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Name: Felix
Age: 18
Country: Sweden

Hello everyone! My name is Felix and I am a Swedish boy who loves reading. Currently reading lots of sci-fi, fantasy and some classics here and there. I love discussing books with other people and hope that I’ll get a chance to broaden my horizons when it comes to literature. Another one of my largest interests is martial arts. I have been practicing karate for about six years now and I find it extremely enjoyable and relaxing. I am also a slave to my music. I listen to a bit of everything from classical to progressive metal. My absolute favorite composer is Mendelssohn.

Other interests would include things like: cats, space, tea, science, anime, manga, programming, gaming, and most other nerdy topics you could think of. I would say that I consider myself really open about everything and an open-minded person and I would love to talk to some new people from all across the globe, so if you are looking for a pen-pal who will discuss pretty much anything and everything, I might be your guy.

Preferences: Age: No preference really, 0 or 120, makes no difference to me.
Gender: Guy, girls, trans, non-binary, agender, and anybody else welcome.
Also it would be nice if you like books, because books are awesome:)

just an apes thing-a-ma-bob

hi everybody, i know i haven’t been posting much of my content ;-; but i promise i will soon! once i finish my finals next week, i’ll be working on my summer assignments for my sophomore classes and there will be content to upload i promise !!!

anyways, my final for my apes class is to create a campaign on whatever issue we’d like to focus on. my partners and i decided to have our campaign focus on child labor. for extra credit, our teacher told us to create a site/blog/etc. i made a tumblr blog for our campaign and it’s called @childrens-delight

if you guys could please check it out and maybe leave a follow, that’d be awesome. this is because i don’t want the teacher to think the blog is dead and no one’s really paying attention to it except my partners and i ;v;””

y’all can unfollow on june 17, for sure!! thank you!!

oh and please check out one of my friends’ ig for her campaign! it’s a campaign focusing on promoting cruelty-free cosmetics! the ig account link is here

thank you so much, i hope all of you have a lovely day :D

I have officially added 150 people who are crazy enough to deal with my shenanigans as Keith! Thank you so much for all the follows and the fun interactions that we have! I’m looking forward to any future interactions that we have! So a promo in in order for you guys and for the awesome blogs that I admire from afar! 

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My Dream Avengers Roster

I talk shit about Marvel every day, I mean like every day I talk shit about Marvel. So I decided to do a post where I just have fun as a fan of the characters that Marvel has managed to produce. This post is going to be about the characters, why I would want them in the adventures, and maybe a bit more. Perhaps if you all like this roster I’ll make further posts about how I think interactions and dynamics would work out. Hell if I enjoy making the stuff I could even do a slice of fan fic so do like me know what you think. Also it’s worth noting this is my dream roster for like me to write, or like a writer I really trust cuz most these heroes I trust about 3 writers to do write in the current mainstream talent pull.

Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl: Doreen is the leader of this group of Avengers, it really only makes sense for someone unbeatable to lead a team given that track record would apply to any team she leads too. Doreen has been on several Avengers rosters before and her style of leadership for the avengers would finally have the Avengers really focused on helping people. There would be a lot of trying to talk to baddies and conflict resolution going on.

Angela: Angela has chosen to live in New York, to shop at Ikea, to work a job but you can only do that so long before you want to pay some bills with that Avengers money. I don’t think Angela would sit idly by as bad things are happening so she is a great contender for my avengers roster. I think she also works in pretty nice contrast to all the other heroes in the book since her moral code would be really different than everyone else. Everyone has to be like “Angela no don’t kill them” and Sera jumps up and goes “Baby do it if you want but this is an avengers book, people will be upset. ”

Sera: If Angela is on a team then Sera would sure as hell be on that team too (*coughs at Brian Michael Bendis aka awful writer who is popular*). Sera isn’t just a tag along though, Sera is a powerful trans woman and maybe the most powerful trans woman in all of mainstream comics. Hell as a magical character she is likely on the stronger end able to send magic from Hel to the world of the living, having meta awareness, fighting giant monsters, Sera is an angel who kicks all sorts of ass. I see her really being able to establish herself in the halls of other great meta aware characters given a bigger platform.

White Tiger: I’ll be real here, I really like White Tiger. Ava is a really cool girl, she is Latnix, she is friends with Dorren. Ava should be on the team cuz it’s my damn team and it just makes sense. Seriously she is always a stand out Avenger and has actually only been a highlighted character in Avengers related books.

Ken Shiga/Koi Boi:  Who you gonna call when people are near bodies of water? Well none other than Koi Boi. Ken is one of  Squirrel Girl’s best friends so I think he gets the invite to move up to an avengers team from her. He obviously wanting to be a force for good signs up for any extra chance of heroing. I imagine Ken as the spirit the person who is ready to stick his neck out even when all the chips are down. It’s also great to have a trans man on a team cuz trans characters in general don’t get to join up in the big leagues. Most importantly, Ken would be a really funny addition and would have nice comedic moments.

Kate Bishop: Kate Bishop has the ultimate super power, being good with a bow and arrow. Real talk though Kate is a funny character who would fit in with the rest of the team while being a bit more grounded. She really cares about doing good and she would be really into the idea of being on an Avengers team that is trying to talk things out instead of punch every problem.

America Chavez: The second America heard Kate was going to be on a team of heroes she would sign up. America and Kate are best girlfriends, who are dating in this book, you know gals being pals. She likely also wanted a cool chance to work with Dorren since they have meet before but never really hung out. Oh yah and she is a really powerful superhero who could really help take care of all the bad people they have to deal with. America would be the powerhouse of the team ready to bring the fists or feet needed to taking out a baddie.

Kamala Khan: Kamala Khan is the heart of anything she is in, this lovable nerd just makes so much sense on just about any line up. Obviously Kamala would have to not be committed to any other teams at the time but I think she would be very into the idea of this Avengers team. Fights baddies when you got to but talks things out at other times. Plus there is two adorable couples on this team, time to watch the OTPs in action am I right?

Loki: Goddess of Stories version to be particular, look I’m not going to make any list of Marvel characters unless it’s ones that suck that doesn’t include Loki. Loki is the gender fluid coolest enby around and my heart is always with Loki all the time. Loki pops into the reality deciding to revisit their home reality and is requested to join the new team by Dorren. Beyond that Loki is friends with Kamala, Dorren, America, and Kate. They are also Angela’s sibling so they would have good reason to join up when 6 out of the 9 other team mates are People Loki at least kind of cares about.  It be nice to have Loki on a team without the “Will Loki betray them” because Loki cares about this team.

Nadia Pym:  Ima be honest, I am just really excited for the Unstoppable Wasp by the amazing creative team of Jeremy Whitley and Elsa Carter (and a colorist and letterer that were not announced as far as I know at the time of writing this). I haven’t read much of Nadia but she is super smart and has assassination training. I love that she has a castle inside of a necklace where she does science, that is awesome. Every team needs someone brainy so Nadia in this book would be the person creating the tech for them.

anonymous asked:

What about YA fantasy authors? Do you have any you would recommend?

(Sorry this got really really long. And there are probably heaps more I’ve forgotten).

High Fantasy

  • Everything Kristin Cashore writes is GOLD such exquisite character development, I will read everything she ever writes, no matter the genre
  • Cinda Williams Chima. She’s written both modern and high fantasy but I prefer her high fantasy stuff. Interesting worldbuilding, intricate plots and great action scenes.
  • Garth Nix writes YA and MG speculative fiction. The Old Kingdom Trilogy is my favourite, the worldbuilding is so amazing wow.
  • Malinda Lo writes fantasy and science fiction about queer ladies (!!!) My favourite is Ash because I love fairy tale retellings.
  • Sarah J Maas <3 (As if you couldn’t already tell how much I love Throne of Glass and how excited I am about A Court of Thorns and Roses)
  • Leigh Bardugo for super cool worldbuilding and great character development and one of my favourite villains ever.
  • Marie Rutkoski writes YA and middle grade fantasy and it’s all awesome, great characters and worldbuilding and plotting.
  • Rae Carson for emotionally compelling characters and awesome worldbuilding (if you couldn’t tell, worldbuilding is super important to me)
  • Maria V Snyder for sheer kickassery and awesomeness. I’m not sure if her fantasy books are considered YA or adult but they’re great all the same, I love them all  <3333
  • Morgan Rhodes’ Myttica books are twisty and brutal and take no prisoners. I love books that leave me reeling.
  • Marie Lu is a fantastic author. Her first series is dystopian but her newest series is fantasy and awesome and heartbreaking and morally ambiguous I love it so much <3
  • The Creature Court by Tansy Rayner Roberts isn’t YA, it’s adult fantasy (complete with sexy times) but I think it’s the sort of series that YA fans would enjoy a lot and it’s one of my favourite fantasy trilogies so any excuse to recommend it to people :)

Modern Fantasy

  • Neil Gaiman writes for kids, teens and adult, I personally prefer his MG and YA books but everything he writes is AMAZING
  • Cassandra Clare (as if it isn’t already obvious how much I love her writing). Gothic snarky modern (and historical) fantasy with hearbreaking  romance and fascinating characters.
  • Rachel Hawkins for snark and light-hearted action and loveable characters. DId I meantion the snark? Her books make me laugh so hard. (Has anyone read the Hex Hall series? Does anyone want to talk to me about how Jenna is totally a Bubbline love child?)
  • Kiersten White for even more snark! Also really sweet romance. I think The Chaos of Stars is my favourite of her books but everything she writes is gold.
  • Sarah Rees Brennan for books that will make you laugh and cry at the same time and then linger in your mind so that you can’t think about anything else. Also twisty twisty plots! Also awesome female characters <3
  • Laini Taylor has a way with words, her writing is so lyrical I love it. Also amazing plotting and characters <333
  • Maggie Stiefvator for really clever poetic writing, settings that feel like people and amazing character-driven stories.
  • Julie Kagawa for fast-paced plots, unique worldbuilding and amazing female leads. She mainly writes modern fantasy but her post-apocalyptic Blood of Eden is probably my favourite <3
  • Holly Black for dark, creepy books that will stay with your forever. She also writes awesome MG fantasy.
  • Shannon Messenger writes YA and MG modern fantasy, with really cool magic systems and awesome female leads. Her YA books are probably paranormal romance which I rarely read but these were amazing and her MG books feel very shoujo-manga-esque which is AWESOME.
  • I just said that I very rarely read paranormal romance but Cynthia Hand’s Unearthly series is so intriguing and beautifully written and the romance is lovely <3

Historical Fantasy/AU Fantasy/Steampunk

  • Juliette Marillier. Emotionally gripping fantasy with celtic folklore and fairy tales. Lovely romance! I possibly prefer her adult books over her YA books but everything she writes is AMAZING.
  • Andrea Cremer. Swoonworthy romance, really cool worldbuilding, and a variety of interesting female leads. She also writes modern fantasy.
  • Robin La Fevers. Her YA trilogy is my favourite (kickass and romantic and woah so cooooool, I can’t stop thinking about Mortal Heart) but she also writes great MG fantasy
  • Kenneth Oppal’s Matt Cruz trilogy is amazing, full of adventure and excitement and the wonder of science and exploring new worlds.
  • Susan Dennard for great worldbuilding and amazing character development and a fantastic magic system. I love interesting magic systems!
  • I haven’t read Scott Westerfeld’s newest book but I think I’ve read just about everything else he’s written. The Leviathan trilogy is my favourite of his, the worldbuilding WOW WOW WOW.
  • I’m not sure if Phillip Reeve’s Mortal Engines books are YA or MG but they’re great <3 SO BRUTAL. Also the worldbuilding is amazing *____*
  • The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud is probably also MG but the books feel very YA to me. Laugh-out-loud funny and character development to die for. And the ending. WOAH. These books will stay with me forever.
  • Jessica Spotswood. AWESOME WORLDBUILDING. Also really compelling characters and stories about sisters always make me happy.
  • Libba Bray. I love all her historical fantasy books, her writing packs such an emotional punch and she’s written one of my favourite antagonists ever <3
  • The Ironskin Trilogy by Tina Connolley is adult not YA but I think it’s the type of series that lots of YA readers would love. Fascinating worldbuilding and really lovely romance.
  • Gail Carriger. Both her YA and adult series are laugh-out-loud funny and the style they’re written in feels so authentically Victorian/steampunk I love these books so much.
  • Brandon Sanderson. I think he’s best known for his adult high fantasy books but my favourite is The Rithmatist which is awesome YA steampunkish (gearpunk?) fantasy with some of the coolest worldbuilding I’ve ever seen and woah awesome twists. And that magic system! BEST MAGIC SYSTEM EVER.

** OOC: So I’m finally up to date with @underlineau so here’s a fanart for them! I love their comic so much! I know that most of the time you get fanart for Chara, but since this is a skeleton blog I decided to do the science skeleton bros (and the dog because dogs are awesome). Oh, what the heck, here’s some long haired Chara too:

I failed, please forgive me!

Anyway! Thank you @underlineau for such an amazing comic! **

True Love
C. S.


by C. S. Raine (aka battousai24, tehcheshirecat)

She lives in a castle
but she locks herself in her room
I long to see her face
but all she does is push me away

I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door
saying, “Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?”
I ask, “Do you want to build a snowman?”
And I say, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake,
please, what does it have to take for you to open this door
Oh, Elsa, don’t you love me anymore?”

She has a secret
I can tell; She’s just too scared
I miss the sound of her voice
but all I hear are my own footsteps on the floor

I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door
saying, “Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?”
I ask, “Do you want to build a snowman?”
And I say, “The sky’s awake, so I’m awake,
please, what does it have to take for you to open this door
Oh, Elsa, don’t you love me anymore?”

They say that love is an open door
So I guess it’s safe to say
that you don’t feel the same
I love you, you know I do
It’s TRUE LOVE; I’m sure
I thought that if I gave you my love
I could fix you up
and I’d thaw your frozen heart

She lives in a castle
She locks herself in her room
I go knock-knock-knockin’ on her door

Elsa, why don’t I see you anymore?

Do you want to build a snowman?

Oh, Elsa, why don’t you love me anymore?

Do you want to build a snowman?

It doesn’t have to be a snowman.


AN: (Anna to Elsa, obviously. :P) Uploaded to FF.NET.



Hey, guys!

So… I’ve reached 100+ followers. Wow. I can’t believe people can even put up with my social awkwardness, but hey, thank you!

I’m sorry for rambling on and on about random stuff all the time. I’m sorry for my half-assed doodles (with no bodies because I’m still practicing). And most of all, I’m sorry for taking so long to update my fanfics.

But again, THANK YOU!

You guys are wayyyy awesome to put up with me.

You’re all awesome. I love every single one you guys (which is why I wrote this song for you guys, well… my mates from the Frozen fandom, at least, but those who aren’t, I hope you enjoy this anyway). I kind of messed up a bit at towards the end, though, sorry. And yeah, my voice isn’t so great, so if anyone likes this enough to make a cover, go right ahead (I can even send you the chords). Oh, and guitar’s still missing a string, so I’m sorry about that too. Maybe I’ll re-record this when I can, but for now, my fingers are purple from all the playing. XP

Anyway, I would just like to especially thank these people especially for being my amazing Tumblr-buddies/Tumblr-idols!

hmselsanna Miss you, gorgeous! ;) *nuzzles*

erzajaaane First Filipino Elsanna-shipping friend!!!

forkanna I will never get over The Cake Fic, you crazy evil person, but I adore you to pieces because… well, you’re crazy and evil and just overall awesome. XD

23deecy BROTP 4eva. Hahaha!

elsanna-fanboy We must Skype soon! I love how friendly you are. XD

seigetsu-ren Science nerds <3

exixiii I love how you gave in to my video singing challenge (that Franky started).

asisfanpage Oh you know you’re awesome already, so need I say more? :P You and celerysticks4life are both awesome. :)

Yeahhhh… I know I’m making a big deal out of only 100 followers, but hey, I appreciate you guys that much. XD

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I tried to find the stream, but I couldnt find it. Can we see the super awesome Adult Gnar you drew? I loved how you drew him!

huh you mean this?? 

haha its just an idea, i have no creativity to come up with a cool design for his pants and the boomerang or maybe he would have a completely different weapon!

My headcanon is that, since he spent so much time with Heimerdinger as a child (because research!) I think he would grow a huge interest in science and piltover technology. ^^

And yes thats a baby pony tail on the back of his head

An update from the South

I moved to Tallahassee exactly 8 months. So here is a short review of what I know to be true… so far.

There are 77 city/county parks between 2 and 20 minutes from where I live. If I am generous, I have been to maybe 15 of them. Holy shit! I have a lot to look forward to. 

Kayaking on the dozens of rivers and lakes, some a mere 15 minutes from our house, is a great way to feed the thirst for being outdoors. It is also virtually free, if you own a kayak - which we do! 

Camping and sailing is accessible and affordable (we bought a hobie cat which does not require gas - that said, be ready to paddle if there is no wind!) Nothing beats sleeping under the stars with the sound of the ocean waves as your lullaby. Or having a pod of dolphins curiously swim to your boat while cruising out on the gulf. 

Crystal clear springs and sinkholes with cool water to fill your heart’s desire all year long! Some of the pristine sinkholes south of Tallahassee come with a healthy hike of at least a mile. Fun = fitness in this town. Also, if you prefer salty water, the closest beach is an hour away with sugar sand and marine life like you wouldn’t believe. 

Going on hikes on foot or with your mountain bike is overwhelming. There’s a total of 850 miles of trails! The best part is the nature sighting. And yes, when you go on hikes near springs or swamps, you are likely to see alligators. They are afraid of you, so they will likely swim away if they see you approaching or just completely ignore you. Best not annoy them, though.  

We have a freaking garden with big trees! They produce fruits, flowers, and singing birds. Need I say more?

Ruins of old mansions, plantations, trucks and many many other wondrous places await.  It takes quite a bit of searching to find them, which adds to the adventure. 

There is a wonderful community of talented people, locals and new transplants from around the world, improving our Food, Coffee, and Art. For example:  There’s a freaking urban farm 5 minutes away from my house?! WHAT WHAT?

And the same goes for people working to create stronger ecosystems for entrepreneurship, science and creativity.

Oh, and your daily commute can go though breathtaking canopy roads. 

And yes, because the cost of living is so much less than other places - ahem PrincetonOxford,EnglandPhiladelphia - we get to use disposable income on travel! 

And of course, the best part is - Get ready -  being surrounded by so much love and growing beautiful friendships (awwwwwwww!!!!!) 

It is so good. Tallahassee has exceeded my expectations. And it continues to do so every day. With every discovery, with every new project, and every exciting connection or conversation. I look forward to more awesomeness, with arms open wide. With love, Christine. #ThisIsTheSouth

Wait, wait, I’m not done… have I told you about the trees with Spanish moss? and the chanterelles? and the sunsets? and the… and the…?

One of the most awesome things I’m learning in my classes these days is how crazy the world is. Ironically, this gives me so much hope and excitement because in the midst of such disorder, God surely exists. God surely is the light and solution where man can’t provide it. There must be Someone so much higher who watches over us and protects us. It’s amazing how I can feel God’s presence and love even during my political science, journalism or socioeconomic thought classes.

ciudadanodin  asked:

Who are you? What do you do? Did you study Astronomy or are you just a huge space nerd (like me!) Thanks for being so awesome! I love your work so much!

Who am i? My name is Jacqueline Moliner. I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist residing in New York City. I didn’t study astronomy but I was self-taught ever since I was 8. It was because of an episode from the magic school bus that got me interested in looking into astronomy. :) Therefore, I would go to the library just to hang out at the science section and read books on the universe and black holes. (Mind you, this was during the 90′s.)


MCU Ladies Week - 9th - 15th February.

Day 2 – Unsung Hero: Dr. Jemma Simmons

Simmons is so amazing and I just love that she’s really good at science and she went undercover with H.Y.D.R.A. And don’t forget her willingness to sacrifice herself when she thought staying on the plane would endanger her teammates. I think she’s under-appreciated in the TV series as her own character because so much of her story line is wrapped up in Fitz. She grew so much as a character when she went undercover and I really want to see more of this because the ladies of science from Marvel are all awesome (and this was a hard choice because I think they’re all under-appreciated and not used to their full potential in the MCU). Also, I can definitely relate to a character who gets excited when science is happening.