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Though he likes to be a tough little cinnamon roll, I think Ardyn is almost always on the edge of a breakdown that could go either way. If someone showed him genuine affection he might just ugly cry.

Alright, I’m finally ready to tackle this one.

One particular scene I think about a lot is when Luna tries to heal him after he stabbed her. The way he lowers his hand and extends his fingers after Luna holds onto his arm. I’m like… the fuck is going through your head, dude?

Well… first… maybe he’s intrigued. This woman, who is now bleeding to death because he’s a world class piece of fucking shit (seriously I was so goddamn angry when he did that), is fucking….trying….to help him. And if he’d let her… well… perhaps he’d be a normal man again? 

And we all know where that went…

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Fuck you Ardyn if you ever lay a hand on Luna again I will fucking rip your beautiful face off and shove it up your glorious ass. ...I have a lot of feelings about Luna, too. Anyway…

As he’s leaving, he stops and stares at his hand for a moment…

Okay bud…what are you thinking there? What if he thought something like “Fuck I’m going to have to think about this later and I’m gonna hate it”

Just staring at his hands…like… Yeah, he had to kill Luna. All part of the Plan™. But why… god fuck WHY did she have to do that? Why’d she have to go and see something worth saving? What could she have POSSIBLY been able to surmise about him that made her do that?

I like to think that sometimes he has a bit of an “inner dialogue” with the daemons within him, and he can see the monstrous form of himself before him. That, even after all these years, they enjoy taunting him. Even though he’s working with the power they give him. Daemons are just…dicks like that.

“Are you regretting it now? After everything we’ve done?” They flash a grin at him and he glares in wordless response. Of course he doesn’t regret it… It’s just…

They’re right, of course. They usually are. But he swears he can still feel her there, holding onto him, trying to save him… And he really could have allowed that to be the end of it. He shouldn’t dwell on that. But…

Well.. it’s a lot to think about….

  • woman protagonist: i need someone to love.
  • strong independent woc: hello i have expressed my affection for you multiple times but my actions have been classified as friendship in our heteronormative society
  • pasty weakass white man: ive abused you in the past but i have changed and i like you but disguise my feelings in anguish because i think that my crush on you threatens my masculinity
  • woman protagonist: i chose the white guy

all the people saying that ‘men should get a turian romance now we deserve one the only turian romance was for women’

like buddy

you realize that garrus was literally the ONLY good romance women got? we got copy pasted into the liara romance, thane died, kaidan hated us for a game, jacob cheated on us and left us for the woman he got pregnant while we were in jail, jack despite having a girlfriend was straight, tali was straight, miranda was straight, women, namely gay women got so shafted by mass effect historically its not even funny

stop acting like us getting one character that you want is an attack on you, because it’s not. you all lost your fucking shit when sera was confirmed to be a lesbian in DAI even though you nothing about her because the idea of something in a game being for a woman and totally not for you, especially when its another woman, is so unbelievable and awful to you

you mock women who loved garrus and ‘shakarian’ because you think its stupid and vapid all while making cow eyes at tali saying she’s your best waifu and throwing fits that you might not be able to romance one female character, you jeer at the gay girls who want a character to not be straight because they’re sick of gay coded women being pulled out from under them to ‘subvert stereotypes’

i get it, women in the bioware fandom can be pretty bad too, but i’ve seen more women willing to let a male character be gay or bi than i’ve seen a man be okay with his ‘precious waifu’ he knows nothing about have a small chance of being a lesbian

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How can you read and reblog that post about women's bodies being a central axis of capitalism's abuse, and not get that feeling/identifying as a woman doesn't give someone a woman's body

because i’m not deliberately invested in hating my trans sisters?

If there was a video that went viral of a dark skin fat woman throwing water on a man because he said “he doesn’t “prefer” dark skin women or bigger women” y'all would be all over her like why did she do that, that’s so mean

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Oh please, Grundy is a survivor of sexual assault. Everyone is acting like she is the villain.

No. Grundy is not the victim here.

• If she was really are a victim of sexual assault she would KNOW the pain of going through something horrible and unjust. She would know that going after innoscent underaged boys like Archie or Jason was WRONG.

•If she was really a victim of assault she could have just made up a name but instead she chose to take the name of a deceased old woman. And yes she chose that name because it’s weird as fuck (no offense to anyone) but nobody would randomly take that name without a reason.

  • cis people with drag queens, who are literally men pretending to be women: haha she's great I love her!
  • cis people with trans women: ummmm I can't just call you "she" because you're obviously just a man pretending to be a woman :///

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Certain Blogs have been very silent about HS since it was confirmed she's in London. They stalk HS bloggers so they have to know about this. They've spent the past six months trashing T and making her out to be an evil seductress who took advantage of Tom. Will they backpedal or dive deeper into toxic-land?

well after spending half a year trashing her are they brave enough to not be awful? I have no idea. 

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I mean if and when they get married will they just shun him too because god forbid their fave do something as unforgivable as marry a woman they deem a snake or a white feminist. But do they really want to go against a woman who is as beloved as Taylor Swift. I mean to go through all the shit that the world throws at her and still is as decent as she was eleven years ago is amazing. Fame hasn’t changed her and they should be proud that fame hasn’t changed Tom at all.

OK SO. I am on board the Min Hyuk x Do Bong Soon ship. I know they have a long way to go (it’s only been 2 episodes like? Anything could happen), but my GOD the potential!!!! THE POTENTIAL.

You have Do Bong Soon, who is physically powerful which already wins points because powerful woman? Say what? But guess what makes this even better? She’s still super feminine, and crushes on a boy, and jumps up and down when shes excited, and she EATS and it’s normal. And she’s not sexualised, and her strength isn’t looked down upon. It’s not made into this “ohhh woman is stronger than a men? SHOCKER!!!!” in a way that turns it into a joke and emphasises that it’s so wrong for a woman to he stronger than a man? (At least that’s the vibes i’m getting). She’s capable and fights back when needed, but I also like that she doesn’t always go head first saving people. She’s no superhero, and while that’s very much something she could do, she helps in smaller ways when the situation calls for it too. Bong Soon knows to hold back and uses her strength as a last resort.

SIDE NOTE: I like how this emphasises and shows you just how much people *cough* men, look down on women and treat women. Because they always underestimate her and think she’s weak and frail, until she proves them completely wrong.

Then you have Min Hyuk. He sees her strength and while he is amazed by it, it’s also no big deal? Like woah, girl with supernatural strength? I WANT HER AS MY BODY GUARD. And what’s even better is HE ENJOYS seeing her show off her strength AND helps her out at the police station no question. He doesn’t get all pissy and feel less of a man or emasculated(? Is that the right word)?. He relies on her, is sensitive, admits when he is scared, isn’t afraid to admit he needs her, and still instinctively wants to protect her despite knowing she is physically capable. He treats her like a girl/woman, without playing down her strength to make him feel manly/himself feel better.

They have this rhythm when they interact and I really like what they bring out in each other so far.

You’re literally lying about people being “colorist” because we don’t like a diss track of a black woman defending a white girl another black woman criticized and policing her body. But then be caping for women who look like Nicki for calling Remy colorist slurs. You just don’t like Nicki. Ain’t nothing feminist or female-empowering about Remy Ma’s raps.

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hey there, I saw in your fic that you headcanon maggie's aunt as great, and that's awesome because that child need to be loved. But I have a very heavy feeling that it might not be the case? Because of the way Maggie worded it "an aunt" it was not "my aunt" it was "an". Maybe the woman just took her in because she was a minor, and she wanted to do the "right" thing but not more than that. Also it seems that maggie doesn't have any contact with her family ever since? A new discourse for you blog

I know I thought this too, very very much so. The fic I wrote specifically asked for her aunt being kind and also queer, and I feel like our community really needed that at the moment. But yes, I agree with you from her wording, unfortunately…

I mean my god we said we wanted a backstory but god.

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I really don't understand the Eleanor caring part. Pat tests are usually taken very soon and only if you have doubts. You don't know him. Maybe he knows that his child bc they were only sleeping with each other? Or bc the kid looks like him? Or bc idk maybe he got a pat test and didn't post it for his precious larries. Why would Eleanor force him? Why the fuck do they think she would care???? Where is the logic???





















gintama descent continues

…bless this guy takasugi’s black shriveled heart, because while i wholeheartedly enjoy gintama’s genrefuckery, i’m an old-fashioned woman at heart and nothing gets me going faster than the hero getting Dramatically Skewered and spitting blood in protection of his friends and his shounen values. and takasugi? he Provides Opportunities. 

Girl y’all saying Remy “rawed” Nicki is some misogynoiristic language. As if what Remy did wasn’t what black male rappers haven’t been doing to Nick for years, and y’all womanists defended her with. Yet it’s different because you’re afraid to call out a black woman. As if that isn’t code for, “Her being sexually degraded didn’t turn me on.” Y’all are so fucking stupid. Don’t talk your way out of misogynoir and normalizing it for a dumbass rap beef.

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How come you guys see it as OK to not be physically attracted to cis people yet call cis people transphobic if they are not physically attracted to trans people and wouldn't want to date them due to this? I have seen this nice little double standard a lot on this website.

We never said that anyone has to be attracted to trans people. But if the reason you are not attracted to them is BECAUSE they are trans, that is not okay. Because what does trans look like? It doesn’t look like anything. Trans people are just people. If you are attracted to a blonde woman and then stop feeling attraction because you find out she’s trans, that is discrimination. Her state of being does not change her appearance that you were previously attracted to.


Why female rap is different

Although rap is based on competition, hip-hop is a hypermasculine space that leaves little room for female identities that aren’t geared towards male consumption (Lil Kim, Foxy Brown) or respectable/wholesome (Lauryn Hill/Queen Latifah). Even the moniker “female rapper” denotes that there is an irregularity involved because the music is coming from a woman as opposed to a man which is standard. Competition for women in this context is different because, where men are given room for more personality/individuality women are forced to filter themselves across narrow lanes of either being sexy or respectable. Their gender makes them scarce-which naturally spurs comparison and second class-which means less accountability with how they’re handled. In a way, it’s like hip hop has an extension of the male contest where a woman is almost a possession and indicative of his standing, power, etc. And that’s the difference: male-to-male competition is elective and voluntary, whereas women are compulsively pitted against one another regardless of their relation or choice. Female identifying bodies cannot exist within masculine spaces without being subject to domination. If it was solely about competition, women would be regularly and appropriately included in comparison to men. Not in a separate conversation on a secondary tier. If it wasn’t Remy Ma and Nicki, it would’ve been any two other women the same way it always has been

this was sent to a blog who asked what killing stalking was, I didn’t wanna reblog it because they just asked what it was and don’t need to be dragged into it, but I just wanna unpack this real quick

-“homophobic”: because…it depicts queer characters that aren’t good people? because of sangwoo’s early comments which were very obviously a product of internalized homophobia? given how accepting south Korean society currently is of queer people, those comments could have been a lot more severe than just “oh, you’re a dude lover” and been completely realistic.

-anon assumes koogi is a straight woman, because just being able to say “straight woman” gives them automatic debate points or something? anti’s favorite thing right now is, obviously, attacking and demonizing straight women/girls and it’s easier to just. assume koogi is one.

-“trying to make torture porn”: well that is an entire genre of film and entertainment, people who like it aren’t gonna be like “ouch, you got me!”. they know what they like.

-“demonize victims of abuse”: sangwoo and yoonbum are both victims of abuse. sangwoo is demonized because he does truly horrible shit, while yoonbum is an incredibly sympathetic character. even when he’s doing illegal or horrible things, he’s someone the reader can empathize deeply with. sangwoo not as much, but he is, like, you know, the villain of the story.

-“make people with bpd out to be stalkers”: where exactly does it say yoonbum has bpd? if you wanna like, diagnose a fictional character, I guess go for it, but that doesn’t equal “making people with bpd out to be stalkers”.

and finally

-“all she succeeded to do was…”: well actually, she succeeded in capturing the attention of thousands of readers who like her art and storytelling, and she succeeded in writing two very, very interesting main characters and creating a huge fanbase for her work without having any pre-existing fame. so as far as webcomic artists go, she’s doing quite well for herself.

pretty typical anti behavior at work here. “this thing isn’t all good and happy and positive and I don’t like it, so I’m going to call it homophobic and offensive so no one else can be allowed to like what I don’t like”. it’s not for everyone, but it is exactly what it says on the tin: killing and stalking. are y'all ever gonna learn the concept of “don’t like don’t read”?