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These hilarious Naruto-edited Chinese propaganda posters are a little different than the usual fanart I translate, so I thought I’d upload them as is and give the translation beneath, to preserve the effect.

Traditionally, these kind of posters would be up in schools, workplaces etc and have patriotic, motivational slogans, with this characteristic Soviet-esque realistic art. In the upper right of this one you can see an actual typical motivational phrase: “Study well, and ascend daily”.

This phrase appears to be Rin addressing Obito, because it says “Study conscientiously, study until you forget me.”

“Drunk off the fumes of studying” (the book says “Konoha Ninja Complete Guide”)

“How dare you disturb my learning!”

“I will lead the way for studying” (the paper he’s destroying says “Konoha’s spiritual culture”, an old Communist slogan… not about Konoha though… at least I think so…)

“Study while you work” (in Tobirama’s case, he’s reading “Uchiha Research Report”)

I was given permission to repost, the artist source is anonymous.


mermaid swamp spam     “I want you to live..”

How my love for MakoHaru grew during Eternal Summer

A little while ago I got a message asking me how my love for MakoHaru started and that post was mainly dedicated to season 1 since my love for them started to take form while I was watching that season. But now upon request I will also be talking about how my love for them blossomed in season 2, Starting Days and Timeless Medley - Kizuna. This post is dedicated to season 2.

This post does contain a tiny spoiler for Timeless Medley - Kizuna so if you’re avoiding spoilers, then I would refrain from reading this post until you’ve seen it.

Before reading I recommend checking out the post I did on season 1 first so things are a little more cohesive.

If you feel like reading my thoughts and feelings on certain scenes in Free! Eternal Summer then sit down and buckle up because it’s going to be a long ride.

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I couldn’t post these sooner, because the duplicates were a gift for a friend and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but I also picked up these goodies from @bakapandy! All of the characters are so expressive, it makes me so happy to see all my Iwatobi babies. <3

I saw this post on my Instagram feed and the first thing that came to mind was Yukio…I almost want to say that the way Rin and Shura and the others find out Yukio’s been trying to kill himself is because he says some shit like this. Imagine how that would sink in and imagine how everyone would feel…


[Scene] Nagisa sleeps slumping against Haruka’s shoulder in the train. (Stage Directions; …Haruka looks annoyed.) · [Scene] Haruka turns to look outside the train window. (Stage Directions; A despondent expression.) · [Scene] A close-up of Haruka’s narrowing eyes. (Stage Directions; “Rin…”+S01E01 || S01E11

An old thing I did! Never posted it until now because I wanted Porter to be the first one to see it c: gave him the design on a tee at the Seattle shelter date so now I can share it with everyone!

This design features a glitchy Rin infront of the lyrics to Flicker as I feel that the lyrics and story of Rin work well together. ^_^

enjoy & if you decide to use it show me! :D 


THE LONG AWAITED PART THREE IS HERE (maybe i’ll make a part 4 if any one wants. honestly, i want to turn this into a series, like an actual fanfiction ?? any feedback about that idea? because if you guys are down for it, ill do it.)
these are the asks that are currently in the ask box requesting a part three, there was more but that was before my ask box got wiped ;n;

anyways, a sad kpop song gave me inspiration for this one.

part one:
part two:


You hadn’t seen Kakashi in a week. Truth be told, this was because of your own doing. It came to your mind that it’d be better for you to avoid Kakashi, especially if you wanted to move on from him. He was probably doing fine anyways, Rin was their to accompany him. 

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“Wag ka mag post ng ganyan kung ayaw mo mabastos”

First of all, kung bastos ang isang tao, bastos na yan. Hindi na niya kailangan ng something/someone to trigger his/her kabastusan because that is what he/she is.

Second, so are you telling me na I posted photos para mabastos ako? Wow. Your level of stupidity is unbearable. Victim blaming is intolerable. Kung ganyan ang mentality mo, putang ina mo. Isa ka sa mga dahilan kung bakit madaming biktima ng harassment at rape and hindi nagsusumbong sa mga pulis, because they were afraid that the blame will be put to them.

Third, no matter how wholesome my (our) posts are, meron at meron talagang mga bastos na walang ibang ginawa kundi mambastos. Simply because that’s what they are.

Fourth, this is my account and I can post whatever I want. If you’re following me, then just unfollow me, or block me. Or if heaven loves you that much at nakikita mo pa rin ako sa feed mo, then that’s not my problem anymore. Maybe you can just deactivate your account, or transfer to another social media site where your stupidity will be welcomed. Or fly to the moon and never come back.

And last, I post what I post NOT for people to humiliate and harass me. I post what I post because, again, this is my account, and I will post whatever I want. So instead of pestering me with your idiotic mentality, why don’t you just fuck yourself and leave me alone.



Big thank you to all my followers and all the people in my fandoms who have given me love, supported my posts, contributed content for all of us to enjoy and for just being awesome in general!! You all rock and I hope you have an amazing 2017 year! If you don’t mind, I humbly request if you could spread my wishes further to your fans, followers and fandoms by reblogging this post and tagging your fandoms. Let’s all celebrate NYE 2017 as one big party! You’re not alone, we’re in this together!

I did this in hurry because I wanted to post it before it’s officially new year for me and I couldn’t include all my fandoms, character I love, OTPs on banner or it will go on forever, but my wishes remain the same. Fullview for best quality. YES you can use this as banner for your blog/twitter etc if you don’t mind my credit being there on it >> please don’t edit it. 

This new episode really got me thinking more. 

In another post, someone said Makoto and Haruka’s relationship is a mirror to Sosuke and Rin’s and that they handle each other problems differently. I feel like Sosuke and Makoto are similar - but Makoto realizing his emotions. Makoto knows that he is feeling jealousy. Sosuke says ‘I don’t know.’

Because of that, I believe that is why Makoto challenged Haruka and Sosuke wanted to swim in a relay with Rin. Makoto wanted to feel the thrill and fire between Rin and Haruka’s races while Sosuke wanted to feel the passion and love in a relay. 

During both Makoto&Haruka’s race - Makoto was reaching out but he couldn’t see or feel anything. Like he was being left alone. Sosuke, while his relay, he lost his momentum and was looking at the same empty space filled with water that Makoto saw. 

Makoto knows how to sort out his feelings as Sosuke does not. Makoto knows his envy, his love, how he knows one day - Haruka will leave him. Sosuke still hasn’t accepted that . 

During Nagisa&Haruka’s conversation about Haruka’s future and Rei&Haruka’s conversation about Freedom - they have started Haruka’s mind of that he might do competitive swimming. Rin on the other hand, knows he wants to. 

And then the two reasons why Makoto and Haruka swim. 

“I want to swim with you.”
“I swim because I want to.”

Haruka didn’t say things like friends or relays or sentimental matters. He swims. In these past episode, Makoto and Haruka’s relationship has been strained. They care for each other and they still do - but they just have some problems. I feel like Haruka is just done with Makoto. He doesn’t want to leave Makoto, but Makoto knows for Haruka’s good - that Haruka should leave him. And Haruka hates that. 

assdfghjl I just have a lot of emotions about them and it’s really hard to explain. 

Okay okay okay I’m going through my likes because I want to find this one post that I might have liked that had otp-parent prompts but I found a brotp post instead and I just got an amazing soumako idea

sousuke has a stupidly helpless crush on makoto and tells rin all about it and rin tries to encourage him to ask makoto out but sousukes like “nah man I can’t he’d never talk to me again”

anyways so rin gets the bright idea to flirt with makoto FOR sousuke. like, “man, doesn’t Sousuke look buff as fuck, can you believe he’s single?” “Hey Makoto Sousuke has been struggling with this one subject you’re really good at maybe you should come over to his place and tutor him a couple times a week. Just the two of you. He’ll cook for you oh did I mention he’s a really good cook???” and of course one day Rin gets drunk and does the whole “Makoto your outfit looks good but it’d look even better on Sousuke’s floor” and Sousuke is just DYING

Decided to post this now. This was taken Halloween which I had a great time. Halloween has always been good to me.
One time of year I get to kinda cross dress, Cosplay and be a dork. It is truly a beautiful thing.

In school, Being in costume I appearently made someone’s day. They knew who I was dressed up about and rushed over freaking out and I smiled because of how happy they were. They wanted to take a picture with me, I let them. They were just so happy I couldn’t say no.
Classes were great too, Friends and I made lots of jokes.

Then it was Halloween night. Went to my grandma’s, Had two friends over, Made some cookies and went out. We decided to be semi assholes by going trick or treating. As we went to bring one friend home, My ex driving, We put down the windows and blasted spooky scary skeletons (Living tombstone). He slowed down to every group of people on the side of the road to piss them off. One guy flipped us off.

Oh boy, And the fact I went into two food places in costume. That was great. One loved my custom and the other didn’t care. Just like “Spawn of Satan?….What a weeb. He is a weeb. Just-….Take your food and leave.”

About Them Apples Though

So, I noticed @confidenceatitsfinest, @sugakookiefactory, and some of the other SugaKookie blogs talking about the latest BTS teaser/trailer/thing. And, well, I couldn’t help but be curious. (You know me, I can’t resist a good theory session.) I hope, Rin, that you don’t mind me putting my two cents in, but it might offer you a different line of thought about the apples. I’m not ARMY, but I am a nerd…and it just so happens this falls into one of my random specialties.

What really caught my attention about Rin’s post was the equivocation between the apple and sin. I’ve actually seen that a lot, but particularly in regards to this comeback. But what if I were to tell you, apples were never sin. 

A lot of people say, “But Eve ate an apple in the Garden of Eden, which was the first sin.” Lots of people believe that to be the case, but if you actually look in the Bible the fruit eaten by Eve is never named. (In fact, there are scholars who claim a pomegranate would be a more likely candidate for the fruit.) The association between apples and “sin” actually comes from a dead old white guy named John Milton. Now Milton is famous for a big huge fanfiction about the creation story called Paradise Lost, which is considered one of the greatest works in the English language. In Book Nine, he specifically describes the forbidden fruit as being an apple, which is where that construct was born. Legit, Milton was just like “Ugh, you know what are super delicious and tempting? Apples. Imma make apples the forbidden fruit.” 

-takes a deep breath-

But when you actually look at the account, the apple (we’ll call it apple for ease) was not the sin. In Genesis 2:17, it actually says: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” The apple isn’t the sin. It literally just has the ability to give the eater knowledge of good and evil. The sin, if anything was, was in eating the fruit and going against the direct orders of God (that whole “don’t eat it” bit). So apples are innocent victims in the bigger picture.

That’s all well and good, I’m sure you’re thinking, but what does that have to do with BTS? Well, first off, let’s revisit that idea of knowledge. Jimin and Yoongi are seen chilling, one with an apple and the other with a blindfold.

Now to me, it looks like Yoongi is considering putting that blindfold on. But, in a way, Jimin is offering him the apple - maybe. If that were the case, Yoongi gets to choose between ignorance and knowledge. (Still not convinced apples are knowledge? The Apple logo is a bitten apple, because they are a source of knowledge. Teachers are traditionally given gifts of apples, because they represent knowledge just like teachers.)

Jimin also seems pretty happy with his apples. He’s pictured with them, and in his short film he even eats one.

Much visual. Many important. After he takes this bite, though, he half-smiles at the camera…kind of like he knows something you don’t. 

So I guess what I’m saying is, what if we saw the apple (and by association Jimin) as something instead of sin? How does that change the way people are reading the teaser? To me, it seems less like the video implies YoonMin chicanery and more like Jimin represents knowledge, both good and bad. Maybe Yoongi has to choose between ignorance and knowledge - of what, who knows?


I’ve seen several posts drifting around about why Sousuke puts extra emphasis on the line, “Rin, your friend!” and I just wanted to clarify some things that might have been lost in translation.

I mentioned in another post that it’s because given the context, yes, the line translates to “Rin, your friend,” but what Sousuke was really saying was “Rin, with you” (Rin, omae to), and this speaks so much more to me since the Japanese language is all about subtleties and double meanings.

Sousuke is not only saying that he wants to become true friends with Rin, but he’s also saying that he wants to be WITH Rin. He’s also expressing the fact that he wants Rin by his side, and even if this is the last time they’ll be able to be together, to swim together, he still wants this because Rin means so much to him. He wants Rin to be a part of his life and he wants to be a part of Rin’s.

The way he delivers the line is so heartbreaking (kudos to Hosoyan and his beautiful voice) because it can be interpreted in several different ways, and Sousuke really just wants so much more that he thinks he will never be able to have, perhaps a future with Rin, a future where he will be on the same stage as Rin, a future where they could be together, even though he couldn’t be more wrong. 


I made a lot of people uncomfortable with this post but some of you wanted more so I decided this was the easiest way to satisfy everyone and answer even more important questions

but really this is just me doing an experiment

Free! colour swap 1/10

Haruka - Makoto - Nagisa - Rei - Rin - Sousuke - AiMomo - Kisumi -


That thorny Shinji issue

I’m seeing a lot of movie reviews in twitter that they either like or felt bad about Shinji in the Presage Flower.  Well, I first had a kneejerk reaction of “UGH WHY DOES HE LOOK LIKE BLUEGALMESH!???” back in plurk and I also vent furiously about it. I’m not sure what they did or if they are exaggerating, this is a preventive post about it. I’m going to put a cut because it may be controversial. 

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God I just love MakoHaru so much like just let me explain

Look at them, look at the looks in their eyes. Makoto’s eyes are just so full of love and admiration for Haru. Meanwhile, Haru is looking back with a surprise, an awe, at the person in front of him. The only person who can comfort him and make him feel this way.

And it’s more than that just the feelings these have for each other amazes me. There’s no one else in the series that mean as much to either one of them as each other does. There have been moments where Haru lost his cool in some episodes, but to no degree did it ever come to the point that it did in season 2 during their fight.

The same can be said for Makoto. We had never once seen Makoto at this level of concern (even frustration) with anyone else in the show no matter what happened. The only single person who made Makoto lose his cool was Haru.

They’re the only two people who can bring out this level of passion in each other. Sure, they care for other characters, but never has it gotten to the level that it did between them. 

Also, when Makoto told Haru he was going to Tokyo it was the first time we saw Haru break. Before that haru was fine with whatever other path his friends took. He knew Rin would probably leave somewhere to swim, he didn’t mind, as well as his other friends careers.

But Makoto he figured would always stay with him. He was the one Haru cared about, so when Makoto said he was leaving that was the moment Haru broke. Makoto is the reason Haru broke.


Also, just to add it in, Makoto was the only one to directly voice that he loved Haru. Even if he spoke for everyone else, the only person he can 100% speak for is himself and his feelings.

Makoto loves Haru. This is actually canon. This goes beyond, admiring swimming talent, he loves Haru. Not for his swimming, but for Haru himself.

Then after the fight the only reason haru was willing to leave and actually go to Australia was because he was afraid to face Makoto after the fight. THE FIGHT AFFECTED HIM TO THE POINT WHERE HE WAS OKAY WITH LEAVING THE COUNTRY ON A SECONDS NOTICE. LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Now, not even just the absolute passion they bring out in each other, the way Haru is so concerned about his relationship with Makoto is shown when he comes back.

Haru is so surprised Makoto is there for him, but struggles with what to say because after their fight he’s worried about their relationship. Haru has never been shown before this to act this way towards anyone. The level that he cared about this fight and their relationship is incomparable to any other.

And Makoto, the sweet little angel, is able to sense this and understands why haru said all those things. He knows Haru wants to say sorry and that Haru still cares for him, so he welcomes Haru home and like that everything between them is cleared because they have that connection where a huge make up session isn’t needed. Their hearts connect and understand.

I see you blushing Haru, you can’t hide it. You lovesick fool.

Now, MOVING ON TO EVEN MORE, Makoto is also the only person shown to make Haru feel jealous

to the point he begins to dislike someone who was previously a friend. Close enough to where they shared a bento, mind you. Now Haru doesn’t even want to be touched by the Kisumi who once tried to steal Makoto away in middle school.

Haru has never felt this towards anyone else. Not sousuke for becoming close to rin, in fact any hostility between them mostly came from Sousuke and Haru was never really angry with sousuke because of rin, but because Sousuke was so hostile when he never did anything wrong, even then he was concerned about Sousuke’s shoulder. Never had he felt the same dislike he felt for Kisumi.

Meanwhile Haru also doesn’t feel jealousy when Rei and Nagisa have shown to be close, do I even need to go into that if you'v seen the show?

The comfort these two have with each other is also pretty noteable. In season 2 Haru and Rin could barely stand sharing the same bed meanwhile Makoto has been known the hold onto Haru while sleeping next to each other in the past 

also earlier in the same seen it’s clearly shown how close the two have scooted next to each other to sleep, compared to the other kids. They’re quite close together.


This little gem of official art (where Haru is also clutching a pillow with the same pattern as the shirt they both share *cough cough*)

It seems as Makoto and Haru have no boundaries. I mean c'mon, Makoto comes to Haru’s house almost every morning and helps Haru out of the bath. You have to wonder how that started.

Oh, I almost left out the fact that haru chose to go to Tokyo just so he can be close to Makoto. That’s who he cared to stay with. He didn’t pick a college at home to be with Nagisa or Rei. He didn’t try to get into the same college as Rin. He chose Makoto. Haru chose his future with Makoto and decided he wanted to stay by Makoto’s side over anyone else’s.

Can we also talk about the way these two smile at each other for a second

And they go out on dates all the time.

Look at them sharing food. Just thinking about Haru is going to lean down and eat that as Makoto feeds it to him. That’s obviously what’s going to happen here don’t even doubt it.

It’s also funny because I probably didn’t even include half the art of them going on dates, like honestly.

Did I mention the fact they share the shirt Haru is wearing? God I love this official art so much let me just take a second on this too. They both look like they had recently taken a bath. Leads to the possibility they bathe together? Would explain how comfortable Makoto is with getting Haru out of the bath. Also, look at how comfortable Makoto’s siblings are with Haru. That’s a close relationship for your little brother to be hanging off of your lover best friend like that.

Continuing on, let’s remember that when they were kids the reason Haru even swam at the pool was because Makoto asked him to because he said the oh so famous makoharu words

wait a second where have we- oh yes i remember



The coach said it not me.

Now more with this scene, because it’s really important

Makoto, even at such a young age, was willing to let Haru have the dolphin that he wanted. They have the relationship where they’re willing to do things like that for eachother, give things up. Meanwhile you have seen Rin and Sousuke in the same situation where the did play the rock paper scissors. I think the creators did this on purpose to really show the difference between the friendships, and as much as I could go into the parallel between sourin and makoharu, this is a post about makoharu.

Lol, just to add this in too, there’s no trace of Haru’s swim attire which means he’s in that tub naked. Naked and thinking of Makoto eyyy

Okay, but back to being serious there’s so many reason I love MakoHaru and even with all I’ve written so far I’ve barely scraped the top of the water. I’ve only addressed like half of the second season and honestly I could talk about every single episode about how much these two care about each other and love each other, but then this post would be about 2000 times longer than it really is.

*sighs* I just






in which mako is really good at understanding haru's feelings unlike a certain someone

for a while, i had been wondering why makoto seemed to want haru to accept the scouts’ offers, because that made no sense. i wondered this because there have been times when mako was sad when haru was uninterested in the scouts’ offers. there was this whole awkward conversation, and then there was a part later in that episode where ama-sensei told haru about the scouts’ offers and haru clearly was not interested at all and he just jumped in the pool, and this was mako’s face:

but then, in that same episode, makoto does mention that pro swimming is not what haru wants.

(EDIT: i forgot to mention the part in ep 9 where everyone was on the sidewalk and that scout was talking to haru and haru looked sad and makoto was sad as well)

and after episode 9, i realized something. it wasn’t that makoto was sad that haru wasn’t accepting the scouts’ offers. i think mako was sad because he saw how sad/uncomfortable haru was!!!!! that makes a lot more sense, doesn’t it?!!! i think mako was just making sure of what haru wanted. he wanted to be very clear and sure that haru didn’t want pro swimming, and that’s why he bothered to bring up the issue at all. and as you can see in that awkward conversation i linked to, haru was unhappy with makoto for even bringing up the subject…!! plus, that part i mentioned after ama-sensei talked about the scout and haru jumped into the pool, i now realize that haru wasn’t just bored, he was scared. =(

in episode 9, haru was very troubled thinking about the scouts, and mako was aware that haru was upset. it was so touching when he asked haru if he was okay, and then haru said “it’s nothing,” and then mako asked haru a second time. and haru didn’t even hear him and mako kept saying his name anyway until he heard. <3

and makoto had told rin earlier, haru is thinking about things in his own way. so, mako knows haru is worried about his future. (they all know that after that dramatic scene with rin at the end, but mako had known it since episode 7)

so you can see, mako is, as always, very much in tune with haru’s feelings and that warms and breaks my heart at the same time (because haru’s in pain and that breaks my heart!!) but i also want to bring up rin’s actions in this episode.

**there is negativity about rinharu under the readmore. so don’t read it if that bothers you. and don’t complain to me.**

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