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Bringing this back

you know what would really be cool? If ARMY trended a sweet tag on twitter apologizing to NCT (not the fans), because really, talking to NCT fans like “oh we’re sorry” isn’t doing much, you don’t know what NCT felt in that point in time u know… just a thought, like you’d redeem yourself if you guys actually tried apologizing to the artist themselves, and making your voice heard. just a thought… juuust a rec

So… I watched the Bonnie scenes from 8x09, because I saw people talking about them on twitter, and some of it intrigued me. There was mention of Bonnie refusing to become a vampire when Enzo suggested it, which sounded much more like the Bonnie we used to know.

I wasn’t shocked, but I was certainly still saddened, to see that Bonnie didn’t refuse for her own sake. She refused because of Kai’s curse and protecting Elena. In fact, at first she said that she would turn for Enzo because he makes her “feel alive,” but later realized the full implications of such a decision and amended that to say she couldn’t even if she wanted to.

Them playing Sara Bareilles’ “She Used To Be Mine” during their dance scene where they talked about it certainly wasn’t lost on me. It’s a song about a woman who is looking back on her life and realizing that she’s not who she thought she would be, that she’s scared and regretful and feels worthless and unfulfilled, and that if she’s honest with herself she would go back to the time before she lost herself, when she was broken and imperfect but still herself, and do it all over again differently.

(unrelated aside: I made a gifset with that song a while back, here. lol)

Despite that, I’m not naive enough at this point to believe that that’s the intended message of these scenes, which are instead displayed as a sort of DE-like, star-crossed, you-make-me-feel-alive-but-the-universe-has-caveats romance. 

And, for what it’s worth, I get the appeal on some level… but it’s so far from the sort of transformative story I was hoping hers would be that I can’t enjoy it. I mean, they took Enzo coddling her and holding her back from helping for fear of her safety, and made that something that she finds sweet and romantic, moments after she was asking him why he didn’t trust her, why he wasn’t listening to what she was saying… 

When she was angry and asking him those things, I couldn’t help but be reminded that that’s one of the things that was so important to me re: Bonnie/Damon, the fact that he trusted her to do what she needed to do and backed her up when she got in over her head, rather than pulling her out of the fray against her will. Even in 7x14, the reason he took himself out of the picture was that he knew he couldn’t come between her and doing what she felt was right, ie. in that case, protecting him.

That’s not Enzo hate, I get that circumstances are different and she’s not a witch anymore, and allowing someone to continuously put herself in harms’ way when she isn’t capable of handling it is not acceptable either. But I just say all this to show how Bonnie’s story has taken such a 180 degree turn that it’s difficult for me to enjoy it. She’s all soft power now, which is merely a different kind of frustrating than when she was all hard power (with no emotional support) in the early seasons.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, lol. I probably shouldn’t have watched. I know that the intended audience (ie. not me) enjoyed it for what it was. But I did watch, and I felt feelings, and here they are, I guess.

That leftist who went to Syria to literally take up arms against ISIS is an amazing story for many reasons but also because many publications had to talk about the twitter handle @PissPigGranddad with utter sincerity