because post apocalyptic fics are my favorite

Here are some amazing fics I read this week if anyone is looking for something to read. All of these are long (20K+ words) because that’s pretty much all I’ve been reading lately.  

The Love That Remains by lullys for the 2016 Big Bang. This was a really beautiful, long J2 AU. It starts when the boys are just kids and has a lovely ending.

Every Old Town’s Just Our Past Burning Down by whispered_story. I love this so much. I think I read it before because it’s from the 2013 Big Bang but it was worth a re-read. Post-apocalyptic J2 AU. 

Sunday Maybe Monday by AlexisJane for the 2016 Big Bang. J2 AU with older BAMF Jensen/younger Jared (I think Jensen is 35 and Jared is 20 here). Good stuff by the same author who did one of my favorite stories ever- Gazes Into You (part 1 of the Mr. & Mr. Detective Agency series). 

On A Friday We Call Good by gaialux. Wincest AU- CURTAIN FIC!!!! Man, do I love me some curtain fics. This one is a little painful but still really nice. Dean gets hurt in an accident and loses a leg (not really a spoiler- it’s in the first paragraph or so) but finds something a whole lot more important. 

Under the Hood  by prisparksman. NOT WINCEST OR J2 which was so different for me but it was super good. Dean/human!impala. Pri’s an excellent writer so I’d read pretty much anything she wrote. This one surprised me by making me cry in the end. 


Don’t Let it Ride You by kelleigh- a wincest AU that I need to read because the sequel is part of the big bang and I REALLY want to read that. It’s based on one of my favorite short stories. 

Fucking Kodiak, Alaska by Xenodike. J2 AU for the 2016 BB that looks amazing. 

anonymous asked:

Which 5 fanfictions would you film?

This is a very difficult question… I’m going to focus on the “film” aspect rather than my favorite fics (even though there will be some crossover). In no particular order:

  1. Blinded By White Light by dashakay. This story is compelling in so many ways. With technology today, I can see it being a beautiful film even if it isn’t Mulder and Scully. Dasha creates an entire post-apocalyptic world that is intriguing enough on its own to make a great feature.
  2. Machines of Freedom by Amal Nahurriyeh. This story embodies what CC could’ve done with X-Files. It is heartfelt, unique, and it uses the characters we know and love in a way that is worthy of what they’ve been through. 
  3. The Other Man by Jess M. This is one of my favorite fics because it calls into question everything you’ve ever known about The X-Files. I would love to see a film version so I could compare it to Deep Throat and really feel the aftermath of what the story presents. 
  4. Night Giving Off Flames by JET. I don’t even have words for this, I just want to see it. I want to feel it. I want to make it real.
  5. Iolokus by rivkat and MustangSally. It will rip you apart, but I feel like it’s something we need to see even though it hurts. Almost like a right of passage.