because privacy

how to spot a theatre kid

- knows too much about first treasury secretary alexander hamilton, bank robbers bonnie and clyde and the newsboys strike of 1899

- grocery shopping list consists of ‘the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, the slipper as pure as gold’

- when introduced to someone new, sings:

 - and i’m jAVERT

 - alexander hamilton, my name is alexander hamilton

 - veronica sawyer. i crave a boon

- laughs at anyone who says disney isn’t realistic because nobody randomly breaks out into song

- favourite rappers are the cast of hamilton and the witch from into the woods

- when walking in the rain, will start singing on my own from les miserables

- panics when the cast list is about to be posted

- blood is 90% throat coat

- constantly losing bobby pins

- has no sense of privacy because have you ever had to do a quick change

Otayuri + Mila Headcanons

-Mila pulls Yurio away from everyone after the competition and says “Ohhhh so that’s who you can’t stop talking about. He’s pretty hot~”

-Mila gave Beka the idea of giving Yurio his scarf.

-Mila knows Beka loves braiding Yurio’s hair so she taught him Yurio’s favourite braid.

-Both pining dorks go to Mila for advice…at different times of course.

-Mila becomes Yurio’s 4th over protective parent (grandpa Plisetsky and Viktuuri are 1st-3rd)

-Yakov and Lila just say “use a condom” and Mila drags Yurio away because he is tOO YOUNG.

-Mila shares cat videos with Beka who then shows them to Yurio who then proceeds to squeal because his bf is such a lovable dork.

-It’s almost impossible for Otayuri to have any privacy because Mila and Viktuuri are always trying to take not so subtle selfies with them in the background.

-Even years later when Otayuri gets married the inside joke about them just being friends is still strong. Mila likes to assure everyone the marriage is merely platonic and that friends get married for just being friends all the time.

-One time Mila got so annoyed with Yurio’s pining she picked him uP AND PUT HIM ON BEKA’S LAP. The Yuri’s Angels were there recording and that vid went V I R A L. Yes even more so than when the Hero of Kazakhstan kidnapped the Fairy of Russia!!!

-Mila steals Yuri Angels cat ears and helps Beka paint them with cat patterns.

-Mila stole Beka’s sunglasses and painted them with tiger pattern.

-She also may or may not steal Yurio’s phone and change his lock screen and home screen to pictures of Beka~

-Yurio may or may not very lowkey like that she does this~

-Beka does his best to keep his phone away from Mila or else she’ll go on his social media’s and taunt the Yuri Angels.

-Mila & Viktuuri write collab Otayuri fanfictions. Beka knows the account and swears he is going to get cavities from all the sugary fluff.

-Mila proposes the best friends forever name for Otayuri to be “Winnie and Tigger”.

-Mila somehow convinces Beka for them to duet “Can’t Sleep Love” by Pentatonix for Yurio’s 16th.

-When Mila gets annoyed of her pining dorks she ignores them and if they try to get her attention she just gives them a thumbs up.

-If you ever hear a really loud screeching ‘Davai’ at a competition when Yurio is going to perform that’s Mila. Beka’s Davai is too smol and intimate for anyone to hear.

Feel free to share your own~ ^-^

Theory on Y/N and Peter Pan

Whenever I want to read some Peter Pan imagines, I always end up disappointed because people tend to write Y/N as this innocent, naive, damsel in distress and sweet girl and that gets…on my….. nERVES. I am honestly so tired of this.

I don’t think that’s the kinda girl Peter would go for. Like, at all. Not that nice girls aren’t good characters. All in all, I just think this persona doesn’t fit in this particular situation.

Just imagine that:

- Y/N attacking Pan the first time she runs into him, because that’s the logic fucking reaction when you wake up in an unknown place and meet a creepy stranger who wiggles his eyebrows.

- Y/N not caring not having girl stuff on Neverland, or even privacy because when you’re in a tough situation you gotta toughen up, and survival tops comfort

- Y/N NOT playing the ‘mom’ with the Lost Boys, or cooking, or singing the boys to sleep for the sole reason that she is the only girl, bc that promotes gender roles and it goes against everything we girls fight for, DUH

- Y/N learning how to fight (good) and not stopping to annoy Felix and Pan until she gets private lessons, and accepting beng beaten to a pulp if that helps her improve and become able to take care of herself because depending on the boys to survive is humiliating for her and burdening for them.

- Y/N being confident and not taking the boys or Pan’s shit and talking back when they are rude.

- Y/N always not-so-gently reminding the boys (including Pan) that they ain’t a bunch of animals and they gotta behave and use their brains instead of their hands

- Y/N winning Peter’s respect BEFORE winning his heart, because she can stand up for herself and put him back in his place when he crosses a line or orders her around, and that’s what a healthy, long lasting relationhip is built on: respect. Repeat after me: R.E.S.P.E.C.T

- Y/N not blushing, or stuttering, or looking down. Y/N grinning and flirting and playfully teasing Peter whenever she gets the occasion just bc she can and it makes him lose his composure bc damn nobody else ever did this

- Y/N being a fucking badass who can kick ass and be feminine and be Peter’s equal because that’s the only kind of girl I can picture him with: someone who’s on the same level as him (maybe not on magical terms bc he’s too pwerful) but in spirit

Why y’all turning Peter into this beautiful lil cinnamon roll that he obviously isn’t? Stop writing Peter as a bad guy who becomes nice for Y/N’s lovely eyes. Write about a badass, murderous, dark minded Y/N. Write about a hot couple of villains who defeat the heroes for once. Dammit.

Honestly, give me an OC like that and I will read the shit outta it.

Until then, I’m just gonna have to write some myself.

You can read my work here “Let Us live” : Part ½; Part 2/2

And In the Name of Love: Here

Once Upon in Neverland: Part 1 Part 2 & Prequel

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Friendly reminder to respect Mark’s personal life!!

Even with the new Mathias video showing Mark and Amy together: leave them alone.
Don’t go attack Amy. Most of the comments on the video are already “but I’m Mark’s soulmate!” And “NO I HATE AMYPLIER! SEPTIPLIER FOR THE WIN”

don’t presume to know anything about Mark’s personal life, especially when he’s made such an attempt to keep it private. Amy had openly made nods to their “relationship” in the past, but leave them alone.
They deserve privacy.
Just because you’re a fan, doesn’t mean you own him.

Respect Mark. Respect Amy. Respect Sean.

They’re people, not personalities.


Side Note: If you’re not comfortable with any of this because of privacy reasons please let me know.

Archie Andrews x Reader

I Hate Parties by @vettyandberonica

History by @jughead-thethird

Thankful by @jugshat

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Attention by @sgtbarnestrash

Baby Boy by @aestheticimagines

Baby Sitters by @sorryimacrapwriter

Domestic Bucky by @jarnesbrnes

Miracle by @asirenscalling

Secret Relationship by @smilexcaptainx

She’s Having a Hot Dog by @aestheticimagines

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Republicans pick Putin and Russian hackers because this round of hacking hurt Democrats.

Never forget that Republicans will side with Russians, shut down our government, hurt our veterans, cut your health care, steal your social security, and fight all equal/human/LGBT/reproductive/privacy rights because conservative white men want to never adapt and need every advantage possible to compete.

hey clique

let’s all remember that Tyler and Josh are people too and deserve their privacy just like anyone else and should not be blamed for wanting to terminate a conversation with someone via Twitter simply because they kept messaging them over and over again. Let’s all take a breath and stop attacking Josh because, as we know, he is kind and cares about fans but also has anxiety and cannot talk to everyone all the time.

Let’s all just be mindful of that, okay?

The thing is that 2016 brought so many twists and turns in the events and so many of them we couldn’t find a reason to: the timeline was an honest to god mess, the March thing, the papped every day in April and May just to stop abruptly and going completely off the radar in and SINCE June and only stunting once per month or even less. 

We didn’t know WHY and we didn’t have to know why. I’m so happy they had the control over this. They lost control over so many things, hands tied for six years but they had control over THIS. They chose to take it as a private matter, to which they have every right to, and they didn’t want the fandom to know. 

This proves that they can hide anything, for as long as they want to or have to.

The fact that the last week seems to be all about the fandom’s favorite explanation to beards, the magic word privacy, because if it’s private then it must be real. That the beard(s) (is there even proof that the other one is there in the UK as well?) flew out privately and this suddenly makes it all real. It causes anxiety and doubts for some fans. Which, in itself is understandable, because these thorns of lies have really tangled around the family, didn’t they? That some days fans just need to go through the events again to come back to the conclusion that there’s no way B ever gave birth and there’s also no way Louis would treat his kid like this, EVEN IF B magically gave birth. There was already a birth certificate, so a mention in the statement from Dan Deakin, and *family* pictures was understandably a thing, even though Jay herself cleared her social media from the lies months ago and kept posting everything about her family and kids since then.

The mention in the statement threw people off and I think the Tomlinson-Deakin family had enough on their plate than to take one scandal while they had only a limited time with Jay. 

I think the privacy was all happening because this is what was requested from them, that they demanded no stunts and no rebellions from D and B to lighten Jay’s last days. The same that was yesterday, maybe some were there, we don’t know, but I think the families would’ve lost their shit if B or D dared to do something that wasn’t making Dec 10 about Jay. Bottom line, the fandom had to know about them being there, or had to think they’re there otherwise the fandom would’ve made an even bigger mess, a mess Louis and Jay and the family didn’t need.  

As for Harry still being with him? Ask yourself why he had flown over London every time he had the chance, and why he was pretty much this whole year where Louis was? Why their pappings and mia times are completely aligned, why he flew publicly and got papped in the beginning of December? Apart from the Jan 20 arrival I can’t recall any more Harry airport pics this year, but I might be wrong. Bottom line is, he’s been hardly papped. The few times he was it was something significant. And I think both him and Louis gave us enough hints that they’re as in love as before. And now we even know they did this while hiding Jay’s situation and they should count 2 times more.

Of course, this is my own opinion and you’re entitled to yours. I just thought it’s worth thinking about how minor these stunts become when it’s about life or death. They aren’t number one priority. They were for us, we’ve been craving the end of bg for a year and a half, and they made it clear they crave it as much as we do, but they had more important things to take care of and that sorta explains so many things that didn’t make sense this year. 

Still, they took their sweet time to give us hints they’re still going strong.


- All jokes turn into a lecture, and get mad when you don’t joke around with them.

- I literally can’t change in my own room cause I’m too scared one of my parents are going to barge in my room without knocking

- Having to use headphones every time you’re on the internet to avoid parents coming in and making you turn the computer off.

- Dealing with their hypocrisy. Like no joke, my mom told me all I have to do is eat, sleep, and study for the rest of my life, so I wouldn’t waste my life.

- When one thing goes awry in the house, all hell breaks loose.

- Saying no to all your friends’ invites because your parents won’t let you.

- Learning to lie automatically because there was no privacy in your life.

- Literally rules about rules

-  "I always love you, but I expect you to behave in this way,“ or, "I know you can do better.’”

- Yelling about how stupid you are, but then expect you to be happy two seconds after.

- Complain that you don’t study enough, even if your grades are perfect

- Complain you don’t eat enough, but call you fat.

- Scarce communication.

- Nagging. Dear lord, the NAGGING

- Not allowed to do the things you want, just what they want.

- When you do get to hang out with your friends, you need to collect all their parents’ phone numbers.

- Getting really confused when you see your friends get to go wherever they want.

- Doing all of your work just so you won’t need to experience the horror of your parents yelling at you.

- All your decisions were made for you

- Making you study certain subjects so you’ll be what they want you to be when you grow up. 

*All these points are from personal experiences* 

Andrew and Neil begin to foster small children

They just kind of randomly decide to fill in the forms every now and again and poof, there is another small child in their lives

And they don’t push them to do anything they don’t want to do

And they don’t ask questions about the previous homes or their birth families if they knew them or anything else because they respect the privacy of their kids (cos the second they sign those papers the kids are theirs)

And it’s not just small children

Children of all ages

And they are great fathers and they personalise all the kids’ rooms

And when they go away to college or uni or whatever else they don’t change the rooms, they leave them be until the kid is ok to let go, even if that’s never the room stays the same- cos hey, they’re not going to make someone feel unwanted and really they love the kids. And the kids love them. And the cats. Most of them prefer the cats to Andrew. Andrew pretends he doesn’t notice. But they all go to Andrew when Neil is refusing them candy because they all know that Andrew has a secret stash that they all think, including Andrew, that Neil doesn’t know about.

But he does

But he doesn’t say anything cos it’s kind of cute and honestly he just loves his family

And they’d do anything for the kids, even if they think it’s something that should be impossible

And honestly they’re just such great parents

jarchie soulmate au where the first words your soulmate says to you are written on your body. archie’s says hi. (which, yeah, sucks. but he takes it in stride)

jughead has never shown his to archie, and archie respects his privacy because soul marks are an intimate thing, but the question is always itching at the back of his mind.

(jughead will never tell anyone that his says hi, my name is archibald, but my parents calls me archie)

Calling all Ace/Aro/Bisexual/Biromantic/ Pansexual/Panromantic/ People who’s identities get erased- People

I’m making a short film at school and I’ve decided I want to theme it around erasure. So if you’ve ever felt and erasure within or out of the lgbtqia+ community for your romantic/ sexual orientation then please tell me about it on anon. I want to get this film as accurate as possible and as I’m only gay and haven’t felt this personally, I’d like other’s to share their stories. When the film is finished, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to share the film on here because of privacy reasons (it might be filmed in our school uniforms), but I will notify and thank all of you for your contribution. So if you would like to contribute your story, then please come to my inbox or messages and share. Thanks :)



This is gonna be great cause Erin might actually let me drive.

That will never happen.

nellynee  asked:

Everyone on the Minato/Oro train wants to throw Kushina at Mikoto (don't get me wrong I ship it) or have the sperm doner or just don't know what to do with her but like? Why not Ot3? *throws confetti* Healthy triads! Who said a triad had to be openly sexual all three ways, or that Oro has to be 100% gay or anything I just... I want grossly domestic triad that the public doesn't seem to know what to do with because outside of their privacy Oro doesn't know what to do with himself. (1/2)

How would that affect the kyuubi sealing if it does? Oro and Kushina trying to figure out how to strengthen the seal while she’s pregnant.. Oro having the WORST possible time trying to get custody of his own child, because FUCK the village, who cares if it has Kushina’s face and Minato’s hair that boy is as much his as his partner’s. Oro and Kushina bonding over sealing techniques and the loss of their clans. Spunky young power couple seduces village creepy shut in. Everyone is confused.

Tbh I ship MikoKushi way more than I would ship MinaKushiOro, but oh my god it deserves to be written just for those last two sentences. You made me choke on my coffee. 

Jean likes to arrive at the studio a good thirty or forty minutes before daily class begins so that she has a room to herself to warm up and stretch and sort of just centre herself, because the studios at the Xavier Ballet Company are beautiful and they catch the early morning light wonderfully and so the entire room is lit up in this warm, bright glow, the sunlight reflecting off the mirrors in a way that makes the whole studio feel almost unearthly. She just likes to practice in the light, because it makes her feel like something heavenly and powerful and endless as the reflecting sunlight pools around her feet and she floats delicately across the floor, utterly a part of her own world

  • business: here are confidentiality papers we'll have you sign because our client's privacy is very important to them
  • business: so if you would like to use your phone in this vicinity please sign these papers.
  • mental hospital: yeah the crazies aren't adult enough to know what confidentiality is or sign papers about it lmao.
  • mental hospitals: so we'll just treat them like literal children instead of have them sign papers to use their phones.