with Dean Winchester himself, and they’re not doing an ounce of work, because Dean is telling Castiel about how he pool-hustled this group of guys this one time and holy hell, Castiel is gripping his sides from how hard Dean’s making him laugh. He doesn’t fail to notice how Dean seems quietly elated that he’s getting this reaction from Castiel

But no, Dean /blushes/. And Castiel is struck speechless for a second because here sits Dean-intimidating-lone-wolf-winchester on Castiel’s bed, blushing at the most medicocre compliment. Surely he gets compliments all the time? Castiel says as much. Dean only blushes further, to Castiel’s- what, amusement? He can’t deny he finds it incredibly… Endearing. God, he never thought he’d use that word to describe Dean. (5 )   
WOW THAT GOT SO LONG I hope that doesn’t bother you, that just- REALLY got away from me imsorry😂Idk, I just love the idea of that punk and nerd dynamic being switched around, y'know? Dean being this intimidating punk and Cas being a nerd but really it’s Dean who needs Cas’s love and reassurance, Dean who doesn’t have too much experience with people in any way, Dean who totally gets fucked senseless and owned and taken care of by Cas behind closed doors heehee So yeah. Punk!Dean and Nerd!Cas.

OR if you are I don’t give a flying fuck, and please do it more often??? PLEASE?

give me more of actually-a-soft-boy badass looking punk!Dean and nerd!Cas

Mystery Twins Indeed

I’ve seen headcanons I’ve liked about Mabel being trans, and headcanons I’ve liked about Dipper being the twin who’s trans, and both have made sense because identical twins are biologically incapable of being different sexes. Fraternal twins are, of course, but not identical twins – and so far as the fandom is aware, all twins bearing the name Pines are, in fact, identical.

Which is to say that while I don’t know whether I like Dipper being trans or Mabel being trans better, I really like the idea of people in the Gravity Falls universe realizing that one of these supposedly “identical” twins must be trans and the other must still identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. I just love imagining the reactions the twins have when said people start asking rude, idiotic questions. “So, which one of you is the real/original twin?” “Are you actually supposed to be two girls, or two boys?” “Which one of you is faking your gender and which isn’t?” Etc. and so on, infinitely spiraling down the well of idiocy and transphobia as they go.

Mabel wiggles her arms dramatically and does a “spooky” voice, crab-walking in front of Dipper for extra effect. “No~bo~dy kno~w~s,” she extends each vowel for, like, three minutes to make sure this person feels uncomfortable for as long as possible. She’s very theatrical about the whole thing. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she sometimes tells them to wait a second and runs off to get a sweater labeled “Mystery Twins” and then stands in front of them explaining that this wasn’t the sweater’s original purpose, but maybe now they get the idea that (and she extends the words even longer this time, just for good measure) “No~bo~dy kno~w~s! It’s a my~s~tery~!”

Dipper gets extremely defensive, taking his angry stance and practically shouting at the person to “Mind your own business, you creep!” in the most determined voice he can manage. He grabs Mabel by the hand and tells her they’re leaving, since they have better things to do than listen to ignorant creeps asking stupid questions. Mabel lets him, sticking her tongue out at the person who started interrogating them, trying to get the last word in as the twins exit the scene.

The person idly wonders whether Dipper getting defensive was because he’s the trans twin and he’s sensitive about it, or because he’s just that protective of Mabel. They never do figure it out, though; since Mabel and Dipper only talk about gender with people they actually trust – and even then, they try not to make a big deal about who’s trans and who isn’t. They’re just… they’re just Dipper and Mabel, and that should be good enough. And for almost everyone (except the occasional idiot who alerts the twins to their presence with painfully transphobic questions), it is.

Disliking Gal Gadot for her military service is bullshit. Israeli military service is REQUIRED for all able-bodied people of legal age. It is not a volunteer military like in the United States. Every able-bodied person MUST serve 2 years of service.

Gal Gadot served 2 years. She was not in charge of choosing what happened during those two years. She did not get to handpick what she did during those two years. That’s not how the military works. She completed her necessary service obligation and left. 

Quit trying to act like her conscripted service is comparable to voluntary enlistment. It’s not.

like… is co-captaincy not a thing? did none of them think of it ? also, can someone please tie rip to a chair or something? the boy has been back for five seconds and is already ready to die - ‘again’for the rest of his team.

I woke up and was scrolling my dash, and today alone, I’ve seen this same reblog on my dash quite a few times, and that’s not counting how many times I’ve seen it on previous days: 

                     “Reblog if you feel insecure about your writing skills.”

Like, okay. I get it. I get the feeling of insecurity. I used to majorly doubt myself to the point I’d actually disappear for days because I couldn’t get out of my head.

The point is, we are so quick to jump to our friends defenses and praise them for being awesome, while in the same breath we are putting ourselves down horribly. You’ve probably said or seen the following –

  • You’re better than I am.
  • Nah I suck.
  • Pls, you’re great I’m just a potato!

I’ve seen this so much all across tumblr, ‘cross fandoms, and it feels like a fad to put yourself down now, and it’s very disheartening.

Guys, my dudes, my cats, it’s okay to feel good about yourselves. It’s okay to praise yourself. You’re allowed to tell people you think you wrote something awesome.

You’re allowed to sit and stare at a response like “WOW, I NEVER THOUGHT I’D WRITE THAT!” It’s okay! No one is going to shame you for being proud of something (hate anons literally do not count they have zero power.)

I promise, you are good enough. You may feel insecure now, but you are allowed to let that feeling slide, and you are allowed to be proud and to feel good about yourself too. 

Let that be the new fad, okay? Because while spreading positivity, people forget that self-appreciation also counts, and it’s very much needed. So with that being said —

Would you be so kind as to reblog this if you feel confident and proud of your writing skills? Because you are allowed, you know.

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