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Hello! Me again, back with another pose dump for Sims 3 :p 

So this time round I’m giving you guys all the poses I made in January (excluding the ones in my other pose dump)  

So you’re looking at 70 poses which is quite a nice number a think. Also quite a mix, there are 

  • some selfie poses
  • family poses
  • couple poses
  • etc…

I’ve also included the animation files and you are welcome to modify the couple poses

ONLY to suit your sims height

as the couple poses were made for sims with a big height difference. Other than that please follow my TOU

And yeah, I think that’s it? I track the tag: marshmallowsims so if you want me to reblog your pics then you know the drill :D 


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Some Winter-Eruris I’ll probably never finish…

I really want to try and do a ‘proper’ pic with actual coloring that has some kind of background and is more than dumb chibi-jokes (though I love them dearly)…but because I know I’m a lazy shit with no real drive I’ll share what I have with you or it will probably get lost :)

What I DO indeed intend to finish are the requests in my inbox…I just lacked inspiratiom for a bit :)

Why do Alec and Magnus get so little screen time?

The writers, producers and advertisers all know how popular they are. So why limit their screen time and spoil all the scenes they have in promo pics and videos?

This isn’t a new problem either, it’s been the case for nearly a series and a half now. So it’s not like we haven’t been patient.

I rationalised when watching season 1 that their lack of screen time was because of Alec’s dedication to his duty as a shadowhunter and to the clave. And in the beginning of season 2 because Alec was focused on saving Jace, so of course their was little time for them to interact. But episode 7 makes it harder to do that, because they are actually spending time together, we just barely get to see any of it.

Which results in Alec coming across as somewhat forceful in his desire to have sex with Magnus. Relationships are about communication not just kissing and sex, Magnus and Alec should have been given the time to have a proper discussion about whether they are both ready before taking the next step. Rather than pushing Magnus’ fears and vulnerabilities aside, like they don’t matter.

All I want is for Magnus and Alec to actually talk to and get to know each other properly. I want to see them slowly fall in love with each other, and for them to have a healthy and well developed relationship. So I can finish an episode and finally feel satisfied with the screen time they got for once, rather than disappointed.

And perhaps we will to see all of this. Perhaps I just need to be a little more patient. After all their first date was well done, so maybe this episode was just poorly written and the rest will be fine. But I can’t help but be somewhat concerned and cautious when this episode was described as “Malec Mania” and only included 3 minutes of screen time between them.

Heeyy let’s learn more about Jin and this AU!!

((Sooo I really haven’t specified what Jin is like in the particular AU! Because this is partially a College AU but Jin doesn’t go to college, and there’s actually a reason for that. Also I call this AU the “Mixed College AU” since all of them except Jin goes to college. anyway.. so um i drew this pic because i saw lots of angst on my dash.. im lookin at you @ask-seokjinnie @ask-the-jeon @ask-architectyoongi and I just want all of you to learn more about this Jin!

Alright so first of all, he’s always really confident about everything he feels like he’s great at. Well, he’s confident in everything, except for art. He lacks confidence in art but he’s forcing himself to improve. He tends to compare himself to other artists (which is not a good thing to do, don’t do that) and he thinks that his art is not good. That’s also a reason why he never went to college, he always wanted to attend an art school but he lacks confidence in his skills. He fears that his teachers would ridicule him for not being “good enough”. Oh yeh and about him not wanting to date anyone, he just prefers to be single. He feels that it’s better this way. but then valentines day is coming up hhhhh– 

OK! About the AU
So as for the AU I want to incorporate what is happening in the real world into here without having exactly the same. Like as for Hwarang, in this AU Tae bumped into Minho (Who’s an actor in this AU btw) and Minho was looking for an actor that can play Hansung and he somehow found Tae. Then Tae was in the drama and surprisingly, his acting skills were not that bad.
And about what they’re studying in ze college~

Yoongi is Photography; Part-time photographer
Joonie wants to be an English Teacher; Part-Time Cafe Employee
Hobi is into FASHIONN (as you can obviously tell)
Jimin is Hairstyling~
Tae is Music (Instrument Wise)
And Jungkook is Vet! (he wanna heal those animals)

As you can see I didn’t want them to have like dancing singing or rapping i wanted to expand (also since i haven’t seen a hobi that’s into fashion and a jimin thats into hairstyling pfft–)

Oh god this is long well um I hope you got something out of this haha~))

there’s been a significant lack of bts pics of harry as magnus for 2b and i’m wondering if they finally realized how easy it is to piece the episodes together because of how incredibly identifiable magnus’ outfits are 

Hit The Top Project

The Hit The Top Project aims promote Topp Dogg with help from other fandoms and Topp Klass. That’s because they lack promotions for their comeback Rainy Day and need support right now. In this way we will be able to increase their visibility and increase our family.

The project consists in send support messages, but not only that. You will have to include a picture showing wich fandoms you take part of

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I see all of these wonderful autumn-inspired pics, but I simply lack the inspiration to do any of my own. We’re having a true Indian summer over here (seriously… it’s been 25 °C /77 °F almost every day since the beginning of October), and the only thing that inspires me to do game-wise is to play Strangetown… Which is what I’ve been doing for maybe 15 minutes before the stupid tin can shut itself down from overheating (because summer weather also brings the usual computer summer woes with it). Oh, well. Better luck tomorrow. 

In the meantime, here’s some scenery shots from the Grunt residence (feat. that gorgeous new sky object thing).

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How long does it take to make a confession?

It normally takes me between 5 and 20 minutes. Ones like these take me 5 minutes and ones like these take me 20 minutes.

It truly depends on how far I want to go with the editing

-Mod Junko

Mine takes more than 30 mins because I have lack of attention and I end up doing other things before I finish one -mod mukuro

ok u know what im gonna sit down and write you the story of mod izuru making confessions bc i take so damn long that my grand children age even before they come out of their mom’s uterus even tho im pretty sure im not getting any children but y e a h i even consider talking in servers i n e v e r talk in when i start making confessions and just searching for good pics takes so damn long bc i suck but hey finding an idea on how to do a confession is a century by its own but lets not forget considering changing my personal blog’s theme and my side blog that i literally never use’s theme and this blog’s theme and also considering cleaning my laptop from shit i dont need which ends up with me deciding to download all sprites at once so i dont go searching for them later when i start doing the damn confession which ends up with me actually opening the wiki’s page to do that but i dont do it at the end and just exist the page- oh wait i forgot to mention that im talking with my friends the whole time while all that is happening and while photoshop got legs just to beg on its knees for me to close it if im not doing anything with it but you know mod izuru then goes like naah dont worry bby im doing something with u today i cant let those confessions stay in inbox forever WHICH ALSO ends with me actually doing nothing and going like “yeeaaahhh im doing it tomorrow” which-

i hope that gave u an idea on how much time mod izuru takes on doing confessions!! 

-mod izuru


#5daysofstudying | first week of may

HELLO I feel like I’m forever apologizing about my lack of original posts (probably because I am HAH), but I had really just been super busy preparing for my last AP exams/finals (bless that they are all over now), and also just trying to enjoy my senior year ^-^ hope everyone has been doing well and pls take some basic pics of my super simple bullet journal spreads as my apology for not being v active

So I did a little speed draw that shows how I do my roughs…. Only my roughs though…. Because it’s takes TOO long for me to have a video dedicated for both the rough and the line and the special effects… Or at least I’d rather not do one again. Anyway, here’s the process of the rough before the final pic!

Also tagging: @neojammy @magicalchiapop @gelertassassin and @garin-the-foolish (owo)b

so yixing’s solo album hasn’t even dropped yet and SM has already

  • delayed its release to the point where yixing has said on camera MORE THAN ONCE that he’s basically uh……….ready whenever they are…………
  • underestimated the number of albums he would sell so now preorders aren’t being fulfilled on time (because they aren’t printed!!!!!!!) which a) is an insult to his 100% self-produced work due to lack of faith from his own company b) going to affect first week sales and charting and c) sabotage
  • planned a subunit to debut days within yixing’s solo debut…a subunit that consists of 2/3 former exo-m members, the only m members left besides yixing…as if there isn’t going to be some overlap in fans….AND they’re actively promoting this subunit far better than they are yixing’s solo debut…not to mention they’re releasing album news + teaser pics for both at literally the same time. like can you imagine SM debuting a shinee subunit the same week as one of taemin or jonghyun’s solo debuts? can you even imagine? (and i’m not trying to put down chenbaekxi because I LOVE this lineup and their chemistry & i’m so happy for them, especially minseok, and they 100% deserve this promotion but jeez SM couldn’t have planned this better? maybe released yixing’s solo sooner since it was READY or pushed back CBX since there’s already a winter album for exo as a whole in the works presumably in december which is right around the corner anyway??? early 2017 isn’t that far off at this point? i just don’t know why they’re pitting these two releases against one another.)

So what can you do? Buy Yixing’s mini album Lose Control on iTunes the day of release and stream the music video! Send nice comments to him on IG or leave nice comments on the mv. Send it to your mom or your grandma or your professors or your dog to watch. Basically support it the best you can to prove SM wrong in their lack of faith of him!!!!!!


I’ve been drawing so much, but can’t post anything because of lack of internet for my comp, so I’m limited to phone pics… OTL

but yes, I’ve begun playing Eldarya just like everyone else. I have a love hate relationship with all these clothes I s2g

Also feel free to add me aim TenshiNoHikari on the English ver!

I added another one! Because its halloween season and why not add the spoopy vampire wallpaper. ~all I want for this game is to nevra to poof into a bat but…~  ~i totally shouldn’t have even colored this either im so busy

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hey hey what's ur skincare routine? you always post pics of ur face masks and your skin is flawlessssss

I have combination skin so it’s less work, and I’ve never been prone to acne. I do face masks once a week because it makes me feel like I’m at a spa and it calms me down(lack of stress helps too). They’re a blackhead mask for when I’m feeling too oily and a hydrating mask for when I’m feeling too dry. Every morning and evening I wash my face but I don’t wear night cream because my skin naturally gets dewy overnight. Before leaving the house I wear a light spf cream. I drink lots of water, I exercise 3 times a week, and if I have time for a Turkish bath I’ll go get one. I don’t eat sugar a lot, I don’t drink that often, I smoke weed and I’m constantly drinking green tea because it has just the right amount of caffeine to help me function and it’s good for my all-round health. Also every selfie I post on here except the ones where it’s just me in front of the mirror, are slightly edited, some more than others (that’s kinda the point of them sometimes).

UNDERTALE: One Year Anniversary WalkingMelonsAAA COLLAB!!

IT’S. FINALLY. DOOOONE!!! It'sdoneit'sdoneIt’s duhuhuuuunn…! X’D Oh my god I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks now and I’m just so glad that it’s finally done…been my main reason for the lack of sleep this last week…

This is the final part of the WalkingMelonsAAA COLLAB. First part being her MTT pic, second being this; she sent me the sketches of MTT EX and Muffet. Honestly though this was super fun to do! Gave me some great practice for BGs, fire and special effects, and then some. Unfortunately the speedpaint probly won’t be up for a min. because… A) I have over 60-70 hours of footage to go through and cram into 15 min. B) This is actually my birthday weekend lol, goshdarn the timing Toby!! He had to go and make an amazing game 2 days before my birthday…So the speedpaint will HOPEFULLY be up by this weekend, I wanna put it up on the week of Undertale’s Birthday, but the reality, probly whenever I get to it next week… :(

But I’m so excited. This is literally the launch point for Crystal Kitty K that I’ve been dreaming of since we kicked this off during the summer. CKK Flourishing: I’m gonna post the QnA a week after this speepaint comes out, and from there; commissions will be open, I’m gonna have a new banner and avatar, get a Patreon, and hopefully finally change my Deviantart account to Core and finally properly change my name to Crystal Kitty K. And it’s all thanks to Melons investing the time to work with me, and I sooo appreciate her humble generosity. I have told her a million times over and over again, but Melons, I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with you. I’m so incredibly grateful in words that I can’t properly express here, but in the QnA hopefully you’ll get an inkling of how appreciative I am. Not only has this done wonders for my artistic career, but I feel like we really bonded through this entire ordeal, so thank you so so sooooo much Melons for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me. Thank you! XD

And thank you to every single person that has joined me during the streams, and has subscribed or watched me up until this point! I definitely wouldn’t be here without you guys so thank you…~

Whether they like it or not, I have some honorable mentions of people that have been in almost every single stream since the beginning, and have stayed up with me to sometimes well past 3 in the morning! You ridiculously loyal peoples…~ Owo

And thank you to everyone else that has joined me in the streams! You guys make my streams so much more enjoyable, more than you think! See you guys in the QnA!


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I'm not worried about the shoot laucy stop interacting online months ago the only pic Lauren has liked recently is the one of the feminist festival i think

That’s true. But that’s still her bestie. We can’t use their lack of online interaction as an indicator that they don’t care for each other anymore. They’ve been friends since they were kids. I’m sure they’ll link up again in the future, they are both just really busy right now. The reason CS flip out over LL interactions is because they don’t get that that’s her best friend. She isn’t going anywhere. Personally I like Lucy. But she and Lauren are not dating. 😋

why cj is cute

1. her name? i mean, cj cj,, wow !! it’s so short and sweet and suits her so well like w o W, im naming my firstborn cj

2. she is so pure in her love for (actual ray of sunshine) min yoongi [aka suga, aka agust d, aka min yoonji, aka jung hoseok’s soulmate]

no evidence here because u all know this already and all that love would turn this simple essay thing into an epic longer than artamène (lack of capitalisation to make it look like i didn’t just google ‘the longest book ever written)

3. her spelling i mean she’s such a cutoe what a cutOE.. i mean she makes the tiniest spelling mistakes but they’re so Cute and make me smile – i mean, here have some examples, for educational purposes:

“yoongi pla”

“ur damn right he’s a giy”


sweaters lol

sweaters harder,,,,,,,, 

that’s my new life quotemake sure u put that on my grave” 

* “fantasties”

*used in a purely innocent manner, ofc

4. she sends me cute pics/gifs of park jimin all the time that instantly make me feel 100005% better and also make me think ‘wow,, i am so blessed to have cj as my friend because she geTS ME sO WELL’

5. she once forgot to reply to my message but thought that i was the one who hadn’t replied so she read a children’s book whilst waiting for me to reply

me: meg hasn’t replied yet

me: asdfhjkl i forgot to send MY reply no wonder she hasn’t replied yet,

im sorry but the cute here is just… otherworldly my hear t i s jus t

6. she makes cute puns,,. especially bee puns i mean.. BEE PUNS cute lil buzzy bee puns *

*w/n: man, i just love puns

7. she is scared of cooking.

“ tbh i’m scared of cooking full stop “

8. she is an innocent, Pure lil bean - the actual human personification of the flower girl (◕ᴗ◕✿) emoticon - breathe if u agree

9. okay this is an important one a REAL BIG CUTE ONE.. she always sends me cute posts when she knows i’m asleep and wow they make waking up something to look forward to !! like this one she sent the other day

Have you ever met someone on the internet that you liked so much that you sometimes sit there and think “Oh man there are people who are lucky enough to see this person IN THE FLESH ON A REGULAR BASIS and I wonder if they realize how LUCKY they are”  

me @ u n chloe

i just … w o W .. me and chloe are #blessed 

9. b) i once woke up to literally 24 messages from her and when i looked they were all memes?? like goddamn i am weak for memes, im clutching my heart as i type this……………….

and tbh i can’t go on anymore because my heart is gonna burst but there are literally 5400303 more things to say on ‘why @ceiuu is so cute’ so stay tuned for pt 2, that’s all for now folks

So..... I posted that pic of Raiden with the dollar bills tucked into his straps in the chinese mgr fandom, and it is really interesting how it was totally interpreted differently.

This pic is a reference to the practice of tipping the strippers in american strip clubs by stuffing bills into theirs straps. 

But when I posted it in the chinese fandom, people were totally confused…. for many reasons:

1. Tipping is unheard of in china, so people didnt get the idea of tipping or giving extra money.

2. There are no strip clubs in china so no one even knew what that was, let alone the idea of tucking bills onto someone’s body.

3. Chinese money is not green, so people didnt even realize it was money under his straps. 

So despite my efforts to explain this pic…. no one had any idea what it was about, because china lacks these things. 

China however DOES have something else………

In most commercial areas, like malls, there are tons of people handing out flyers and advertisements for everything from sales to travel agencies to life insurance. 

In the US, you would just refuse and they would back off. 

Chinese culture lacks the clearly defined personal boundaries that the US has, so instead of giving them to you, people will come up and stuff them in your bag, in your purse and in your pockets. They will also stick ad stickers onto your car. 

This is common everywhere… You can be reading in a book store or in line at a box office and some guy will come over and stuff a sale! flyer into your pocket. Several years ago, I walked through a large crowd at the entrance of a store with a plastic bag in my hand, and when I came out the other side, my bag was a couple pounds heavier from all the random ads that had been stuffed into it as I walked around. Somebody had also stuck an sticker ad for an insurance company onto my jacket. 

This IRL spam  is all very normal in china…. no one really bats an eye….

So when I posted this pic in the chinese fandom…… the fans assumed that the dollar bills were sales ads, and that this was Raiden after he came out of downtown denver….having picked up these ads after walking through the commercial district. 

People actually wondered why there werent MORE ads…why arent ALL his straps just totally stuffed with tons and tons of random flyers? 

Why wasnt his ass plastered in 50% off stickers for shoe stores?  They had fun speculating what the ads would be.

They still found the pic hilarous, but in a totally different way…..

I find that really fascinating.