because only have a few seasons on dvd


In December, the Nicktoons network will be airing marathons of Nicktoons from the 2000′s. Most of them have had all their episodes released legally either online or on DVD… except two. The two shortest lived ones ever, Catscratch and The X’s.

These two shows both premiered in 2005 and had the misfortune of getting cancelled after only one 20-episode season each, due to Cyma Zarghami’s boneheaded decision to cancel all Nicktoons currently running at the time (except SpongeBob and Avatar) when she became the head of Nickelodeon in early 2006. After their last few episodes were aired, Catscratch and The X’s both disappeared off the face of television, not even having reruns anywhere. Because of this and the fact that they didn’t get the chance to build up enough popularity, finding their episodes on the internet, be it legally or otherwise, has been next to impossible, save for only a small handful of them.

Now, because of the Nicktoons network putting them both back on the air after so long, we have the chance to fix that. Anyone who’s familiar with recording TV shows, preferably in the highest quality possible, I’m asking this of you: Record any and all episodes that Nicktoons may show of Catscratch and The X’s and share them online. Normally, I’m against doing this, as it’s not the proper way to show support for anything, but since they’re both old shows that have no official releases anywhere, this is the only other alternative. We could also go the more legal route and try to convince Nick and Amazon to release manufacture-on-demand DVDs of the shows, like they’ve done for many other Nicktoons of the past, but until that happens (if at all), recording them on TV ourselves is the only way to see them again.