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Daryl’s scars

I am curious if Daryl’s scars come back into play in 7B and especially in ep10…

BECAUSE tptb made a point to show them in “hearts still beating”when Daryl escaped,so they must have the intention to remind the audience ( last time we saw them was a looong time ago in season 3) because they will build something storywise on Daryl’s abusive past. Tptb clearly made the effort for the scar makeup with the crossbow bolt scar visible,despite it was such a short moment,you could miss it with the blink of an eye… can’t be for nothing,can it?

Honestly, I did not like season 4. Which is a shame, because I loved season 3 and 2. 1 was good, but not my favorite. And you know why? The ratio of crime-solving to character development. Empirical plot to emotional plot. Season 1: Totally about the mysteries. Classic Holmes. Season 2: Moriarty enters the scene. Smaller crimes but they all come together into a huge conspiracy plot that had you at the edge of your seat. Season 3: Emotional ramifications and growth of Sherlock with some new, inventive mysteries to solve. Season 4: All about emotional breakups and makeups with some crimey-solvey things in the background. It’s like a bell curve, with seasons 2-3 at the top of the perfect ratio of the different elements of a good show. Season 4 used crimes as plot devices to set up emotional confrontations that led to character development; for other shows, this is usually fine and good, and sometimes preferred to an extent. But Sherlock is not an episodic tv show, there’s limited time and limited episodes to tell a story. It’s gotten, to me, so involved with the personal lives and conflicts of Holmes, Watson, and Co. that it’s lost sight of the original intention of highlighting original ACD stories and bringing them to a new audience. Sherlock is no longer the vessel to tell those old stories, he is a man in and of himself and solving crimes is just a thing he does. 

I love character development, I feed on it. But season 4 did not mesh well with me, because it was just too much, it moved too far away from solving crimes for their own sake. It’s falling into the trap of ‘bigger, badder monster’ and I hope that if there is another season, it can learn to scale down rather than up. Season 4 left me disliking John, bitter about Mary, confused about a million and one things, head spinning from some of the weird cinematography, and overall wishing we could go back to The Great Game or the Mayfly Man.

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There is a huge difference of "be a love interest" to "be in love" and "be in a relationship". I get what Bob said. He knows Bellamy more than us and he don't want him to be seeing as a love interest, as an "object". The show and Bellamy's arc are much more than that.

Yeah. This is true. And it’s part of that interpretation thing. If you look at it one way, it’s a scary thing for bellarke. If you look at it the other way, it’s pretty much confirmation of our ship and all we’ve been saying the entire time.

That bellarke has been planned from the beginning and they were putting in all those looks as part of the slow burn development. 

It’s also interesting because until Gina, season 3, for a couple of episodes, Bellamy didn’t have any love interests nor was he a love interest. He slept around. He had a fling with Raven that didn’t work out. But he was not The Object of Affections. You make a good point about that key word: “object.” 

“The Boy,” like “The Girlfriend” for women, are characters who play the object. They are not active. It is all about the hero and as the object, they are acted upon and there to be a reward for the hero. 

So even if they were putting these romantic beats into the Bellarke relationship, Clarke was never “the girlfriend,” and Bellamy was never “the boy.” Bellamy was a little bit of “the boy” with Raven. And Gina was definitely “the girlfriend,” which to be honest might be what makes me uncomfortable with their relationship.  And Clarke was “the girlfriend” with L, and Finn was “the boy,” with her. Well that’s interesting. In all 4 of those relationships we had the stereotypical active/passive participants.

And yeah, I get why he wouldn’t want that, especially coming from soaps and with his discomfort at being a sex object and valued only for his body. It’s creepy!

This show and Bellamy’s character development and narrative arc are more than just a love story. And not only can we see it in the story, but they’ve been telling us this all along, that it’s not a romance. All true. However, it’s very interesting that they are still inserting romantic moments into the non-romantic story. VERY interesting. 

Thanks for pointing out the love interest as “object.” I think that’s an important thing to look at. 

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the writing was the wall back in season 3. because as the years went on elena & stefan became incompatible. they BOTH changed - their values - their desires - their needs. btw - i think that these changes occurred primarily in season 3 when elena was still human & stefan was in ripper-mode. it had nothing to do with the sirebond or elena being a vampire. no no - elena & stefan would have fallen apart...

I feel like this is a continuation of an ask that I didn’t get and i would have to disagree. Season 3 could’ve been a season in which Stefan and Elena grew apart and became different people and fundamentally incompatible but that didn’t happen, they evolved together while that foundation still remained which is why in 3x20 Stefan can get Elena to stop moving, stop deflecting and just feel emotion so that she can be vulnerable and sad in the safety of his arms. It’s why in 3x14 Stefan could help Elena do a risky plan and she could feel comfortable going through with it knowing Stefan was at her side and then end the night asking him to feel something. It’s why in 3x21 she can smile when he comes in to check on her. Stefan recognized that Elena was now a pro when it came to handling the supernatural and Elena recognized that Stefan had been going through his demons and had come out the other side and neither of them held the other back.

Guys, space pyjamas. Space pyjamas! 
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You know that trope in a romance where the girl gets all upset and the guy is just like “you look pretty when you cry”? Yeah? YOU KNOW THE ONE

Well, that’s like with Bellarke, except Bellamy is the one who looks pretty when he cries

I mean


at this beautiful




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