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Okay, so because of the new season of anime, I’ve been re-reading Blue Exorcist.

And I keep getting reminded of what a sweet little cinnamon roll Rin really is. Seriously, as one fanfic said he’s more likely to try feeding you than killing you.

But to me, it’s super clear in the School Festival arc before everything goes to heck.

Because here’s Rin who, even before finding out Shiemi now went to school fully, just wanted to ask Shiemi to the Dance Party. Partly so he can actually go and also because his crush is on full display here.

Before he can ask her though, she tells him she wants to ask Yukio. (Mainly as a friend but the point remains.)

And what does Rin do? He bows out gracefully, showing his support and wishing her luck. Sure, he mopes about it later around the Kyoto Gang, but he respects her wishes. Even after he finds out that Yukio turned her down, he doesn’t try to butt his way in or anything. Instead he gets mad at Yukio for turning her down.

It makes things a bit awkward for them but they get over it eventually.

Then at the actual party, he does ask her to dance. However, and this is the important bit, he doesn’t force her to choose. He understands her and doesn’t force her. Instead, he drags her over to Yukio and the three of them have a quick dance together.

And this is something I really love about Rin. He respects Shiemi and every other person’s decisions for the most part (he will get pissed off though if he sees you making his mistakes though and urge you not to do it, or see you throw your life away, like with the situation with Suguro and his dad). He is incredibly empathetic and lets people go at their own pace.

You find out he’s Satan’s son and you don’t want to talk to him? Yeah, he’ll be upset but he accepts it. Don’t want to see demons including half-demons like him? He’ll be bummed at the missed friendship but he’ll go on his way. Accuse him of killing your father and try shooting him? He’s actually okay with that (get some self-preservation, Rin).

Choose Yukio over him? He’ll accept it.

Especially in regards to the Shiemi situation, he’s always been aware of and understood that Shiemi probably has a crush on Yukio. It’s pretty clear from the start and that’s part of the reason he held back how he really felt. Her declarations of friendship didn’t help either.

If you’ve fully caught up to the recent manga chapters, you’ll know that even after Shiemi rejected Rin’s confession (mostly because she’s still really confused about how she feels and she wants to focus on becoming stronger), Rin made it clear he’s content with them just being friends.

I just…

I love this kid and how he respects others, especially when it comes to romance. I love when protags maturely handle love and rejection like this.

An old thing I did! Never posted it until now because I wanted Porter to be the first one to see it c: gave him the design on a tee at the Seattle shelter date so now I can share it with everyone!

This design features a glitchy Rin infront of the lyrics to Flicker as I feel that the lyrics and story of Rin work well together. ^_^

enjoy & if you decide to use it show me! :D 


THE LONG AWAITED PART THREE IS HERE (maybe i’ll make a part 4 if any one wants. honestly, i want to turn this into a series, like an actual fanfiction ?? any feedback about that idea? because if you guys are down for it, ill do it.)
these are the asks that are currently in the ask box requesting a part three, there was more but that was before my ask box got wiped ;n;

anyways, a sad kpop song gave me inspiration for this one.

part one:
part two:


You hadn’t seen Kakashi in a week. Truth be told, this was because of your own doing. It came to your mind that it’d be better for you to avoid Kakashi, especially if you wanted to move on from him. He was probably doing fine anyways, Rin was their to accompany him. 

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Okay okay okay I’m going through my likes because I want to find this one post that I might have liked that had otp-parent prompts but I found a brotp post instead and I just got an amazing soumako idea

sousuke has a stupidly helpless crush on makoto and tells rin all about it and rin tries to encourage him to ask makoto out but sousukes like “nah man I can’t he’d never talk to me again”

anyways so rin gets the bright idea to flirt with makoto FOR sousuke. like, “man, doesn’t Sousuke look buff as fuck, can you believe he’s single?” “Hey Makoto Sousuke has been struggling with this one subject you’re really good at maybe you should come over to his place and tutor him a couple times a week. Just the two of you. He’ll cook for you oh did I mention he’s a really good cook???” and of course one day Rin gets drunk and does the whole “Makoto your outfit looks good but it’d look even better on Sousuke’s floor” and Sousuke is just DYING

@abyssaldespair replied to your post: “…do I want to know what Obito and Sakura are…

“She appeared from nowhere to pet my hair and now im afraid she’ll kill me!! ”

“Obito, we both know she’s not going to kill you.” Even if the only reason was because the cleanup wouldn’t be worth it. “Just let her pet you, hair petting is calming!”

About Them Apples Though

So, I noticed @confidenceatitsfinest, @sugakookiefactory, and some of the other SugaKookie blogs talking about the latest BTS teaser/trailer/thing. And, well, I couldn’t help but be curious. (You know me, I can’t resist a good theory session.) I hope, Rin, that you don’t mind me putting my two cents in, but it might offer you a different line of thought about the apples. I’m not ARMY, but I am a nerd…and it just so happens this falls into one of my random specialties.

What really caught my attention about Rin’s post was the equivocation between the apple and sin. I’ve actually seen that a lot, but particularly in regards to this comeback. But what if I were to tell you, apples were never sin. 

A lot of people say, “But Eve ate an apple in the Garden of Eden, which was the first sin.” Lots of people believe that to be the case, but if you actually look in the Bible the fruit eaten by Eve is never named. (In fact, there are scholars who claim a pomegranate would be a more likely candidate for the fruit.) The association between apples and “sin” actually comes from a dead old white guy named John Milton. Now Milton is famous for a big huge fanfiction about the creation story called Paradise Lost, which is considered one of the greatest works in the English language. In Book Nine, he specifically describes the forbidden fruit as being an apple, which is where that construct was born. Legit, Milton was just like “Ugh, you know what are super delicious and tempting? Apples. Imma make apples the forbidden fruit.” 

-takes a deep breath-

But when you actually look at the account, the apple (we’ll call it apple for ease) was not the sin. In Genesis 2:17, it actually says: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” The apple isn’t the sin. It literally just has the ability to give the eater knowledge of good and evil. The sin, if anything was, was in eating the fruit and going against the direct orders of God (that whole “don’t eat it” bit). So apples are innocent victims in the bigger picture.

That’s all well and good, I’m sure you’re thinking, but what does that have to do with BTS? Well, first off, let’s revisit that idea of knowledge. Jimin and Yoongi are seen chilling, one with an apple and the other with a blindfold.

Now to me, it looks like Yoongi is considering putting that blindfold on. But, in a way, Jimin is offering him the apple - maybe. If that were the case, Yoongi gets to choose between ignorance and knowledge. (Still not convinced apples are knowledge? The Apple logo is a bitten apple, because they are a source of knowledge. Teachers are traditionally given gifts of apples, because they represent knowledge just like teachers.)

Jimin also seems pretty happy with his apples. He’s pictured with them, and in his short film he even eats one.

Much visual. Many important. After he takes this bite, though, he half-smiles at the camera…kind of like he knows something you don’t. 

So I guess what I’m saying is, what if we saw the apple (and by association Jimin) as something instead of sin? How does that change the way people are reading the teaser? To me, it seems less like the video implies YoonMin chicanery and more like Jimin represents knowledge, both good and bad. Maybe Yoongi has to choose between ignorance and knowledge - of what, who knows?

A list of things that actually happen in Vocaloid songs
  • Miku wants everyone to be happy. If you aren’t? DIE.
  • Luka spins a lot. This somehow causes her to reach out 6,300 kilometers, or about the size of Earth itself
  • Princess!Rin kills almost every citizen of an entire town simply because one of the girls that lived there had a crush on the man she wanted to marry.
  • Gumi gets multiple personality disorder and each one of her ten (yes, ten) personalities fall in love with the same person.
  • Len sings about his gigantic dick. And it’s one of his most popular songs too. And he is 14 years old.
  • IA gets a crush on a boy and buys contact lenses that will help transmit her feelings towards him…except they end up shooting lasers every time she sees or even thinks about him.
  • Gakupo signs a deal with Satan himself to become the swoon master. Literally every girl that looks at him falls in love and he proceeds to have sex with them. This includes two minors and a fucking horse
  • VY2 writes love letters to the same girl for 15 years. By year 15, he suddenly remembers that the girl he’s been writing to all this time has been dead ever since he started writing the letters.
  • Po Pi Po. I don’t need to say anything else about this song.
  • Oliver eats a live Tarantula because he has arachnophobia and thinks by eating one, his fear of spiders will disappear. After this, he either gets extremely sick and nauseous or flat out dies from eating said tarantula.
  • Miku and Gumi are in Heaven and they have a nice lesbian wedding. This isn’t odd on it’s own, but when you consider this song is part of a series and all the songs leading up to it were filled to the brim with rape, cannibalism, necrophila, and more, you start to wonder what the hell happened when Masa was writing this song
  • Rin tells us how she can finally take off her panties!…Then she almost immediately decides it better if she keeps them on.
She’s A Goddess

A/N: I was never going to post this, but I got distracted and started editing it. I just remember how uncomfortable Inuyasha got when Sota was asking him about “love” and I wanted to put him in that position again. (opens tab back up to Feudal World doc)

Summary: Miroku’s son needs some advice.

I was minding my own damn business, with the girl in a pouch that sat heavy on my stomach (getting too old for it, but she screams if I try removing her), before Miroku’s youngest comes up to me, a walk in his step that resembled more of a slug than a human. My oldest is trailing behind him, skipping excitedly…. about what? Well I guess I was about to find out. I lift a piece of the corn wheat from the top of the growing crop, and chew on it…why-? Because I’m hungry and my wife’s making sure none of us eat until the damn festival starts.

“Inuyasha!” She viciously swats my delicious, sweet, innocent, bread roll, from my hands, “Sango, Rin and I are slaving ourselves cooking for tonight! So just hang tight! I don’t want you to spoil your appetite.”

She’s trying to starve us to death is what she’s doing.

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Makoto Tachibana is Goddamn Important

So I don’t want to call out the post that got me started on this, because that’s just mean and I don’t want to bring them anymore grief.  But there is a common mindset in the fandom that Makoto is some how “unimportant” or “irrelevant to the plot” and quite honestly? That’s not okay.

(this got really, really long and there’s some shipping talk so here’s a cut)

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‘Sousuke, Haru, and Kisumi on a camping trip.’

after walking for two hours

Kisumi: Huh, I feel like we should have gotten to the lake by now

*Turns to smile nervously at Haru, who is already silently bristling with irritation because he let himself get dragged into this at the promise of nice clear water to swim in.*

Kisumi: Hey, Sousuke. We’re going east, right?

Sousuke (scowling at map): East? …. I thought you said weast.

Kisumi: ….That’s west, Sousuke….

Haru: ….

Sousuke: ….

*Haru sprints off into the woods, deciding to take matters into his own hands and find the water himself.  Kisumi screams after him and trips over a branch, twisting his ankle.  Sousuke rips the map in half.  They aren’t heard from again for weeks.*


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