because puppies are cute

Pentagon To You Being Short And Trying To Kiss Them

Jinho: Honestly you are the same height as Jinho and you two kiss without struggle. And small kisses will take place anywhere and everywhere where he will hold your waist every single time he kisses you- and it looks so precious and cute to everybody because u both look like puppies. 

  Hui: Will grin and sort of fanboy alittle because you are precious to him as edawn. Doesnt hesitate to lean down to kiss you but sometimes will playfully pull back before you do plant one on him which you will of course end up either smacking him or not giving him one. “I was jokinggg give me a kiss.“ 

Hongseok: Cannot handle the precious and adorable thing in this world which is you and cannot believe you are his. Will most likely pull you in for a bear hug out of excitement and lean in to kiss your lips- then your nose and forehead and cheek(back and forth several times)basically love the shit out of u

 Edawn: You’d only a be a slight bit shorter than him since he himself isn’t tall so he’d make u try your best to kiss him as he looks down at you with a playful smile. ”You’re so close, these lips are waiting for you.“ You end up charging into the kiss and pressing your lips on his too hard. he will pull back all stunned and laughing like. ”Did you do that on purpose??“

 Yeo-one: ”You’re so cute.“ He will say as he grins, then holding you firmly by the waist and bending down to kiss you slowly but softly, pulling his face back afterwards only a slight bit so he can stare at you lovingly. 

 Shinwon: This boy is so rude, he will wiggle his eyebrows teasingly as he freaking tiptoes himself to get even taller. ”Catch these lips.“ ”Forreal you are an idiot shinwon.“ Afterwards will attack you in a hug as he kisses you right away, his arms all the way around your body, pulling you in as close as possible. 

 Kino: OKAY i wouldnt say hed do the most and kneel for you to just kiss him but Im saying he might kneel for you to just to kiss him. If you were sitting on a bench at an amusement park he will get down on one knee to fix your shoelaces and then look up and make eye contact along with a sweet ass smile of his, sending you signals that he wants you to lean in and kiss him (which you do).

 Yanan: Makes his signature baby shy smile as he has his hand in his coat pocket (with your hand in there as well for warmth) and lean down to let you kiss him (cuz there aint no way he brave enough to initiate it). Eyes closed but smiling into the kiss. 

 Yuto: Damn boy is really soft but when in public with you he gets these surge of manliness, wanting to impress you and people around him so he kind of has his arm around your neck almost into a headlock to initiate the quick kiss. You pull back all stunned like what just happened, with Yuto standing there like ‘I did that' 

Wooseok: Type to pick you up and have you wrap your legs around his waist and arms around his neck as he gives you small kisses 5 thousands times. Ends up giggling and spinning until you forcefully get down off of him yourself.

marry the girl who:

- takes bugs outside rather than killing them because they have souls too
- takes you to the flowers she finds rather than picking them because picking them means killing them and she doesn’t believe in killing flowers
- cries over movies where the bad guy dies because even though he was bad, he’s still a human being
- cries over puppies and babies because they’re so cute and she wants all of them
- gets excited over movie dates and fort building with you because spending time with you means everything to her
- makes you feel excited about the future and puts on a smile on your face every morning
- is not only your lover, but your best friend, your soulmate, your person

—  10:23pm thoughts

I was tagged by the queen herself, @soobadnoonecanstopher to show my lock/home screen, the last song I listened to, and my face. So, here’s all of that.
(Since Lori did a kitty filter I did a puppy filter, because it’s cute).
I don’t really talk to anyone on here. And I’m literally only doing this to appease Lori. So, I guess I’ll just casually tag everyone who stumbles across this post..? I’m such a loser, I know 😂




And because Sam is so cute and everyone loves puppies, here is some video of him with his brothers and sisters just before he came to live with me. He’s the one in the red collar (his first collar I got him). This BTW is also the one and only video that made me $99 on Google AdSense many years ago. I guess people love them some GSD pups!

He stood out to me, the way he bounced and acted, which is why I picked him. And he’s been here as my friend for 10 years now. Amazing how much he’s grown. I chose wisely.


so here is the thing. i want to highlight my feelings after this episode of Supergirl because WOW. I realize not everyone will agree with me on every point and thats okay but here I go:

1. Chris Wood was INCREDIBLE. I am continuously amazed by him in all his roles on screen. 

2. Mon-El and Kara broke my heart today because I am just here for my cute little space puppies who are in love. With that being said, I will not ignore how shitty it is that he lied about who he was. I do think that it is awful that he admitted he may have never even told her who he was if it weren’t for this situation as well. BUT, there are many redemptive qualities about Mon-El and I think that him being pushed away from the people who have made him into a much better person is not going to be helpful. I am also a HUGE sucker for forgiving people many times so that is also why I am all for Mon-El getting a chance to prove to everyone that he isn’t the same as he used to be. 

3. You KNOWWWWW the king and queen are gonna continue to fuck up the DEO. Like they are not just gonna walk away from this shit. 


P.S this isn’t meant to upset anyone I just needed to rant. <3