because of you i will never be the same

OKay guys I just like. Hyperventilated for like 5 minutes hahahahaha SO.

I saw this post about Tyler Seguin during the 2010 draft and noticed he came from the Plymouth Whalers. Which I dunno I didn’t know because I never looked it up.

So I grew up in Plymouth. My sister’s girlfriend went to high school in nearby Ann Arbor and said she knew some Whalers that went to her high school at the time. I was going to ask my sister if idk her gf had any memory of names or anything and then I was like. You know what. He and I would have been in the same graduating class….I went to Plymouth High School…. I might as well check something.

So I pulled out my big fucking 2009 yearbook because he started playing with the Whalers in 2008? so I figured 2009 was a safe bet?  and I looked in the index to find nothing.

And I sort of lost hope.
and then I pulled out my 2010 yearbook. just in case. just to check. 

And this is what I find:

So I freak out and turn to the page of course.

And lo and behold. (and Idk if this crosses any lines Idk what protocol is regarding yearbook photos and respecting the privacy of NHL players but uh.)

There he is.

So yeah. I apparently graduated high school with Tyler Seguin.
Now I’m like…wracking my memory trying to remember if he was in any of my classes but like even if he was I would have totally disregarded him because at the time I was an artsy gothic theater kid and turned up my nose at “jocks” and “preps” aka anyone who didn’t wear tripp pants (jk but idk I was an ass and there were way too many Tylers to keep track of anyway) and haha jokes on me now I guess.

Still though like….
Man. What a trip.

Lmfao i feel like a damn idiot XD

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So what so you think will happen to Makkachin on S2?

I do wonder…

He is a very old dog and his time is just about up, but Kubo also said that she never intended to kill Makkachin and I doubt this will change in the next season. Although, I do think it’d be realistic for him to pass soon.

The sadistic side of me would want him to die so that we can see Victor completely shattered (perhaps even messing up one of his programs because of it) and Yuuri doing his best to comfort him.

But at the same time I want him to be happy and live forever because that’s literally what any loving pet owner always wants.

Not to mention that he’s the mascot of the show and killing the mascot probably wouldn’t be the best marketing strategy.

So I think he’ll be fine in the end. He’s precious, let him be immortal pls.


I just wanna reveal to my followers this new baby named Oreo, because I drew him often these dayz and never talk about him yet è-è

He’s based on Undertale monsters , so he is like … an Undertale’s monster OC- but also my persona for a future Tumblr with pals èwé✨  As you can see, he’s a “double animal” like Temmie, but not with the same species ~ (Cat/Goat yeah !)

✨ ✨ N O T E ✨ ✨ Plz don’t use him for your RP stuff on forum or any kind of website. He’s literraly me, it’s kind of disturbing @_@” And don’t erased my websites on the drawing !!!! You are still free to share my art where ever you want. But don’t edit it. (and if you can, let some of my link into description TuT)

Thank you ! 💙  Take some 🍕🍕🍕 for following me even if I’m pretty lazy and not really productive and for being respectful people 🎉🎉🎉

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im 20, bi, and a virgin. i know it's not supposed to matter but it does to me. a bitch has needs, and i've never had mine met. i could blame going to a same sex school, but that seems like bs. too nervous to pick someone up in a club, because i feel like i should tell them it would be my first time and they'd probably freak. advice?

I get it, it makes you nervous. But 20 really isn’t that young to have no experience. I personally know at least two people who didn’t experience any kind of sex until their mid twenties. Those are just the ones who told me. I could have friends who’ve never experienced it and I wouldn’t know because they don’t brand ‘virgin’ on your head if you haven’t fucked someone by thirty.

If you don’t want to tell someone you’ve not done this before, you don’t have to, and that might be one way of getting it over and done with (in which case, be safe, both with protection and with where you go) but what my friend who was in her twenties did was come clean to one of the more experienced people in our social group and just told him ‘I want it over and done with and I figure you’ll make it fun, nothing after that’. That’s another option.

Honestly, my best advice is to stop thinking about it in terms of blame. It’s just something you haven’t done yet. You know what I’ve not done yet? Millions of things, including skydiving and skateboarding and keeping spiders as pets. Nervousness is normal, but stop pathologising yourself for the very normal thing of not having fucked someone yet. One day you will meet someone you like enough either for a one night stand or for a short fling or for a long term relationships, and it’ll happen, and in the morning you’ll still be the same old you and the world will look exactly the same.

Top note, as a woman who had her first penetrative sex experience younger than you are now, it’s not a big deal. It feels like one, because it feels like some barrier to adulthood, but it’s not. It’s just… sex. And the first time, with anyone, it’s awkward and you hit them in the face with your elbow, and you make unattractive snorting noises and someone farts.

In the meantime, finding some good sex toys and learning exactly WHAT you like will go a long way to meeting those needs, and also help you figure out what you want when you have sex.

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So if I wouldn't date a trans person just because I'm not into trans people I'd be transphobic?

If you’re not dating someone because they are trans, they’re fine otherwise, then yes that’s transphobic. Because -heads up- not all trans people look the same. Not all trans people act the same. Not all trans people want to transition. Trans people are normal people. How can you say you’d NEVER be attracted to any trans people if they are all different? It’s like saying you’d never date someone with red hair because you think they all fit into one stereotype. If you wouldn’t date someone simply because they’re bisexual, that’s biphobic. Discriminating against a large group of people because of a single trait that does not define their existence is not okay.


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Logan or Sirius request: fooling around under the table at a family dinner 💕💕

A/N: smut, NSFW, dirty stuff, yadda yadda 

“Why are you so tense, babe?” Logan cooed as you sat in the back of the town car together. He gently squeezed your thigh as you looked out the window.

“Probably because this is the first time I’m meeting your father and I’ve never heard you say anything positive about him in the last year.” You let out a sigh before looking back at him. He was giving you that smug look you both loved and hated all at the same time. “What Logan?!”

“Nothing. You’re just so cute when you’re so worked up,” he smiled. You rolled you eyes as you pulled onto the long driveway winding up to his family’s large brick home.

Everyone had been perfectly pleasant during introductions. You had already met his mother and sister, Juliet. Even his father, who you had long dreaded meeting, was a gentleman as he showed you around their compound. Everyone gathered in the long dining room and was seated for dinner. Two waiters came around and served everyone’s food. Never in your life had you seen in home wait staff, but after a year of Logan’s stories about his family’s life of luxury, it didn’t surprise you.

“So Y/N, Logan tells me you work for a financial institution,” his father began right as you had shoved a fork full of salad in your mouth. You quickly tried to chew and swallow before answering him.

“Yes. I uh, I work in auditing,” you smiled, looking over at Logan out of the corner of your eye. He was gazing at you, leaned back as far as possible in his seat.

“How nice. So-” His father began talking about regulatory elements of Delos, thinking maybe that was a way to connect with you. You nodded along as he spoke, but your attention was on Logan’s hand which had made its way on your thigh under the tablecloth. He silently slid his hand under the hem of your dress, slowly moving his fingers toward the edge of your underwear.

“Y/N?” His father was looking right at you. Shit. What had he just said? Something about the board? Panic was setting in and you could feel Logan loving every moment of it.

“Mhmm!” You decided it was safer to just agree with whatever it was he said. He gave you a smile and began asking Juliet about some work related business, allowing you to finally let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. You shot a look at Logan, warning him he was entering dangerous territory. All he did was wink back at you.

As the conversation became more lively, Logan continued on his mission, gently pushing your underwear to the side with his index and middle finger. He ran a long finger up your folds, gently flicking at your clit. You dropped your fork loudly on your plate, momentarily shifting the attention on you. Once everyone had gone back to their conversations, he made his way down to your entrance, gliding two fingers inside you.

“Mmm, so good!” he exclaimed as he took a bite of the chicken had been placed in front of him. You glared at him out of the corner of your eye. That same shit eating grin was all over his face, so pleased with his performance in the game he was playing.

“I’m glad you like it, dear,” his mother said smiling a sweet smile at him.

“Oh, I love it. Don’t you, babe?” He asked, turning to finally look at your face.

“It’s great,” you said through gritted teeth. He continued to pump in and out, steadily increasing his pace before passing his thumb back over your clit, making you squirm in your seat. You looked over to him, begging him with your eyes to stop before you came. But instead, he nodded only slightly, encouraging you to ride out your high here in their dining room. A few more moments and you were coming undone under the table, careful to bite down on your lip and stifle any noises that typically would be coming from you right about now. Slowly, he removed his fingers from you and placed them in his mouth, sucking your juices from his long fingers.

“Truly incredible. We should do this more often!” Logan declared to the table. Everyone nodded in tentative agreement, unsure what had turned Logan into the man who all of a sudden couldn’t get enough of family dinners.

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i hope this isnt too personal- but do any mods here have an emotional/physical/psychologically abusive relationship with their parents based around their sexuality? bc i do, and really need someone to talk to off-ask. @followers as well, i just really need to vent to someone in the same situation as me.

my dad is emotionally abusive but not necessarily about my sexuality, because i’m very very in the closet around him (he’s homophobic and would probably disown and/or kill me) (oversharing on the internet? me? never) my main is @sleepyflannel if you wanna talk. @ followers, reply if you can help this anon as well

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I love both tony and steve. I could never hate one of them. To me it feels werid with one with out the other. Tryed reading other fics were they were with different people and it never feels right. Whether they at each others faces screaming, or being cute together, i love it because they have such chemistry together. You know when those to around things are going to be marvelous.

Oh, same, anon! I’m ride or die Stony. It isn’t that I don’t see the appeal of some other ships, but these two just have such incredible potential to be epic. I love it.

Let’s talk about Maki’s humanity also how she’s not actually evil.

And get me say it: it’s stupid the hate over her. Seriously, that’s stupid and I’d like to explain WHY.

She’s human, she has flaws and traits. Daigo already said Maki had changed, and we wasn’t aware of her change until now: It was losing her partner digimon. If you’re pretty OK with Takeru going nuts in 02 because of his trauma from three years ago, then you have to admit Maki suffered the SAME experience. She understands Takeru more than anyone else.

… Except her partner never came back. And this is the point you have to consider and realize she’s like Juri from Tamers. She lost her partner, also her digivice got broken. She was shocked because everyone BUT HER had their partners evolved into the Holy Beasts. She was the one who didn’t and also lost said partner digimon… As it sacrificed to protect the kids and beat the Dark Masters.

Now you realize that Maki is not doing ANYTHING “EVIL” at all, she’s just a pawn of MM. She has searched and tried to find a way to bring Bakumon back, she worked her entire life for it. She’s human, and she had this innocent desire to have her partner back.

Which means… MM kinda pushed the right buttons when he started to talk with her. She accepted to do what he said and set the entire scenario, and once she finally accomplished her goal, she became useless yet empty because Bakumon cannot remember of her, just like everyone.

But to make it worse… She also cannot accept the reboot. She wants Bakumon to remember her, to love her and this is not how it works. She’s lost and now she’s also alone since I do not believe Bakumon will even come to protect her (tho I hope I’m wrong and we have them fighting alongside the Adv & 02 kids together).

This movie’s title makes sense now that you realize there were a loss which caused much more damage than in the others. While Takeru & Ken had their partners back, Maki didn’t. It made her feel completely betrayed, it made her lose sanity for losing someone important to her.

And then you have Daigo, an old fellow who was lucky to never suffer it. He does not understand that much of her pain, he also tries his best to help her to deal with this loss. I have no doubts he fell in love with her later and just confessed in a random day where they were searching for a way to bring Bakumon back. Also, I do not want to people thinking I’m saying “Daigo didn’t understand Maki at all” because you don’t feel that. He pretty understands the struggle and tries his best to help her… because he still loves her.

But I won’t say she didn’t anything wrong because yeah she did bad things, tho I feel she had tried to prevent HER OWN PLAN but the Chosen weren’t able to stop it. 

But now that Maki is literally lost in the Digital World, with her partner’s memories rebooted and probably scared of her, I fear of her becoming a victim of MM, since he does not like the humans and showed that he’s will do EVERYTHING with them.

I want Maki to be happy.
And I do hope Daigo will save her, not in the “boy saves girl” way, but in the “FRIEND SAVES FRIEND” way.

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Hey, I just bought skyrim, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for mods? Like which ones you use the most? I've never played before and I'm not sure where to start. I have it for the xbox one, which can do mods now, but ive heard there's a storage limit? Thank you!!

That’s a really hard question because there is 1) so much variety, 2) there are many mods that do similar versions of the same thing, 3) people have different goals in their playthroughs.

I would suggest playing vanilla for a while and then browsing in mod categories for what would improve your particular game. Some cosmetics are always nice, though the remaster makes it less priority than it once was. I don’t know if Bigger Argonian Tails is available on xbox but it fixes the rat tails of Argonians and makes them more gator-like, which is nice. Just explore idk.

I would really recommend playing vanilla before getting something like a combat or skill overhaul though. Many of them are kind of involved and aimed at people who play the very hardest difficulty modes because Bethesda’s idea of scaling is “make the enemies have more health and do more damage to you,” causing normal bandits to be ridiculously tough as you hack away with them and yet you get killed in only a few hits.

I would recommend a few mods in particular though, Practical Female Armors, to get rid of some of the strangely shaped female armors and give protecting your torso a more realistic feel. it can be incompatible with some other custom armor mods though, so ymmv,

If you can find Just Knock, it’s amazing– many quests are behind locked doors in towns and instead of waiting for the people who live there to go outside during the day, or breaking and entering for no reason you can. Just knock and ask if you can come in.

I also like Breastless Argonian females for the same reason, I don’t believe in lizard boobs.

In terms of aesthetic i wish that the Ethereal Elven Overhaul mod didn’t have so much useless baggage in it bc its tintmasks make the elven faces seem a lot more aligned to the art style of the rest of the game (preserve unique features and face angles, remove the bizarre crags that are badly tintmapped wrinkles etc.), in my opinion. you can also get similar effects with some other face or character overhauls like Xenius Character Enhancement, etc.

disclaimer: I play PC so I don’t know exactly what’s available on xbox.

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I understand that all calories aren't the same but my nutritionist says I NEED oil and the fact I don't eat it is why my digestions sucks. What can I say to respond to this?

How can you respond?  By telling them bye and never going back again.

Ok first off, NEVER go to a nutritionist for diet advice.  Go see a registered dietician or medical doctor.  And you shouldn’t put full trust in someone all because they have a degree; that’s not enough…you want to read their credentials too.

Secondly, your nutritionist doesn’t know anything if they said that and, again, I’d cease going to them. They’re just taking your money.  It’s kind of scary that we have “qualified professionals” saying junk like that.  

I am not even studying nutrition, it’s just a hobby of mine, and even I know from reading PubMed and watching academic lectures on my free time that oil is not a health food.  It is NOT needed and NOT healthy.  Tell your “nutritionist” to spend more of their free time reading PubMed and less of their free time drinking beers and watching the Bachelorette.  Do they even know what the Krebs cycle is? Lol

“[Oils] contain no fiber, no minerals and are 100% fat calories. Both the mono unsaturated and saturated fat contained in oils is harmful to the endothelium, the innermost lining of the artery, and that injury is the gateway to vascular disease.”

- Dr. Esselstyn

Normal cells gain energy by using aerobic metabolism.  They use oxygen to produce a lot of energy aka ATP.  Oxidation of glucose under aerobic conditions results in 32 mol of ATP per mol of glucose.  Cancer cells rely on the first part of the energy production process dependent on glucose called glycolysis. But only 2 mol of ATP can be produced under these anaerobic conditions. What happens when a normal cell changes to a cancer cell is the respiratory mechanism of the cell is damaged in the mitochondria.  This damage is due to environmental toxins, yes, but also due to hypoxia (see image above).  You can turn normal cells to cancer cells by depriving them of oxygen such as by eating a fatty meal.  And if you do that over and over and over again……those cells never have time to recover and you’re thus chronically depriving your cells of oxygen. It takes about 12 hours for cells to recover after a fatty meal.

Vegetable fat like oils cause more severe and prolonged clumping of cells than animal fats too. You don’t want clumping.

NO OIL!!!!!!!

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So dumb question here- are you a first responder? like in the ambulance? cuz i see a lot of your tags but you dont tell many stories about your job- and i love those kinds of stories! also how long have you been doing what youre doing? is this your full time job?

Not a dumb question at all. My title is EMT Intermediate. I work volunteer/paid on call for a fire department in the city I live in. I worked for the same FD for 3 years and then took a few years off after some crappy things happened. Back now and love it. I work FT in pediatrics as a medical assistant. I guess I don’t talk much about either because of patient privacy and all that HIPPA stuff. Never know who may see my stuff 😬

total I’ve been doing this for about 10 years between ER and hospital, and pre hospital care.

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Now we know your BiBi songs opinions, what about my Lily White?

Warning, I’m not that into lily white so this is going to be a little negative. If you’re a huge lily white fan I recommend not reading it lol

  • Shiranai Love Oshiete Love: ehh. ehhhhhhh. This song is just so generic. It has the same mild tone throughout and the lyrics are super generic too. The vocals are great but it’s just not enough. 5/10 because it sounds nice at least, but it’s a really weak way to start.
  • A No Ne Ga N Ba Re: idk this is just a song that I was never really able to get into. It’s a jam, it’s just not my tastes. The sheer power is amazing though, especially in their vocals. It stands out against a lot of the other music from LL. One time I showed it to my dad and he said it was the closest thing to a real song I had ever played him. 8/10.
  • Binetsu Kara Mystery: here’s where they started taking hold of it. SL*OL was a safe move and Anone was bolder to test the waters and as soon as they saw that was popular they didn’t hold back. Binetsu is a really, really good song. The intensity of the vocals and the clean instrumentation and the thick atmosphere (if that makes sense?) give it a cool vintage pop feeling that comes through well in a lot of their music but the best here. ZUCCHINI. 10/10. 
  • Kimi no Kuse ni: This is it, man. This is it. I’m so ridiculously biased towards upbeat pop songs that I can’t objectively judge any other lily white song when Kimi no Kuse ni already exists. It’s happy, bubbly (at the lives, literally so) and the lyrics are really cute (it’s about being in love with someone you’ve known forever but wanting to deny your feelings). I don’t care if I get hate this is the best lily white song. 10000/10.
  • Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku: look I’m going to be blatant with it I’ve never listened to this song in full. It’s got a 90s surfing movie vibe which is cool and unique and all but it’s not my thing. It’s a cool song and I like the usage of minors and majors in the verse and the call/response solo structure of the beginning of the chorus makes the trio lines sound all the more full, but I don’t like this song. 6/10. 
  • Futari Happiness: yes ther e we go. This is what I’m into. A sweet, light yet heartfelt song about how nice it is to love someone. I like this song a lot. I like the fact that it goes on way longer than it needs to and switches up what’s going on a lot. I like this song a lot. 9.5/10.
  • Onaji Hoshi ga Mitai: another song that never grabbed me. It just kinda sounds like Shiranai Love but more Sailor Moon-ish. Come to think of it it sounds a lot like No Exit Orion. Too bad Orion is 12 times better. Sorry. 6/10.
  • Omoide Ijou ni Naritakute: ehhhhhhhhhh. The long, slow intro always throws me off. This song moves soooo sloooooow it’s so hard to listen to. It’s beautiful, I know, I’ve really come to appreciate the sort of traditional vibe it gives off and the “kara” at the end of the chorus is really cool, but it’s not a song that I’d actively choose to listen to. 6/10.
  • Shunjou Romantic: there it is. Yes. The second best lily white song. All the vocals are stunning, the lyrics are gorgeous and when you listen to it you feel like you’re ascending this moral plane of existence. It carries the same grace lily white has always had but finally has enough energy to make it engaging. 10/10.

Sorry for slandering everyone’s favorite subunit.

I fell in love with her the day we met.

I knew immediately. I knew it as soon as we talked that first time when I was 14. It wasn’t because she was beautiful, because at the time I didn’t think she was, not conventionally. There was just SOMETHING when my whole life there had been nothing, and I NEEDED HER. She felt like incense smoke and past-life prophecies. She felt like when they say the title of the book in the story and instead of being lame, it gives you goosebumps.

And then that never stopped.

For 13 years, with eons of history and geological events packed inside, Cambrian explosions and mass extinctions, I have loved her exactly the same. The first and only constant in my life has been my unfailing love for her.

Today, in the middle of a game with a roomful of friends, she and I shared a look. Just like a million looks before, quick with how thoroughly we feel each other, not a word or sound necessary to know. But the familiar comfort, the history, struck me all at once and the air went out of me, my vitals crushed by the force of my love while my friends laughed and chattered around us.

I’ve built my home in the garden that blooms to life inside me when I look in her eyes.

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sun*teel said she was abused too, it makes her uncomfortable so idk her input is valid and I feel like you guys are making fun of her :/ I've followed her for a while and she loves supercorp and hates mon hell so, she isn't talking out her ass eithet

look, i’m definitely not making fun of her, i would never do that, and if she suffered abuse her opinions are absolutely valid. maybe she just experienced different kinds of abuse because not all abuse is the same. however from my experiences with my parents, mon-el’s actions are abusive, i’ve been a victim of it, so if her opinions are valid, so are mine.

@shespowerful ‘liked’ for a starter

            They’ve never hugged. Sure, they’re close friends at this point but Lena didn’t hug Kara until this point. It was more of a ‘thank you’ hug that lasted more than just a few seconds because it just felt comfortable to do so. But once she was in her arms, she recognized it. And it suddenly reminded her of Supergirl carrying her unconscious body to safety until she was awake and still flying in the hero’s arms. It was that familiar and it felt exactly the same. When they pulled away she had this frown on her face and tried her best to hide it, but she did not succeed. 

            “Thank you, Kara.”

So, I did finish the book and I’m not going to spoil any major twists and such.

But remind me to never underestimate Disney’s ability to do a damn good villain. Holy shit, I did not expect Gaston to be that dark.

And on the flip side… didn’t expect to see LeFou be given that much depth… I wanted to hug that guy by the end of it!

Also, I am really hoping that Mrs. Potts’ dialogue is the same in the movie because you know Emma Thompson can play the sweet kind teapot side and the sassy “don’t fuck with Mama Bear” side as well

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any advice for staying in the same tense? half of my degree in in english literature and i can point out other people's use of tense but when i write i'm all over the place. i have so many cool ideas for fanfic and for other things i want to write but i get so frustrated because i can never find the write tense and stick to it, i flit between multiple and it makes for a clunky, unpleasant read. thanks! p.s. i'm so ready and excited to read what you wrote, you inspire me to be a better writer!!!

hey there

omg i’m probably the worst person to ask, i flit between them a lot as well i just edit it all out before y’all see it lmao

but i’ll give u what i can

i personally find past tense easier. i wrote almost exclusively in it for a long time, and i’m only having trouble now that i’m changing between them on a story-by-story basis. i try to write present more, but sometimes when i start a story it starts in past, and i cbf changing it lmao.

one thing that i find really helps though is writing something consecutively, with no breaks longer than a week. it keeps my mind in the correct tense, for the most part.

additionally rereading over what i’ve got before i start again helps get me into the feel of the story, but also gets me thinking in the correct tense.

most of all, it just takes work, i can write some pieces now without dropping into past once, but i still write pieces where every paragraph i revert back. but, i’m better at it than i was, and i will get better at it. same for you

lastly - editing. you’re going to miss things, it happens, so when you edit - especially for tenses - read it backwards, word by word. tenses are something that are really easy to miss when you edit, because you just sort of skip over the words and take the feeling from the sentences. reading it backwards eliminates that, and forces you to read things word by word, or line by line if you need context for something. it’s tedious, but it works. i’ve never missed a spelling mistake with it, since i started i’ve never missed a tense change or a wrong word or anything like that. it’s one of the few good academic tips my father has given me and i use it for everything.

guys so i was doin a space camp class today trying to explain astrophysics to these ass children and their parents and this one lil kid goes up to me and he was like

“rey can i ask you a question?”
“yeah!” i said, expecting to explain the distortion of time to this literal six year old
“are you a girl or a boy? because u know so much about space i think youre an alien. are you an alien or a girl or a boy?”

cue adults laughing nervously (im androgynous looking so they were probs thinkin the same thing)

“im stardust. and so are you. we’re all stardust,” i explain. “iron can only be made in the cores of dying stars and humans require supplements of iron to live. you guys are made of stars.”

and ive never seen this little kid’s eyes get so fucking wide and he looked down at his hands and he was like


10/10 best answer ive given to the are you a girl or a boy question

You know I just love this woman.

She hasn’t even met the man for more than a couple hours but she has already given him a loving nickname, like he’s part of the family.

She cooks for him.

Also she made it EXTRA-LARGE, I’m sure not everybody gets that special treatment.

“An extra-large for the handsome russian boy.”

And just look how delighted she gets when Victor praises her food. She’s just the perfect mother in law.

And never forget this.

She looks so proud, so pleased, and you know most parents want their kids to find someone who’ll take care of them the same way they did, because their kids are their treasures, they are what they consider most precious in their lifes. And she knows her son has finally found the one, he has finally got to meet the man who’ll treasure him above everything, and I think she knew it since Victor walk through their door… You know, how moms have this sixth sense about people, and more when it involves friends or lovers.

That smile, she’s a proud mom, and she knows his son now has someone who will be sure to hold him up even in the hardest of times.

Now imagine them both coming back to Hasetsu after the grand prix… and having to explain the rings, their engagement, and the future date for their wedding. Imagine her joy. Imagine her with her future grandchildren, I don’t know I just love her too dam much.


“An ecstatic smol mom, skipping after listening to his future son in law praise her cooking skills.”