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Approaching Compatibility

In psychology the only “proven” work is that of B. F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov. The rest of psychology is thought to be pure “hokum” as the fictitious Doctor Sheldon Cooper would say. This is not to confuse the issue with psychiatry, which is welcomed into the atheistic scientific community because of their enthusiastic use of psycho-medications and electroshock “therapy.”

The point is we are more than meets the eye. But because of the prevailing atheistic climate that has evolved since the 1930’s people have been told they are just being superstitious, then left to drift. Fortunately, the void is beginning to be filled by a combination of astrology and Jungian psychology. And from this new point of view, people are swamping various sites on the internet with questions such as: “When will I find love?”, “I’ve been hurt over and over, why?”, “When am I going to quit being alone?”, “My astrological sign is Kleenex, will I find a nose that is right for me?” and so on.
The answer is difficult but definitive: You must first discover yourself more deeply. You must go the work to discover what you really want in your life besides a companion. You are trying to use another person to solve your problems with loneliness, when in your aloneness you should be endeavoring to discover what in life you are passionate about (besides sex).
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” we ask our children. This applies to you as well. What is your passion, what really turns on your lights? Astronomy? Set lighting and design? Advanced computer miniaturization engineering? Organic farming? Professional cooking? Overseas fashion importing.
Obviously, the list is endless. Before committing to love and marriage, I say you must get in touch with this deeper self that causes the atheists to scream “hellloooo!”, discover something you are really passionate about in life and then go for it! Go to school, get wide world exposure, get an apprenticeship, or whatever, and your delighted-with-life attitude will attract a significant other who will become your equal, partner, and someone whom you will love rather than need.

Jon Hassinger (writer for Astrolocherry)
We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership
It’s official: John Deere and General Motors want to eviscerate the notion of ownership.

The idea is this: You buy a tractor that runs their software, and (the way they see it) therefore you don’t actually own the tractor. They do. Because software.


Read it and see if your brain doesn’t turn right around in your skull at the “logic”.


Back when Tom first realized he needed glasses, he avoided going to the eye doctor because he didn’t want you to find out. It somehow got to him and made him feel old, mostly because he was just having a bad day and that was the icing on the cake. Once he finally told you, you laughed and made him realize how silly he was being.

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  • (ok so jace and simon are kind of a thing but it’s not official, there’s just a lot of flirting) simon does that thing where he’s talking about something and just starts rambling a bit but jace is nodding along to show that he’s listening which makes his hair fall into his eyes
  • so he reaches up a hand to brush it out of the way and his top rides up a bit revealing a strip of skin above his waistband and simon just trails off mid-sentence and stares at the exposed skin like ‘ummm’
  • jace obviously notices so is like ‘dude, are you ok?’ and simon quickly looks up at jace, shakes his head to snap out of his thoughts then nods weakly, saying ‘uhh, yeah… where was i??’
  • and jace was actually paying attention to simon (because he loves that look {big grin, eyes shining, jace thinks he looks beautiful} that simon gets when he’s talking passionately about something) and tells simon what he’d been saying
  • simon starts talking again and jace just smirks because he knows exactly what just happened and he stores that bit of information away for future reference
  • fast forward to when they’re actually officially together and they’re in the institute after a mission and simon’s talking about it when jace (purposefully) stretches and his tops rides up and, again, simon just stops and stares
  • this time jace grins and asks ‘like what you see?’ and simon blushes and manages a whispered ‘yes’, eyes flickering between jace’s stomach and face as jace moves closer and asks if simon wants to get out of there
  • jace has barely finished his sentence when simon says ‘yes’ so jace grabs simon’s hand and drags him to his room
Writing Headcanons

@nonstop-laurens and I created some wonderful Newsies writing headcanons cause we literally had nothing else to do.

  • Davey’s is really straight and neat
  • Skittery’s is incredibly messy and scratchy cause he doesn’t give a shit
  • Jack’s is neat enough to where you can read it but can be so messy that it doesn’t look like english
  • Race’s is neat most of the time
  • Dutchy is dyslexic so he doesn’t write much but when he does he tries super hard so it’s shaky
  • Specs is as blind as a bat so his letters are scrawled and over all really bad
  • Blink has really nice cursive and all the boys make fun of him for it cause its “girly”
  • But everyone is secretly really jealous
  • Especially David cause he actually went to school
  • Bumlets misspells nearly everything because Spanish is his first language
  • Everyone lets it slide
  • Itey has weirdly cool slanty handwriting but it’s super neat
  • Mush connects all the letters if possible
  • Crutchie has tried to write but failed
  • Spot writes in all caps
  • Everyone has given up on him
  • Snitch hardly puts any space between his words so it looks like one giant word
  • It pisses everyone off
  • Pie can’t even finish sentences because he gets easily distracted by food
  • Boots is in the same boat with Crutchie
  • Tumbler doesn’t even try
  • Swifty writes so fast you can’t even read it
  • Snoddy writes small
  • Like really small
  • And Kloppman can’t read it and gets annoyed
  • Itey has to help him
  • Les had the stereotypical messy 10 year old writing
  • Sniper’s is super bad and half of the letters are merged together
  • He also makes up words so it makes zero sense

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their eyes
i’ll never forget those eyes
they were
glowing, orange, yellow… almost like light bulbs
for a second, i swore i saw red in those eyes
red like fire
like hell
like the devil himself
those eyes had me paralyzed, frozen despite everything in me screaming at myself to fight, to run, to scream
to do something – anything
but i couldn’t
all because of those damn eyes
then they grabbed me
their hands, they so cold
almost like a corpse
it felt like the living dead had grabbed me in the dead of night
the only light guiding us was the glow from their eyes
one of the last things i remember seeing
before it all went black
was two sharpened fangs revealing themselves over their bottom lip
slowly, they emerged, and i knew exactly what that meant
that was all it took to finally make me scream.
—  paperpensandothersmolfrens said: Can you write about being kidnapped by a vampire?
(cc, 2017)

prompt from  @caramovienerd

(send in any prompts you might have)

“I thought you were supposed to be a good detective?” He says, fingers tapping at the desk.

“I am.” She says, she’s almost a hundred percent sure she’s not in the mood for whatever game he wants to play right now.

“Really?” He stands up, moves around his desk towards her own and sits carefully on the edge. She’s having a mini panic attack from staring at the small box of erasers he just knocked down.

He reaches across her desk, grabbing a blue velvet box from in front of her computer. “Because this has been sitting there for almost an hour.” Her eyes widen almost immediately. “And also my hearts been racing and my hands are super sweaty.”

If she could lift her jaw up off the ground for more than two seconds she might’ve winced at that. “Jake, I… I don’t. What is that?”

“Oh come on, you know.”

The edges of her lips curve up into a smile. “I mean…” Amy’s hand is in his now, and he’s making a big deal of tangling and untangling their fingers together. “I’ve got an idea, but I’m pretty sure you need to say it.” She bites her lip.

He’s surprised the entire precinct isn’t already circling them. He sighs in defeat, opening the box slowly, climbs off her desk and drops down right in front of her. He’s not sure why she’s still staring at him in complete shock, he’s literally doing exactly what she’d just asked.

“Amy Santiago,” He declares, and well, now the entire precinct is definitely watching them. Gina’s gotten her phone out almost instantly. Charles is standing on his desk, clapping his hands, jumping up and down and sounding like a steam kettle. “Marry me?” He asks, just low enough that only she can hear, not that it would actually be secret, he’s almost certain Gina’s posting this entire ordeal all over social media at this very moment.

Amy smiles; so wide and bright and warm it makes his heart feel like jello. She slides out of her chair, onto the ground beside him, nods her head vigorously and wraps her hands around his neck inching closer. “Tsk, tsk..” he interrupts. “No making out at the precinct.”

“Jake.” Stop talking. She says it firmly, pressing her lips against his. Fervently.  

NPM, Ch. 16

Read the full chapter on AO3!

It’s not a dream.

It’s not a dream because his face is raw from crying and he still has the damned scar and his heart almost hurts pounding against his ribs, desperate to escape.

But it feels like a dream.

It feels like a dream because they’ve been laying here on his hotel bed, staring eye to eye and basking in it like two snakes in the sun. Otabek’s fingers are warm over Yuri’s scar. His soulmark thrums with life under Yuri’s touch. Time for dinner has long since come and gone but Yuri can’t think of eating right now. He can’t think of anything, really, besides the fact that Otabek’s eyes aren’t flat; they’re layers and layers of all different shades of brown. And his eyelashes are really long. And he must have been wearing that gold eyeliner that drives Yuri mad for his free program because there are flecks of it clinging to his lash lines.

His free program. The one that he choreographed for and dedicated to Yuri.


Yuri thinks back on it while Otabek drags his fingers up towards Yuri’s wrist, drawing invisible patterns into his skin. There was the free program, the long nights over Skype or on the phone, Almaty, Worlds. The bear. Kadyr’s discussion. Tea in Barcelona, both times.

He swallows.

‘Are you in love with me, Beka?’ he asks quietly.

Ok but I seem to have started some sort of comedy, possible crack fic, whereupon Bernie and Serena are c l u e l e s s about their attraction, or at least what to do/ how to act upon it, and the entire hospital teams up to shove them together, because they’re all frankly sick to the back teeth of interrupting eye sex sessions (Jac is frustrated, frankly, that she’s the only one that seems to think actually shoving them is a good idea, because, well, brusque is best) but they all come up with elaborate, increasingly ludicrous plans, until nothing is working, and they bring in their last resort/ secret weapon, Connie Beauchamp, to pretend to be seducing Bernie to make Serena incandescently jealous, and Bernie, naturally, is oblivious, until… Well, she isn’t.

On my way to the airport yesterday, I was picked up by a cabbie named Chuck.

Chuck served in the Navy for 22 years. He worked, lived, and partied across the Pacific Islands until deciding to collect his retirement. When he saw my poster tube, we naturally got on the subject of why I was in Vegas, how I studied sea turtles and was presenting my research here, etc.

He thinks turtles in general are the coolest (“I mean, nothing else ‘cept maybe the armadillo has a shell! Think about that! That’s why they’ve been around so long!”), and one of the first things he said was, “I wish they’d start doing better and we’d bring ‘em back from the brink of extinction because man, they are such good eating

I didn’t bat an eye. I’ve heard this before; I also know that some very successful conservation efforts are borne out of a regular person’s desire to eat a species sustainably; that locals get involved with conservation efforts for this very reason. We chatted about this and I got to tell him about turtle excluder devices (TEDs) used in the shrimp trawling industry. We agreed how we would both much rather pay taxes that go to funding TEDs on every trawl boat in the Gulf than to our corrupt governor or legislator’s next mansion. That it’s hard for a seasonal fisherman to fund a $700 TED on a boat, or that scientists and government officials don’t get that he and his daddy and his granddaddy have been doing this their whole lives, and have a bad taste in their mouth from people telling them what to do and telling them that they know better.

Chuck may be “just” a cab driver, he may be a retiree, but he reads Science magazine. He may want TEDs so that he can sustainably eat shrimp, whereas I want them to save sea turtles and couldn’t care less about eating shrimp anymore. He’s plugged in, and he isn’t stupid; his background is just slightly different than mine, and we want the same things.

We naturally got onto the topic of climate change. Chuck acknowledges that something is going on, that the Earth’s climate is heating and changing. He’s not sure whether it’s entirely anthropogenic, and a 15 minute cab ride to the airport was neither the time nor the place for me to throw facts at him.

Instead, I focused on the fact that Chuck, regardless of the cause of climate change, wants to see humans try to make it better. He said, “We have got to do something or this (gesturing to the surrounding sprawl of civilization on either side of the highway) will all fall apart.”
So that’s what I said to him. I said, “Chuck you know, that’s it exactly. The science is pretty sound, our models are getting better and better every day, but at the end of the day, shouldn’t it just be enough that you want to make the earth a better place for everyone? That the sooner that we get past this rhetorical pitfall of ‘who dun it’, we can start to make actual, appreciable changes?”

Chuck must have been about 82 years old. I’m nearly 25. He’s been around, seen a lot. And he remarked to me at the end of the cab ride how much he enjoyed talking to me, how it made his day, and how this was a new, great way of thinking about climate change and activism. That we have nothing to lose by switching to sustainable resources, eating less meat, telling our politicians to get their acts together and make good on their climate summit promises.

I reflect on this on Earth Day, and because March for Science isn’t far from my mind today. I’m reflecting on how the newly published video narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson revs me up in certain ways, but how problematic I find some of its rhetoric, and some of the rhetoric on the March for Science official facebook page.

For whom is this video made? I’ll tell you, from the time I spent with him, Chuck wouldn’t have been compelled by this video. He’d have been indifferent at best, and angry at the worst. This video isn’t made for him. But isn’t it important that he, and people like him, be reached, encouraged to make a difference, feel like they’re not considered ‘less than’ just because they’re not scientists?

What did work was having a conversation with him. Being kind, talking about things person to person– no lecturing, no fact regurgitation. I think that my conversation with Chuck will have more of a lasting impact on him than seeing that video ever would. And talking with Chuck has had an impact on me too. It reminds me that I’m a citizen of the Earth just like him. And that outsider perspective is absolutely key to my work and how I relate to the science I do. What does it all even matter if it’s not positively impacting people like Chuck? What does it even matter if I can’t sympathize with the shrimp boat drivers that have to rely on a transient resource to put dinner on the table for themselves and their families?

It occurs to me that this conversation could have gone much more differently for Chuck if it had been a different person in his cab. If it had been a different sea turtle conference attendee, or a different scientist. That someone could have jumped down his throat for his ‘good eating’ comment, or his thoughts on climate change. And he wouldn’t have walked away from that conversation telling the person how he was going to go out and buy a book on sea turtles now.

We march for science, but let us also march for the people who stand to benefit from it, whose lives are made better from its advances. Let us march for them even when we don’t see quite eye to eye on certain issues, for certainly the issue of saving our planet is more important. I think far more often than not, we can all agree that something needs to be done. I think we’ll find that people are more willing than we realize to join in and help. And we need them if we’re going to win this fight.

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but like, imagine Brendon reading dirty fanfiction about you and him, but his phone is tipped away from you so you don't know what's going on. his face would be so red and he'd be biting his lower lip so hard and lbqr he's hiding his hard-on with a throw pillow

You would notice something is up because he keeps adjusting his legs, crossing and uncrossing, but the total give away is a low groan. You snap your head up and he’s already looking at you with wide eyes because he knows he messed up. “Are you watching Porn?” You accuse. He would smile nervously and shake his head. “No, I’m just reading…something.” He would try to go back to the fic, but you aren’t satisfied with his answer so you crawl across the couch and lie on top of the pillow in his lap, which only makes him groan again. You try to peek at the screen, but he tilts it away, arching his back over the arm to keep the screen in his view, but out of yours. “Brendon,” You scoff. “Let me see it.”

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If they created it just give them all the awards because they're such good actors! That chemistry, man!That eye fucking!Those disgusting fond faces! Di caprio who?!

leo’s looking at his oscar right now wondering if he should just give it up for harry and louis

life of a jin stan
  • when it’s only the preview photos and you’re already tearing up 
  • five seconds into awake and tears start to well up in your eyes
  • hearing him say a dad joke and then laughing so hard you tear up
  • watching him eat brings tears of joy to your eyes 
  • having really nice skin because all your tears moisturize your face daily

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I love your photo edit! So much! And I also love how we don't have to do manips to show heart eyes. :D That's because we've got YEARS of heart-eyes and open love and adoration and HAPPINESS, motherfuckers! Keep on Gillovnying!

Yassssss!! We don’t need some desperate manip blog to showcase our beautiful OTP 😊

These babes do it all on their own! Thanks anon ;)

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YO I LOVE YOUR CAT AU okay so I went to pet smart yesterday and I went to the area that has the cats and there was these two cats that caught my attention one of them only had one eye ( I almost cried about it but it was because his eye was failing) and the second one who I remember his was Jojo (such a cutie) this guy was brought back and my heart melted of how he was laying down and just wanted to play like ugh just imagine if viktor or any of the other cats met him?!! I just want Jojo •-•

Meeting a cat called Jojo? I guess you could say that was a …. bizarre adventure  ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I love going to say hi to the cats at pet stores, though I always wish they had more room to move around ;;

Thank you very much!