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do u have to be so damn snarky to ur followers like????? u were super nice at first but the sudden rise in """""popularity""" turned u unpleasant. but then again im just an anon with an opinion lol, wonder how many agree with me

if this is about the “requests are closed” pics, i’m sorry but i get people requesting for things when they’re closed and i get pissed off because it takes all of 2 seconds to look in my bio to see if what you’re requesting for is open. if you, or anyone else for that matter, thinks the “sudden rise in popularity” has changed me or whatever and i’ve become rude, then i’m sorry you think that way. 

there’s no contract saying i have to be 100% nice all the time, especially when people on here are rude to me for no reason. y’know how many people send me pissed off anons because i “didn’t do their request” even if they asked for it when they weren’t open? y’all sometimes forget that i’m a human with emotions too and these things get under my skin.

although i always laugh bc the people who say these things never come off of anon :):)

War AU - I was thinking about this thing where Hydra didn’t happen to Brock but he was in the war and he is a veteran with many scars, inside and out but lots of experience.

I’d totally see the soft side of Brock as a social worker or in a care center for veterans and/or mental institution because he is good at doing what is needed and can assist people, anticipating the need so that they are cared for efficiently. He would be completely understanding of their situation and never judge or look and people as anything less than himself. Perhaps even meeting Bucky Barnes there because Bucky has PTDS and perhaps Dissociative Identity Disorder because of the programing and stuff like that. 

Idk… just rambling :) have a wonderful weekend, you lovely bunch.

Tags on a previous post because im a riot and i need people to see them

#literally what happened with Fiika and Arcann#I had her all set up to romance Koth#but then#BOAT#more like ship#more like Arcann’s flagship#okay more like Arcann in general#look at me finding a way to relate the One-Armed Wonder to a boat#sidenote do you think if he didn’t have his robo-arm and was in a rowboat#would he paddle himself in circle#someone better read these damn tags because im fucking hilarious#but seriously tho#like#Arcann in a rowboat going in circle with Vaylin and Thexan#and one of the other two says#we’re going in circles#and the other one says#WHY DID WE LET OUR ONE-ARMED BROTHER ROW

  • What ADHD actually is: I'm having a conversation with a person and suddenly someone walks by with a cool shirt and I've completely zoned out of the conversation and forgotten what we were even talking about because now all I can think about is how damn cool that persons shirt was and how I wonder if I could find it on a clothing website if I used key words and oh look is that a raven? I love ravens did you know they help other birds out sometimes and like to bring humans gifts in exchange for food and like to play in the snow and can learn to mimic humans like a parrot and

Ben: In my time working for the State Government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I lived in villages with eight people, rural farming communities, college towns. I was sent to every corner in Indiana. And then I came here. And I realised that, this whole time, I was just wondering around, everywhere, just looking for you.

Leslie: The things that you have done for me, to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.

Ben: I love you and I like you.

Just public school things

-Hearing screams coming from other classrooms and wondering what the fuck is going on

-Dropping the mr/mrs from a teachers name and just referring to them by their last name

-Just getting up and walking out to go to the bathroom whenever because the teachers literally couldn’t care less

- People standing in the middle of the FUCKING HALLWAYS like how do you have that many friends

-Teachers asking why you’re late to class and you can use “traffic” as an excuse

- Scarily lacking sex ed

-Weird, non-optional school spirit things that serve zero purpose


-School-wide memes

-Seeing cops around ALL the fucking time

-Literal chaos + a mascot


To be quite honest, it’s nerve-racking, the way these films sort of piled up. It’s a mixed feeling when everything you’ve ever wanted in making films is coming true, and yet you feel scared because it’s happening all at once. Suddenly you’re in rooms with people you’ve looked up to for years, like Judi Dench. You wonder if you’re good, if you have what it takes. You carry an anxiety around with you—I’ve met many actors now who will say this—and the lonely feeling that this could be your one chance.

You know what I haven’t seen anything of?

Fucking… posts about trans peeps that aren’t out yet, and won’t be able to be for a long time.

Because people like us, we gotta deal with a really wide range of pain that I don’t think most people think of.

Especially with teenagers, who are still going through what they know is the wrong kind of puberty, and can’t do anything about it.

Spending every day questioning yourself, wondering if maybe you’re not trans, wondering if hormones will even make you look better or make you happy, dealing with being called and having to answer to the wrong name for years… it’s fucking hard, it sucks, and it hurts.

But yknow what? Fuck it. You’re all strong,even if you don’t realize it, even if it’s hard to think you are.

Each and every one of you will make it to that point, will get your first mones(if you want them), you’ll be around people who know your name and respect you enough to use it.

And I know, the waiting hurts the worst, it gives you time to doubt yourself, it opens you up to so much pain… but hey, I’ll get there.

And so will you.

I believe in you.

You know, I REALLY wonder what goes through some people’s heads when they say that the descriptions in astrology are “too general” because honestly, they’re not if you look at the big picture.

A general description of a placement is definitely general, but once you take account of all the aspects, signs, and other influences into the chart, that general description isn’t so “general” anymore. It’s unique. Like you.

I think people saying astrology is too general is a big pet peeve of mine because if you’re finding yourself saying that a certain placement can be applied to anyone, you are not looking deep enough. You are not considering the whole chart. You are not taking everything into account and due to that, you are making an ignorant assumption.

I also feel like too many unrealistic expectations are placed into astrology also. No, just because you have Venus trine Jupiter in the 7th doesn’t mean you’ll be dating your crush. It could mean that you’ll be nice and generous to your friends. Astrology can only show you possibilities on what can happen in your life, WITHOUT taking the circumstances of your life completely into account. Circumstances are constantly changing all the time, and nothing can pinpoint a single occurrence. Astrology most definitely can’t, but it offers clues.

You can’t expect astrology to do everything for you. Astrology is a lens to help you see, but it’s not something that will work for you. You have to work for yourself.


Some questions today about body type and how training and eating habits effect how you progress. These graphics may help some of you wondering what your body type is to better understand how to eat and train to reach your goals. If you are an Endomorph trying to look like an Ectomorph you will become frustrated quick because it’s just not how your body is built. Same applies the other direction. Mesomorphs have the greatest ability to shape themselves one way or the other since they are in the middle. Many people are also a combination of a couple. Myself for example I’m largely Ectomorph with some capabilities and build of a Mesomorph.

4k, r u ok?

Do you ever look at your follower count and question it?
Because I do. I really do. All the time. Like what the hell are you doing here and why here?

I feel like I can relate to my followers so much because we make poor life decisions: I made this blog and shitposts/memes, and you guys chose to follow me. This blog isn’t even a year old yet and some of you refer to me as one of the dr fandom’s “senpai” and I’m just?? So flattered??? I’M BLUSHING

And let’s not forget the probably the best nickname I have ever received in my whole life, “fanfic mom” which never fails to bring a smile to my face. Seriously, this is just the sweetest and most pure thing and I LOVE ALL MY FANFIC READER CHILDREN OKAY. EVERYONE.

I honestly have the nicest followers? This is all so strange for me and I still find it so hard to believe most of the time?? Like I can count the anon hate I’ve received on just one hand and I don’t have enough hands to count the love I got on and off-anon!! It’s just all so surreal. How is everyone so nice to me? And how are a lot of you so supportive?? Just why???

But also, THANK YOU. I have never felt this appreciated online before and I’ve talked and bonded with a lot of you. I’ve even made a bunch of friends and I’d be happy to make some more by fangirling over dr and whatnot (hello there. yes, you. i’m talking about you. talk to me. i swear i’m not that intimidating.)

Here’s a shoutout to a bunch of wonderful people whom I deeply love and appreciate with all my heart.

Asahina - Gundam

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I’m pretty sure I missed out on more than a few but I don’t think I can fit EVERYONE here because honestly I love my followers so much and those that I follow, mutual or not! Have I ever told you that yet? It’s true. It’s absolutely true. You are all precious and YOU give me HOPE.

Thank you to everyone who has made this tumblr experience so much fun!

And with that, I’m also going on a following spree sometime this week and the next. I’ll do it as soon as I go back to my hometown for the holidays and get unlimited internet access. And also cats. I missed my cats so much.

Feel free to drop by an ask or chat. Talk to me if you want or need to. Especially if you need to. You are important to me. Take care ‘cause I care, okay?

Happy Havoc Blogging!

Picture from DR Comic Anthology Vol1 - A Chance Meeting

Seriously why does no one talk about the YJ tie-in comics?

I feel like not a lot of people are aware that this exists. Because if you’re looking to temporarily satisfy your YJ needs after binge-watching the show, this is it. Not to mention, this is all canon and written by the creators of the show. This comic has almost anything you ever wanted.

Supey and Wally bonding time?

Bam! Bro-time with the Wall-man! [this takes place after the Cadmus break-in before Batman made his decision]

Curious about what caused the team to become superheroes?

Bam! The smol children’s humble origins 

Ever wondered what set off Superboy’s weird hatred of monkeys?

Ka-blam! Holy green creepy psychotic monkeys, Batman!

Did you ever pine to see the team and their mentors to work together more?

Bam! Look at these snarky children and their mentors! [heh, I included that Kid Flash/The Flash panel for that Endgame foreshadowing…]

Remember the beginning of “Downtime” and ever wondered what happened in that failed mission with Clayface?

Bam! Children getting wrecked by this ugly monster!

Or remember when Beastboy mentioned that poisonous flower incident incident in “Earthlings”?

Bam! Connor trying to be a sweet boyfriend to M’gann! 

Ever wanted to know how Jaime ended up joining the team?

Bam! Nightwing and Wondergirl recruiting this sweet child (this is also where many started shipping Wonderbeetle due to their interactions in the comic).

This isn’t all of it, of course. There is this and way more. I’d say that the writing is of course on-par with the show. There’s so many plot-twists that were certainly unexpected when I first read through these. Some of these are fun (like the team sitting around a campfire and telling their stories) but there are others that are more serious, like the type of stories you’d expect to find in the show.

Also, not only can you show support for YJ by watching it on Netflix, buying the comics show your support to Warner Bros as well. So if you can afford it, I’d say give it a shot!

I’m wondering if I should start making posts with pdf links to certain books within academic fields and shit for people if they want to learn about random things like math, sociology, biology, physics, etc. because I could definitely find quite a few pdfs for at least mathematics for everyone to read if they were interested, like yeah of course anyone can look this shit up, but a lot of people don’t even know what things to google to find it? 

Like many people don’t know which mathematics courses come after calculus but would still be interested in it. I think this would be a cool thing to work on idk what yall think. 

I think I’ll test make one for mathematics and if anyone wants to help me with other fields, like linguistics, history, computer science, political science, economics, etc., you should message me and we could collaborate to make some posts with lots of reading material for these fields. 

yo, i’m gonna upload some sterek art in the future and i’ve been wondering what the best tags are, like i got eternalsterek, but i doubt sterek itself will make much sense due to spams and randomness. also do you know some blogs or are a blog that would like to get tagged? i’m still a fairly new artist in this fandom but i’d love to contribute a little to it, because, well, stiles and derek are perfect and cute marshmallows.

I’m also always looking for some new sterek centric mutuals and people, and since this isn’t my main blog, if I’m (already) following you, I’m casblues. :)

here’s some of my stuff in case you’re curious

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{{OKAY LISTEN UP BECAUSE I AM GOING TO ADDRESS THIS AND ONLY ADDRESS IT ONCE BECAUSE THIS HAS ME LIVID. Do not tell a person who has ADHD, AUTISM, OR ANY MENTAL DISORDER TO STOP USING IT AS AN EXCUSE. Do you think we actually wanted to be born with the disorders we were given? Do you think it’s fun to have to explain what we have to others? Do you think it makes us happy to be looked at and treated differently? Because we don’t like it and we sure as hell don’t want depression, anxiety, autism, and other things. Who are you to call us names and use AUTISTIC as an insult? Do you even understand how it makes us feel? Can you stop and take a second to walk in our shoes?

We are still people and I can tell you people with disabilities are just as wonderful as you all are so don’t you DARE put someone down for something they CANNOT HELP. Especially when coming online to roleplay can be difficult yet we all still do it and fight with our disabilities. I respect everyone who has a disability and still stands tall, tries to roleplay, interact, and make friends. So if you agree like or reblog. Let’s spread this and educate people on this stuff. IT’S NOT FREAKING COOL}}

I don’t try to be constantly reminded of you, but that’s just always how my day goes. I turn on the radio and wonder if you’re listening to the same station. I see a car that looks like yours and wonder where you are. Then it’s a longing in my chest because you’re not here. It’s hearing your name and not being able to remember there are other people called the same thing. The phrase you always say comes out of someone else’s mouth and it sounds wrong. I watch the show we both love and wonder what it would be like if you were watching with me.
—  L.B.

I really wonder if karamel haters actually know what an abusive relationship is or looks like because they are using the term wayyyyy to loosely to describe karamel. Mon el is not abusive. Neither is Kara. They have arguments sure but so does every couple at some point and if you think that people in real relationships don’t fight or never have issues then you are delusional because that’s how it works in the real world. The main thing is that over all they love each other and want what’s best for each other.

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Chapter 2: Sleepiie Speaks

@piierogi Realizing She Isn’t Making Any F***ing Sense Because She’s Been Awake So Long: A Verbal Memoir

it’d be funny if in elevators people would randomly waddle to the corners and stand there facing the wall being all sad twiddling their thumbs “I don’t wanna talk to anyone”

I imagined these like kinda like a gif but it’s black and white and there’s a long hair lady and another person idk what they look like but they look at each other and someone is like “now kiss” and they’re really in love

I wonder if you can radio skate when you’re drunk as funk

these poor birds are gonna like, be why am I in this Christmas party

you were pecking a rock with your nose making the game grumps face :I

shimmies with the bear on the floor, so I don’t shimmy alone, but this bear may actually be a dog

I gotta go sleep, maybe if I draw Connie it’ll help me sleep, so I gotta pee, did I mention that yet? / wait, you’re going to sleep? / NO I’m going PEE / said sleep, but also how would drawing Connie help you sleep? / it was Stevonnie / that doesn’t answer my question at all

I was trying out the sniper, the wind is here, and so is my food, and my daddy’s gone

you should tell your dad next time to give me some delicious green tea

apparently I just trapped him into helk- hel– heck. with junkrat. he can’t compete with my awesomeness

the movie came out when I was 7 years old? Pokemon 2000. I’m ash from tallet pown and I gotta catch em all!!

I don’t think there’s any more chronic ones to open. listen. listen. listen. listen. listen.