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“She has a lot of fans,” says Jack, not just because she’s “famous”, but because her fans are true fans.  “A lot of people think that fame,  or press, or everyone knowing your name can sell you a lot of records or movies or whatever it is, but it’s not true. Everyone knows a lot of people, but, when they put out an album, no one cares. What’s always exciting to me about her is,  she has a ton of fans that like to listen to ALL her music and will buy her music.”  He continued, “That culture is amazing.”

Jack Antonoff


let girls be exactly what they are



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“I remember, Sam. I still remember.”
He was not making sense. “Remember what?”
“Dragons,” Aemon whispered. “The grief and glory of my House, they were.”


Who’s the real you? The person who did something awful, or the one who’s horrified by the awful thing you did? Is one part of you allowed to forgive the other?
— Rebecca Stead, Goodbye Stranger

“Let it be to kill the demon.”

He fell quietly from her arms.

He was a king.



➸ favorite group dynamic: Alec, Izzy and Magnus

“A brother and sister who disagree on everything except for how much they love one another … and how loyal they are to each other. A man who took this case pretending to want payment in rare objects, but who really believes that injustice toward his friends is intolerable.”