because people all post the same pic of this car because they are dumb

It is strange, that men are so easily familiar with telling girls what we want. A narrative that seemed unshakable, a golden crown that touched any head who wanted our satisfaction.

Girls want jerks. They care too much about cars and looks.

our love of cars has nothing to do with men; a corvette has never made me want to sleep with someone when i could be driving. we develop methods of avoiding the predators; call them fuckboys, tell her not to answer. We develop a single look shared between two girls; an immediate stay back or i’ll step in if you need help that comes in the shadow of shallow men. and those of us who fall for the wrong man: we never dreamed our lives would be full of this, our love turning bitter - and we’re blamed for it.

Girls don’t want nice guys.

I am dating a genuinely kind person when I’m told this. when he approached me in the library he was banking on hope; becomes angry in the moment i refuse him gently. i watch him transform and i’m trapped by the desk: he goes from nice to cruel in a matter of seconds. he tells me i’m ignorant, that he could have been there for me, been there until the end. he doesn’t need to meet my boyfriend. i’m just incapable of making my own decisions because of my silly hind brain that belongs to all women. It is the first exchange I have with him and the last one. i am now a “dumb bitch” forever on his list, sadly “one of them” even though frankly i don’t mind it.

drunk girls are asking for it.

drunk girls have to have perfect habits; go out in pairs together, tell each other goals and secrets, promise at the start of the night that they’ll be going home together even if the other one has to pick up the pieces. count liquor in secret codes, say, i’m just going to the bathroom with my girl so later we can say i just want to go home; drunk girls get caught and when we say do you want him they say no, take me home, i do not.

girls just want someone who compliments them.

he follows her from class to class, eyes wide but mouth never speaking. he texts her under the desk and i see her shudder, just a little, but visibly. later when we’re drunk we’ll laugh about how he talks about her glorious titties but for now he’s posting on facebook about how women are shallow and know nothing. in the meantime, i watch her flinch every time she meets his eyes. in the last message he sends, he tells her, fine bitch, you were ugly the whole time and i never meant any of it. later on his blog he’ll talk about how he hates these stupid women.

girls in tight clothes are flaunting it. 

girls just want to get home in one piece. we wear baggy clothes and are harassed for being slovenly in the same train station that we were harassed for looking nice for a moment. we stand just a little closer to each other when the words start coming. men look at videos of women being catcalled and they scoff and say, can you blame him? and are surprised when we say, yes, i can, they tell us that they know what we mean when we wear a black turtleneck. what we mean? we just want to get home in this.

girls want an alpha male. girls want someone who puts them in their place. girls want a real man, girls want an asshole, girls want violence.

girls don’t believe in the alpha male myth because girls spent too much time studying wolves from middle school to college; girls would rather be a wolf than put up with this. girls believe their place is just where they are, for as long as they want to belong there; girls are quite fine making their own place; girls would like their place to be the white house. girls want girls. girls want someone who will love them, the way most people do. they just want to be alive and have a good time of it. 

but then, i don’t know if all girls do. because we’re not one hind brain, not one orb of desire that can be cracked by following an equation that someone developed by making up rules; put in nice, use compliments, send dick pic and hope she falls in love with you. there’s no right way and that’s the fact of it. treat us like we’re people. like we each want different things. like we have something new called a personality.

“I know what women want,” the man announces, “trust me.”

25 Reasons Why It Makes Sense for Beth to Still Be Alive - Even if I Don't Quite Buy it Yet!

You will probably read this and believe that I am all Team Delusional but you might be surprised to find out that I am still very much on the fence. TWD broke my heart when they choose to have Dawn accidently shoot Beth in the head so I am having a very hard time trusting any of the writing. Also, I am not convinced that TPTB are actually smart enough to pull something as complex as a Beth is Still Alive storyline off. All I am pointing out by this post is that those who believe this are not as “crazy” as they seem. The idea that Beth may still be alive actually makes more sense than her being dead at this point………..

  1. All the foreshadowing in 4b…Example: “I know you think I am just another dead girl….” This pretty much goes without saying.
  2. All the 10s…..seriously shown everywhere along with 8s…but most important the Get Well Soon Sign in Coda that had a clock drawn underneath pointing at 10:10. Who knows, maybe this had to do with her dying in the last 10 minutes, but that is still really strange.
  3. The missing scenes….again THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM…I know from studying filming non-stop all summer. Of course the “missing episode” stands out the most but there is are much more. Why would they cut so much? The only other reason would be because her death was a rewrite. There are just too many of them and she was CONFIRMED on set in most of the missing ones (there is more EK sightings than just “the blonde girl rushed into the house” and even some additional blurry pics that could be her but are too bad to tell for sure).
  4. EK was in GA for a solid three months last summer (Seriously people, I have an actual calendar that I used to track EKs movements for filming.) except on two occasions:
    1. When they were shooting Terminus
    2. The week of July fourth (she went to NYC)

Yet, the hospital filming was only filmed one week in June (15-20), one day on July 15 (when the one and only pic of EK was taken), and the first week of August (5-7 - EK was there). It was said on TTD (after slab town) that the only time they filmed in the studio for those scenes was when Noah and Beth escaped down the elevator shaft. They even said that the elevator was in the hospital but that they did not want the actors filming there because of the obvious safety hazard so they built a replica of it. But the question is why she was in GA all summer? That would have been the perfect time to promote her music with all the arts festivals and fairs across the country. Therefore, EK had plenty of opportunity to film scenes for 5b then. If they wanted it to seem like she really died, that would make sense. Also, I am not convinced that she was not in GA sporadically last fall. Her SM seems to suggest she could have been but I won’t list all those dates now.

5. Trailers and previews are intended to be misleading and blur out people and places. Never before have we ever took them for fact until Beth died.

6. She was shot in the middle of a working hospital. Even though Daryl carried her out of there for the Maggie Effect, they were still right there.

7. She was shot in a spot on the head that was survivable. There have been enough posts on the forensics of where she was shot to not have to elaborate further. Check out the Bethyl tag for more information.

8. Dr. Miracle is still alive….plain and simple. Look, when Beth helped him put down the first patient, he said that DAWN did not want him wasting precious resources to save the people with severe injuries…NOT that he couldn’t. The only time he said that was when he did not want to save the Oncologist and Dawn knew it was BS. He DID end up saving him though…and that is why he had to manipulate Beth into killing him. That’s not even taking into account that Car*l was able to be healed of INTERNAL INJURIES after the doc prescribed what basically amounted to an Epipen.

9. The actor who plays Dr. Miracle said on Twitter that the character died….but he was very much alive at the end of Coda.

10. All of the Crucifixion and Resurrection symbols. Others have analyzed and described this better than I ever could.

11. Carl’s Comic Book SL where he gets shot and survives….again others have already explained this in detail but look it up if you are not already aware of it.

12. The Andrea Scars. Andrea is grazed by a bullet in the comics. Why give Beth the scars? Just to mock us?

13. Speaking of Andrea, it is the general consensus that GM was fired because of how that character was destroyed and all the backlash from CB fans that occurred (along with RK not taking too kindly to it) so why would his replacement actually kill another popular blonde female? Surely, the PR people at AMC were not dumb enough NOT to expect all this reaction? If they were, than trust me - as someone who went to school for and works in the Public Relations field – that department needs a complete overhaul!

14. The lack of PR about her death. Besides a couple of interviews the night of and day after, there has literally been nothing at all from AMC, producers, actors, or anyone. That is really strange and NEVER happens. Usually, they are talking about the death, promoting the show for weeks afterwards. Especially for a character that had been on as long as Beth was. They have not even attempted to address the backlash from the reviewers or fans as of yet. Instead, they are staying surprisingly mum….not even trying to explain or sell us on why it was actually awesome.

15. The show always takes photos of a MSF and SF (see season 4 finale) regardless of anyone dying. The actors were filming an emotional scene all day, of course they would look emotional! But even stranger is that some of the photos show the gunshot makeup on EK and others don’t. This suggest that they were not all taken right after wrap and maybe not even on the same days. Also, these actors put on some of the best emotional performances in the series (EK, NR, LC) so they would have been really happy that they nailed it and proud of themselves – one would think anyway.

16. Let’s talk about that MSF of TTD a minute too. What an overall weird episode! Why was RK on there again? Also why did they wait to bring out EK until the very end? The entire thing was strange. When we finally got to see her, the tears seemed so sad that I was sure she was dead. But then I was like, “Humm, wait a minute. Wasn’t she just on after Slabtown and acting so happy and excited? She would have known that her character was dead by then, so she had to be acting on one of those appearances, right?” We cannot forget that EK is an actress…and a pretty good one too, IMO.

17. The “Cookout, camping thing” death dinner. OK? That is definitely not the norm if you know anything about these things. There is an Instagram pic of her with a s’more on August 24 so maybe that was what this girl from MANHATTAN requested (seems odd but I’m sure city girls like the outdoors too). I think I could buy that - as strange as it is for a death dinner. However, it also could have just been something she went to and what they (or she) came up with off the top of their head to say when asked….and they are all asked about it. BTW, knowing what we know now, Bob and Gareth’s was probably that one at the restaurant that was previously reported in the beginning of August since the school scenes were not actually shot until after the SDCC (Surprise! Check the filming again and you will see that location was filmed the week after – Gareth was spotted on set and that is why most spoiler watchers though the Termites would not be dealt with until E7 or the MSF). Theirs seemed to have been a more traditional kind that most Dead Heads are familiar with.

18. The Spoiler. How in the world did TSDF get their hands on that spoiler – which turned out true, word for word – a month before it aired telling us that Beth died in a MSF episode that was NEVER released to reviewers and shot on a location that fans could not even begin to get close to? Again, weird. It had to come from someone connected with the show. And why would they do that? It isn’t like TSDFs have a ton of money to pay someone! AMC sure wanted us to know she was dead or someone was really P-ed off about it.

19.  NR’s spoilers. So most of us know by now that NR can get carried away on his SM (example: spoiled Hershel’s death) so him spoiling something is not unheard of. However, didn’t anyone else find it weird that he actually re-tweeted an article about him spoiling Beth’s death…..before she actually died on air! At the time, I was almost certain there was no way in hades she was actually going to die because he did that. Strange, strange, strange! Either she is not actually dead or that man is pretty mad over it.

20. The finale EK pic. Everyone who is anyone who set eyes on that picture in my neck of the woods say it is most definitely EK. Even someone who previously hated Beth and wanted her dead told me she thought for sure that was her. I have heard on SM that the new blonde girl (Alexandria?) specifically said it was not her but I can’t confirm that at the moment. Could it be a dream or a flashback? Maybe. But look real close. One of my friends on a Facebook group pointed out the red by her ponytail in her hair. It looks very close to the blood from on the exit wound when compared to some of the set photographs. Perhaps, a blood stain? I hate to be a broken record…but once again that is strange. Why would someone have a flashback or dream of Beth in that condition? The spot could just be a hair-thing but the picture itself makes you wonder. Also, why would she be in costume (which she appears to be) if she was just reading from a diary.

21. Scott Gimple’s “It’s going to be sad and then it will get strange…” comment. How does a show about Zombie’s get stranger?

22. Weird filming in general. I know a lot of people think that it is just a myth that they were down there shuttling people around in black vans and hiding them from onlookers. I would think so too if not for so many reports, CH actually talking about them hiding her on TTD (after Slabtown), and an online friend of mine actually witnessing it while stalking filming during the SF in November. Of course this could only be considered rumor by you too (friend of a friend…I get it) but it seemed like a lot of this kind of stuff was reported.

23. Recent pics of EKs GA Condo. Professional EK stalkers (like myself lately) can easily tell the difference between her GA Condo and her NY apartment (and even the NY studio and rented space). Some of her pics lately seem to be at her GA place. Maybe they are old pics?

24. Speaking of that condo, she recently bought it last spring. Now TPTB were kind enough to tell AW that the Gareth character would not last and evidently let the actor who played Bob in on the whole tainted meat thing but did not think it was important to let EK know not to buy a condo despite being on the show for so long?

25. Her SM spree. If TPTB were so intent to have this “shocking” death then why in the world would they let EK just advertise that she was everywhere but GA last fall? This makes absolutely no sense! Before you all go and tell me that she had a right to post whatever she wanted on her public Twitter and IG accounts, let me assure you that is false. As a season regular, EK is still bound by contract for the rest of the season and it is perfectly legal for an employer to monitor what their employees put online. Mine does (public one) and so does most school boards. We know from everyone that ever acted on the show that AMC “tracks them from space” and LGJ apologized for his silence because the show would not let him post. Seriously, this could be grounds for legal action. However, if one really wanted to sell that she was dead, it would make sense that they would allow her to.