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mariogoetze  asked:

Hi there :). I miss Götzeus too.. what was your favourite moment of them? :)

Oh I miss them so much. I have so many moments. 

I love their amazing passes that usually turns into an amazing goal. They understand the way each other play and everything is effortless. I miss watching that understanding turn into a beautiful game.

I also love their celebrations when one of them score. My favourite is when they run to each other and instead off bumping chest they bump their back. It’s their thing and it’s amazing.

i also like that they are always by each other in every photo before a match.

i also like the way they hug each other, like “he’s mine y’all should run along”

i like when they act like a couple of goofballs around each other during training

i know you weren’t expecting this elaborate response but i miss them so much.

my exclusive interview with sergio Ramos ;)

so sergio what you and fernando have is it a bromance?

you don’t seem so excited, are you saying your relationship with Fernando Torres is more than just a bromance, could this be LOVE?

what do you usually do to get his attention when you want some?

haha lucky fella if he’s watching the screen now what would you say to him.