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8.17.17 // 4:00pm // guide to freshman year of college

so… you’ve finally finished high school and you feel like you’re on top of the world. then you realize you’re going to college, where you’ll be a super small fish in a very large pond. which is totally ok. here are some tips to make your transition to college easier. good luck! xoxo, m

ps. i also have a post about making friends here

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The Exchange Student // Tom Holland AU

Pairing: Tom Holland + Reader (Y/N)
Description: In which spooky season is approaching
Warnings: none!
Word Count: 1,089

part 1 / part 2 /part 3

It was a Friday evening, and you were taking a break from doing homework in Ellis’ living room. His roommates were either in the kitchen, rooms, or out and about, so it was pretty quiet except for the occasional clatter of utensils in the sink or beep of the microwave. Ellis brought over a bag of popcorn and sat down on the floor next to you. You stole some popcorn and popped the kernels into your mouth before groaning and closing your psych book shut.

“Have you and Holland talked recently?” Ellis asked as he helped you put your stuff away in your bag. You shook your head and sighed.

“We’ve talked a bit in psych, but it wasn’t really anything major or out of class. Just about psych stuff and homework. He asked for my number a while ago because he needed help on chapter six, but that was it.” You thought back to other times you two had talked, but only thought of a handful. There really weren’t many chances that you’d had to talk out of class. There was the occasional wave or quick hi while heading different ways in between classes and the one peer review you did, but that was pretty much it.

Ellis hands you a bowl of popcorn and leads the way up to his room, where movie night would be held. It had been long overdue, and the two of you definitely needed some bonding time. He works on picking a movie off of Netflix while talking to you. “Oh, well, I just thought you’d want to know that he just cut things off with his ex like a week or two ago because he gained interest in a different girl. I don’t know who though, but word is that the ex is furious. Major jealous type and all that.”

“I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend to begin with, nor is that information of any use to me but okay.”

“Of course it is. It means that now that he’s single and available, now’s your chance to woo him. But that also means dealing with the hatred of a jealous ex, if you decide to go through with it and she finds out.” Ellis states. You lean against the headboard of the bed and close your eyes. Typical of Ellis to want to push you out into the dating world once again. Not that there was anything wrong with it, you knew he meant well and thought you needed to put yourself out there once again. You didn’t need a boy to make you happy and he knew that, he was just trying to push you to get out of your shell and get the guy instead of just wishing for him to magically like you.

“I’m fine not dealing with an ex, thank you. All I need to focus on right now is finishing this psych project and getting ready to enjoy this Halloween season.” You say, popping a piece of popcorn into your mouth. Ellis moves to sit next to you and starts the movie.

“Speaking of Halloween, Patty wants us to throw a little season party. You know, with those really good cookies, scary movies, pumpkin carving, that sort of deal, with some of our friends. You down?”

“When?” You ask, looking at the tv distractedly. You were watching Doctor Strange, and that was one of your favorite movies.

“Weekend before Halloween, so next week. It won’t be anything too big, literally just a hangout in Patty’s basement. I think she was thinking about making it a sleepover in case we drank so none of us would drive home wasted, but yeah.”

“I think I can make it. If we’re going to do that, why don’t we go haunted house hopping? You know, like bar hopping but not. I feel like it’d be fun, and then we can go to her house.” Ellis looks at you as if you had just come up with one of the best ideas ever. He grabs you by the shoulders and grins.

“You, my friend, are a genius. This is literally why we are friends, (y/n). I’ll text Pat and let her know.” He says. He takes his phone out and texts his girlfriend, the glow of the screen illuminating his face. You turn to face the tv and continue watching the movie in the dark.
“Alright class, see you in two days, do not forget about the reading.” Your English teacher excuses the students and everyone begins to pack up to leave. You put your things away, then make your way out the door, and over by one of the study rooms you see Tom leaning against the wall, on his phone. Sensing someone looking at him, he looks up and smiles when it’s you. He makes his way towards you, and you do your best to suppress the feeling of nervousness you were getting.

“Hey there stranger.” Tom says, turning to walk besides you.

“Hey yourself.” You say, smiling. Tom chuckles and shakes his head. “Did you just casually happen to drop by, or how did you know I had English?”

Tom’s cheeks redden slightly and he shakes his head. “I actually asked El what you had today. Figured that since this is your last class today, we could hang out. Only if you want to, of course. I just hadn’t asked sooner because I was finishing up an internship and, well, yeah.”

“Oh, I guess I have time. I just have to go drop off my things in my room, if you don’t mind.” Tom shakes his head and follows right behind you. Once in your dorm, you begin putting your backpack where you usually put it and grab your purse, shoving your lanyard and keycard inside. Tom waits by the door, watching you as you go about getting your things to go.

“I’m driving. Where do you want to go? Figured we could go eat then see what’s going on around town.” Tom runs his idea by you, and you nod in agreement. That sounded like a fun thing to do, and besides, you were already in the car with him, so it wasn’t like you could back out or anything. Not that you wanted to back out anyways.

“Sounds perfect.” You say with a smile. Tom smiles back and starts the car, driving out of the campus parking lot with ease and onto the street. If anyone looked good while driving, it was Tom.

Something people don’t know about Netflix

Netflix in different countries has different shows

unless it’s a netflix original (which will probably be featured in all regions by Netflix) other shows that’s available in one country - say America - may not be available in another region - say Singapore.

I say this because there’s so many times in which a tv show/documentary/film/etc is available in american netflix, and people watch it, and recommend it to me, only to discover that said title is not available in my version of netflix…… and it sucks so basically this is just me whining rn 

This is adorable.

The TNT loop hit 11.11 this morning, but Mr. Mittens had just gotten home from work and was exhausted. But he REALLY wanted to watch it. So he recorded it. And he just woke up and went downstairs to watch it.

He’s probably seen it a dozen times.

I informed him that we own it on bluray. And it’s available on Netflix.

He still recorded it.

When he left the room, I told him I already watched it this morning, and approved of his excitement over watching it again because I love that episode, he replied. OF COURSE! IT HAS EILEEN.

Mr. Mittens. Still the #1 Eileen fan and Saileen Shipper.

I finished watching The Twelve Kingdoms anime today and… that was some good stuff. That was some top notch character development for a whole bunch of people, with Youko having the best of all of them. Like wow I love her and she deserves everything good in the world. 

The anime’s based on a light novel series, and the anime got me curious about them. However, on that front it’s both good and bad news. The bad news is that Youko is only the focus of one of the books, and the good news is also that Youko is only the focus of one of the books. That’s because I really want to read more about Youko, but at the same time I desperately didn’t want anything else horrible and stressful and tragic to happen to her. So even though it’s too bad she’s not the focus of more of the books, I’m relieved that she’s able to have a clearly defined story that developed her into such an amazing character

I think The Twelve Kingdoms would be a great choice for that female-lead rec post I am STILL trying to choose series for, but the only problem is that it doesn’t seem to be super available. It’s not on netflix, hulu, or crunchyroll. It is on kissanime though, in what seems to be pretty good quality, at the very least. I’m still debating if that’s enough though


My name is Klara (she/her), I’m 17 and from a small town in southern Sweden. I’ve submitted on here two times before, but time flies by and so does penpals (unfortunately). I do have a few already, but I’m always looking to meet new people. I believe it’s best to instantly tell you that I’m only looking for snail mail penpals. If you’re interested in internet friendships, skype friends or similar, then I’m not your girl, I’m afraid.

But let’s talk more about me! I fancy many things, such as food (omg I’m totally not like others girls…! v unique!), netflix shows, music, reading, history and literature. I’m an intersectional feminist (obviously, since I’m not dumb). If you’re not with me on this, keep scrolling. Let’s not waste our time.

My favourite books are the Mortal Instruments, the Infernal Devices, the Vampire Chronicles (although I’ve not read the entire series because only a few books are available in swedish and I was 15 and terrible at english), Harry Potter, the Thirteenth tale and many others. Among netlix series, I like criminal minds, ncis, bones, new girl, oitnb, prison documentaries of any sort, and friends. Music! At the moment I listen mosty to Kent, John Bellion, *scrolling through my spotify playlist…*, Zara Larsson and First Aid Kit.

My ideal penpal would be anyone aged 17-19 who shares the same values as me. Us having the same interests is not necessarily important (but to be honest, if you’re very interested in sports, we might not be very compatible :/), and I’m interested in new penpals of any gender. (Also I speak swedish, english and a tiny bit french but please don’t think I can run a conversation in french because I can’t)

My email, if you find me interesting: klara99

Lastly, I just want to say that black lives matter, trans lives matter, and lgbtia+ lives matter. Now I’m out.

How to Work During School

It is an unfortunate fact that most college students are obligated to work at least some during the school year. It’s not easy to do, either. A full course load is designed to be roughly equivalent to working a full-time job, in and of itself. Most schools recommend studying for a class at least three hours per credit. If I actually had the time and will-power to do that, I would be spending 19 hours in class a week, and then studying for an additional 57 hours. Each week. That’s TWO full-time jobs.

Now, I do not study that much, for various reasons. I do, however, volunteer and attempt to have a social life. So balancing the roughly 25 hours a week that I work is sometimes a little difficult. However, balance it I do. Working while being in school is totally doable, as long as you know your own limits and use time relatively wisely.

When applying, look for desk jobs. Desk jobs, especially on-campus jobs, are great, because you can usually do homework during them. For example, this post is being written while I work my reception job. Anything where you can work on other responsibilities is great. If you enjoy running, maybe think about becoming a dog-walker! If you’re an education major, think about nannying! It’s all about getting your job to hopefully mesh with your schedule at least a little better than a random McDonald’s gig.

Don’t take overnight shifts unless you don’t have class until after noon the next day. This is experience speaking. Don’t do it. Leave if at all possible at least 10 hours between the end of your shift at night and the start of your first class the next day. If you close at midnight and have an 8am the next day, you’re going to have a long day tomorrow.

There is no shame in working on-campus food jobs. Seriously, on-campus jobs are the best. And if you end up working in the cafeteria? Hey, you get free food out of it. That’s a bonus.

Be strict with your study schedule. If you have a job where you can’t study during your shift, then you need to be strict about your time when not in class or at work. Yes, free time is awesome! But get your homework done first, so your free time is really free. It’s way nicer to watch Netflix and relax when you don’t have a five page paper hanging over your head. When you have to factor in time lost to your job, you’re going to need to be more on top of everything else because you don’t have nearly as much time to procrastinate.

Be firm about when you’re available. If you don’t have an on-campus job, then you need to be prepared to stand up for yourself when it comes to scheduling. You are NEVER available to work a shift if you have class at that time. You physically CANNOT work more than about 35 hours a week if you also have a full course load - trust me, I tried. Be prepared to argue on your own behalf when it comes to this, because off-campus jobs tend not to care much about people’s school schedules.

If you keep this in mind, you’re going to be pretty well set up to work during the school year. Now go and make minimum-wage bank.

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There's this post where someone's all 'the staff should be grateful we even watch this show since it's not good enough for TV' like dude do you not know that VLD could have possibly been a Nick show had they not screwed the staff over with LoK? They probably teamed up with Netflix and DW so they didn't have to deal with that BS again if they were going to do something big (like K0rrasami)... also I wonder if they'll bring out DVD's anytime soon or have all 6 seasons in 1

DW have a deal w Netflix which has worked really well in their favour with the HTTYD series Race to the Edge as well as the countless other shows they have on there (they have a lot I don’t know them all) so as soon as DW got the rights to voltron going through Netflix would’ve been the logical option as it also allows for a wider range of audience. Because VLD is a reboot people of older generations like it as well as kids because they watched the original as kids and putting it on Netflix is much more accessible to slightly older people because they may not feel comfortable watching Nick or CN and also wouldn’t have the time to sit down at a specific time each week or whatever to watch an episode.

Something being on Netflix does not mean it’s not good enough for TV. Netflix as a platform for bringing out original shows is growing incredibly rapidly and that is the way TV is going it wouldn’t surprise me if in 50 years, live TV hardly exists and it’s all just through mediums such as Netflix and other on demand services. People these days don’t want to sit down at specific times to watch TV they want things to be available when it suits them. Putting it on Netflix is a clever decision from dreamworks because it’s thinking in terms of what is up and coming. Putting a show on Netflix gives it a constant influx of viewers because people can watch it as and when. On live tv it’s on once at a set time and then unless it’s repeated it won’t be watched again. Netflix was definitely the right way to go and anyone who thinks shows are only put out on Netflix because they’re ‘not good enough for TV’ is a moron who has no idea of the current media climate. On demand TV is incredibly popular and is much more efficient for these kinds of things in terms of getting a decent amount of views and a wide audience

To binge watch PLL for the first time or not

My roommate said she was about to start PLL on Netflix. I truly CANNOT imagine binge watching PLL. Having each episode ready and available to watch immediately… there’s really no time to theorize.

Those of us that have stuck with this show since the beginning and are dedicated enough to have blogs for it, have spent an enormous about of time using the breaks between seasons and important episodes to search for clues and hidden meanings. Because of that we have at time found errors within the timeline and general believability. We have also been disappointed when reveals have met our detailed theories.

When you binge watch a show, there is not really a reason or actual time to dig as deep into the show as we have. I wonder if it makes a difference in people’s ability to enjoy the show. I wonder if things make sense when you only have 30 seconds between episodes, or if getting the information too fast without being able to recall small past details causes more confusion.

I guess we will never know.

40 Things I Learned in College (Besides Academics)

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately. I can’t believe I graduated college almost a year ago. It feels like mere weeks. But at times, I look at all I’ve done this year and I feel proud at how much I’ve grown and learned in one year of being in the professional world. 

One night a few weeks ago, I opened up a Word document and started writing down things I learned in college that didn’t have anything to do with academics. Academically, I learned volumes, but I also grew as a person. Any time I felt nostalgic, I added to the list. Before you knew it, I had enough things to post here. These are lessons I learned, my friends learned, or things that I am still re-learning to this day, trying to get it right.

Here are 40 Things I Learned in College (Besides Academics):

1. Always ask for help when you need it. Always help others when you can.

2. Don’t do anything because someone pressured you into it.

3. There is nothing wrong with a quiet night in and Netflix.

4. On the flip side, Netflix will always be available to you. Fun nights with all of your friends together won’t be. Consider this before staying in. Or at the very least, give a night out a trial period of 45 minutes. If you hate it, you can leave, and at least you’ll know what it was like instead of wondering.

5. Costume parties are just more fun if you’re in costume.

6. If it’s not your party, don’t touch the playlist. This is how you’ll hear music that’s new to you.

7. There are good D.J.s and people who know how to make Spotify playlists. Know the difference.

8. If the person you have a crush on seems too good to be true, they probably are.

9. If your friend seems too good to be true, they probably aren’t. Best friends are just that awesome. Don’t settle for anything less.

10. You have life experiences that other people don’t have. Other people have life experiences that you don’t have. Discuss them. Learn from each other. This is what life is all about.

11. If you post it on the Internet, they will find it. Replace ‘they’ with anyone you wouldn’t want to see it. Act accordingly.

12. Just because you think you know more about something than someone else does not give you an open invitation to lecture him or her, especially in public.

13. Reading six Think Pieces a day does not an expert make.

14. Join the groups you said you would. Attend the events you said you would. You get out of things what you put in to them.

15. You will fall out of touch with people for various reasons: couples break up, friends fight. You will have to see them frequently. Be cordial, at the very least.

16. “I haven’t checked my email today so that’s why I haven’t responded,” is a boldface lie. You know it, and the person you told it to definitely knows it.

17. Alcohol and coffee are two types of beverages you will swear everyone around you drinks. Not everyone does, and it’s okay if you don’t either.

18. At the right moment, with the right people, or in the right mood, there is nothing wrong with a Top 40 pop song.

19.  It’s important to have the friends who will go out with you, but also the friends who will hang out in your room eating junk food with you on a Friday night. Often these two types of friends are not mutually exclusive.

20. Your mini skirt does not look cute when it’s 10 degrees. Suck it up and wear a coat.

21. They will not break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend for you. Respect that, don’t over step boundaries, and move on.

22. There is nothing particularly endearing about crying on a bathroom floor, but there is something endearing about being the friend who takes care of them.

23. Call your parents regularly.

24. A good night’s sleep is not overrated.

25. Don’t expect to be treated poorly. Do not stand for it.

26. Not everyone will like you, even if you don’t do things that directly contribute to that result.

27. There’s nothing wrong with eating a meal alone or wanting to be by yourself, but don’t let it be a crutch.

28. Keep up with faraway friends. Don’t lose them just because you’re “too busy” to text or have a ten-minute catch up call.

29. Everyone is busy. This is not a contest.

30.  You will grow, mature, and change over the years. Give others you might have written off this same benefit of the doubt.

31. If someone is always complaining about friends who ditch them or their crazy exes, consider yourself warned.

32. The big ‘college’ things can be fun, but the best times are those funny, often spontaneous moments and ideas you make with your friends.

33.  You can’t do everything and be everywhere. Choose the things that are most important to you and you’ll be happy.

34. Learn the names of people you see regularly. Still, there will always be that one person whose name you can’t ever remember for the life of you.

35. There are many, many things you will regret in life. Being nice to people will never be one of them.

36. Ramen is actually disgusting.

37. All you can do is do your best.

38. Say what you will about college dining halls, there is nothing like endless plates of fries on a Sunday morning with your friends.

39. You will remember the assignments you worked very hard on, the grades you fought to earn, and the professors who pushed you to be better. Everything in between is blurry.

40. You will never have it all figured out. You will break your own rules, make the same mistakes, and learn the same lessons over and over again. It will be hard, but it will be fun and will give you more than you ever imagined. Enjoy it. 

Realistic Studyblr Resolutions

Get straight As!

Accept the fact that straight As is not an achievable goal for everyone and aiming for something unreasonable is only going to work against you. Strive to achieve your best, invest as many of the resources available to you to your studies and work, and be proud of what you do achieve.

Get 10 hours of sleep each night!

Get as much sleep as you need - it might be 7 hours, it might be eleven. It might also be that some nights you don’t get as much as you’d like, because stuff (deadlines, essays, Netflix) happens. Try and keep a consistent sleep schedule, waking up at similar times throughout the week - and yes, that includes weekends!

Keep an immaculate bullet journal/planner/diary/calendar with every single task that needs to be accomplished and make sure everything’s done that day and blah blah blah

Sure, try to plan out your days. Keep track of what and when tasks need completing. But don’t kick yourself if one day you end up needing to spend more time on one aspect of your to-do list and have to sacrifice the completion of another couple of things. Prioritise. 

Go the gym every day!/Eat healthy 24/7! No junk food/soft drinks/caffeine!/Lose weight!!

Practice self care, mindfully. Some days that will be going to the gym and downing a kale smoothie and closing the door of the cupboard that every house has that is filled with chocolate and biscuits and artery cloggers. But sometimes, that’s opening that cupboard and treating yo’self. Or taking a long bath, or closing your laptop and waiting for morning to finish that essay. Acknowledge that you are human. 

Meet new people! Make new friends! 

If that’s a realistic goal for you, go for it! A social life is key. But if you’re anxious, or mega shy, or just a giant introvert, don’t overwhelm yourself by throwing yourself into a massive group of people and freaking the fuck out. Introduce yourself to the girl who always sits next to you in that seminar you loathe and ask if she wants to get coffee sometime. Join a club or society, volunteer. Strike up conversations with interesting people. You don’t need a spontaneous circle to appear overnight. One friend at a time is good too. 

The end of Star Trek?

Star Trek fans may have noticed that I haven’t gotten on board with this latest “star trek” show.   Mainly because of the idea in premiering it on free television then making it exclusively available on a cbs streaming website that will be accessed by pay subscription only.  Such as Netflix, or hulu.     Plus the advanced word on the show hasn’t been good.  With creative battles since its inception. The delay of the shows premier several times.   There didn’t seem to be a unifying concept.   No “mission” or  mission statement.   I think the entire creative team and the cast have been scrapped several times. Not impressed with the cast or the ship design.    I believe that this project was always intended to help launch cbs streaming subscription service.  A disingenuous appeal to  star treks built in fan base.  It was never intended to be a serious continuation of  star trek on television.    This is why  long time star trek fans could boycott the show.  I won’t be watching.  

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Is the horseman show good? Just wondering

i’m fucking obsessed with it. i started watching it the first day the first season became available on netflix, which was tricky because it started off a little slow and it took a little while for me to get hooked, and then once i did get hooked, it was almost impossible to convince other people to watch it. it had really bad reviews at the time, because the first few episodes are weird and only kind of made more sense for me in retrospect once i understood the tone of the show better? but like, the second to last episode of the first season was the best thing i saw on television all year, 100%. i was really, really worried it would get canceled after one season, but people started watching it and realizing how special it is, and it’s really just gotten better with every season. it can be like…extremely fucking dark. like it’s definitely funny at times, but its strengths are definitely in how unflinchingly it looks at mental illness and self-loathing and childhood trauma and missed opportunities and loneliness, etc. and i could definitely see it being triggery for certain people because it deals with a lot of difficult issues very head-on. but it’s also like full of funny screen gags and has a ton of hilarious one-liners and can be very cheery and hopeful at times, and everyone’s bio families are trash so any sense of warmth and community you get from the show is due to found families, which is always something i love. but it is definitely the bleakest animated series i’ve ever watched, and probably the smartest, and definitely one of my top three favorite shows of all time.

Obligatory post about my activity (Or lack thereof).

Recently, some things have happened causing my internet at home to be disconnected. It was fine the first couple of weeks because we are able to connect to our neighbor’s. However, one roommate switched to days and the other roommate’s sister has come to stay with us, + WE watch her nephew most nights. That’s 5 electronic devices already hooked up to the internet. Plus the bluray player for Netflix and Hulu (which my roomies watch all the time) means I cannot connect on my laptop.

I’m hoping to get internet sometime next week. Thanks for your patience and understanding! I really have been trying (to no avail) to get online.

I’m gonna write a little something because it’s 4 in the morning and I can’t sleep.

I knew of Wynonna Earp pretty early on. When you visit AfterEllen at least once a day (I don’t anymore), there’s no way that I could’ve missed a show with a scene like the one Officer Haught first appeared in, the Shorty’s one. You know which one I’m talking about. But I never got really too into it because one, I wasn’t really looking for a show to get into, and two, there was no legal way for me to watch it and I was kind of not into torrenting anything at the time, you know?

Then came the summer of 2017. Two really important things happened here. One is that I got an internship, and two, Wynonna Earp became available on Netflix. Internship is great sometimes, but it can also be boring. So I decided to finally watch Wynonna Earp. Season 1 was great, so I went lurking around on YouTube for clips of season 2. And as a queer female person, season 2 was AMAZING.

I would say I started watching around early July, so they would’ve been around episode 6? And so far, the WayHaught relationship was so, so good. Two women in a healthy, happy relationship, kissing and cuddling all the time? One of them dancing for the other? Basically no homophobia or gay panic? Everyone, even the 100-something year old man, accepting and seeing how much these two ladies care about each other? No relationship drama, but still dramas of other kinds? What a breath of fresh air! I made a comment a few weeks back about how literally no one else is kissing as much as these two are. I think at the time I said there was only one episode where they didn’t kiss at all.

But I don’t watch Wynonna Earp just for the lady kisses and singing dancing Waverly. I also watch because of how unapologetically feminist this show is. There is more female characters than there is male. The females are all badasses who can definitely make their way with no help from men at all, not that the help they do get from them went unappreciated. They’re all well rounded characters with their own personality and flaws. Wynonna is a little dumb sometimes and is really crass, but she loves her sister so much and is quite literally the only person who can take down these demons. Waverly is young, which brings an innocence and naivety sometimes, but she’s hella smart and is crucial to their operation. If Wynonna is the soul of the group, Waverly is the heart. Nicole is not just the love interest. She’s strong and brave and has an outstanding moral compass. She takes no shit from anyone, not even her girlfriend’s sister. She wants to be seen as capable and cam come off a little too headstrong, wanting to be the best and the hero that sometimes she doesn’t realize there’s also worth in doing the small, ordinary things. Rosita is a revenant but she’s got a good heart. She is also hella smart with three, THREE PhDs. (Even if one of them is an online certification.) She didn’t really trust anyone except for Doc at first, but she started warming up to everyone, one by one, and she’s probably now as integral a part of the team as anyone else.

Four women. None of them fighting over a man. Not even Wynonna and Rosita over Doc. Wynonna knows Doc cares about Rosita and Rosita knows that Wynonna is an important part of Doc’s life. The altercation between Wynonna and Rosita might be tinged slightly by how they both feel about Doc, but you know that down at the nitty gritty of it, Wynonna is hell bent on ending this curse and it’s just unfortunate that Rosita is one of those that she needs to take down, and that’s why she’s not the biggest fan of Rosita.

This show came into my life at a time where I was questioning my relationships with a few very important people in my life. And here is this show with so many beautiful relationships. There’s the great sisterly bond that I love because I have three younger sisters and I get it, I resonate with how Wynonna would do basically anything to protect her sister. Their story is the greatest love story in the whole show and you can’t convince me otherwise.

There’s also the romantic relationship between Waverly and Nicole. They’ve fought over things but never once did they ever question each other’s feelings about each other, just the intentions of their actions. Waverly never hated Nicole, even when she lied to her and found out she was married. And though we have yet to see Nicole’s reaction to Waverly kissing Rosita, I have no doubt that this will not change how Nicole feels about Waverly. She may or may not be mad, and she may or may not shut out Waverly for a while, but I believe in love and I believe these two love each other so much.

There’s the relationship between Wynonna and her boy toys. They’re not actually her boy toys. Dolls and Doc both equally care about Wynonna. They’ve both made it well known to each other that they want Wynonna and they’re willing to fight for her. But they also know that actually fighting for her is the worst way to win her heart. They’re gonna let her choose who she wants. A part of me don’t want her to choose, I want her to have two boyfriends. Wynonna also don’t particularly care to choose at the moment. She cares about the both of them and probably would be really sad if one of them decided to not be a part of her life anymore. So I say don’t choose and just be with both of them, yeah?

There’s so much more to say! I can write pages and pages about this show and the characters in this show and I would still not be finished! So I’ll finish this one for now as it is 5 in the morning and I should probably try to sleep before I need to head out for class. I hate Saturday classes.

About three years ago I found this show called Doctor Who. I started watching it on Netflix and it very quickly became one of my favorite shows. I rushed through what was available on Netflix at the time because I knew the next season was starting up soon, and I wanted to get caught up.

Seasons 1 - 4 were fantastic. Season 5 was… different, but still enjoyable, but by the time I got to Season 6 it was apparent that the quality of this show was plummeting fast (The Doctor’s Wife is the only saving grace of Season 6).

And then Season 7 premiered and it was one of the dullest, most uninteresting seasons of TV that I’ve ever watched. I don’t think I’ve ever been less invested in a show than when I watched that.

And then The Day of the Doctor premiered and performed one of the absolute worst retcons of all time.

And now Season 9 is just around the corner and I couldn’t care less.

Good job, Moffat…

anonymous asked:

Sorry to be asking this because you've already listed lots of film recs but do you have any of your fave films (any genre) that's on Netflix?

ok… my favorite films currently available to stream on US netflix instant: the double (2013), amelie, moonrise kingdom, short term 12, snowpiercer, kill bill, the duke of burgundy, let the right one in, wetlands, tangerine, world of tomorrow, in bruges, kiss me, beginners, victoria, pariah, inglourious basterds, melancholia, nightcrawler, girlhood, honeymoon, cruel intentions, horns, fruitvale station, the guest, all cheerleaders die, clueless, the brass teapot, cake, for a good time call, the others, 50 first dates, frances ha, comet, sin city, laurence anyways, across the universe, byzantium, your sister’s sister, trainspotting, the one i love, the master, atonement, american beauty, charlie’s angels full throttle, wet hot american summer, pulp fiction, leon the professional, dope, election, heathers, hellraiser, from dusk till dawn, the babadook, american mary, heavenly creatures, little black book, eyes wide shut, lawless, a girl walks home alone at night, vanilla sky, cursed, the shining, ain’t them bodies saints, django unchained, legally blonde, stardust, addams family values, view from the top, sisterhood of the traveling pants, john dies at the end, circle, life partners, ferris bueller’s day off, forrest gump, eagle vs shark, 13 going on 30, preservation, one day, heaven knows what, four rooms, blade runner, battle royale, filth, frank, silver linings playbook, dead snow, jersey girl, two days one night, ida, creep, tracks, holes, elizabethtown, the boxtrolls, pontypool, the overnight, mona lisa smile, super, duplex, turbo kid and somewhere

mog-brigador-deactivated2017080  asked:

wait, i thought alpha and omega was ONE movie that came out to theatres, can you elaborate please? when did movies 2 thru 5 come out??

alpha and omega was an extremely generic animated film released in theaters in 2010. it was made by crest productions, the company most well known for making swan princess, and directed by richard rich, who directed the fox and the hound. it did poorly at the box office but was still profitable because it was made pretty cheap–the budget was $20 million, while the animated films people actually liked that year had budgets ranging from $69 million (despicable me) to $260 million (tangled)

anyway, in 2013 they replaced the more expensive original voice cast with tv VAs and started recycling the assets by pumping out one or two direct-to-dvd sequels a year to make more money off of the ip. they have numerous visual errors, stories so trite and nonsensical that it’s hard to believe they were written by an actual human being and not some kind of algorithm, and animation that looks like it would’ve been more at home in a late-’90s cgi cartoon like donkey kong country

the series now includes

  • alpha and omega (2010)
  • alpha and omega 2: a howl-iday adventure (2013) (this film introduced the original protagonists’ children, who are the new protagonists)
  • alpha and omega 3: the great wolf games (2014) (this one was allegedly meant to play off of that year’s winter olympics, except so little happened in the film that it’s hard to say it was inspired by anything)
  • alpha and omega: the legend of the saw-tooth cave (2014) (this one was a spooky halloween film and was about ableism for some reason)
  • alpha and omega: family vacation (2015) (this one is one of my favorites because literally like a third of the movie is recycled clips from the first film)
  • and alpha and omega: dino digs (2016)

two more films, titled alpha and omega: the big fur-eeze (slated for late 2016) and alpha and omega: journey to the bear kingdom (slated for 2017), are also on their way. these two and dino digs were handed off from crest to splash entertainment, known for such classics as the bratz cartoons, butt ugly martians, and norm of the north

dino digs hasn’t hit netflix yet but the rest of them are available on netflix, as is the first film from time to time. that’s where anthony and i discovered the sequels

they pump these movies out so regularly with so little effort that many people believe that they must be a front for some kind of money laundering scheme


okay I actually had to go check netflix because at first i was sure that this was just an april fool’s prank

but NOPE – fucking finally season 4 is available on netflix

so if you haven’t gotten around to watching season 4 yet or if you haven’t rewatched it or watched every episode 7 times and out of order well then happy days friend because now is the time