because owls hoot

evilde + camping
  • ok lbr here
  • eva loves camping
  • when she was a kid her mom would take her camping and she has all these great memories of learning to pitch a tent and make a fire and when they were in middle school she and ingrid and sara would go on camping trips too
  • she likes going to the cabin a lot (she really likes being out in nature) but it’s not the same as sleeping out under the stars
  • so one day, she has this idea: what if i take vilde camping?
  • now
  • while eva is a camping person, vilde….is not
  • when eva suggests they go camping, vilde thinks she just means going up to cabin so she’s like “sure!!!”
  • but then vilde sees how much eva’s packed and eva mentions pitching a tent and she’s just like wait
  • but the entire ride up eva’s telling vilde all these silly stories about when she went camping as a kid and she just seems so excited and vilde’s like well i hate the outdoors but i love eva so i’m gonna do this
  • she does tell her that she’s never gone camping before but eva’s just like “don’t worry, i’ll show you how to do everything” and vilde does like the idea of eva teaching her
  • vilde ends up being a pretty good hiker (her exercising has paid off) and helps eva carry all the equipment
  • but it turns out eva is just…not good at setting up tents
  • at all
  • (her mom and ingrid were always the ones to do it)
  • and vilde tries to help her but since she’s never done this before she can’t really do much and it’s just A Struggle
  • and eva’s like “well there’s no rain in the forecast so we could always just sleep outside” but vilde’s like “no we are going to figure this out” because she’s not getting any more bug bites than absolutely necessary 
  • and so she basically has eva sit out and work at the poles and material and everything until she’s finally pieced together something vaguely tent-shaped
  • and now their trip can really begin
  • despite her lack of tent-assembling skills eva is pretty skilled at most other camping-related things
  • she shows vilde how to set up a fire and tries to teach her how to light it with flint and steel (in the end they just use matches) and they roast hot dogs and marshmallows and lie on a blanket and stare at the stars and hold hands and it’s just really cozy and warm by the fire
  • and vilde gets spooked when she hears an owl hoot because it is kinda creepy and dark in the middle of the woods (she says) and uses it as an excuse to curl up closer to eva (which eva is more than happy about) and the two of them end up sleeping outside after all, under the stars
  • (which turns out to be a good thing, as the tent collapses sometime after 1:00 in the morning)
  • that’s pretty much how the next few days go
  • they go swimming in a little nearby pond and lie in the sun go on hikes in surrounding trails and vilde discovers she has a knack for making flower crowns and weaves a bunch of them for eva
  • and there’s lots of kissing–waist-deep in the water, lying together in the sun, curled up by the fire, when they stop to take drink some water while hiking
  • lbr they’re basically cuddling and/or making out 24/7
  • and have a few close calls with poison ivy
  • it’s the first time they’ve ever really been completely alone with each other (no other humans for miles around) so they make the most of it as much as possible
  • and the weekend passes way too quick and vilde realizes that the outdoors aren’t so bad when the outdoors include eva 
  • and eva realizes how much she’s missed just…getting away from everything for a bit and just relaxing with someone she really loves
  • before they even arrive back in oslo they’ve decided to go 1-2 times a month during summer/fall and have already planned the date for their next trip

// university campus handholding.
they might both naturally have a fashion style, bokuto lazily mixing the colours he tends to pick from the racks and keiji being neat and beautiful. also more soft messy hairbuns, i just think that’s the way to go.

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