because really let's be honest

What if …

- Cinder was raised by Levana instead of being almost killed by her?

- Scarlet grew up on Luna rather than on Earth with her grandmother?

- Cress hadn’t been born a shell but inherited the gift from her parents?

- Winter never promised herself to not use her glamour but to serve her queen?

May I present:

Crown princess Selene Blackburn

Alpha Scarlet Benoit

Dr. Crescent Moon Darnel

Head Thaumaturge Winter Hayle

I’ve seen a couple of posts now about why art is more relevant than ever now that we are facing down the darkest timeline, and they’ve been great, but nothing’s quite lined up exactly with what’s in my head and why I’ve decided to double down on art in the next four years.  So fuck it – I’m going to write it myself.

The thing I keep coming back to is a little two-word phrase that crops up in the AITAF mission statement:  shared humanity.  This is something that I feel we as a country are really struggling with right now.  Because let’s be honest with ourselves:  There are a hell of a lot of people out there in this country who have been taught all their lives, whether that’s eighteen years or eight decades worth of living, that all humans are not created equal.  That some humans are lazier than others.  More criminal than others.  More sinful than others.  Weaker and more emotional and less rational than others.  That some humans are better than others.  That they have achieved more.  That they are naturally stronger and smarter and braver and more deserving than others.  That there is no such thing as a shared humanity.  That there always have been and always will be some people who, due to their gender and their religion and their sexual orientation and (of course, always) the color of their skin are just meant to be the ones in charge.  And that, on the flip side, the rest of humanity is just the side characters.  At best lust objects, at worst villains to be destroyed.  That if you are not a straight, white, cisgender, able-bodied, Christian (but not Mormon, and only sometimes Catholic) male whose family has been in this country at least three generations, you are not fully human.  You are other.  You are less.

Right?  This is how we end up with things like “A black woman stole my scholarship” or “An immigrant took my job.”  Mine.  Because white dudes are the humans in this story, and what they get is what they earned.  Everyone else is less than human.  What we get, we steal.  We cannot earn.  We are not human enough for that.

This is why people claimed Donald “tells it like it is.”  Because he said that immigrants were criminals by default.  Because he accused the Jews of running the banks and the media and everything else (and, of course, doing it for their own benefit).  Because he treated women like objects and mocked the disabled.  Because his vision for America was a vision of a country where, again, we are not all created equal.  We do not all deserve the same.  Where there is no such thing as shared humanity.

How do we fix that?  How do we teach people who, again, have spent all their lives living in a world where it’s entirely logical to reject a candidate who promised to better the country as a whole because she didn’t pander enough to “working-class white men”?

I got an e-mail from AITAF just the other day, sort of a year in review for the organization.  At the bottom of it was this:

“The most moving monologue was the one from Hurt Village because it gave me a perspective I did not have before hearing it.”

“The most moving was Hurt Village. I grew up in really rough situations. I have seen my own mother that desperate before. She showed a whole world of people and a struggle they have yet to understand with one monologue.”

“The intensity and realism helped bring the issue to life.”

“The Hurt Village—'cause it meant something to our classmate.”

“Hurt Village. I’ve seen it firsthand, so it really hit home for me. I almost cried.”

“The welfare monologue seemed to be the most moving because it hit home with a lot of people and caused a lot of emotion, allowing yourself to picture the scenario better.”

“I think that the monologue of the woman begging for support was the most moving because it felt so real.”

“The monologue about the woman and her housing situation. This was moving because the actress made it feel like she actually was in that scenario and it just made me sad believing she was in that distress.”

“I found the monologue about welfare most moving because the desperation, dread, and small bits of humor immersed you into the full range of emotions felt.”

“Most moving – food stamps – such intense visceral emotion. I was very sympathetic.”

“The most moving monologue for me was the piece where the woman was trying to collect her welfare check. I felt so strongly for this character and nearly cried as she continued to plead and beg.”

“The food stamps monologue was authentic, poignant, and moving. Thank you for reminding us that stories, like the food stamps one, occur every day. By directly facing us, you gave us the chance to fully engage with your performance and feel a little bit of your character’s pain, sadness, and desperation.”

“I found the monologue about welfare the most moving because for me, I’ve always looked at the other side—my parents are small business owners and my mom works HR so I’ve always heard about people who just try to sham out of work and get the government to pay their way. It was very emotional to hear the other side of the conversation.”

“Monologue about asking for food stamps. It was easily the most relatable to me, almost all of my friends live in that system so I have seen the struggle their families face.”

-Westpoint Military Academy’s cadets’ responses to the monologue from Hurt Village by Katori Hall, read by Tonye Patano

The answer, guys, is art. 

Human beings have always told stories.  It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.  We’ve done it with cave drawings and epic poems, with dance and sculpture and tapestries and goddamn Broadway shows about the Founding Fathers.  We tell our stories and if we get it right, if we make it real, we can give people a perspective they didn’t have before.  They can see the humanity in that mother on welfare.  In that gay teenager in Ohio who just wants to hold hands in the hallway.  In that immigrant kid trying to write his way out.  In the refugee, in the soldier, in the teacher, in the frightened child hearing his drunken father trying to kick his door down.  We make art, we tell our stories, we express over and over again the undeniable truth of our shared humanity.

We chip away at the wall that the greedy and power-hungry keep trying to build between us.  We reach out.  We connect.  We become stronger with every link we forge.

Make art.  Share art.  Support art.  Promote and defend and distribute art.  It is the best tool we have in the fight to prove our shared humanity.  So pick it up, hold it, and get to building.

dating would include’s // damian wayne

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a/n: the gif has me DED

- you would probably have been introduced to damian because you were somehow related to one of the members of the batfam or justice league or some herohero person

- because let’s be honest can you imagine damian really socialising at school r u serious

- plus i imagine damian as not really acting on crushes ‘cause he’ll probably be like what is this weird feeling in my chest whenever i see (random name) i musT BE SICK

- he would be really cold toward you at first, but eventually you two would warm up to each other because dami’s such a lovable asshole

- every single member of the batfam would ship you two together hardcore

- ok i guess damian would react the same way as above (dash no. 3) and approach either alfred or bruce and when they realised that DAMIAN WAYNE HAS A CRUSH ON (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

- alfred would give some pretty sweet advice on how to properly woo a girl (a/n: I’M LAUGHING HELP) but really it would be like dick who gave him great tips after he somehow found out (i suspect bruce couldn’t stop laughing about it before patrol)

- damian would be so unexperienced that he would instantly clam up and forget what he was supposed to do because the league of assassins may have taught him how to climb mountains at the age of four but no one certainly gave him a crash course of dating (i mean, have you met talia? she doesn’t seem big on feelings in general so)

- he would just kiss you when you guys were hanging out one random day tbh

- then he would run away because FEELINGSSSSSSS leaving behind a very confused and stricken you

- the batfam would kick his ass right back to you the second they found out which would be like in five minutes since there was always someone spying on two of you (jason’s idea, but really just to get blackmail)

- dami would man up and lalalalalala you two are dating !!!

- he wouldn’t be used to this whole relationship thingy so you would kind of have to guide him through it a little

- damian probably wouldn’t be big on pda since he’s kind of, you know, frigid

- but whatever he lacked in physical affection, he would make up for it through out-of-the-sudden gestures

- like, you would go to school and come back home seeing your living room with huge extravagant bouquets and heaps of your favourite food

- you guys trusted each other with your lives since you two were so close before so damian always confided in you about his worries and insecurities and vice versa

- whenever you were feeling down he pull you into his chest and just cuddle with you silently because he feels that he can provide better comfort through his actions, not words which makes you feel much better (you would probably do the same if he was upset i think)


- he wouldn’t be very vocal about it so you wouldn’t even know that he was jealous

- damian strikes me as extremely possessive over every single thing he cares about so he would probably feel jealous if someone just looked at you up and down on the street

- he would get all quiet and give the batglare to said someone and grab your waist with his arm just to tug you closer to him

- i can’t imagine you fighting really often with damian

- there’ll be tiny banters about his stubbornness almost every day so when a big fight hits you know it’s bad

- damian wouldn’t speak to you for a few days

- you wanted to immediately go up and hug him and apologise but you knew that he needed some time to cool down and really think things through

- but you guys wouldn’t let petty fights cause cracks in your relationship so you two always sorted things out and moved on

- i want a damian now

- but who doesn’t amiright

a/n: damian is my bae af because i kind of always have a thing for assholes i think? i have a thing for every guy i can never have actually sighs - roxanna


what if I forgot about the cat, forgot about the kid, and just filled my house with plants for all of eternity.

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How about star and tom fighting bcs star think tom is into janna but its actually on marco and tom fighting star bcs he think she is into marco but it's into janna?

Okay! Here you go! I really like platonic startom and hope they become better friends in the show! Because lets be honest, they’re both really crazy and funny and they would do some crazy stuff together as friends.


Star (without warning) bust in through Tom’s door and raised her wand up to him. “You piece of demon garbage.” She hissed. Tom rolled his eyes and got up. “You show up acting all cool, with you fire and your extra eye.” Star bit.

“Okay, look Star, maybe you should back off.” Tom dared. “You’re the princess of Mewni, you can get everything you want, but you just HAD to have them, didn’t you?” Tom jabbed. Star gasped and shoved him.

“How about YOU back off!” She clapped back. “Because they are MINE!” She shoved Tom again, Tom got up and yanked her hair. Star gasped and started whacking him on the head with her wand over and over again. “NEVER TUG MY HAIR!” She screamed. The two fought for a while until Tom pushed her away.

“The ONE time I find a human I actually like, you need to steal them away!” Tom cried. Star huffed.

“What is your problem Tom!?” She demanded. “Janna isn’t even your type!” She snapped. Tom fumed.

“Don’t tell me what my type- Wait a minute did you say Janna?” Tom stopped. The angry flames around his feet and body disappeared almost instantly. “Star, I’m not into Janna.” Tom assured. Star calmed down at well.
“Then… why are you always trying to impress her whenever you come over?” Star asked. She didn’t know what to make of this. Tom shook his head.

“No, Star.” He insisted. “I was…” He trailed off and blushed. “I was trying to impress Marco.” He admitted. Star gasped and dropped her wand. Then her face lit up and she ran forward, she gave Tom a big hug and swung him back and forth.

“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!” She exclaimed. She grabbed Tom’s face and looked ecstatic. “You liked Marco all this time! I should have known!” She screamed. “You guys will be so cute together!” She gushed.

“Wait, Star… you thought I liked Janna?” He asked again. “And does that mean… you like Janna?” Tom asked. Star stopped and blushed. She rocked on her heels and bit her lip, unsure of what to say.
“Janna is… an efficient friend.” Star started. She broke off into a smile. “And I have the biggest crush on her.” Star admitted. She grabbed Tom’s face again and started jumping up and down. “And now that I know you don’t like her, that opens it up for me to ask her out!” Star cheered. Tom was a bit confused at her attitude change.

“So… are you not upset that I have a crush on Marco?” Tom asked. Star shook her head.

“I’m thrilled!” She exclaimed.

“But… I thought you liked Marco?” Tom stated. Star nodded.

“Yes, I LIKED Marco. Crushes come and go.” Star explained. “I had a crush on Marco last year… but he wasn’t interested in me that way. I got over it and started noticing Janna more and more.” Star trailed off and got a happy look on her face. “And now everything works out fine!” She exclaimed. Tom shook his head.

“We still have one big problem. And it’s the fact that no matter what I do, I’m am not going to be able to ask Marco out.” Tom admitted. He could hardly talk to Marco without blushing and stammering like a moron. Star sat down next to Tom and smiled.

“You really like this guy, huh?” Star asked. Tom nodded. “Well I guess i know how that is. I had a crush on Oskar a little over a year ago, then I had a crush on Marco, now I have a crush on Janna.” Star listed. Tom laughed.

“Sorry I tugged your hair… and yelled at you… and fought you.” Tom apologized. Star shrugged and nudged him.

“Eh, I did my fair share too.” She laughed. “Just try and talk to Marco. I’ll out in a good word for you.” Star teased. Tom blushed.

“Thanks, if I ever get the chance I’ll do the same with Janna.” Tom teased back. Now it was Star who was blushing.

“Thanks T. She’ll listen to you, she loves demons. I guess that was why I was so threatened.” Star decided. Tom laughed and agreed with her.

“I guess I was worried Marco liked you… because you’re pretty great.” Tom assured. “And Janna’s really lucky.” He assured. “And if she doesn’t feel the same way then she’s really stupid.” Tom laughed. Star shoved him.

“Shut-up. Janna’s perfect.” Star giggled. “And the same goes for Marco.”

Harley plays the drums with TWO baseball bats instead of sticks, and RUINS the drum heads every time. Why??? Why not???

I was wondering.
Since I’ve written a lot of Batboys sin already and I mean there’s always Batboys sin in my request lists (off the top of my head there’s a lot on it)

Would you mind if Batboys were excluded from Sinful Sundays?

If I take it a story a day then there would be 73 days left of Batlog and I really feel like with the few we could fit in, we could really touch base on the other characters - because let’s be honest - there’s not a lot of non Batboys sin out there and there are sooo many blogs dedicated to just the Batboys.

What are your thoughts?

The day she broke

“Where did he go?“,she asked with a broken voice.

“He left you in your sleep“,her inner voice said calm,“so it doesn’t hurt,to see him leave.“

“It hurts anyways“,she said.

“I know darling.But it’s better for you in that way because now you can write the end of your lovestory.You can say,you were the one that got away,because let’s be honest you never really loved him.“

“I loved him and i always will!“,she cried with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t lie to yourself!You never loved him because he was so good to you.You have never been treated like that before and that frightend you.That’s why you hated him because he was too good for you and you couldn’t give the love back he has given to you.“

“Well.Isn’t that the way love goes?“

In this moment she broke and became cold hearted and never kept love around anymore.

Lol I saw a Rowan hater talking about how she was “whining” in her letter about GMW being cancelled and all I can do is shake my head.

“The show just sucked. Why can’t people accept that? People stopped watching because it was so damn bad!” Oh really? Huh…

Let’s be honest, I think we can all agree that season 2 was GMW’s BEST season. However, the minute this whole “triangle” story-line happened, ships were made, fans were divided and the show very quickly stopped focusing on what the writers wanted it to be about: friendship. For the most part, season 1 showed that, season 2 showed the audience how the group would be tested, and then in season 3 I guess they decided to try and make it come full circle but also showed that friends often grow up and apart.

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what really happened on girl meets the secret of life

  • riley being mad at lucas because he never told her the truth about his past and she believes that friends should tell each other everything

what didn’t happen on girl meets the secret of life

  • riley being mad at lucas because of his past

Some helpful info for anyone looking to get into bioactive. Those little pothos and philodendron plants at Walmart are essentially a ton of cuttings stuffed into one pot. If you don’t mind spending some time untangling them, you can essentially get 5 to 7 plants for about $3.

It’s a good idea to bare root plants from big stores anyways, especially if you’re going to introduce them into an enclosed ecosystem. Who knows what’s gotten in that soil while they were hanging around in the garden section. Plus you can spread them out a bit if you’re just repotting them as a houseplant and they’ll be much happier.

I am saving for bookshelves.

So every time I begin to itch to buy a book (because let´s be honest, books are really the only extra expense I have) I imagine I am putting the ammount of money equal to the prize into an imaginary piggy bank. And I will later use that piggy bank to buy the bookshelves.

Need to cheat myself somehow, else I´ll forever have books on the floor and tables.

Here lie my feelings.

I never really made fan art for Nimona because let’s be honest, I don’t often make fan art. 

Noelle, I want you to know that Nimona inspired me to pursue a career in story telling and animation. Your comic has touched my heart in many different, positive ways and I just want to say thank you. Thank you for creating an amazing story and astoundingly profound characters. I really can’t find the words to tell you what Nimona means to me, but let’s just say she means a heck of a lot to everyone who has read your story. 

Good luck on the rest of your adventures, I’m about to start some of my own soon!


Highschool Kylux AU in which there is this nerdy, fragile and posh looking guy Hux and the badass looking punk Kyle-or-something-Ren.

Little do people know that not everything is the way it looks.

Hux is in fact a son of a local mafia leader and is also a pretty violent bully. He always gets what he wants and is not afraid to beat up a man to death to get what he desires. He’s been always doing this solo but having a henchman could always be handy. Someone scary looking because let’s be honest he does not really look very intimidating and nobody takes him seriously until he rips their teeth out of their cakehole.

One day he hears bunch of girls talking about this Kyle..Kylo-whatever-guy. That he really does look scary and that he definitely beats up all those guys at school which he totally does not because that was Hux’s work and that he probably killed a man or two as well. Hux is impressed and definitely wants this guy by his side when shit gets real.

Hux approaches Kylo and is not disappointed. He indeed looks like he killed a man or two except that manbun, that manbun is not very intimidating, honey

Kylo is a bit shocked by that redhead’s request to be his partner in crime but sure, why the hell not not like he was SERIOUS serious, right + he is pretty hot and perhaps they are gonna fuck too who knows

So they start hanging out. Hux tells Kylo which is actually not even his real name because no, no mom it’s not a phase Kylo Ren sounds much cooler than Benjamin Solo. Ugh, mom no, you don’t understand. Yes, mom I have my snacks packed…Mom no…yes, her name IS Phasma and she is actually pretty cool. MOM YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND BYE that he wants to run the family business one day and it would be amazing to have more people like Ren. Kylo does not really understand what he means by it just thinks Hux is a bit weird but so damn hot but nods and agrees with him.

When it comes to their “first time” aka this-guy-owes-me-for-breathing-let’s-beat-him-up time, Hux finds out that not only Kylo is a huge softie but also can’t stand the sight of blood and in the best scenario even faints. At first he can’t believe it and is absolutely pissed off but then just rolls with it because he got what he wanted. A guy people are afraid of. So he ends up bringing him to every “beating” and if scaring the shit out of them with Kylo’s menacing look does not do the work he just beats the living hell out of them himself.

But no matter what, everyone still thinks it’s Kylo’s work and nobody understands why he drags that nerd with him everywhere.

Under different circumstances Hux would get rid of that manbaby but man, if only he would not look so damn hot without his clothes on and let’s be honest he likes being fucked on that motorbike as well and that manbun…yeah, that manbun is actually not that bad after all either. So we’ll keep him. For now.

all this stuff is super janky to talk about because lets be honest EA Games is really really not good aka very bad. I’m reacting to a game that has been patched and updated.

because seriously


this stuff is not ok for a AAA gaming company like EA. they have negative excuse for why that shit wasn’t launch. Especially for a gaming juggernaut like the sims.

How to make an Animorphs TV show

First off, we need to establish that every year will have a Christmas Special or some sort of mid-season episode similar to what Doctor Who does. With that in mind…

Season One (14 episodes): Books 1-13, including Megamorphs #1. Starts out with the formation of the Animorphs and ends when Tobias regains his morphing power, because let’s be honest, that storyline really loses something if you extend it past one season. Plus it creates a nice emotional end to the rest of the action-packed Hork-Bajir escape. Rest of the season sets up most of the major players nicely, including Ellimist, Visser Three, Eva, Tom, and Erek.

Mid-Season Special: The Andalite Chronicles. Tobias is Elfangor’s son?? Whaaaaa????

Season Two (14 episodes): Books 14-26, including Megamorphs #2. Book 14 is a good slow re-introduction to the series for new viewers, where nothing major happens except some good comedy. Books 15-17 reintroduce things like Eva, Tom, and the Yeerk Pool before we get into the high-octane Books 18 and Megamorphs #2, and the pathos-packed 19-23. A couple more episodes with some breathing room, before 26 kills us all with awesome action and Jake and Cassie’s first kiss. <3

Mid-Season Special: The Hork-Bajir Chronicles. Unfortunately it might take some fiddling to get the plot of 23 to work without Toby being introduced yet, but it could be done.

Season Three (12 episodes): Books 27-35, including Megamorphs #3. Books 27-28 are low-stakes stories that slowly dip us back into the story. Number 29 hits us with another emotional arc before we do the THREE PART episode that Megamorphs #3 deserves to be. Number 30 kicks off the season’s main arc involving Eva. Then 31 is an punch to the gut and 32 and 33 make a good mini arc dealing with Rachel’s and Tobias relationship. We get a payoff from the Mid-Season Special with 34 before ending the season with the cliffhanger from 35. This season is a goddamn emotional roller coaster.

Mid-Season Special: Visser. The backstory to Eva and Marco we’ve all been waiting for, with some awesome Visser-on-Visser politics.

Season Four (11 episodes): Books 36-45, including Megamorphs #4. Builds up to rescuing Eva and finally contacting the Andalite homeworld.

Mid-Season Special: The Ellimist Chronicles. Sets up the death at the end of the series and finally answers the questions about the most mysterious character.

Season Five (9 episodes): Books 46-54. Condensed season like Breaking Bad or Fringe. Goes through the final arc of the series culminating in the defeat of the Yeerks and the rise of The One.

And THAT’S how you break down an Animorphs TV series.