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I wonder how many exclusives (probably 5/5) Dan Wattpad must have before some people realise that no one is stupid enough to give interview after interview to somebody who bashes them constantly. Self respect is still a thing.

Woke up to youtube playing Mr. Rogers this morning. I haven’t watched his show since I was in middle school but I couldn’t bring myself to turn off the video. Actually let a few more play while I went about my morning routine. It was just a peaceful and warm feeling, y’know, listening to his stories and coming away appreciating the show in a way I didn’t as a child. I might just make a habit of watching him after I wake up because it made starting the day a little easier.

#flirting (an Olicity fic)

Here’s a ridiculous little celebrity/social media au one shot. I wrote it this summer and totally forgot about it but I found it today so… here it is! There may be a few more parts to this, idk. We’ll see!


She was standing in the kitchen, just finishing off her (disgusting) protein shake, when an alert lit the face of her phone.

@OliverQueen tweeted a photo.

She chugged the last sip—ugh!—and swiped the screen. A second later a photo of Oliver was staring back at her and she’d be lying if she said her breathe didn’t catch a little at the sight.

Tight t-shirt, crazy blue eyes, just the right amount of scruff… He was gorgeous, always, but especially standing on the deck of a yacht, leaning over the railing just enough to show off his muscular shoulders. The tweet said, “Fav pic from the @MensHealth shoot.” It already had over a thousand likes.

Felicity liked the tweet and threw her glass in the sink, maybe a little rougher than she’d meant to considering the way it rattled around.

It wasn’t that she was jealous. She was happy for Oliver; he worked hard to maintain his physique and anyone who worked that hard for anything deserved praise and a spread in Men’s Health was good for him, but ugh! Over a thousand likes in less than three minutes? Really? How was it possible?

Her phone vibrated and she looked down to see another alert.

@OliverQueen: @FelicitySmoak you should have come with. Missed you on the boat ;)

Felicity sighed and tapped out a return message.

@FelicitySmoak: @OliverQueen motion sickness, photogs and getting hit on 24/7? Yeah what was I thinking passing on that?

As was usual whenever she got into a conversation with Oliver on social media, her phone started blowing up. Likes and follows and retweets. Everyone wanted a piece of Oliver Queen, even if it was just in the form of stalking him on Twitter.

Even she had her claws in him in a way. It wasn’t like he talked to her on Twitter because he missed her sparkling personality. No, she was the Ronald Miller to his Cindy Mancini, using his popularity and social media prowess to Can’t Buy Me Love her way into the hearts of America. Or, at least, into the hearts of his millions of followers.

Her phone vibrated again, but this time it was a text.

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I didn’t want to make a post about the Nu'est P101 thing on tumblr because I already spent the last 20 hours talking about it on twitter.

I just want everyone to know that all your frustrations, anger, resentments, excitement and anticipation about the show need to be molded into motivation to help Nu'est. To support them, to vote, to prove to them that we are ALWAYS by their side.

These boys took so much time out of their lives to make US happy, dedicated themselves to make us smile, laugh the LEAST we can do is pay them back by showing full unconditional support and backing. They cannot do this alone. Regardless of why they chose to go to P101, we have to be there for them, that’s what ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s about.

titanite-stormcrow  asked:

Idk anything about your dnd character but 1, 5, 16, & 18 :>

1. do any of their wounds have interesting origins?

nessara, no; or at least, not yet. she’s a maztican tabaxi and has only recently traveled to continents inhabited by more traditional races, so the majority of her scars are from adventuring accidents in her homeland. she was recently shot in the gut by a rudimentary flintlock though. not sure if it’ll scar, but it singed a large section of fur off her body that our cleric couldn’t regrow (despite healing the wound itself). 

julith, on the other hand, was ambushed by trident-wielding deep ones and sustained a series of near-fatal stab wounds to her abdomen. she recovered with the help of good ol’ Magic Serum, but it left some scars behind that may or may not fade with time. julith is incredibly vain and hates the disfigurement. she’ll do anything to make them go away.

honorary mention: party member played by a friend who was set on fire by cultists of nyarlathotep for attempting to banish their star vampire. he succeeded, but now he looks like freddy krueger. dude has a mean intimidation score because of it.

5. what does their voice sound like?

nessara: i mean. she’s a cat. she’s literally a cat. her voice is very raspy. almost…almost like yzma, but deeper and less nefarious. #chaoticgoodbb

julith: very airy, very french. she speaks like she’s bored and better than you, which she probably is. 

16. favorite terrain? 

nessara: cliffsides overlooking jungle or bodies of water. my girl loves to climb. 

julith: cosmopolitan elegance. better be bright lights and big cities. 

18. what would their ideal home be?

nessara: honestly, nessara’s ideal home is the one she left behind in her maztican village. she knows she won’t be traveling forever.

julith: she had a pretty fuckin’ sweet setup in paris, furnished with valuable antiques and rare artwork. too bad cultists set it on fire. they’re always setting things on fire. she hates that. 

Honestly, I’m so over everyone hating Bella Thorne just because she dated two guys very close to each other and things got confusing and one of them (Charlie Puth) decided to be a Sad Boy™ and go public about his woes. Like homegirl did nothing wrong??? it’s like the taylor swift slut shaming again