because one can never get enough of that face

Can we maybe protect the tall girls, the ones who feel like they’re not feminine enough because of their height?

The ones who are painfully aware that they can change their weight, their face, their clothes, but can never change their height.

The ones who are represented in the media as either models or jokes, never just people with feelings.

The ones who get two different types of messages on dating sites, “were you born female?” and “I want you to crush me”, rarely just a simple “hello”.

The ones who feel like everyone else gets represented in ‘different types of women’ posts, but they’re always left out.

We might look imposing and like we can handle ourselves, but some of us just feel like lost kittens who need a little back up sometimes. Because like I said, we’re people too, with and sometimes we feel like people forget that.

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sherlolly and warstan children being bffs. mary, john, molly and sherlock being parents and loving each other's children headcanons? JUST ALL THE PARENT!LOCK HEADCANONS INCLUDING MARY AND JOHN LOL

Oh, I am soooooo down for this!

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  1. Mary and John have their second child, another girl, before Sherlock and Molly have their only child, a son. Molly doesn’t have a very easy pregnancy, and she and Sherlock decide one child is enough for them because they are also a pretty integral part of the lives of the Watson girl’s lives.
  2. Rosie and her sister, Abigail Louise, absolutely adore Victor Hamish Holmes. He is not quite as enthused most of the time because he is in a “girls, eww” stage. But if anyone picks on his honorary sisters, they get fists in the face. Only he can pick on them (they take it in stride because he never says anything REALLY mean).
  3. The “eww girls” phase only lasts until Victor is six, and then he and Abigail (who is seven, nearly eight) are inseperable. Rosie is nine and she says her sister and Victor are MATES and they usually tackle her and then tickle fights ensue until there is one true victor (usually one of the adults, because they get drug into it and they are bigger).
  4. Molly and Mary don’t dare get their hopes up that Victor and Abby actually fancy each other, but sometimes they muse on actually being related and all and being the sisters the other never had and wouldn’t that be nice?
  5. Rosie goes through a phase where she thinks about nothing but being a specialist registrar when she’s eleven and she shadows Molly at Barts and no one except her teachers are at all disturbed that she’s spending time in the morgue on the weekends. She’s actually quite good at the little tasks Molly gives her and she takes note to see if Rosie is still interested when she gets older to see about getting her into the university she went to or an internship or something.
  6. When she’s twelve she gets interested in her Uncle Sherlock’s work, and so do Victor and Abby, and suddenly there’s three children shadowing Sherlock and John at crime scenes and Scotland Yard is asking DIs Lestrade and Donovan why don’t you find this disturbing? When they say the kids are Holmes and Watson’s, it’s understood some things are just meant to be.
  7. This phase actually lasts three years. Victor solves two cases before his father. Abby solves four. Sherlock suggests they start their own blog. His wife and the Watsons say perhaps they can just start with cases at school instead. Sherlock slips them the occasional 1s and 2s.
  8. Rosie meets a boy she’s crazy about that John isn’t quite sure about. Mary is even less sure and shadows them on their first date, blending right into the crowd. The boy tries to make a move Rosie doesn’t want him to and she breaks his nost and sprains his wrist the way her mum showed her. Mary gets home before Rosie does, a wide smile on her face. She never tags along on one of Rosie’s dates again.
  9. Victor and Abby go to a party their mutual mate from school is throwing where there is a ton of alcohol and random silly games. Neither imbibe but they do play some of the games. One is a truth or dare game, and Victor is supposed to kiss Abby but refuses. Abby leaves in a huff and Victor goes after her and when he catches up to her he asks if she fancies him. She rolls her eyes and says it should be obvious. He said he thought it was but he wasn’t about to kiss her for a silly game without properly courting her first, and she’s surprised for a moment before she moves and kisses him first.
  10. Mary and Molly almost start planning the wedding the moment they hear about it.

send me an AU and i’ll tell you 5 of my headcanons for it

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*screams into ur inbox* CHUBBY DUMPLING

That moment when someone reads your tags to the end and does the exact thing you hoped for. Heart eyes, @softblaze. Four for you.

So, yes, Chubby Dumpling, SINCE YOU ASKED. 

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Just watch Chris’s FACE when Seb says that. Watch him almost drop his water onto the floor because he really, really wants to pay attention to what’s being said. And who can blame him? It was a golden moment, one that’s pretty much burned into my brain. 

Finding out that the nickname existed would have been good enough, but then we get Chris’s beautiful reaction?

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Seb was going to move on, like it never happened, like it was just any other answer to an interview question. Chris couldn’t do it, he could not let go of something that beautiful and pure.

And something that TRUE.

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Obviously he is not at peak Chubby Dumpling here, but there’s a bit of softness. (And let us never forget, this interview wasn’t too long before this one, where I don’t think you can argue the softness at all. Assuming you wanted to argue about that, and why would you?)

Oh, weird blue shirt, how the dumpster loves you.

I like to imagine that every so often, maybe late at night, Seb’s phone goes off, and it’s a text with just those two words. And he can’t help but laugh, because for one thing, it’s ridiculous – and also, he knows that Chris could barely type those two all-important words because he was laughing so hard.




All the boys were having a study session at Jonas’s because…they study do sometimes. Emma had invited them to a party at her place later so they were not really focus at their school work. Magnus was texting Vilde to see if she was coming to Emma’s, Madhi and Jonas were messing around watching videos on youtube and Isak well, he was actually working. Trying to focus on his homework because he wanted to see Even before they had to get back to his place for the pregame with the boys and Even. 

“Isak?” Magnus lifted his head from his phone screen “Is Even any good at math?” 

“He is” Thought Isak never asked him for help. He had enough of Even bragging about being the older one in the relationship.

“Maybe he can come help us” Madhi suggested and Isak’s face turned serious. He knew what was coming next and he knew he was not going to like it. There was two reasons why he didn’t ask Even for help. The first one because he didn’t need Even pointing out he’s older than him even more. 

And the second one Jonas guessed it.

“You want isak drooling all over his notebook?” That’s second reason because there’s no way he could possibly concentrate studying with Even. He was like his kryptonite, he was automatically pulled to him. And let’s just say Even wouldn’t be the best teacher for Isak either. 

“Try explaining that to the teacher” Madhi laughed.

“Very funny guys” Isak said sarcastically, thought all they were saying was true. Isak was thinking in a witty comeback when his phone started ringing. And as a matter of fate, it was Even. 

“Hi babe. Done with studying?” Even said on the other side of the line before Isak spoke.

“Hi Eve. Not yet but we’re supposed to meet later anyway right? ” He looked at his friends and isak knew he was going to regret revealing who was on the other line.

“Eve. That’s the cheesiest nickname there is” Magnus laughed “I love it, it’s perfect for Evak” He said excited

“Eve please help with my homework. You’re the love of my life” Jonas said loud enough for Even to hear through the phone. Isak didn’t know if he was supposed to laugh or cry. But he went for the first option… after all laughing is healthy.

“Eve please marry. Let’s have lots of kids. I love you so so much” Madhi said kissing his own hand.

“Excuse my friends. They’re all five years old” And while saying that Isak gave his friends the lifted eyebrow. And you don’t wanna mess with that so the three boys felt silent.

“You know what they said…little kids don’t lie” Even was proud of all that he just heard. And especially about the way Isak was taking being teased. He always gets a bit grumpy when someone teases him.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Isak played dumb.

“That you do love me, that you do wanna have kids and marry me” Even said in a flirty manner.

“Well maybe” Isak responded in the same tone, not paying attention to the mocking faces around him.

“Keep the hard work Isak. I love you” Even had not intention to hang up but they both had things to do before seeing each other.

“Love you too. See you later” Isak smiled and hanged up the phone.

“You two make me sick” Jonas laughed.

“You’re just jealous” Isak said with pride.

I just want to make something clear about this blog.
Many of you have probably noticed, but I post a lot of opinionated text posts on my blog. This is something I’ve always done and I’m not going to stop either. I’m also blunt about things so if I don’t like something or you ask me to respond to something honestly then I’ll say it right in your face without sugar coating things. That’s my personality and I’m not going to change and it’s my blog so it’s one of the few places where I feel safe enough to voice my opinion. If you don’t like this then unfollow. If you feel offended then tell me politely and I’ll probably listen or you can ignore itm Please do me that favor because I’m never going to stop saying my opinion no matter how much hate I get and I’m not going to stop being honest about how I feel. That’s all.

Pink Elephants - GOT7 JB (Oneshot)

Pink Elephants

Genre: Angst, Drama

Member/ Pairing: Im Jaebum/ JB x Reader

Summary: He’s grief-stricken, reeling from the sudden absence of your love, lost in a world filled to the brim with hallucinations of you. In his state of mind, he can still hear, feel, and be with you. But he’s not drunk so the pink elephants won’t last forever, and neither will you.

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So imagine Sasuke and Naruto in a reincarnation AU - picture them in highschool. Picture them hating each other everyday. Naruto hates Sasuke because he’s so great with the ‘ladies’ and Sasuke hates Naruto because he can make friends super easy. Just picture it. They get into each others faces everyday, near touching - but not really there - everyone thinks they’ll fight but they never get to that point. They just scream and shout at each other until one day - one day they’re alone and Naruto has had enough and he reaches out to grab Sasuke’s arm to just lay one on them but it doesn’t happen. Images from LONG ago pop up. For each its different.

Naruto remembers Sasuke ramming his hand through his chest. Jumping in front of him to save him. The blood, sweat, and tears to bring him back. His PROMISE to bring him back. The joy he feels whenever he finally see’s Sasuke - the pain whenever he leaves. He feels it all. He feels when finally at the end they hold hands (sort of) and how he promised Sasuke how they will die together and how - holy fucking shit - Sasuke is his MOST important person in the whole fucking universe. And he would GLADLY DIE FOR HIM!

Sasuke remembers the remorse of trying to kill Naruto. He remembers that Naurto was the ONLY person who could make him smile. He remembers how Naruto never gave upon him - not once! He remembers the battle, remembers being with Naruto and making something so strong - so powerful - that nothing can stand in their way. He remembers crying in front of him because Naruto is the ONLY person WHO would ever understand him. He remembers that Naruto is the ONLY person he could trust fully and give everything he has to him.

They both remember that they would do anything for each other. And, even though they wheren’t together before, their love know’s no bounds and will do anything to be together.

And finally - FINALLY - Naruto pulls away, his hand limp at his side as he stares at Sasuke - who looks just like when they where first born - and he stiffens and without saying anything he gives Sasuke this LOOK -

Sasuke knows what it means and even though he has faint whisker marks then before - scars more then anything - he still looks at Naruto and sighs.

With tears in his eyes he says the first thing that comes to mind. “Teme?…”

“I thought I told you not to call me that…Dobe…”

Teninch Fic - Why You Should Be Involved

What is Teninch Fic?

A fic with any David Tennant character x any Billie Piper character. Note: this can include Rose Tyler but not the Doctor (see here for more info). The term comes from Billie Piper’s jokey nickname for David Tennant. 

I don’t know any of these characters and haven’t seen the shows/movies, so why should I be interested?

Because one of the reasons Ten/Rose works so well is David and Billie’s chemistry and ability to bring a lot of depth to their characters. 

Because let’s be real, you’ll never get enough of those two faces. 

And there are dozens of amazing combinations in the David and Billie character arsenal to work with. 

There’s a lot less fanon in Teninch Fic. It’s easier to pave your own path with it. And there are just as many AU opportunities here!

I only ship the Doctor with Rose, so again, why should I be interested? 

That’s perfectly fair and entirely understandable. I thought the same thing before I read Teninch Fic. The mere notion that Rose would be capable of loving someone other than the Doctor was a gross affront to my constitution. Speaking as a staunch timepetals shipper, I can promise you that there are Tennants out there 

such as this teddy bear 

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that would actually be really good to Rose. It’s perfectly okay to love Teninch Fic involving Rose Tyler while also loving Ficandchips. 

And if you love Rose Tyler I can also promise you that you’d adore some of her other amazing characters, such as Betty, Hannah, or Holly (all of whom have lovely Teninch Fics written of them already by the way). 

That’s wonderful, but how can I really be interested without really knowing these characters? 

For some of the Tennant and Piper characters it was Teninch Fic that got me looking for those shows and movies to watch.  If you’re curious here’s a whole list sorted by character

@timepetalsprompts has got your back with the Lonely Hearts Club. They’re profiles of Tennant (and soon to be Piper) characters to get you started. 

I might be interested in writing some but that terrifies me, I don’t know where to start, how to write it, or where to find ideas so what can I do?

Prompts   |   Fics to Read   |   Character Profiles   |   How to Post Fic

Need help, beta services, guidance, ideas, really anything that will get you writing? Drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do to help. 

That being said, anyone who also loves Teninch Fic can feel free to reblog this post and add their name if you’re willing. :)

Okay, let’s say I want to write other combinations of characters like femslash or m/m fic, or the Doctor with Piper characters, does that count?

Yes, it does. It can be a bit confusing at times but you’re not alone. This post outlines dw and teninch fic tags/ships. Teninch Fic includes combinations of: Piper/Non-DW female, Piper/Piper, Tennant/Tennant/Piper, Tennant/Piper, Tennant/Tennant, Tennant/Non-DW male.

Any iterations of the Doctor with Rose (including the Doctor somehow portraying another Tennant) where the Doctor and Rose wind up together is ficandchips.

Any iterations of the Doctor with another Piper character is similar to Teninch Fic, but is called Doctor Piper. And we love those too! They can be platonic or romantic, your choice. You can also go the femslash route with this.

Do people actually read Teninch Fic though? Is it worth my time?

If they didn’t I would still be writing tons of Teninch Fic, I would just be hogging them all to myself rather than sharing them. ;) And the writers of all our favorite Teninch Fic ships might be doing the same. But yes, people do read them, and if you’re not you’re missing out on some fun, I can tell you that. 

Well… shoot, I don’t have any more excuses, how do I get out of this?

By saying no to this precious baby face, if you can. 

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okay so can we just talk about this gay agenda and bi agenda shit. Like honestly my agenda is to try not to cry in public and have crushes on people I will never get…. The “gay agenda” is putting away your sexuality because you are not accepted for it. the “gay agenda” is not holding your significant others hand in public. the “bi agenda” is not being accepted int he straight community or the gay community because you are not enough. Fuck that. Can we talk more about the straight agenda, because obviously there is one, like shoving heterosexuality in everyone’s faces, brainwashing children to believe that they are always straight and having crushes on others of the same sex is wrong and not feeling sexual attraction is wrong. Fuck that, you re telling me that I have a fucking agenda and I am trying to make people gay when you are the ones fucking shoving your sexuality in my face.

  • KS: I might get a tattoo today.
  • BN: What are you going to get?
  • KS: I'm going to get "One more time with feeling". I know it's a super cliché, but "One more time with feeling", facing me, so I can see it, and in my writing, on this vein. Because I fuck up a lot. But it never stops. The work never stops. "One more time with feeling". Do it again, do it again. Oh, you think you fucked up? You don't think that was good enough? Sweet, do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again.