because omg he is so crazy about you

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How about their reaction to their girl gettin all shy after doin the do and hiding her face in their chest or neck or something

Jin: Would probably continuously ask what’s wrong as he couldn’t help but smile at how cute you were being. When he finally got you to face him he’d do something cheesy like wink or push his lips together as if he was going to kiss you, trying to ease the tension of you becoming embarrassed, before bursting into laughter at himself.

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Yoongi: Be a bit confused on why you were so embarrassed since it was already done and over with

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Namjoon: As he felt your face attempting to bury its way into his chest I don’t think he’d say much, letting you as he kissed the top of your head. I don’t think he’d assume it was because you were embarrassed, thinking you just wanted him to stay close to you and he happy did.

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Hoseok: I think he’d find it cute as well, tickling you until you looked up at him and begged him to stop while you laughed. Once he’d stop I feel like he’s that one guy that sorta just stares at you, thinking about how happy he is, and you just already know what he’s thinking because he says it so much.

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Jimin: Would start to wonder if you were regretting it already, continuously asking you about it until you looked up at him, blushing like crazy, “No….I didn’t hate it. It’s the opposite really….” Then he’d start to get embarrassed and omg he’d just sorta smile the more he thought about what just happened

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Taehyung: King of teasing you tbh. “Are you embarrassed because I _______? Or because you actually _____?” “Tae!” He’d just giggle a bunch, letting you snuggle up on him.

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Jungkook: If it was the first time anything had happened between the both of you I honestly think he’d have no idea what to do so he’d just sorta hold you there until you finally said something. His mind would probably be racing on whether or not this was a good sign

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OMG the the Andy Cohen interview was so fucking cringey…

Larry denial again, including Louis saying – and this is a direct quote – “The fans think my girlfriend is employed. That’s pretty crazy, right?”

When asked if he writes about being a father on the album, Louis says there are some loose references, but not really because he hasn’t really lived it yet. 18 MONTHS OLD AND HE HASN’T REALLY LIVED IT YET. 

Re the E tattoo, Andy said you must be thinking about getting married soon, but Louis said maybe sometime in the future, but it’s not something he’s thinking about right now. 

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I want Diana to be introduced to super girls group and for literally everyone to be like "oh my god shes a goddess and so strong and beautiful hOLY shit" except for mon hel (who is intimidated by strong women because he hates women) who proceeds to get his ass kicked by Diana and Diana literally throws him in a trash can and breaks one of his arms. Mon hel bitches about it for months but shuts up every time Diana enters the room.


Kara: Mon-El can you please hand me the dung bell over there?

Mon-Ew: well I would, if some crazy bitch hadn’t broken my fucking arm!

*Beautiful, amazing, insanely muscular Diana Prince walks in*

Diana: Hello, Manuel, healing slowly and painfully I hope?

Yawn-El: *sweats* yes! I mean, sure! I gotta go! *runs away*

Alex: *sees white bread running off crying and sprints to the training room*

Alex: DEE! You didn’t tell me you were here! Hold out your arm I want to do pull ups on them!!

dating remus lupin would include...


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- he’s literally the sweetest boyfriend ever
- reading to each other in the common room
- him writing sappy love poems about you
- he blushes when you read them and giggle
- you think he’s absolutely precious and reassure him with a kiss
- catching him staring at you every second of every day of the week
- sweet, gentle touches at all times
- kissing his neck because you can’t reach his lips most of the time
- refusing to let him go on a full moon
- “please don’t go.”
- “i have to, baby. i’ll be back soon, i promise.”
- extra cuddles before he has to leave you
- wearing his sweaters around even though they’re very big on you
- him smiling and flushing bright red when he sees you in them
- leaving cute notes and drawings in the margins of his journal
- he replies back to them in your journal
- it becomes one of the cute little things you both do every day
- pouring your heart out on paper about him to send to your parents
- they fall in love with him through your letters because your happiness shines through your writing
- he admires you when you sleep a lot
- james and sirius coo, pinching his cheeks when they catch him doing it
- “our sweet remus is in love, james.”
- “we’ve been replaced!”
- “shush. you’re gonna wake her!”
- him staring at you because he can’t believe you’re his girlfriend
- cuddling with his head on your chest
- you find it cute that he’s comforted by the beating of your heart when he cuddles you
- telling one another everything
- having absolutely no secrets because you both value honesty 100%
- fights are few and far between 
- having little fights about who loves the other more 
- cute play fights all the time oMG
- nose kisses!!!!
- watching him read and blushing like crazy because you’re so in love with him
- “i can’t focus on my book when such a beautiful girl is staring at me, sweetheart.”
- so much blushing i can’t even
- jealous remus = cuddly, needy remus
- “you’re cute when you’re jealous.”
- him getting shy because of it and nuzzling his face in your hair
- “i love you”’s every second of the day
- being relationship goals to everyone

Cuddling with Haechan
  • okay, so the anon who requested this asked for something super fluffy
  • so y’all are informed okay
  • i miss this lil baby soo much i want to cry
  • he looks so beautiful in the trigger the fever performances i’m in love
  • but okay, let’s just start this
  • first thing first, everyone knows how clingy this smol being is right
  • he loves skinship and hugs and kisses and everything that’s fluffy and cute and soft
  • so he’s always down for cuddles, cuddling you is like his favorite part of the relationship lmao
  • he loves being able to caress your warm skin with his fingers as much as he wants and just sing softly a few songs in your ear
  • and he knows that when he does that it’s like heaven to you so <3
  • it’s indeed the perfect relationship yeah
  • and he gets really clingy for the rest of the day and just forget about him letting you breath because he’s never letting you go ever again
  • i need something like this in my life
  • but going to the story now !!!!!!!!!!
  • you were on a sleepover @ dreamies dorms
  • he wasn’t jealous at all of you being friend w them bc they’re stupid and don’t know how to treat a girl properly right
  • but he loves remindind them that you’re only his and he’s just so proud of having you so he’s not scare of showing his skinship in front of them
  • and them never really tease you that much because hE’S BASICALLY DOING IT ON PURPOSE HELLO
  • y’all ate together and played around the whole day
  • so when it’s bed time they’re all basically dead bc of how much they runned and played
  • but you and hyuck being the happy virus of the whole squad still had some energy left
  • ya’ll decided to sleep together in the same bed
  • and honestly, mark wasn’t dealing w/ y’alls shit
  • even if he sleeps in a separe bed it’s still the same room and that’s a no no from him
  • so he just slept in chenle’s room with mc ari and let him sleep with jisung in the living room lol
  • it was like one or two am and you just couldn’t sleep
  • and donghyuck being the perfect boyfie he is obviously stayed up with you
  • so both of you where there, laying in bed talking about random stuff and laughing like idiots
  • and from time to time you could hear jeno and renjun talking shit about y’all and telling y’all to be quiet lmao
  • but you started to felt bad bc baby hyuck was yawning every two seconds and he looked so sleepy
  • aww :((
  • “hyuck, you know that can sleep if you want to, right?”
  • “no, no, my baby needs me”
  • and hae has this habit of always need to cuddle someone when he’s really sleepy?
  • like unconsciously he would hold you closer to his body and grab your hands
  • and omg it’s the cutest thing ever, it always makes your heart beat at the speed of light
  • you snuggle closer to his chest and let him play with your hair
  • and from time to time you would leave little innocent kisses in his jaw and cheeks
  • and you could hEAR HIS GIGGLES OMG
  • “stop kissing me so much”
  • “why? you love my kisses”
  • “i do, but, what about,,,, i don’t know,, kising my lips next time?”
  • y’all didn’t had a first kiss yet and, omg you suddenly got so nervous
  • and you kinda wanted to kiss him too so
  • “i guess i can try”
  • so you cupped his face and looked at him
  • aNd he smiled at you and you couldn’t help but smile too
  • the only light there was in the room was the one that came from the room’s window
  • and let me tell you that the moonlight in his face made him look even more ethereal than he already is
  • your heart fluttered and you just went for it you know
  • slowly getting closer to his face until your lips meet his
  • you could felt a million of butterflies in your stomach and you gET SO FLUSTERED AW BABY
  • and he felt the same things i swear!!
  • he placed his hands around your figure and omg his touches did help you calm a bit but tbh he was just as nervous as you were
  • but your lips felt so good and omg he was in cloud 9
  • when you separate both of you started to giggle and blush like to smol kids
  • and, i mean, that’s basically what y'all are anyways so
  • he hugged you and you could hear his heart beating so fast and you get so soft omg
  • “thanks for this, you cutie, i adore you”
  • “i adore you to, babe”
  • “we should definitely have this goodnight kisses more often, but not only at night but like every hours of the day, what do you think”
  • this kid istg
  • i love the idea tho
  • y’all finally get sleepy and cuddle each other to sleep <3
  • this is so cute, i think i’m dying
  • but anyways the end
  • <3 i hope y’all like it a lot bbys
HC Request

Someone’s request kept on not making it to my inbox, so they submitted it to me in a message instead!! If you submit something to me and I don’t get to it within a day or two, either try submitting it again or send me a message asking if I’ve gotten it!! I’ll look through and check, and if I haven’t then I’ll let you know and you can give it to me through messages if you want.

Anyway, this person’s request was: “HC where the RFA + V + Saeran react to an MC who can’t go to sleep without a teddy bear”

I have this lil Spiderman stuffed loaf thing that while I don’t necessarily hold onto, he’s always on the bed with me lol. He’s a bit too big for me to comfortably hold him for long ;;;; 

It’s a really cute request!! Thank you so much!!!!! <3



    = He sleeps with a bunny too, so don’t worry about him judging you or anything

    = Listen there’s a lil stuffed bunny in his room that you see and no one can ever convince me that he doesn’t sleep with it except for Cheritz themselves

    = Even then I’d be like,,,slightly unconvinced

    = When you guys progress far enough in your relationship that you’re living together and sharing the same bed, worry not

    = No ridicule will come towards you from Yoosung

    = He actually really likes that you have one too

    = He likes to say that your stuffed animals are in a relationship with each other awww

    = Sometimes you’ll wake up in the morning only to find out that somehow during the night you both swapped 

    = He’s cuddling your bear while you’re snuggled with his bunny

    = It’s super cute so you take a picture

    = Your new lockscreen

    = He always makes sure that they get washed once a week, although he only washes them on the delicate cycle

    = Don’t want your lil buddies to get roughed up by the washing machine

    = All in all, 100/10 really cute couple with really cute stuffed animals


     = He’ll think it’s super cute!!!

     = He’ll literally fawn over you for like an hour after you tell him lol

     = If you cuddle with the bear more than him he gets slightly jealous tho lmao

     = “Babe why can’t you snuggle with both of us? I’m a great cuddler~”

     = He won’t ever make fun of you for it

     = Because he’s a gentleman and he knows how much it means to you

     = He also knows it’s nice to have something to hold onto when you’re sleeping

     = Before he got with you, he would always just hold onto a pillow during the night

     = Perfect hugging size, and keeps him from feeling as lonely

     = He doesn’t hold onto pillows anymore though, he’s got you now <3

     = You ask him if he has any stuffed animals and he’s like “Nah babe”

     = But one day you’re going through one of the closets because you’re trying to clear things out

     = And you find a smol stuffed wolf that looks like it’s been hugged and loved on a lot

     = Like it’s a bit tattered but obviously well cared for

     = You show it to him bc obviously it’s his lol

     = And he just goes “Oh babe, you found Wolfy!”

     = Turns out he’s had it since he was very little 

     = He plans on giving it to his future kid one day bless


     = You guys had planned on having a little sleepover at her apartment to look over plans for the cafe

     = So you show up with your overnight bag and stuff right

     = Everything’s as normal until it’s time for bed

     = You somehow roped her into having a pillow fort in the living room, she never thought she would do something like that but now she’s laughing and having the time of her life, bless

     = After you guys are changed into your pjs and just lounging around inside the fort

     = She notices you have a little stuffed bear with you

     = “MC? What’s that?”

     = “What? Oh, my bear? I’ve had her since I was little, her name is Kitty and…”

     = She notices you’re kind of hesitant to continue talking, so she grabs your hand and smiles at you gently

     = “What is it MC? You can tell me anything”

     = “Well…I can’tsleepwithouther”

     = Surprisingly she understood everything you said

     = She leans over and hugs you, then kisses your forehead. She lets you know that there’s no reason to be ashamed, your bear is a dear companion that you’ve had since you were small and of course you would be attached to it

     = Plus, sleep is precious. Whatever it takes to ensure that you have the best slumber possible, she sees as perfectly okay.

     = Also she thinks it’s super cute that you named your stuffed bear Kitty bless small children


     = Whoever says that he doesn’t have like at least three super soft stuffed plushies of Elizabeth the 3rd is lying alright

     = When you start living with him, he gives you your own room to sleep in since he wants to be a gentleman and thinks it would be inappropriate for the two of you to share a bed before marriage 

     = So he doesn’t realize that you have a stuffed bear for a while

     = It’s only about three weeks after you move in that he sees it for the first time

     = The two of you are going to have a movie marathon, with a bunch of snacks and everything lined up on the coffee table

     = You’re both in these ridiculously soft pajamas probably silk because Jumin Han does nothing halfway

     = He’s never really done anything like this before, but he loves spending all the time that he can with you and he knows that he’ll probably really enjoy it listen this guy is a huge softie wow gosh I love him

     = I love all of these dorks okay who doesn’t

     = Anyway, you guys are all set up and he’s about to start the movie before you yell “Wait!!” and dash back off to your bedroom

     = He figures you wanted to get another blanket or pillow, so he waits patiently for you to get back

     = But when you return you have this little stuffed bear in your arms and nothing else

     = Huh, guess he was wrong

     = You sit down and get all comfy next to him, all the while waiting for him to comment on your bear

     = But he just starts the first movie instead

     = You don’t say anything until after it’s over, while he’s getting up to put the next one in

     = “Jumin? What do you think of my bear?”

     = “Hmm? Oh, well it seems a bit worn. Do you want me to hire a tailor to get it fixed back up?”

     = “No, I mean you don’t think it’s weird that I sleep with a stuffed bear still?”

     = “??? No?? I mean, I sleep with a replica of Elizabeth the 3rd in the form of a plushie.”

     = “…”

     = “MC? What is it?”

     = “….Can I please see your stuffed plushie of Elizabeth that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard”

     = Long story short, you both are covered in stuffed animals before you start the next movie <3


     = Look okay

     = Listen

     = This guy

     = Probably has like an entire walk-in closet devoted to stuffed animals

     = When he does find the time to sleep, he probably spends like 30 minutes going through them all trying to find the one he’ll cuddle with that time

      = He ends up with like half of them in his arms holy moly

      = People can get hurt around him but you know what can’t? Stuffed animals

      = He probably used to get one whenever he was sent out on a field mission and successfully completed it, as like a memento or something

      = Anyway

      = You tell him that you have a stuffed bear that you’ve had for years

      = He nods along as you talk about how important it is for you

      = After you finish talking to him about it, you expect him to start making jokes at your expense

      = But what ACTUALLY happens is he just drags you to his Plush Closet and shows you like all these stuffed animals

      = Most of them are cats but there are a few dogs, a horse, a llama, an ostrich, a few geckos, a crocodile, and a bunch of others that you really can’t tell what they are

      = Then he’s just like “What do you think?”

      = You think that there’s a great opportunity here that he hasn’t been taking advantage of, that’s what you think

      = You guys don’t even need a bed anymore, you can just make a pile of stuffed animals on the floor in any room and BOOM, comfy resting place

      = He would probably try to build a fort out of stuffed animals ngl

      = Undoubtedly he would play pranks on the RFA with them

      = One day Yoosung comes screaming into the chat talking about how there’s a crocodile in his room

      = Cue sly glances between you and Saeyoung

      = I’m just imagining him breaking into Yoosung’s house/dorm/wherever he lives with the sole purpose of placing a crocodile stuffed animal on his bed bless him

      = So yeah, he thinks you’re great and he’s glad that he’s got someone else who does it too

       = You have to limit him to like one when you’re in the bed though, otherwise you get pushed off


       = Okay so buckle up this might get sad but don’t worry it’ll get better promise

       = Anyway so it’s your first time sleeping in a bed with him

       = Nothing naughty get your mind out of the gutter

       = And he comes into the room from brushing his teeth to see you getting out this stuffed bear

       = ???

       = “MC, what’s that?”

       = “What’s what?”

       = “That. That fuzzy thing you’re holding.”

       = “Oh, it’s my stuffed bear. I hope you don’t mind, I can’t really sleep without him.”

        = ??????????

        = He’s still standing there kind of confused and then it hits you that oh no this poor boy has never had a stuffed animal before because his childhood sucked and then he was brainwashed in this crazy cult and omg this poor boy

        = So you just talk to him about your bear and how, since you’ve had it for such a long time, it means so much to you

        = Basically really building it up

        = And then you go “Well, since you and I will be sharing a bed now, we can share him too!!”

        = He later denies that he ever cried what no obViouSlY there were onions in the room from a prank by Saeyoung


        = Look you hadn’t been planning on telling him about your stuffed bear for a while yet

        = But then he decided that it would be a great idea for the RFA to go camping together as a sort of bonding experience

        = So you all get out to the camp site, people are pairing up two to a tent

        = You’re sharing with him of course

        = You guys pass the time by roasting marshmellows and singing songs

        = Jumin somehow got chocolate all over his face and Saeyoung’s now singing Single Ladies what’s going on

        = Of course throughout this entire time Jihyun’s been taking pictures

        = He has to, his family’s all happy and spending time together <3

        = Protect this man pls

        = All of you don’t go to bed until it’s very late, since you stayed up to watch the stars together

        = Side note: Please imagine the RFA, V, and Saeran all just laying back and looking at the stars together, Saeyoung pointing out fake constellations but having hilarious stories for them, Jumin and V pointing out the actual constellations since they used to do it when they were little, Zen softly humming a song while Saeran’s nodding off on Saeyoung’s shoulder and Yoosung and Jaehee just being really impressed by the stars and the stories their friends are telling okay this is a blessed mental image and there might be tears on my face

          = Anyway, eventually you all do have to go to bed since you’re gonna do more stuff tomorrow

          = You and Jihyun are in your tent, and you’re rolling out your sleeping bag

          = Your bear falls out of it and you’re just like “Oh nooo”

          = But he just smiles and picks it up for you, asking you softly what it’s name is and then kissing its forehead after you tell him

          = He tells you the story about how he used to have a stuffed bunny when he was little, but it got lost in his parent’s storage and he hasn’t been able to find it

           = When you offer to help him look for it sometime, his smile widens and he kisses you on the forehead

            = I’m screaming this is so pure I think I might die

Oh boy, that turned out a lot longer than I had initially planned

The more I wrote the more my brain was just like “Yes, put more adorable and happy fluff scenes in here, include all the cuddling, yeeesssss”

I might have a cavity now ngl

I love these dorks so much bless them

Anyway, I hope you guys liked it!!!!

OK I know I’ll probably get like blocked or reported or some stupid shit but I’m going to say it, Jackson did nothing wrong. Jackson literally got dreads for a Pepsi ad and people are going crazy over it. Not just some black kpop fans but also sjw kpop fans and frankly I think that’s bullshit. I mean for one if it’s got Jackson in it, then it’s probably for Chinese/Korean audiences, not the whole fucking world. And you know who mostly live in those countries??? Asian people.
I swear this always fucking happens whenever a kpop idol either gets a hairstyle like this (kai, taeyang) or wears some African clothes/hat (jhope) the bam bam incident should be treated as something different because bambam was wrong to say that, and he apologized. But anytime a kpop idol gets dreads or some shit, bitches go crazy. Maybe you should sit down and realize not everything is pandering to you or about you. All the time these people are like “omg he’s racist bc he said his ideal type has white skin” like yeah they most likely also want their ideal type to be KOREAN and KOREAN BEUTY STANDARDS UPHOLD WHITE SKIN. And omg I fucking swear if I see another ‘they use our music and our clothes and our style so they should thank us’ type post I’m gonna smack a bitch. They did not go through years of training and suffering to have to thank anyone except their fans and teammates. Sit the fuck down

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Welcome! I hope you have a fun time here! Maybe headcanons for shinsou and mirio whose s/os have a quirk that materializes a guardian of sorts (like jojo stands!!) who is very protective of them? Thank you!

Having a lot of fun currently, thanks! Omg, I’m so behind in JoJo, I hope to keep up with it eventually XD (I haven’t even reached Stands, so I had to read some spoilers to make this request, but no worries, because as long as you enjoy it, I can sacrifice some info! Hope you like this!)

(UPDATE: OMG I had in my head Mashirao’s face while I was writing this instead of Mirio’s. So sorry! Well, here you have Shinsō, Mirio AND Ojiro!)

Word count: 701.

Shinsō Hitoshi:

  • Would envy his s/o’s Quirk at first, because it looks so powerful and he wouldn’t be surprised at all if they had managed to enter the Heroics Course.
  • Will fight the guardian if necessary to have its “blessing” to be with his s/o, even if it sounds crazy when he thinks about it.
  • He loses, since it seems he can’t control the guardian’s mind, if it even has one to being with; but seeing how much the s/o cares about him and scolds the guardian for hurting him, it understands that Hitoshi is a very important person to them.
  • Best duo to kick ass for his s/o. However, most of the times they become competitive about who is able to protect his s/o better. Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating for the s/o, but it’s cute to see Hitoshi and their guardian argue over the most stupid things.
  • They start fighting over the silliest things, such as when his s/o wants a snack; Shinsō brings crisps and the guardian brings something else that his s/o really, really likes and, oh, Hitoshi, you’re going to learn so much about your s/o because this guardian has been by their side their whole life.
  • Kinda intimidating when they’re alone and the guardian appears out of the blue to glare at him and silently warn that it’s always going to be watching him.

Tōgata Mirio:

  • Is impressed the first time he sees his s/o’s Quirk, and will compliment them constantly; probably he got the guardian “jealous” as he got his s/o blushing a lot and “hey, what is this? My owner is not paying attention to me, this guy is trouble.”
  • Tries to compliment the guardian too so it becomes a little more comfortable around him, but it seems to be kind of a tsundere and there’s no way he’s achieving some development until he shows that he means no harm to his s/o.
  • Very friendly towards the guardian from the beginning. Like, seriously, it doesn’t matter if the thing is glaring daggers into him, he will still act like a very nice dude who just wants to be nice to anyone – or anything – important to his s/o.
  • Competitive as can be about protecting his s/o. He is not Lemillion for nothing, and won’t stay in the shadow of a guardian of any sorts if he has to protect his lover.
  • Sometimes Mirio’s s/o ends up scolding them both because they’re so passionate about their arguing and little competitions; Mirio apologizes, but the guardian still won’t be happy about him, and the situation repeats again.
  • Would understand if his s/o doesn’t want to get intimate because of the extra stare, but he honestly doesn’t care himself about the guardian’s presence; come on, he’s a guy who doesn’t really seem fazed by fighting naked, why would this bother him?

[BONUS] Ojiro Mashirao:

  • He didn’t think he would ever be ready to meet his future s/o’s parents, but after having to deal with an overprotective divine-like structure that basically wants him dead, the idea doesn’t creep him out as much anymore.
  • Does his best to get along with his s/o’s guardian from the very beginning; is honest and noble about his intentions with them and needs it to know that he is as eager as the entity to protect them.
  • Very hesitant to start affective movements on his s/o because of the guardian’s disapproving look; it does intimidate him a little, but his s/o’s reassurance helps him a little.
  • Loves it when his s/o defends him from their guardian’s overprotective and harsh demeanor, but constantly assures that he understand that it acts like that because they’re as important to it as they are for himself.
  • Because his s/o has an official protector, it doesn’t mean he won’t be any more reckless. He will worry a lot about them if they’re out alone, and will protect them with his own life if needed.
  • Should the guardian be a bit more playful and using little tricks to taunt him, like pulling on his tail, he will be pretty annoyed, but he can’t bring himself to tell his s/o because he doesn’t want to make them upset or to get in an argument because of him.
Friends to Lovers with Mark
  • hello
  • omg i finally get to do this
  • like three people requested this
  • and i understand them all perfectly tbh
  • everyone needs someone as perfect and sweet as this lil angel in their lifes
  • btw i really miss his blonde hair
  • like you know the really blonde ramen hair that he had in my first and last
  • but anyways, i’ll just start writing this for once lmao
  • soooo, 
  • you kiddos probably met in school
  • let’s say that you’re a year younger than him so you didn’t go to the same class than him
  • but you were donghyucks seat partner ;)) yeAh
  • you get along well really fast and in one of the recess he decided to introduce you to all the dreamies
  • and yeah, he was the one who introduced you to our markimoo
  • and when you first saw him you were like damn boii
  • because he’s so handsome??? i mean what¿?
  • you really liked his soft features
  • like his skin is so gorgeous and his skin tone it is too 
  • and did you notice how beautiful his lips are? and he has amazing cheekbones
  • i’m looking at his firetruck teaser pics for inspiration as i write this and omg
  • he’s so handsome??? like?? what??? when¿?
  • his whole face was just so perfect and you just
  • “wow, i love you nose and your hair look really goodd?? do you bleach it often?”
  • what lmao
  • he though that you were really spontaneous and funny and he just adored you since the first second you opened your mouth
  • you on the other hand were already so embarassed jesus christ
  • but he just laughed and both of you started to talk about each others hair the whole time
  • and donghyuck was there like ¿?? what in flirtation
  • is that meme too old for me to use or
  • the dorms were really close to ur home btw and donghyuck would always walk you till like half of your way until he has to change directions
  • and there were only two or three days at week were your class and mark’s would go out of school at the same hour and today was one of those days ;)) wink wonk
  • in the end of that day, in the place where hyuck would normally change his directions and let you go mark decided to accompany you
  • donghyuck wasn’t feeling it so he just left both of you alone and went to the dorms to sleep lmao
  • and from that day mark would always walk you home whenever he cans and omg, every day you get to know each other so much
  • and obvs y’all exchaged numbers too
  • and you would be texting to each other all the time i swear
  • and the members loved you but they were so tired of hearing so much about you coming from mark lmao
  • “y/n you’re an angel but sometimes i really hate you”
  • “what? why?”
  • “because there’s ths guy called m..”
  • he’s so obvious and that made you feel a bit more confident to do little things to be closer to him like idk start skinship and text him first
  • and after like a month and a half after, once he was a 100% sure of his feelings for you and was conviced by his soulmate aka jaehyun, he finally confess
  • “i-i have been liking you for some time now and, i-i just though it was something important that you should know, i understand if you don’t want to keep being friends with me so don’t worry about that”
  • he was so nervous, you have no idea
  • and even if he always was really obvious with his feelings you still felt relieved after hearing his confession
  • but you get really nervous too because you knew that now it was YOU time to confess
  • “i-i like you too mark, and, you never heared this from me but this feelings are here since the very first moment i saw you”
  • his eyes started to shine and his smile was so beautiful and wide and you were internally dying because of how handsome this child is
  • and you started to date that day aw
  • and you get your first kiss the next week
  • he walked you home like he always did and since you started to date it  was a bit more awkward?
  • but he grabbed your hand that day and i swear he never stop smiling in the whole way
  • “guess we are here”
  • “i guess we are”
  • “i-i’m happy that now we’re.. well.. you know.. hehe”
  • jesus christ
  • “yeah, i’m really happy too”
  • a few seconds of silence and awkward giggles happened
  • “okaybyemarkhaveagoodlifeseeyoutomorrowbye”
  • and you just entered to your house lmao
  • your relationship is the cutest thing ever leT ME TELL YOU
  • he’s not jealous or protective or anything like that at all 
  • he trust you with his entire life so he’s always sincere with you and never keeps any secrets from you
  • and he’s also not the clingiest person but he loves it when you start skinship
  • like, he’s not the biggest fan of it either but he’s always down for your soft caresses and your koala hugs you know
  • he would always want to protect you and would always take care of you
  • you would be blessed to have an angel like him by your side tbh
  • okay and the enddd
  • i hope y’all like this <3 it was fun to do lmao
  • byeeeeeeeeeee <3
Dating Fred Weasley as a Slytherin

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he would sneak into your commons ALL THE TIME

-you two would also playfully argue about your house

-”ew it’s that slytherin again~”

-quidditch against each other


-Molly would love you despite your house and still invite you to the burrow all the time omg

-he would sneak YOU into the gryffindor commons

-You two being in potions and snape yelling at you two for talking

-he would probably take away house points

-Ron would think Fred is crazy at first because he would associate you with Draco

-Fred babbling to Ron about how great you are and to not worry

-He would go to the Slytherin table during meals even if he got in trouble

-Your slytherin friends love him omg

-When you guys do argue, he would use your house against you but profusely apologize afterwards

-you could never stay mad at him

Hello my lovelies! I know I haven’t been on in a while and I am working on more requests I promise!! I’m super busy with school at the moment so please be patient with me, love ya!:)

RFA + V and Saeran during a Zombie Apocalypse

a/n: thank u so much for the one who sent the ask!! i made a re-do that’s why i lost the ask but you know who you are you beautiful person ;) omg i had so much fun with this request oops so i hope u have fun reading too! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!


  • zen’s weapon would be either a real katana or a wooden sword
  • he’d be wielding a M1911 Pistol for emergency situations
  • i’ve always pictured zen to be knowledgeable about kendo ( it’s a japanese martial arts swordsmanship style ) since he was asked to practice it as a part of a musical acting script he once performed
  • he’s got a fast, smooth move and excellent wielding handwork of all types of swords
  • he would prefer a reversed-edge sword ( he will use the not sharp edge to knock out human threats )
  • but his sword is a tsurugi type so he’d just knock off those people by the handle of his sword
  • he’s also the one who stays fashionable out of everyone even when there’s an invasion of the undead
  • “Uhm Zen… we’re going to kill zombies not walk in a runway.”
  • “Whoa, hey now! I need to look good just in case we save the world!” somebody help this guy
  • he would be good on either offense or defense but he’ll be much more efficient on the defensive side of the team
  • he’s the one who can kill a lot of zombies in a horde attack
  • sometimes he’s on the front of the team or on the back ( he can be the tanker or the shield )
  • but sometimes he can be a bit careless too and a lil off guard of his own defense since he’s pretty busy protecting the group
  • he won’t even if it costs his life ever leave you
  • when you’re in danger, he won’t hesitate to receive all the attacks that’s supposed to be yours
  • he always has a medicine pack available for his own and an extra in case of an emergency
  • and he’s a bit oozy when it comes to blood ( his sword is always squeaky clean lolol )
  • and he’d sometimes yell while attacking a zombie, ( the rumors say it’s his battle cry LOLOL ) “Like I’d let myself look like you! It’d be a disgrace on my grave!”


  • she is on the support side of the team
  • she’d either wield brass knuckles or a knife-edged police baton ( customization with the help of seven ) she’s actually good with any melee weapons
  • she’s on an advantage when it’s a close to medium ranged combat
  • she’s pretty knowledgeable about judo herself and has a pretty good stamina so she’s perfectly fine with defense
  • ps. she’s also the one holding jumin’s extra ammo supplies
  • would always always want to wear leather gloves as to not stain her hands with blood ( also not to catch any unnecessary germs )
  • she be aiding zen whenever he carelessly lets his guards down
  • she, alongside yoosung will be the ones who tries out seven’s data experiment just to know what characteristics of zombies might be used in their own advantage
  • she’s the one you can run to whenever you’re short of ammunitions or you need a reality check
  • "Do you think we’re going to die, Jaehee?”
  • "Yes, we will. If you base it on a survival probability rate scale of 1-100, we are only on 3. Unless we find a cure then we can survive.” gee thanks a lot jaehee
  • she is also a medical support by helping out yoosung by always carrying extra medicine packs with her so whenever yoosung runs out of it he asks few from jaehee
  • she’s the one running first towards you, no matter how far you are from her whenever you need help aka being cornered by a horde bcoz nobody dies under momma jaehee’s watch
  • she’d be teaching you basic defense stances so u can take care of yourself properly ( she does not want you to become a damsel in distress )
  • "Don’t worry, Zen. The zombies might be attacking you because they find you attractive.” uhm that is exactly not helpful at all lol


  • totes the one wHO HAS AN ARMORY FULL OF GUNS
  • he had been going to shooting ranges since he was a kid and he got interested in guns and gun works since then
  • "What? You have a house here?”
  • "A resthouse.”
  • "How many houses are under your name in this country?”
  • “About 20 of them.” ok but WTF??
  • “W- What were you doing, buying houses that many??”
  • "My interests may have…slipped.
  • he’d be wielding four Glock17 ( the two other are hidden on his ankles *tied* just for emergency purposes ) and one Marlin 1894 CB ( since these has one of the basic firearms cartridge -ammos- available )
  • ps. he has the fastest handwork while switching guns on a zombie horde attack
  • he also likes using an AK47 7.62x39 mm assault rifle
  • second one to kill most zombies aside from zen
  • has perfect aim aka always shoots bull’s eye
  • "Assistant Kang, have you brought my extra firearm cartridges?”
  • “Yes, Mr. Han. How many boxes do you want?”
  • "Give me as many as you can. It’s time to put these maggots to their rightful places.”
  • "Where exactly is that, if I may ask?”
  • "On their grave, under my feet.” jumin still be slayin zombies with his sassy mouth
  • he once killed a zombiefied child without hesitation ( in which yoosung strongly disagreed with and cried because of it )
  • "It could have killed you if I didn’t kill it first.”
  • he’d be the best protector/guardian for you since he puts a lot of efforts to keep you under his watch ( jumin never lets you get out of his sight )
  • he’s excellent at both offense and defense but never in assisting
  • has strong sensibility even in the roughest times
  • u can COUNT on him through extreme measures
  • because he is mistah TRUST fund kid


  • the medical support of the group!!
  • he’d be the one carrying all your medical needs so he needs to be badly protected
  • ps. he’s the most excellent assist in a group
  • but don’t worry he can protect himself perfectly fine aka you don’t underestimate this cinnamon roll he can actually kill u
  • his best wielded weapons would be two Smith and Wesson 54s and he’d be an excellent melee wielder as well ( probably an axe )
  • he’d be seven’s partner in analyzing things about zombies aka finding out what caused the virus and how to cure it
  • he’s not afraid to lay his life just to protect you has the self-sacrificing shounen disease
  • will come running on your aid faster then u can shout for help
  • he’d always make sure you won’t have any wounds, you are sterilized and that you are properly taken care of
  • but ofc when all of this first happened, he was he one who cried the most because what has the world gone into
  • such a worrywart when he sees a member having a wound he’d immediately clean it
  • "Yoosung, it’s just a scratch.”
  • "But what if it gets infected??”
  • "No, really. It’s just a scratch.”
  • "But.. but—” cue puppy eyes
  • “Fine. So you will stop worrying.”
  • do not underestimate his handwork in guns he’s pretty knowledgeable about it too and he’s got perfect aim just like jumin
  • he kind of enjoys killing zombies or going on a killing spree in a zombie horde attack uhm yoosung this isn’t a game omg
  • would go bat shit crazy if someone from his group gets wounded by an attack ( expect a massive amount of zombie bodies killed by this boi )
  • sometimes when he sees animals going to be attacked he’d risk his life to protect it all life must be protected under yoosung’s watch
  • also when he found out that animals can get the virus too he got depressed


  • the virus probably came from his secret agency
  • the central intelligence of the team & a perfect battle formation planner ( totes would work well with jumin when devicing plans aka escape routes and how to go heads to heads with a horde )
  • the brain behind every successful zombie attack defense of the group
  • he has the most weird yet convenient weapons available
  • he’s gonna provide laser markers for everyone in different colors
  • “Do you like rainbow colors? I have a rainbow one.”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “…yeah!”
  • he can fucking drive a military tank
  • “Ohhh! This is the infamous WWII Nazi Tank!! Ohhhh! This is so brilliant!!! I get to drive a vintage classic!” he’s squealing in happiness excuse him for a moment
  • “…just drive, Seven.” 
  • he once made weapons out of nail guns, nails and a magazine
  • also made a deadly weapon out of a baseball bat and an unused mop
  • he also helped jaehee and yoosung to level up their weapons aka customizing them according to their capabilities
  • he invented a zombie tear gas bomb where zombies becomes immobile for a few minutes if it you throw it and it explodes at them ( effectivity rate of weapon will be good enough for an entire horde )
  • he works hard to find a cure for the virus because he somehow feels guilty and has a gut feeling that the mania came from his own secret agency
  • would ask yoosung to be the tester ( a kind word for bait ) just to try out his theories regarding what senses are still active when a dead man becomes a zombie
  • would probably hack WHO’s data base just to get data they gathered regarding the source of the virus and how it has spread wildly in an instant
  • would test out his developed experimental cures with yoosung
  • he has secret armory of weapons he made way back
  • he may have anticipated for a zombie apocalypse to happen
  • he’s best in both assisting, attacking and defending aka he’s the real tanker-shield-support of the group
  • he’s pretty knowledgeable about guns too and kind of collects some of his own ( and probably modifies it to his own liking )
  • “Wow, Seven! How were you able to make such weapons?? These are all good!”
  • “I… may have always dreamed of having a Zombie Apocalypse!”
  • “…uhm, what?”
  • “You may not know but… I’ll let you on a secret~” whispers
  • “Gamers have been waiting for this day to come!” grins goofily you can even see stars on his eyes wtf LUCIEL
  • would literally die for you also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • totes knows how the virus came to be but keeps quiet about it
  • would try to solve the problem by himself aka giving his life to be a dummy in an experiment so they can find a cure
  • would do all sorts of things just to save you
  • just like jumin and seven, he’s good in guns too but he prefers close combat fights with melee weapons just like jaehee
  • his favorite weapon is a Nagamaki sword and a H&K .40 caliber Universal Service Pistol configured with a laser and a flashlight it comes very handy for him
  • he had gone under extensive training of self-defense
  • he can wield a sword and has good handwork with it like zen
  • aka the most versatile member of a group meaning he can be a tanker, a support or a shield
  • when the bus you were all riding crashed, throwing you out into the open and you got separated with the group because the bus exploded and they all came running to the other side to avoid it and you were trapped on the other
  • he came running after you
  • “MC!! MC, are you alright?!” and oh god did he sound so desperate
  • would probably be the most calm out of everyone he’s been through worst
  • would teach you how to heighten your other senses aka your hearing and feeling senses
  • “Listen… Not all things should be burdened to the eyes. When your eyes becomes a dead weight to you, your other senses remains active… you can strengthen them as well.”
  • he would teach you techniques when fighting in the dark since he’s the most efficient in it
  • the most secretive part of a group but still whenever a crisis arise, he’s the most dependable one
  • he has this crazy high will to save everyone
  • would work closely with luciel as a part of the group’s intel
  • probably knows more a lot about zombies than he lets on
  • has extremely good wilderness surviving skills
  • very efficient medical skills ( aka the fastest to provide first-aid to a hurt member )
  • also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • and a bit of martial arts here and there would probably be knowledgeable about judo and maybe small karate
  • likes to work alone, never does well with team work
  • would probably get irritated over jumin’s bossy attitude
  • “…who are you to order me around?” glares
  • “I am the one who’s trying to save your sorry ass.” glares back
  • lots of glares
  • his preferred gun model is a G27 and has extremely excellent gun handwork ( much better than jumin’s tbh )
  • is fond of using shotguns and is efficient in aerial/large scale combat
  • his favorite weapons are FNH PS90, FNH Police 12 gauge tactical shotgun and an AR 15 Rifle
  • the excellent assassin aka the hitman of the group
  • he can kill zombies x20 faster than everyone else if he’s aiming from afar
  • would probably be irritated by luciel’s goofy antics
  • “…who said you can change my laser marker’s color?”
  • “But green suits you!”
  • No. I don’t like it. Bring me back the original one. Don’t just change my things without my consent.” glares
  • luciel never listens
  • is p much cold blooded ( he keeps on arguing with yoosung; one day saeran immediately put a bullet to a just-turned zombiefied old woman’s head without hesitation; they were just talking to her a few minutes before the turning and yoosung was determined to give her a cure but saeran just… yeah )
  • “…a single hesitation can lead to your own death.”
  • “What did you just say?! They’ve been alive too! They had lives before everything!”
  • “You won’t last a day with that kind of mind set. Tch.
  • but he’s a v important asset to the group and sometimes he teaches everyone how to use a rifle and a shot gun
  • but becomes irritated if u ask questions u should learn it immediately the first time he demonstrates and this happens rarely
Straight White Boy Problem #970

Girls: *talking to their girl circle about everything* omg so michael told me that he doesn’t like Anna because she’s too crazy AND I’m like WTFF Anna is so sweet and smart and yes she does like vodka but Anna is the best! She bought me Lulu Lemon yoga pants for my birthday and she is ALWAYS at Girl’s Night when we go to the Cheesecake Factory!! Also I don’t think I’m really into Patrick that much anymore……

Bros: *talking to their bros* Anna is a psycho crazy bitch not going to fuck with her lol did you see this vape trick on youtube? sick man. Pass me the bag of cheetos

BTS REACTION: To pepero game with crush

Scenario: It was a party and the members said that he wouldn’t do it

Rap Monster: He’d act cool in front of his crush and would do it without problem… but far from you he’d freak out.

“kyaaaa, her/his lips!!!”

Jin: He’d show fake confidence to his members and would try his best at the game, without invading your space and after that would spend the rest of the party blanked, thinking about how close from you he was.   

Suga: He’d try to keep his normal posture, but it wouldn’t work.

“ahhh omg man, my heart is crazy, omg it was so close”

J-Hope: Would be easy to say that he was nervous because of the game and the members, he’d try to look normal after the game and almost kissed you, but is easy to imagine how normal it would look.

Jimin: Like Jin he’d show a fake confidence to his members, but in front of you would become a little shy baby.

“aigoo… I think we should try this game another day… without all these people”

V: He’d listen to his hyungs quiet, with a shy smile.

But with you he’d act confident and would lead the whole game, before ask you out.

“why don’t we try to do it again… but without the cookie?’

Jungkook: Forget the confidence and even false confidence, Jungkook would face you all the time until the game starts and in your turn would be soooo shy and the cutest thing that would make your heart fall in love for  him.

~ADM Cherry~

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Can you please do a reaction where you fall asleep with your head in your boyfriends lap and they get a boner with BTS please


Originally posted by troiskims

Jin: //literally going crazy because he wants to move so bad but he doesn’t want to wake you up// “I’ll just let her sleep…” 

Originally posted by beagletae

Jungkook: “Y/N… can you stop… breathing on me…” 

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

Yoongi: “Let’s think about puppies, Yoongi. Horses dying. Pokemon being captured. Anything but this.” 

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

V: “This is torture.” //pure panic// “I’m never letting her do this again.”

Originally posted by kpop-kdrama-kvariety

Jimin: “Is there something wrong with me? There’s definitely something wrong with me. How can I think naughty thoughts at a time like this?”

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Rap Monster: “It’s not my fault that she looks sexy like this.” //persuading himself that he’s not the weird one//

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~ Jade

Got7 reaction to their s/o sending them pictures of an overly affectionate cat

Request: Could you do a BTS & GOT7 members react (or w/e you see fit) to their s/o sending them pictures and videos of her overly affectionate cat all day because she has the day off and made no plans besides relax…. like the cat stares at you while you take a bath, it grooms you while your on the computer, & other adorable loving cat things :) thanks! oh and that cat is super shy around other people so im sure JK would be jelly because he couldnt get that 1 cat that wanted food to love him

A/N: Here is the Got7 one! Bts ver (x)


Mark would be more or less unfazed. He’d still find both you and the cat adorable, but he wouldn’t really know how to feel, or how to react toward you. Not to mention the fact that he’s more of a dog person.

“Heh, cute.”

Originally posted by yugyeom


Jaebum would be silently going crazy. We all know about how he had to give up his cat, Nora, because of Youngjae’s allergy, so knowing that you got the cat you had been trying to make love you be affectionate would make his heart flutter. But of course our chic leader would put up an ‘idgaf’ facade to keep his cool cover.

*outside* “Oh, that’s pretty cool I guess…”

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*inside* “omg omg omg omg omg omg omgomgomgogmom”

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Jackson would be so insanely excited, almost too excited. He’d spam you with texts and ask to skype you so he could watch the cat be affectionate toward you himself. Not so silently screaming to himself and annoying his members with his freaking out.


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Junior would react a bit sassily. He’d find the video you sent of the cat staring at you and then rubbing it’s head against your leg to be adorable, but he would have a snarky remark to play it off.

“I bet it’s just planning to eat you, that’s what I would do if I had to live with you 24/7.”

Originally posted by markjin


Youngjae would be internally torn. He’d find you and the cat to be one of the cutest things that ever had happened, but his allergy to cats would just make him think that he can’t cuddle you until you wash off the hair.

“Baby, please take a shower before I get home, I want you to love me too!”

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Bammie would be the meme we all know he is and freak tf out. He’d find it to be so damn cute and unintentionally start screaming, probably waking up a few of his sleeping members in the process.


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Yugyeom would become rather flustered when you sent him a video of your cat staring at you while you were in the bath. He’d see part of your bare leg and instantly forget about the cat in question.

“Oh, yeah, c-cute.”

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A/N: I hope you enjoyed!

-Admin Yeonie

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Headcannons on Steve dating Scott McCall little sister? Thanks💕✨

omg I love this crossover ?? I need more

— It’s hilarious because Steve doesn’t know about Scott
— So when he meets your brother and his friends, he’s playing tough meanwhile they could actually rip him shreds without effort
— It’s hilarious
— Scott likes him
— He’s not crazy about his confidence and temper, but he thought the whole situation was funny and that he’d protect you well
— Steve and Scott become close
— He reminds Scott of what normal people are like lmao
— There’s a bromance I won’t lie
— Steve fixes Scott’s hot mess of a motorbike thing
— He’s in awe of Steve’s mechanic skills
— Like, Steve needs to teach him
— He wants to steal your boyfriend lowkey
— Steve and Derek oh no

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You said that naruhina is the most terrible pairing, but think ss is a good pairing? Omg nh and ss is two most terrible and pathetic pairing but to say that hn is terrible pairing and ss is good is so ridiculous. Naruto at least didn't try to cut Hinata's head, stubbed her in the chest, put her in genjutsu, call her useless or annoying, but yes, hn is terrible ss is good. This just forced stupid pairing, with no development, relationship, interaction but, lol, ss even worse

Oh dear anon, please take a seat and let me explain why your stupid remark of my OPINION doesn’t change anything but only make me more convinced of the fact that SasuSaku indeed is far better than NaruHina in so many levels & ways. 

Naruto at least didn’t try to cut Hinata’s head, stubbed her in the chest, put her in genjutsu, call her useless or annoying, but yes, hn is terrible ss is good.

I’m gonna do you a favor and ignore the misspelling because that’s not the point here lmao. Anyway. You’re right, Naruto never called Hinata annoying, he never stabbed her in the chest or put her in any genjutsu. Oh, wait, it wasn’t JUST Hinata c: Naruto never did that to ANYONE, because he’s the hero of the story and in that way he has this angel crown over his head; he’s the good guy. The so called protagonist.  Sasuke was the antagonist, do you know what this means? This means that he’s supposed to be doing evil things lmao even though you need basic character knowledge to know Sasuke, you seriously seem to lack that along with a lot of people in the naruto fandom. 

Read some tropes or just educate yourself about characters and their roles. Also, just to remind you. Sasuke has hurt,stabbed and verbally abused almost EVERY person coming his way. Naruto is probably the most abused character out of the whole bunch but yooo, no one gives a fuck about that. If Sasuke touches Sakura when she tries to reach out to him and help him because she LOVES him, he’s a crazy freak with no self respect. But if NARUTO goes after Sasuke and tries to save him because he loves him/romantically/platonically, IT’S SO ANGSTY AND SAD AND OMG SASUKE CARES DEEP DOWN. 

That reason my friend, is the lamest, shittiest excuse out of the anti-sasusaku jar. It’s been debunked so many times it’s not even funny anymore. Not to mention, Sasuke cursed and hated, EVEN KILLED, his own brother but he LOVED him so much deep down. I don’t excuse Sasuke’s behavior in any way, but if you’re THAT foolish that you completely ignore his care and weak spot for Sakura, then this argument is just foolish and you shouldn’t even speak to me about this matter lol. 

This just forced stupid pairing, with no development, relationship, interaction but, lol, ss even worse

HAHAHAHAHA. Wow. okay. SasuSaku doesn’t have interaction???? are you for real? what manga have you been reading???? If there’s any pairing that lacks much needed interaction it’s NARUHINA. Sasuke and Sakura were on the same team, if anything they know each other’s abilities and weaknesses better than Naruto and Hinata any day of the week. SASUKE in fact, was the first to proudly compliment and highlight Sakura’s INTELLIGENCE early in the manga when they entered the chunning exams. SAKURA, was the only person he thanked and said goodbye to the night he left konoha. SASUKE, was jealous of Naruto’s strength and how Sakura was IMPRESSED by it. SASUKE told Naruto to save Sakura at all costs because he didn’t want to lose anyone DEAR to him again. SASUKE has continuously been impressed by her abilities and strength. Are you blind to this? Are you just sweeping that under the carpet??

& FYI. SasuSaku didn’t NEED a movie to become canon, it was all there. The only thing needed for these two was TIME for Sasuke to heal from his pain & to learn to forgive himself. Sakura learned to respect and love herself during the period he was gone & it actually motivated her to become stronger not only for herself but for her friends. A huge part of Sakura’s character development WAS thanks to Sasuke’s dark path because during that time she learned to love him and understand him completely. Naruto NEVER showed any romantic interest in Hinata. And the whole “ he didn’t know what romantic love is “ only debunks ALL the naruhina “moments” because HEY, naruto didn’t know of romantic love, so he sure as hell didn’t express her any.

Sasuke didn’t need a genjutsu to realize that he loved Sakura. He learned to accept her love and take her in bit by bit as the years passed. THEY BOTH TOOK IT SLOW. They traveled together, got to know each other. While Naruto had to be pressured from all sides and called an idiot every 5 seconds for not returning Hinatas feelings. They literally shoved Hinata down his throat until he accepted her. He had to pity her and feel bad for not noticing her feelings sooner.  Naruto had to accept Hinata because apparently no one else loved him before her. NaruHina is just a really bad old-school american-high school movie where the bullied guy gets popular in the end and the shy,quiet,  sweet girl in the background is the one who truly DESERVES him because she liked him before his popularity. *rolls eyes*

NaruHina and SasuSaku are different like day and night. 

GOT7 REACTION:  Them getting a call that you got admitted to the hospital

J.B.: “she was where? why? how?

Mark: He’d be a little desperate when discovered you were admitted, having already spent the day worried for not having news about you.

He probably would be lost on the way to the hospital, when he arriving at the reception would forget much of the Korean that had learned and after long minutes he could see you.

“you have no idea what I’ve been through”

Jackson: He’d run to the hospital and when he arrived would give you a big scolding.

“yah you have to take care of yourself, I’m not going to take care of you, I refuse it!”

But five minutes later he’d be hugging you and the rest of the day would take care of you.

(Pretend you’re the dog)

Junior: He’d stop what he was doing to stay with you, but upon arriving at the hospital he could not see what would make him scared.

“Why I can’t see her? something bad happened? She’s going to die and you don’t want to tell me”

Nurse: “she’s just going to the room, that’s why you can’t see her now”

“ahh okay…”

Youngjae: He would go crazy, of all would be the more desperate and because of this excess of feeling would need the help of one of his members to get to the hospital.

When he enters the room, he would be crying scared, but would find you safe and sound.

“jagi are you okay? like… alive…omg, I was so worried”

Bambam: He’d be asleep when the phone rang.

To knew that you were admitted he’d jump out of bed and even with his pajamas on, he would rush to the hospital.

“jagiya… what happened? What you have? Will you die?”

“I’m okay oppa… but what about your clothes?”

Yugyeom: He would spend the entire time in the hospital with you, apparently would look cool, but it was for you to be calm, because inside he was really worried.



Junior’s gif was perfect kkk

~ADM Cherry~

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Idk how I stumbled upon this but it was a post from you explaining yourself to a hater and it's crazy how much you've changed?? You were talking about calum in a friend way and how he was your bestfriend which is so funny because now he is also your husband. Which is so cute my heart is in awe

Omg link that to me right now I want to read it to him so we can laugh so hard until we are snorting our chocolate milk PLEASE.

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Idk why but I love that picture of him that you just posted from the clip in hitmen for hire where he's mid-sentence and looks super serious and angry omg daaamn 😍😍😍😭 forgive me

Me too! That’s like my favorite footage of him because you can see his facial features up close ,especially the lovely corners of his mouth,see those two that look like dimples but aren’t? I’m crazy about that! so forgive me too  😍 damn!!