because of the coloring

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I'd love to see Echo and Flowey together, or maybe Echo and Asriel together if the latter's still alive

I’m still weighing my options re: Asriel vs Flowey, but since I had a few Flowey requests (and I have a larger project in mind for that), have a Flower and a Prince becoming cool new friends

Ayy it’s the slice and dice man

(I’d be lying if I said that @zorialdiamond-blog had no part in convincing me to draw this guy xD)

I am so done with this. *throws the pastel monster down*


Aggressive and domineering, angry and quick-tempered, violent.
Represents energy, action, desire, passion, including passionate hate.
Alerts you to danger.

Impatient and impulsive, spiteful, non-emotional.
Helps with clear thinking and quick decision making, but it can also be impulsive.
Relates to the head not the heart.

Trust, peace, calm, familiarity.
I’ts a safe color.

Bubble Tea!

(Please don’t repost my work)


At the end of everything, hold onto anything.

Night in the woods, the game