because people wanted a rebloggable version

I’ve found an HD version of the first season of O*tlander… which means that I can make high quality gifs of all the whump from it! Including the heavily nsfw scenes from the finale!

I’ve only watched the finale (for that scene’s purposes, mind you) and nothing else, but if you want something specific from the other episodes, just tell me what it is and on what episode and I’ll try to make it :) (probably from next week on though because I’ll be too busy XD)

For the nsfw scenes, I’m thinking about making two versions of gifsets; one where the gifs will be seen by everyone, which will not be tagged with the show so that any innocent fans won’t have to deal with my eery taste, but generally rebloggable by nsfw blogs, and one where the gifs will be under a cut so that more people can reblog it safely and take a peek whenever they want.

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, and yet here I am.

Please don’t repost my art on other sites without my permission.

If there’s something you want to retweet on twitter and don’t know if I posted it, or don’t know my twitter name, just ask. It’s that simple. If I haven’t posted it on twitter and you’re hoping to retweet it, I’d be more than happy to post it for you.

The reposted art I’ve been seeing has at least given credit to my tumblr, which is better than most cases, but it doesn’t even link back to the original post for people to find. Just my blog.

Here’s another way to look at the idea of reposting:
If you found a fic on ao3 and wanted to reblog it on tumblr, you wouldn’t copy and paste the fic into your own text post and publish it on your tumblr. Even if you linked back to that authors ao3 account. You would either link directly to that fic or you’d go find a rebloggable version on the author’s tumblr. Because it’s not your creative work to publish and if you did publish it without any permission, the author wouldn’t be happy.

It’s the same with art. You did not create it, so don’t save it and upload it somewhere else.

I don’t like having to get all serious and message people directly to take down my stuff, but it’s frustrating to see my pics get notes and rts on someone else’s account when I know I didn’t give them permission to post it.

So just a PSA.

If the art isn’t yours and if you haven’t received explicit permission from the artist, do not post it on your account.