because pink that's why


New Friends and Foes + Steven Universe: Wanted


A sort of concept art of a random idea? She’s a perfectly normal girl from the outside but actually a demon is living in her lmao also she’s mute

  • Friend: hey U wanna hang out today?
  • Me: that may be true, but, have you heard about lars from steven universe? he is pink now. Do u know why? Because he died. that's right, he DIED, then came back to life as a pink zombie with a slow heartbeat, and magical portal hair powers all because steven BROUGHT HIM BACK TO LIFE, FROM the DEAD. he was DEAD he DIED his head was SPLIT OPEN his EYE has a SCAR EVEN AFTER HE WAS HEALED he literally was DEAD BY BRUTAL INJURY and risked his LIFE to save everyone. LARS. and STEVEN,, RES'D him; as in BrougHT THE DEAD, BACK TO LIFE
  • Friend: lol ok that's cool
  • Friend: I'll pick u up at 5

dailyhirosekoichi  asked:

👏 this will be a mess

Send “👏”and I’ll describe what a fusion between our muses would look and act like.

DIO AND KOICHI FUSION (description under the cut) @dailyhirosekoichi

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update tl 12/19

Because the upper body is partially hidden, drawing the feet is more self-satisfying. (In standing pictures)

Old Lil (Pink hair is more lech-like so I changed it later) (Made: 2011?)

(for that new text)

I added old pictures to the graffiti logs 1-20. + Combined with the Sunahama logs. Now it probably won’t be deleted! (It’s been reprinted overseas anyhow…anger) With this, it should be possible to place most of the old pictures! Perhaps!

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I'm trying to create a tf2 au where each merc can turn into an animal, but I'm having trouble choosing one for each merc. What I have so far is a bear for heavy. The animal doesn't have to fit the playstyle of the character, just the personality.

im gonna go really out there and pic some ‘obscure’ animals so be ready




pink fairy armadillo (wh. because thats why)


Zebu (everyone sees heavy as a bear but what about a kind of bovine?)





Shoebill (to get near you have to legit bow to it)





Shrike (it likes ot impaile its food on a spike)




Tanuki (its actually a canine!)