because peeta is closer to finding katniss

Too Close For Comfort

Katniss Everdeen is a rising star in NYC, but word is spreading about her personal life. The problem?  Her co-star and boyfriend, Peeta. 

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She watched the clock. The door would be opening at any moment. Her plan was in motion. It had to come to fruition – the ideas were percolating in her head for a while. Because she was one step away from making his life a living hell.

When Katniss found out that three of her neighbors caught wind of her new relationship, she almost lost it in the cul-de-sac.

“Sounds like you’re having fun with your new guy.”

It took her ten seconds to register what was really going on. 


“Yeah, the boy from your show,” Mrs. Sae replied. “You two are so precious together. The way he mentions your name and looks at you. It’s very sweet.”

Gale, the tall one, from two blocks down, echoed the sentiment. “Yeah, he told me and the guys at the store that you two took it to a new level last night.”

The reddest of hues donned her cheeks.

“Umm, yeah, I suppose. Don’t believe everything you hear,” she remembered herself saying, before turning on her heel so fast, the others did not know what was coming.

It was the classic love story - they met while collaborating on a TV show. Two rising stars from the same state, making it big.  After a few weeks of chats, six months of filming, group dinners, and occasional happy hours together, they hooked up. He was more of the romantic type, doing whatever he could to make her smile. It was new, awkward at times, but she began to feel comfortable with having him around, outside of work. They made each feel good in every way possible. 

She finally said yes to being his girlfriend. But Katniss made a plan to keep it underwraps. She was known as “The Loner”, and was deemed “too scary” to date. Her manager, Haymitch Abernathy, better known as “Mitch”, encouraged her to be more open with her fans. “Having a boyfriend will help you connect with them,” he mentioned time and again. 

That did not sit well with her. It was no one’s business to know who she was seeing. Katniss was working in New York to survive, to help her family out. Making a living was her priority. Her days would not being used to win the approval of spying eyes - the audiences. And she definitely did not want everyone in her small town to know about her and Peeta. 

Not yet.

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