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How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]

this saturday night on ‘ty has an idea’: the foxes playing laser tag

  • probably nicky’s idea lbr
    • “cmon guys whens the last time we played something that wasnt exy? this’ll be fun!“
    • he has no idea what hes gotten into

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I think you’re putting me on a pedestal, and putting yourself way too down– That’s why you’d call me the sun. But I know you, dude. I know you’re actually awesomely talented. And I know that you’re actually a super fun, super sunny kid!

So, to put it using your words you’re even more amazing than any sun. The sun’d get outshone by you, man!! Guess what I’m trying to say is… Just be confident, Tamaki!!

Your name is… Suneater.


Togata Mirio & Hadou Nejire


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If you do the cooking by the book then you'll have a-


ADHD Lance/Autistic Keith

Imagine Lance trying to find his fidget cube because he r e a l l y needs to use it and he can’t find it anywhere and he thinks he just misplaced it but no. His boyfriend stole it from him and started to play with it because he likes the clicking sounds and he just likes to play with it.

I don’t know y'all….but the world gotta be ending or something. You couldn’t tell me a few days ago that Jackson would be in the middle of something like this. You just couldn’t. Jackson? No way. Not him. So I definitely understand the fans who are shocked and surprised by this happening. It’s just wild as hell.

Also to the people saying it’s just a hairstyle, go tell that to the countless number of black women and men who have to either shave their heads or relax their hair in some way because they’re told that H A I R S T Y L E isn’t suitable for the workplace. Or the children that have to do the same because it’s too “unkept” and isn’t appropriate for school. If it’s just a hairstyle why are black children being suspended from school until they get rid of said hairstyle? If it’s just a hairstyle why do black men and women risk losing possible job opportunities for simply having it? If it’s just a hairstyle why is it “bohemian chic uwu” when non-black people do it, but “ugly”, “unkept”, “thuggish”, and “inappropriate” when black people do it?

Ask yourself why we have rules and shit for a “"hairstyle”“ and maybe you’d get why some people are upset.

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Hey so can anyone else absorb Frisk's soul with them still being alive, like Asriel or Gaster or someone, since the game is still glitched out, or can they not since the reset is gone. Or can they still and it's just a really bad idea because they would be stuck like that.

R e a l l y   b a d   i d e a 

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Scarves: If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life what would it be?

Jim got the WHOLE thing on video and brings it up to Bones whenever he complains about Spock… Which is a lot. “Remember: you and Spock are promised to one another for the rest of your life - and they say romance is dead!” “You’re about to be dead if you don’t stop bringing that up!”

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Michael Hears You Singing

I plan on making a story from this because I can, it deserves to be expanded on even more. Also, I wanted to get something out that had to do with Michael. I love him so much, holy crap.


  • So this happens when you’re staying the weekend over at his house, since both your parents are out of town
  • you’re slightly scared of the dark because of experiences as a child, so Michael lets you stay at his house and because  c u d d l e s
  • Anyways, you are in the kitchen, cooking some dinner, and listening to your music
  • You were singing The Haunting by Set It Off because it’s a good fucking song and you were obsessed with it because of your friend

  • Usually you didn’t sing except when you were by yourself because you were convinced that you sung like a dying walrus
  • BUT, BUT, BUT you were so comfortable at Michael’s house, you lost yourself in the music as it filled your ears (you were wearing Michael’s headphones because you stole that ish from his room)
  • You were swaying your hips to the music, and stirred the food you were boiling as you continued to sing, completely unaware the Michael was walking into the kitchen

  • The moment Michael hears your singing voice coming from the kitchen, he is starstruck and swears he’s even more in love (if that was even fucking possible??)
  • You sound amazing to him and he walks into the kitchen, when he sees you wearing his headphones, he smiles to himself
  • “What is she doing with those, that cute thief” he says to himself as he walks up behind you
  • The moment he walks up you sing, “Nobody will love you like I did, will fuck you like I did” and he raises his eyebrows in amusement

  • You are still completely unaware of his presence until he wrapped his arms around your waist
  • “oh GoD!!! MiChAeL!! What the F U C K!!?”
  • He nuzzles his face into your neck, kissing the juncture of your neck and shoulder, “You sounded like an angel, Gumdrop”
  • You blush heavily, and look over your shoulder to look at him, “You were listening? I thought you were downstairs playing Zelda…”
  • “I was, then I heard the door open and close so I came up to see what you were cooking. Lucky for me I got to hear your singing; why haven’t you sung around me before now? You sound amazing!”

  • You cover your face in utter embarrassment, abandoning your cooking for the moment, “Y-you weren’t supposed to hear, Michael!”
  • “Why not?”
  • “Because I sound like a D Y I N G  W AL RU S!”
  • He pulls you close to his body, sighing and shaking his head, “That’s so far from the truth, Gumdrop, it makes me laugh. You sounded great!”
  • “Not as good as you sound, Mell. And I still think I sound like Death, but thanks, my love”
  • Michael presses kisses all over your face and neck, telling you how good you sound and tries to coax you into singing again
  • you go back to cooking, telling Michael that you’re not singing again
  • He gets R E A L L Y bummed because he loved hearing you sing

@chocokidda But, like, actually that’s what happened XD

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