because of the coloring


Aggressive and domineering, angry and quick-tempered, violent.
Represents energy, action, desire, passion, including passionate hate.
Alerts you to danger.

Impatient and impulsive, spiteful, non-emotional.
Helps with clear thinking and quick decision making, but it can also be impulsive.
Relates to the head not the heart.

Trust, peace, calm, familiarity.
I’ts a safe color.

So before I made that digitally colored version of this picture, I wanted to color it traditionally with copics, but about halfway through I grew frustrated with it and gave up, coloring it digitally instead. On the next day however I came back to this and thought it was worth finishing after all (:

Okay so I’m reuploading this doodle I did because at first I overedited the colors to where they looked not so vibrant, desaturated, over-contrasted and muddy so I  kinda re-edited the effects and whatnot. I’m still getting used to my 13HD Cintiq (the screen is so much smaller than my one at home haha).

Anyhow, done for Valentine’s Day! Cupid and Valentine, as usual. 💝

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So Edd, have you ever talked to the Red Bandit?

edward: he called me “cowardly as hell” and said that i was “a gullible dumb bastard for trusting thompson,” among other less eloquent things.

edward: i have no idea what he’s talking about with thompson. the sheriff’s one of the most reliable people i know.

edward: even if he does throw chairs at me when i’m drunk.

Things that should happen in future episodes of Steven Universe:

• Steven being upset about something but not having to take it back because everything he said and is upset about is right.

• Another Bismuth episode, or possible redemption arc at least. Possibly one where Steven lets her out of the bubble and asks her for information that no one else will give him(the war, Rose shattering a diamond, etc). As well as forgiving her for the thing about shattering gems, and apologizing for not talking with her instead of both of them jumping the gun in the first place.

• Old color palettes. The colors now are becoming very bright, I do understand it’s a kids show and kids love bright colors but I liked the old palettes because they were softer and nicer to look at(my opinion).

• Peridot having some of her old personality back. She seems more like an out of control toddler than a cluster controlling/head of a mission gem anymore. I feel as though she used to be smart, tactical, a bit snarky. I wish they’d kept that.

• Lapis and Peridot, their development. I want answers to questions. (When did they become friends? How did Lapis learn to forgive her? How is Lapis’ interaction with the other gems now? Can she forgive them too?)

• Lapis’ personality. I feel as though Lapis has gone from kind of dismissive and a bit cold-shouldered to straight up unforgiving. She didn’t remember Connie and kind of brushes off almost drowning her. That’s a bit concerning.

• A Garnet episode. Just more about her. Her feelings about all of this. Even perspectives from Ruby and Sapphire separately is welcome(also other things like why does she love being a fusion so much? What did she do during the war? How did she get along with Pearl, Rose, and Amethyst when they all separately first met each other?).

• Maybe a Pearl episode like Garnet’s listed above?

• How the people of Beach City first reacted when the gems first went there. How the different generations felt about having others from another world inhabit it and help them.

• What happened when Rose was first created? What do other rose quartz look like?

• A Jasper redemption or at least fix her please? Somehow?

• What happened to the diamond in the lighthouse?

Okay I think I’m done now. Anything you wanna add put it in the replies I guess. I’m really looking forward to this show’s progression!

For @kalluraweek Day 6: Dance (just barely made it!)

Title: Bollywood
Characters: Keith x Allura (Kallura) + Slav (Voltron Legendary Defender)
Media: iPad Pro, Adobe Sketch, Photoshop, Cintiq
Notes: Because I’m South Asian and Bollywood dancing is amazing and I don’t see it represented enough in animation. Had to include Slav because I love that little Indian Caterchicken. Background inspired by Holi colors. Enjoy!

Every time I draw a sportarobbie picture I sink deeper into the lazytown hell hole

Anyways here’s a boop™

Also I didn’t use a ref for some of the coloring on sportacus because I am tird.png and these characters have some complicated designs… come on Magnus didn’t you think about the fanartists smh

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Ok so I have always thought that calicos, torbies and cats like that were really rare???? Because I ADORE those types of pelts and when I look for them at my local shelter I only see black cats and brown tabbys????

omg no calicos/torties/torbies are actually pretty common. it may be because the cats you get are from the local population, which are all interbred (obv) 

red is a neat trait because males only need 1 parent (their mom) to be red, while females need both parents to be red. if a female has 1 red and 1 black parent, she will be a tortie/torbie, and she can pass on her red genes to her own son in return. red can be kinda infectious that way haha. also torbies can sometimes be hard to identify because the colors can mottle and mix really well or they may only have a small patch of red somewhere