because of the different lighting

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemNewt Scamander’s blue coat

The thing is, a lot of [Newt Scamander’s] creatures had sort of luminescent color, and I wanted him to have a sense of being one with them, but not standing out, like he’s in some neon outfit in the middle of the street. I came to this blue with a lot of green in it, and it has a little bit of brown undertones. It’s an interesting blue because in different light, it photographs differently. I didn’t want it to pop too much, and I played with it a little bit.

We played with the shape of it a lot, that coat, because Eddie Redmayne squats down on his case a lot, does a lot of up and down movement and he has a sideways gait to him that he evolved for Newt. It’s almost like an animal walk, in a way. I really wanted something that served him, too, and we did a lot of rehearsals with it to make sure it all worked for him, with his acting. Colleen Atwood

Richonne - A thought

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Hello fellow Richonners.  I just wanted to share a thought that I had and @sugarysweetzee agreed with as well.  Some of us, certainly not many, had an issue with the lighting in this scene.  I just wanted to throw in that you really can’t tell much of a difference between Rick and Michonne’s skin tones in this scene.  Yes, we decidedly know the difference and I’m not sure if this was something TWD even considered when filming this particular scene but maybe the lighting was different because of their circumstances but also to show (in more ways than one) that Rick and Michonne are the same.  Yes I’m probably reaching but this is what an OTP as awesome as Richonne does to me.  Thanks for indulging me anyway.

“It is so important, that we as women, African-American women, tell our stories. These three women opened doors for us and literally helped change the world.”

“I cried because I had never heard of Katherine Johnson or Dorothy Vaughan or Mary Jackson. But I know these women and their struggles.”

“ I am so honored to play [Jackson]. This film is so important because it shows black people and black women in a different light.” 

I was taking a nap and just caught up. I have some things to say.

The fact that we can’t ever talk about colorism on here or tell anyone that they’re out of line without people whining about it or unfollowing is a huge problem.

A lot of our asks are from light skinned or white passing people and the one of the rare times we get one from a darker skinned person, a light skinned person tried to make it about being light skinned and that’s not okay.

Of course we understand what it’s like not to fit in because we look different but as light skinned people we cannot compare our experiences to darker skinned folks. Oftentimes darker skinned mixed folks are told they don’t look mixed or can’t be mixed along with usual colorist statements which I’m not going to list here.

There is a certain look mixed folks are supposed to have that is portrayed in the media and expected by society and it’s rooted in anti blackness, colorism, and for non black folks too…it’s usually centered on “looking more white” than anything else. It’s looking just “ethnic” enough that we’re interesting but not too much and one of the main factors in that is skin color.

Also light skin privilege isn’t just in the mixed community but the spotlight is on light skin mixed people because mixed persons are expected to be light skin which erases the fact that darker skin mixed exist and share experiences with us but also have their own unique problems as a darker skinned person who is also mixed.

We get rightful complaints every now and then about why we don’t have a space for darker skinned mixed folks and some of the reactions to our most recent asks is part of the problem.

I’m not sorry for taking a couple asks and explaining why their reasoning is problematic when darker skinned mixed persons exist here and in the world too. If I hadn’t responded in the way that I did I would be contributing to closing that space off to darker skinned mixed people to have a safe space here and also I would be contributing putting light skin voices and feelings over dark skin struggles.

As I said before we share struggles but usually as a light skin person, ours are more concentrated to our sphere and aren’t a systematic problem.

I’ve even said “I understand how you feel” so that’s enough validation and I’m not here to coddle people when they are in the wrong.

Like Coyote said, if you have a problem with how we handle light skin or white passing centered messages, which is more often validating than not, then you can find another space and/or unfollow.

– Jay

Breakfast would be better without terrible puns (inspired by my grandma telling me that Chai tea is better without sugar).

So Even saying he’d had a crush on Isak since day one is important because it recasts the first episodes in a totally different light, but that’s not actually the biggest reason why it’s so significant. It’s so important because it completely negates everything Sonja told Isak about Evak being a “sick idea” of Even’s and just part of his manic episode. Even’s text in the ninth episode (DAT TEXT THO MY HEART) pretty much confirmed Sonja was off base. But this final admission destroyed Sonja’s comment. There’s no way Evak is related to a manic episode, because Even had his eyes on Isak for months.


Wᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ɢʀᴏᴡɴ ᴜᴘ ᴛᴏᴏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ… ᴀɴᴅ ᴀ ʟᴏᴛ ʜᴀs ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇᴅ, ʀɪɢʜᴛ?

How I set up alternative lighting to a character

Basically, glowy glowy


Here I’ve just applied a background, the sketch layer/line art and the base colours on separate layers.

On another layer, preferably above the base layer, I pick a shadow colour, I’ve picked a light grey purple, and I’ve set it to multiply as a blend mode and changed the opacity so I can get a feel for how dark I want the shadows to be.

With that in mind, I erase this layer on the eye itself, since I’ll be making it glow. I then proceed to use a pen and pencil brush tool, and a general medium-hard watercolour brush to define even deeper shadows.

with a hard brush, like a pen or pencil, I add in hard lighting for my alternative light, in this instance, sans eye. The light will scatter in different directions because it is more of a glow. Where ever the light hits first, is where I apply this. Afterwards, I lower the opacity to a decent amount. You can also use the blend modes of luminosity or screen, depending on what you’re looking for.

Now for soft shading- some people like to use airbrush, I only use airbrush sometimes. I prefer using the water colour and lowering the opacity- that way I can add edge to where the light drops off. For this one however, I have used an air brush. I’m only applying this a little bit- adding too much can over power it.

Alright another layer to add and remove drop offs-

Now I’ve done my alternative, I’m going to add ambient. This is generally the “sun light” or the most dominant light in a picture.

hard lights first.

Softer lights last, but in my case, I’ve also added an extra hard light layer for emphasis. For that, I used a bright orange red and turned it to luminosity.

I also often colour the line art, If I feel the black breaks the image too much.

But yeah, this is how I apply alternative lighting. Sorry for long post! =3c