because of shit that happens when i come home from school and back to my hometown

Ruined my stepsister's birthday and got her banned from all clubs in town.

(warning: long story)

BACK STORY: When I was 12, my mom got married to a halfway decent guy. He’s not bad, but he’s not great either, but he made my mom happy and that’s all that I cared about. In fact, I cared so much about her happiness that I was willing to endure 6 years of living under the same roof as his self-obsessed, obnoxious, spoiled daughter, Amy. The entire time we lived together, she would project all of her insecurities onto me in the form of insults. Being young and wildly insecure about myself, these daily insults well and truly cut me to the core and just continued the cycle of crippling insecurity.

When I started “talking to” a boy for the first time, Kyle, she all of a sudden developed an intense infatuation with him and told me I was forbidden from communicating with him from then on. I was insecure but I was not a pushover. When I didn’t listen to her demands, she took it a step further and told Kyle I had ongoing relationships with several other boys (untrue), which he unfortunately believed. I was completely crushed. She then swooped in and took every opportunity to rub it in my face that she “won” him (i.e. inviting him to my birthday parties at home, inviting me out with her only to later reveal I would be thirdwheeling on their date, making him compliment me and then gloating about how she had such a nice boyfriend, etc). This sort of thing happened countless times, not with just boys but with friends and even workplaces! They ended up dating for two years and, although they had a nasty breakup, Kyle and I remained on good terms, which drove her up the wall. She would constantly ask me, “So did you guys hook up behind my back yet?” while claiming to have moved on already.

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Imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food
completely the fault of this prompt

“You ready?”

“Wait, lemme—okay. Yeah. Go.”

“Don’t do that dewy eyes thing again. I nearly burst out laughing last time.”

“Just shut up and go—the waiter’s coming.”

Dean hastily leans back, fumbling with the cheap velvet box in his palm. Cas is barely suppressing his grin, pretending to be interested in the dessert menu.

The waitress is at the table opposite them, and Dean taps his fingers patiently against his leg. Just a little bit closer.

“You know, I was gonna wait ‘til we got back home, but I don’t think I can anymore.”

Cas looks up, expression of surprise just on the edge of believable.

“Dean?” He asks carefully.

“Dammit, Cas, I can’t stand it!”

Dean throws his napkin down, standing with a dramatic flourish. Heads are starting to turn towards their table, and their waitress is staring at them, her mouth open. Dean fights back his grin. Jackpot.

He drops to one knee, and all around them, surprised gasps and a couple stunned oh my gods echo through the restaurant.

Dean holds up the ring (something they dug out of the bottom of a 99 cent bin in Walmart), adding a hesitant edge to his voice.

“Castiel,” he says gravely. “Love of my life. Will you—will you marry me?”

Cas presses a hand to his heart, his lip trembling a little. (Damn him and those acting classes he took their senior year of college, the fucker.)

“Dean,” he breathes. “Of course. Of course!”

Dean is immediately yanked up in the arms of his pseudo-fiancé, as the restaurant dissolves into a cacophony of whoops and applause. Cas smiles against his lips.

“Nailed it,” he whispers.

“As always,” Dean whispers back. Then he kisses him again, because hey—that was the best part of the fake proposing, getting to make out with Cas in front of everyone.

Well, that, and the free food.

It happened kinda by accident.

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Burned Pt. 1 [M]

Genre: Smut/angst

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Triggers: drinking, sex, dom/sub sexual relations

Word Count: 5.5k

A/N: based off a post I made a few days ago and encouraged by. This is my first time writing smut so please be kind to me. I’m still learning the ropes haha. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Everything about the drive home was the same and for that you were thankful. It had been months since the last time you saw the familiar buildings of your hometown. The farmer’s market was in full swing and you were tempted to stop by, but you knew your mother would kill you if you showed up later. 4 hours late, in fact. You probably should have called. You didn’t mind the lecture that was sure to commence once you got home because it was the first time you were able to sleep in for months. You were in your first year of medical school and it was taking a toll on you. Between work and school you barely had time for anything, or anyone. Luckily, the national holiday came right at the perfect time and you managed to squeeze in a trip home, not minding the long drive each way. Hopefully, your mother had prepared your favorite meal because it’s been awhile since you ate something that didn’t come from plastic packaging.

As you pulled down your childhood street you saw the familiar commotion of seven boys playing basketball in your driveway. Taehyung, your younger brother, had begged your dad for two years for a hoop. After Tae broke his elbow from building a makeshift one out of a ladder and a laundry basket your father finally caved in. The six boys playing with your brother were his childhood best friends. They’ve stuck together through everything, from dating each other’s exes, to going away to separate universities. You had never seen friendship like that and you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t feel a little bit jealous. None of your friendships had lasted that long and you hoped that nothing would ever get in between theirs.

The sudden sound of loud thumping on the hood of your car scared the shit out of you. When you looked up, you saw your brother’s boxy grin staring back at you. “If you dent my car you’re going to have to pay for it, you little shit,’ you threatened.

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Bad Boy Mendes Pt. 3

Part 3 was highly requested! You guys wanted a happy ending so, here you go :D I tried but happy endings are something that I need to work on ;)

Your thoughts were interrupted with a buzz coming from your pocket. Shit! He did what you thought he was gonna do.

You slowly unlocked your phone and opened the text:

My stupid kiss, stupid leather jacket, stupid messy hair, and stupid self, say hi….princess ;)

“Thanks for leaving me on seen”, Shawn ran up to me as you walked down the hall.

You chuckled, “Anytime.”

“You’re lucky that I don’t hold grudges”, he laughed.

Something about that bothered you. Something about the fact that he thought you were good now just because of a sappy ass text. “Look, Mendes, I get that we shared a moment, had an argument, and you sent me some sappy text to make up, but that doesn’t mean that…I don’t know”, you trailed off, “It just doesn’t mean what you think it does.”

He let out a dry laugh, “I don’t know what you want from me, princess”, he threw his arms up in exasperation.

“Y/N”, you yelled, “My name is Y/N!”

“And my name is Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, what’s your fucking point”, he retorted with sarcasm which only pissed you off more.

“Well guess what, Shawn Peter Raul Mendes”, you exclaimed, “You can go fuck yourself because I know why you approached my table yesterday and frankly, I’m more into guys with class. Someone who doesn’t just want to get in my pants”, you said with frustration as stress was filling your brain.

“What”, he asked, but it was too late, you were off and heading to your next class.

“Honey are you hungry, at all”, your mom asked from behind the door as you laid face down on your bed.

“No, Mom. I’m not that hungry, I made something when I got home”, you lied.

“Um…alright”, she hesitated, “It’s nearly 11:40 so good night.”

“Uh-huh”, you replied as more tears fell down your face.

Once she was clearly gone you sat up in your bed and fixed your messy bun.

“How did you let this happen? You let your guard down, this is exactly what happens when you do some stupid shit like that”, you whispered to yourself.

You were awaken from your thoughts by your phone buzzing. You didn’t even have to look at it to know that it was him. Who else had texted you in almost a full year? No one. You didn’t want to look at it, you didn’t want to fall under his spell. You actually found it quite humorous how fast you broke down your walls for him to come in. Normally you would’ve totally closed yourself off but, Shawn, he gave you something to smile about. You didn’t know if it was the way he called you princess or the way that he wore his signature smirk, but you were falling hard and nothing was gonna protect you from the impact.

You looked down at your now ringing phone and rolled your eyes.

“Don’t you dare grab that phone”, you mumbled to yourself as you were already reaching for it, “What the fuck is wrong with you”, you whispered as you answered the call.

“What”, Shawn’s voice asked with confusion.

You mentally cursed yourself for saying that, “Um… I was talking to…my T.V. I’m watching a show”, you lied, “What do you want?”

“Meet me in the park”, he asked with sincerity.

“What the fuck–”, you began

“Look Y/N, I’m not trying to get in your pants so stop acting like this”, he sounded a bit frustrated, “I actually do like you and I have for almost four years. But you know, when people refuse to interact with others, it’s hard to try and get someone to open up. You’re making this really hard and you’re really tearing up my determination. I just–”, he was being interrupted by you now.

“Stop being a little bitch, Mendes. I’m on my way”, you rolled your eyes, “I don’t refuse to interact with people, it’s hard to talk to people who don’t give a shit”, you almost shouted into the phone.

As you walked on the pavement in your leggings and sweat-shirt you couldn’t help but be mad at yourself for the way you talked to Shawn. You wouldn’t blame him if his little school boy crush went away after that call. You felt like a bitch for putting up your walls again when he broke his down for you. You felt terrible for cursing at him, sassing him, for being so rude. You let your emotions get the best of you.

You pushed open the gate to the little park of your hometown. The park that you used to play at, back when it felt bigger. The same playground, same sand, same grass. You hadn’t been here in almost two years, around the time when you built your walls in the first place.

You looked around for Shawn, but it was kind of hard to look for a guy who wears all black. Especially At 11:50 at night. You continued walking around the tiny area until you heard the soft strumming of a guitar.

“Do ya… do you think about me”, you heard his familiar voice sing.

You followed the sound and looked up at him, on the slide, singing you the beautiful song. Once he finished he looked down at you with bright eyes.

“I don’t think you realize how terrible I feel”, he asked with a smirk.

“It’s not your fault I’m dramatic as fuck”, you laughed to yourself, “Thanks for the song, Mendes.”

“Anytime princess”, he winked, “So”, he slid down the slide and landed in front of you, “Let’s talk romantics.”

You nodded, “Continue since you’re all of a sudden so classy”, you chuckled.

“Hey, I’m trying. I’ve read several fanfics on Tumblr and I’m not gonna lie, these guys have got game”, he laughed, “But honestly, I really do like you Y/N. I can be a douche at times, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m trying.”

You nodded, “And I thank you for that”, you smiled, “I have a lot to thank you for, Mendes. Thanks for sitting at my table yesterday, thanks for kissing me in front of the whole school, and thanks for putting me on check when I needed it.”

“Welcome”, he flashed you his bright smile as he looked up at you with wide eyes.

You took a seat on his lap as he moved his guitar and looked down at you, “I haven’t had anyone, except for family, that I’ve been able to even smile with. You were the first person to break down my walls in years. You and your stupid self”, you joked before continuing, “aren’t a douche. You have feelings too.”

“With that being said, what do you say? Give this bad boy a chance”, he grinned.

You raised your eyebrows, “Messy hair, leather jackets, and wearing all black does not make you a bad boy. It only gives you style.”

“Fine then…go out with me, princess”, he gave you puppy dog eyes.

“Sure Mendes”, you shrugged, “On one condition.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Keep talking.”

You lunged forward and tackled him to the ground as he chuckled from under you, “Thank you very much”, you took his guitar pick, “Payback.”

Benevolence 6

6/20 Get some background on how Taeyeon got back into Baekhyun’s life. Baekhyun’s health has been messing up and he’s been acting strange around Taeyeon, not only that you get to jump into Y/N’s past life (her past may trigger some people and it’s based off of my personal experiences with my own mother)


Word Count: 2,594

                             Y/N  at 14 years old

“Stop hitting me!”, I heard her scream and shove him off of her, it made me sick. I could feel all of the bumping against walls and shoving against tables. It frustrates me to no end. My own damn mother being abused just a few rooms away from me. The worst part of this all is the fact she isn’t sick, or mentally ill and doesn’t know any better. She’s 47 years old and her boyfriend is 24, she’s fully aware of the fact that him beating on her is completely wrong her only excuse is that she knows she’ll hurt him if she fights back.

He wasn’t even supposed to be here, if brother knew my mom was dealing with the same shit she was dealing with back home her little boyfriend would be gone in an instant. What really pisses me off is when my mother says if my brother ever decides to stay that her boyfriend has to go? What about me and my respect as a person living in this house? Do I need to hear him brag about the fact that he might’ve given you an STD from how many girls he’s cheated on you with? I hate whenever my mom tells me about how not to let a boy disrespect me and how I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend yet I have to put up with hers everyday. 

I didn’t even want one at this point, all of her bad experiences with men fucked me up honestly. I guess the one good thing you’ll always be able to say about my mother was that she was always honest with her kids. My older brother is 9 years older than me he was the only planned pregnancy at only 17 years old, meaning she was in a relationship with my brother’s father for a little over 20 years.To put it simply, she’s been allowing men to abuse her, her entire life. However, the man she’s dealing with now is worse than ever, he extremely rude and abusive not only to my mom but continuously makes comments towards my little sister. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have the guts to say anything to me. My mom says it’s because of the vibe I pull off, that I’m a good judge of character. She gets so pissed whenever I threaten to tell my brother, she then threatening to take away some of privileges including my sewing machine. 

Breaking me away from my thoughts I heard my door swing open and shut, looking up to see my mother standing there panting with frustration, tears ready to roll down her cheeks. She was embarrassed she knew I heard all of the disgusting things he said out there. Every time they fought like this she’d run to my room to tell me that she was being stupid and that I shouldn’t ever accept this treatment. It hurt me a little knowing that she was also only coming in my room because her little boyfriend didn’t have the guts to. Her words meant nothing to me as she knew that I was uncomfortable with him living in my house.

“Don’t, I’m so tired of having this talk with you over and over again mom.”, I snapped turning away from her, she disgusted me in so many ways. I didn’t hate my life she got me the things I wanted, I never asked for much. Most of the time I’ve never gotten them exactly when I wanted them but still, I got what I wanted and I always took care of my things. One thing I can’t stand is misplacing anything, we were homeless due to her fuck ups 3 years ago. My older brother’s father had just gotten out of prison feeding my mother lies and bullshit about marriage and happily ever afters. She had completely ignored the fact that he cheated on her their entire relationship before prison I don’t know why she thought anything would change. Once she found out that he wasn’t really going to ‘mandatory work’ but to the same woman’s house he was cheating on her with she broke down. She quit her job, started smoking cigarettes again and got us evicted. 

No, this isn’t like other stories where we were forced to leave our homes, she chose not pay rent because she wanted to move away to Florida. We didn’t end up going of course, we lived in hotels for almost year. Forced to throw away some of my favorite belongings, scared of whether or not we’d have enough money to spend another night in a hotel. The last few months we were forced to stay at shelters, I hated it more than anything, now we’re here while she’s repeating the same mistakes.

“You know it’s not okay to be treated like that Y/N, the only reason why I’m not fighting back is because I know I’ll hurt him.”, She spoke as if she was a responsible parent. “I’m really sorry you had to hear what he said.” I turned back around to see a tear rolling down her face. That’s once thing that always made me so confused her sadness, if she was tired of disappointing me or having her little boyfriend work her nerves why not just end this all?

“Clearly you’re not that sorry.”, I deadpanned she wasn’t sorry and neither was he, when you’re sorry for something you did you stop doing it. You can only make a mistake once and certain ones twice anything after that is no longer a mistake it’s a choice. My mother wasn’t a weak and stupid woman she just didn’t know how to fucking say no to that bastard.

“Y/N, watch how you speak to me, yes I’ll have my man disrespect me but I will not allow my own children to.”, She spoke firmly towards me.

“Why should I respect you when you let someone who clearly respects no one around your children? He knows I’m in here mom, yet he said all of those things knowing I could hear it.”, I snapped at her, this is what pissed me off. When she tried to justify what she was letting him do but then not allowing us to do the same thing.

“Remember what you promised you’d do for me?”, She asked ignoring my question. We both knew exactly what she was talking about and honestly I was just doing it prove it her that I’m stronger than she is. I promised to not have sex with more than one person, I was only to have sex with the person I was to marry. She wasn’t worried about be being abused she was actually worried about me doing the abusing, I was never one to obey a male. Since my father passed away when I was 2, I didn’t remember anything about him but, I was always told he was a responsible parent. I couldn’t look up to my brother because he’s still doing everything except what he’s supposed to be doing as responsible parent, yes his dumb ass had a baby at 16 years old. I grew up around boys so I’ve never been scared to hang out with a male. Whenever I was at school boys were disrespectful as well so I’ve never really given a fuck about the male species. Yes, I found them attractive and yes I’ve watched porn and got turned on. I just never had a need to ask a male or anyone for that matter for affection or assistance. I’ve always done everything on my own. 

“I know and unlike any promises you made I intend to keep mine at whatever the cost.”, I responded.

“You’re not like your brother and sister, it’s too late for me to try and save your brother and I can already tell your sister might follow down my path but, you, you’ve never taken shit from anyone.”, She stopped to let out a laugh “Y/N, you have grown men scared of you.”

I knew I did and I like it that way, leave me the fuck alone, I like being alone it’s way less dramatic this way. I barely leave the house anymore as is, can’t I at least enjoy being in my own home? The saddest part of this all no matter what happens in the future a part of me will always be disgusted with my own mother, because she has a choice in all of this she just continues to let it happen for her own selfish reasons.

“Mom, I hate you I’m just letting you know. It’s not the teenage kind of hate I really hate you for what you’re doing and what I have to deal with because of it.” She looked shocked and almost hurt by what I had said but, it was the truth…..

Three months later.

After the day I told my mother I hated her was the day she got rid of her boyfriend. We never saw him again and she never spoke of him again. 

“I’ll back I’m making a quick run.”, My mom yelled before she was out the door. Those were the last words I had ever heard from my mother. I was at home alone with my little sister for 14 hours. 

Yes, I worried she was supposed to be back way before then but my calls were unanswered. My little sister had been crying for hours wondering why it was taking so long for her to come back. It wasn’t till 19 hours when my brother showed up at the door that I knew something was really wrong. My mother had died in a car accident. My mother had died knowing I hated her and that I was still disappointed in her. The worst part of this all and why to this day a part of me still hates her is because she died going to pick her boyfriend up. They never broke up and he had the audacity to tell me this three weeks after the funereal. I couldn’t help my reaction, I scratched one of his eyeballs so hard that he couldn’t even get a prosthetic eye. The damage for him hadn’t ended there, I was finally able to tell my brother all that was going on and he beat my mom’s ex until he was unrecognizable. My brother served 6 months in jail before he took me and my little sister in forced to moved back to our hometown. At least my little sister was, I study aboard in multiple countries before I moved to Korea.I was never home I was always in another country. I stopped talking to my family completely because everyone knew my feelings towards my mother. Eventually they’ll forget me and that’s what I want, I’ll always keep my promise to my mother and one day whether I’m going to heaven or hell I’ll be able to apologize to her.

  Almost a year ago with Taeyeon and Baekhyun..

Taeyeon and Baekhyun sat face to face on her sofa awfully close. Baekhyun eyes were already streaming tears since Taeyeon had not spoken to him since the night of the break up. He missed her dearly, even though she wasn’t his exact ideal type she made him happy and he knew she would never cheat on him.

“Why’d you have to break up with me?”, He asked voice already searching for pity. The break up was so hard on him, all he did was cry causing his singing voice to get fucked up. Taeyeon was fine as in she was the one to cause this, she didn’t intend to make him like this she just felt unloved.

“I’m almost thirty Baekhyun.”, She chuckled letting her finger trail down his finger and fall down his chin. “I need a man to settle down with me and take life seriously, I don’t want to be an idol forever. You like to go out and party all night while I enjoy staying home…besides don’t you have a girlfriend?”, She asked scooting away from him.

 Baekhyun was so caught up with Taeyeon that he had forgotten about Y/N. His feelings for Y/N were real they just didn’t make him forget about Taeyeon, However he didn’t want to mess up any future with Y/N because of Taeyeon. Shuffling further away from Taeyeon Baekhyun realized what had been happening. Taeyeon was asking to meet with Baekhyun again because she wanted to know more about Y/N. Taeyeon was never too open with just throwing herself at people and it would’ve been even more awkward for her knowing she was dating Baekhyun. 

“You didn’t even want to see me you just wanted to befriend Y/N. I’m not comfortable with that so stay away from her.”, He snapped getting off of Taeyeon’s sofa.

“So you coming over here to see me was any better.”, Taeyeon blurted out before covering her mouth. She wasn’t the type to blurt things out like that and it kind of turned Baekhyun on.

“Stop Taeyeon, I love Y/N.”, He spoke trying to convince himself.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, you are if you love her go to her and stay away from me.”, Taeyeon snapped getting off of the sofa as well. “I wanted to befriend Y/N because of my own reasons you clearly aren’t that in love with her if you’re here with me.”

“I just wanted closure!”, Baekhyun snapped tears rolling down his face, Taeyeon always had a way of doing this to him making him feel like a child like he was completely beneath her. He’s sure she doesn’t mean to make him feel bad about himself but, he was still a grown man and wanted to be treated like one.

“I told you what you needed to hear Baekhyun whatever we had is over, I refuse to step into someone’s relationship.”, She raised her voice which was very unlike Taeyeon to do. “Stop loving me, it’s that simpl-” before she could finish her words Baekhyun’s lips were on hers before they fell onto the sofa.

This continued for 3 weeks before Taeyeon finally admitted she was still in love with Baekhyun. She then became a little selfish wanting to see Baekhyun all the time making him forget plans he had with Y/N. She eventually realized that something needed to be done so she didn’t have to sneak around with Baekhyun anymore.

“I want to move in to your apartment.”, She blurted out of nowhere one night after having sex.

“No, this has to end anyway and I have to tell Y/N and beg for her forgiveness.”, He said bluntly before removing himself from Taeyeon’s mattress. She didn’t want it to end yet she had to do something.

“Why not have us both? If she truly loves you then she will accept it. You have needs Baekhyun.”, She grabbed his back “Why are you letting her decided everything? The three of us all together makes you feel better than sneaking around doesn’t it?” Baekhyun didn’t know how to react he loved them both Taeyeon maybe a little more, so he went with her plan. It’s just that he ended up taking things into his own hands more than she wanted him to. Now all three of them are stuck in a mess at least Baekhyun and Taeyeon are.

Bitch, you ruined my relationship let’s not play victim.” Kai spoke towards Taeyeon as he waited for Baekhyun in the kitchen…

 yes the mc may seem like a hypocrite but remember the fact that a lot of children who see their parents being abused follow in their footsteps, NO my mother is not dead and no our relationship is not fuck up nor am I, it’s always been in my mind that if I ever allowed my anger towards her actions to turn into hate something like this could’ve happened it’s because of the fact that she talked me through everything that I’m okay though it does make me not have a lot of pity or forgiveness for a lot of people when it comes to things But anyways hope you enjoyed 

Days are changing

Summary: An idea I came up with yesterday, left it open for a part two if requested. Benny is out of purgatory and going on hunts with the Winchesters.

Word Count: 1050

Pairing: Benny x reader

Warnings: Fluff, some cursing, fluff

Originally posted by bennylafitte

Benny POV

    It’s been a few months since I got back from purgatory. Sam kept rambling on about how they managed to beat the darkness and how they met God. If I didn’t know the boy, barely do, I’d say he’s God’s number one fan. Following around like a lost puppy. Hell, I was in what Dean called God’s armpit, I think that’s the closest I’ll ever need to be. Winchesters, everything happens with them. They’ve been able to calm down, but they’re doing cases every now and then.

    “So vamps? How many do you think?” Dean grumbles from his phone. That boy never gets off it seems like, unless he’s driving or his feathered friend is around.

    “I’m not even sure, three maybe four? I mean it’s happening to groups.” Sam looks up from the laptop, taking a sip of his water.

    We’ve been sitting in the diner for an hour now. Thankfully about to leave, I don’t know how much more I can handle Dean talking bout pie. He’s like a brother, but him and his damn pie. We just happen to be going back to my hometown, Louisiana. The last time I was originally there was around the 1940’s. Being a vampire was a lot harder then, didn’t have everything easy.

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Blame it on the rain: Alex Gaskarth Imagine

You frustratingly closed your calculus book and sighed. You had a ton of homework to do before mid-terms and it was draining you. You decided to go and check your phone that you left in your room, so you wouldn’t be distracted, but a little break won’t hurt right? Taking you phone off the dock, you unlocked it to find 15 missed calls, 20 messages, and 4 voicemails, all from your best friends Jack, Rian, and Zack. 

You opened the messages and read through them. They were texting for you to call them back immediately and you wondered how you didn’t hear all the commotion hours ago. You rang Jack and on the 5th ring, he picked up. “Y/N!” he yelled with panic clear in his is voice. “Jack? What happened?” “I-it’s Alex. He went ballistic and ran off and now we don’t know where he is.” Your heart stopped and held your breath at the fact that you best friend was missing. “I’ll go looking.” You didn’t want to know anything else. You just wanted to find Alex and make sure he was alive. 

You and Alex had always been best friends since you guys were four. You had to hold hands in class and he asked you to be his “girlfriend.” You and Alex were inseparable all through school. In high school, he met Lisa. She obviously wasn’t very fond of how close you and Alex were, but soon enough, she accepted you. You didn’t have a boyfriend because you chose not to for specific reasons. Reasons being that you were in love with Alex. You didn’t expect it. He was in his relationship with Lisa for a year and you were at a backyard party. Lisa was nowhere to be found and Alex was angry, but wouldn’t say it but you could see it. He didn’t ask anyone for advice except for you. He dragged you into a room and spilled everything. 

He cried. You remember hugging him tightly to you and his arms tightly around your waist. He ended up crying and holding you around your waist with his head on your stomach and you repeatedly ran your hand through his messy hair. That’s when you realized. That was 5 years ago. Five years of continuously loving him, but never getting in the way of him and Lisa. You never wanted to be that person. Only Rian knew and he wanted you to act on your feelings but you never did. Now, you were driving around town wondering why no one had found him yet. 

You picked up your phone and dialed Lisa’s number. After a long amount of rings, she answered, “Hey Y/N! What’s up!” She giggled. She was weirdly happy at a time like this. “Didn’t you know? Alex is missing?” You gritted your teeth. “Oh… Y/N… Alex and I broke up a couple days ago. I found someone better…” My heart sunk lower than it already had. Alex went ballistic because of Lisa. You had no more words for her or anyone for that matter, so you hung up. You checked various diners, restaurants, libraries, and bars searching for the long-haired boy. No luck. After checking the last bar you thought he would be at, you sat in your driver seat and rested your head against the steering wheel, desperate to remember some place he would be. He was always at inside places in your hometown. But he was in none of them. Then you remembered. A couple days after coming home from the Dirty Work tour, he had told you he had taken Lisa to an overlook of Baltimore. 

His eyes lit up when he talked about it. His eyes always lit up when he talked about something that had beauty. You raced to the other side of town, swerving in and out to get to the mountain. You drove up as fast as you could. You reached the top and you were relieved to see Alex’s car. You saw Alex standing close to the edge, looking out towards the horizon and your eyes were filling with tears when you saw him. He was alive. You unbuckled you seat belt and wasted no time in running towards him. You pulled him back from the edge by his flannel and wrapped your arms around his stomach from behind. He tensed and looked behind him. Your head was against his back and the tears were spilling out now. 

 He quickly turned around in your arms and finally wrapped his around you. You heard him beginning to sob and you guys broke down to the floor. You sat on the floor and let Alex lean against your chest, still holding him. “You stupid shit… I thought you had left me.” You said between cries. “Don’t leave, Alex. It’s her fault for letting go of someone so special. It’s not you.” You assured him. He rose up from his place and looked at you. You stared into his chocolate brown eyes that were red and puffy from crying. “Y/N… Why did you come and not her?” He asked. You were taken back but answered truthfully, “Apparently, I love you more than she ever could.” You placed a hand on Alex’s cheek and wiped away a stay tear with your thumb. “I love you, Alexander William.” You sighed. He didn’t say anything at all. You were hurt, but you were glad you got it off your chest. 

You pressed a kiss to his forehead and got up from the floor. You turned away from Alex and began walking to your car. You would call Rian and explain where Alex was. You knew you had messed up. Or so, you thought. “Y/N!” You turned and saw Alex quickly getting up from his place on the floor. You were confused. Alex was about a foot away before he grabbed your hand and pulled you to him. He grabbed the sides of your face before you could say anything. His lips were against yours, moving and loving. You dropped your keys from your hand and placed both hands on his sides. You were kissing your best friend, something you had wanted for almost 5 years. 

He pulled back and looked down at you and you looked back at him. “You just didn’t do that because I’m a rebound right? Cause that would be very awkward…” You mumbled. He smiled and shook his head, his hands still on the sides of your face. “No. You do know why Lisa and I broke up? She probably told you she met someone else right?” You nodded. “I broke up with her.” He confessed. “Then why were you crying?” You asked him. “It hurt yeah. Plus, I didn’t know if you’d love me back, now I know… You love me more than she ever could.”

Week One: Ladies In Red!

Nick, your franchised Bachelor is back for his 434th chance at love. 

“Stop trying to make Nick happen, he is never going to happen.”

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Well, in a strange turn of events Nick has a clear shot to make it to hometowns because he gets to hand out the roses himself. 

We kickoff the season with Nick reading a list of his imperfection and the first bachelor highlight reel of failure. 


We get a blast from the past with three former bachelors that all came to tell Nick how much America hates him. Chris, Ben, Sean and Nick sit around sip their glasses of Fireball while they talk strategy for how to make America believe you are looking for love. 

To sum up the convos… “Nick, stop being the slimy, doucher that you have been through three different seasons”


Rachel - The dancing attorney is the first in with the red dress! 

Danielle L. - She opened up her first nail salon at 23?! 

Tits out for the boys! “My sister picked the dress out” “Good for your sister”

Venessa - The Italian Stallion.  

Josephine - The naughty nurse, cat lady looks like she has a couple screws loose. This girl better stick around for a couple weeks because she bout to ramp up the ratings. 

Raven - That’s soooo Raven, it’s the trailer park I can see! This season is filled with successful business owners, this must be the new Trump America. 

Corinne - We are three seconds into the interview and we find out that she talks about herself in the third person, “runs” a multimillion dollar company and still has a babysitter. 

Hands Nick his first hug Fuck token! 

Alexis - Jersey Shore meets ABC. “He needs to love dolphins or this isn’t going to work out” (But dressed in a shark costume) 

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Danielle M. - Another nurse… who cares.

And she brings maple syrup so she can finger his mouth.

Taylor - A mental health counselor on the Bachelor… are you working or participating? She apparently blames the fact that she had no friends on her mixed race, not because she is probably a judgmental bitch. 

Tells Nick that her friend thinks that he’s a fuckboy… Good start. 

Elizabeth (Liz) - The girl that claims that she shot Nick down after fucking him at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. Big drama night one… When are we going to have a season where it’s all the Bachelor’s one night stands?! ABC I’ll be in touch. 

Annnnd Nick doesn’t remember her. Dude must fuck. 

Elizabeth 2 - Coming in hot with the TuTu! 

Christen - “How crazy do you think I am right now…? Well let me turn those thoughts into a reality!”

Kristina - Girl with accent we won’t need to pay much attention to. 

Angela - “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t you…” The line she had ready for anyone she saw out of the limo. 

Lauren - The other half of Team #DisgustingSlut - wedding hashtag of the year. 

Michelle - Lemons into lemonade, -_-

Ida Marie - An unforgettable name and a very forgettable first impression. 

Olivia - Brings the fireeeee with the fur jacket. 

Sarah - Leave it to the grade school teacher for the 2nd grade runner-up joke.

Jasmine G. - G.?!?!?! That means we have multiple Jasmines……. But she drops the Neil Lane. 

Dominique - This girl is about to have some opinions, ABC will keep her around.   

Hailey - I’m not wearing underwearrrrrr 

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Astrid - This is like the United Nations of Bachelor. 

Jaimi - “You have some balls, and I do too…” 

Great opening line to not only Nick, but the entire house. 

Briana - This girl looks like she wants not only listen to his heart, but also remove it and eat it. 

Susannah - A beard message. Ok. 

Brittany - Finger in the butt!

Jasmine B. - The other Jasmine 

Whitney - Minnesota blah blah blah

Lacey - Say hump again… hump. 

Chris Harrison knows how to stir that Bachelor pot with the “I noticed you looked at one of those girls differently.” 

Nick: “Yeah I think I met one at Jade and Tanner’s wedding”

Chris H.: “YOU KNOW ONE OF THE GIRLS?! Tell me more about it”


“There is a debate in the house, is she a shark or a dolphin?” Answer: She’s a psychopath. 


Now that the girls are all in the house and the fact that they are wearing red dresses has been established (and unnoticed by Nick), we can let the games begin. 

Drink every time Nick says “incredible dress” annnnnd you’re dead. 

Corrine with the nanny, is already standing out as the stalker (Free of tokens). She is making a strong play for this season’s Olivia casting slot. This girl is fun at parties.

Is there anything better than the “These girls are used to being pursued, not pursuing…” quote. They look pretty damn good at it though. Let the vino flowwwwww. 

The Sharknado has been let loose on the house and she has the makings of the one who doesn’t get to see the rose ceremony written all over her, her sisters will be proud. 

Nick: “What is with the shark costume”
Alexis: “I love dolphins, I even love the Miami Dolphins”
Nick: “…But it’s a shark costume”
Alexis: “Oh you’re smooth”



Nick gets to face off with his wedding fuck, and she had the upper hand, until she didn’t.  Just panic, cry and say you’re pregnant. 

Game over. 


First impression rose anxiety seems to have finally set in on the house and there is no Xanax in sight because it appears that Danielle M. has downed a whole bottle that she swiped from the hospital. 

Rachel gets pulled aside by Nick and presented by the first impression rose. There’s one for the red dress mafia. Let the insecurities and tears wyle out! 


Cut the bullshit speech Nick, it’s your turn start breaking hearts. 

“I’m shaking, I hate this, I’m just trying to hold my shit together” … Bitch it’s day one! 

Christina: “This is so hard, you leave home for this and you think to yourself was it worth it, what is this all for.” 
Nick: Christina.
Christina: “This is meant to be, I was never questioning him.” 

Will Liz make it through, did she miss her chance!? 
Chris: “Ladies this is the final rose tonight” 

Nick got his nut and Liz got her rose. A bunch of ladies walk out that we will look at during the reunion and say: “Who the fuck is that again?” 

Until next week. 

High School Reunion AU. wordcount: 3500~
Former Nerd!Dean, Artist!Castiel, confessions


Dean stares up at the bare brick facade of the building in front of him. After walking away from this place over 15 years ago, he never thought he’d come back. Of course, that’s what most people tell themselves about their high schools.

It seems smaller now than it did when he was 17, but Dean assumes that’s just his perspective. Music and voices pulse from inside and Dean can feel the strange looks he’s getting from the other former students as they pass him on their way in.

“Here goes nothing,” he mutters to himself as he heads for the door. The first thing that hits him is the smell of the place, all at once overwhelmingly familiar and cloying: old wood, floor polish, the metal of the lockers, and the lingering odor of sweat from the student bodies normally lining the halls. Dean hates it but can’t help himself from taking another deep breath, the scent and memories washing over him as he does. He passes by the glass trophy case at

the entrance, glancing over the tarnished statues and plaques inside. None of them his, of course. Dean wasn’t on the football team or basketball team. The only time he’d spent at their school’s sports field was waiting for Sammy as he finished up soccer practice. Dean felt more at home tucked away in the metal shop or the tech room, tinkering on some project or playing Magic the Gathering with Harry and Ed.

As a bespectacled, awkward, and somewhat pudgy teenager, Dean had been the farthest thing from a jock anyone could imagine. He catches sight of his reflection in the glass of the case; can’t say that anymore, he supposes. The glasses are gone, thanks to Lasik surgery a few years back. The baby fat has long melted away, leaving only high cut cheekbones and physique his personal trainer could be proud of.

The only physical feature remaining of his adolescence is perhaps his stupidly bowed legs.

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this is a callout post about AO3/tumblr user sunbreaksdown, who now goes by swapcats. these events happened roughly 7 years ago, and at that time she went by the name icor.

sunbreaksdown, whose name is sam, was in a relationship with me for a year while i was 16/17 years old and she was 19/20 years old. she willfully engaged in sexual activities with me on numerous occasions, frequently initiating them herself. she was arrested for having sex with a minor (me), and went to prison for 2 months in the state of california while she was visiting me.

what happened between us ruined my life, and i need to finally speak about this publicly. 

receipts are here on this blog.

#nsfw #csa #abuse #child abuse #underage #suicide #self harm

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Roommates Part 14 - Revenge

So we all knew that this was coming, right? I mean I´m already so excited to go on with this, because honestly, it´s only just getting good because the reader and Dean have to go trough a lot. 
And I´ll make them “muhahaha”
Okay, I´m going crazy now so enjoy the chapter, the next one will be up either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Read the other Parts here: Part 1,Part 2, Part 3,Part 4,Part 5, Part 6,Part 7,Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11,Part 12, Part 13

I have to warn you though, this is going to be full of clichés, weird coincidences and all in all the flufflyest fluff in the world of fluff, paired with the occasional smut.

If that´s your thing, than have fun reading Room D103

When you arrive at college, everything is supposed to change. You want to become a new person, leave behind the things that happened to you in your hometown and try to make some new friends and fit in.
But what happens if you end up with a roommate, who is not only a guy, but also a handsome football player/most annoying jerk on the whole planet?

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Length:1000 ish

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When you entered the cafeteria at lunch, your heart was beating out of your chest.
You had successfully pretended to be asleep when Dean had gotten home yesterday and you had also managed to avoid meeting any of the cheerleaders during the day, but there was no good reason not to go to lunch without making this anymore suspicious than it already was.
You had no idea what Ruby had told Meg and you had also no idea what Meg interpreted into it, even though you were pretty sure that it wasn´t something good.
But no matter what she was about to do or say to you, you were going to find out any minute because in that moment, you sat down at the cheerleader table.
You expected pretty much anything, but not Meg to say: “Hi (Y/N)”, and then move on with her conversation with one of the other girls without as much as blinking at you.
She didn´t seem mad and you eyed Ruby with a questioning  look. Maybe the blonde girl hadn´t told her yet and was planning on blackmailing you with the information or something.
Because Meg´s second in command wasn´t giving anything away at first glance, you nervously tried to concentrate on your lunch, desperately wishing you were sitting with Charlie and Donna right now but of course you had to blow that too.
Charlie was probably never going to speak to you again.
It was almost ridiculous, how fast you had gone back to hating your life.

The whole day and the next morning, it was Friday and the day of the big halloween party, everything was fine.
The cheerleaders didn´t treat you any different from how they used to and Dean didn´t bring up the Meg issue again in the short periods of time you were seeing him in the dorm between classes, both of your practices and much needed sleep.
So when you walked out of the main building after your last period that day, you were smiling a bit and were back to hoping, that maybe everything wasn´t as bad as it definitely should be.
Just when you were about to turn left to go back to your dorm to drop of your books before practice, the now familiar cracking that predicted an announcement that could be heard all over campus, reached your ears.
It could have been basically anything and it wasn´t as if you cared, but when Meg´s voice sounded out of the crappy speakers, you stopped dead in your tracks.
“Hello guys, this is Meg Masters, head-cheerleader and as you all know, member of the students council.
I first wanted to remind you of the awesome Halloween Party tonight, that is going on at the Kappa Kappa Zeta house, it´s going to be legendary.
Also I want to dedicate this announcement to my special friend (Y/N) Jason and want to inform you that we have no need for backstabbing hoes in our team.
Just because everyone knows that you are so desperate for some male attention that you would manipulate the school board into letting you sleep in a guys room, you don´t need to take our attention for granted.
Thanks for listening friends. Oh, and (Y/N) of course.”
You were thunderstruck and the worst part about all of this was, that you should have known better.
Without caring about anyone else, you started running and you didn´t stop until you reached D103. You were already going trough your options and realized, that you had none.
Meg would make sure that everybody hated you from now on and if you were being honest, everyone already hated you in this god forsaken school, everyone except for…
“Dean!”, you said horrified as he entered the room and tried to look the other way, but he had already seen your tears, so what was the point?
“Hey, I thought I´d find you here. I heard what Meg said, what happened?”
You shook your head and sat down on your bed: “Please, Dean. I really can´t explain it to you. All you have to know is that I didn´t manipulate my way into living in this room.”
He half smiled: “Oh, believe me, I know that. No one could play utter horror this good.”
If it wouldn´t have been so sad, you would have laughed, instead you sobbed again and he sat down beside you, putting an arm around you: “Hey, what is it? Those Cheerleaders are bitches, I don´t believe anything they´re saying and neither does anyone else with a lick of sense.”
“That´s not true. They´re the popular kids, everyone cares what they think”, you gave back and stared at the very used tissue in your hand.
“(Y/N), we´re not in HighSchool anymore. We´re adults. At least most of us. People won´t give a shit about what she said”, Dean explained and you were almost sure he meant it, but of course you knew better: “Believe me Dean, when it comes to popularity, then everyone cares, adult or not.”
He blinked at you as if he wasn´t quite getting what you were saying or simply couldn´t believe it: “Well, I don´t care.”
After that, there was silence, just the two of you, looking into each others eyes and before you could even begin to realize what was about to happen, he leaned in and kissed you.
It should have been gross, given the fact that you had been crying, but it was nice.
For exactly ten seconds, then you realized what you were doing and pushed Dean away: “We can´t do this Dean.”
His eyes were a little darker than usual and you shivered at how intense they looked when he got up and shook his head: “I don´t get it. Why can´t you accept that you like me? You always seem to find reasons not to like me. Not even in a kissing way, but in a friend way too.”
You knew that he was right and in a split second you decided to finally reveal the whole truth about what happened in your hometown, because Dean deserved to know:
“You´re right”, you said and he sat back down, obviously aware that he was going to hear something important and you got ready to recite the worst time of your entire life:

To be continued… 

Brett- I Wish

Request-  Could u do a request with Brett X witch!reader , where the reader is trying to find a important spell, and Brett is distracting them, so they say the spell wrong and something funny happens maybe?

A/N- Sorry if it’s short!

You shifted the huge book you were holding to one arm and ran a hand through your hair, trying to find the page you were looking for. The thing was enormous and bound in leather, but you had been reading out of it since you were twelve. You flipped another page, so engrossed that you didn’t even hear the footsteps enter the room from behind you.
“Cute PJs,” a voice said lowly in your ear, causing you to jump.
You whirled around with a yelp, only to run find yourself looking up at a smirking Brett Talbot. With a frustrated huff, you smacked him on the chest.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” you complained.
“I can’t say hi to my neighbor?” Brett asked you nonchalantly. “I mean, I’m just trying to be friendly.”
“No, you’re trying to mess with me,” you pointed out as you stared at the smirk on his face. “Which is not something you should be doing when I’m casting an protection spell in your house. And these are not pajamas!”
You looked down at your yoga pants, which clung to your legs in a flattering and comfortable way. You had gotten home from school and decided to take a nap, but before you did you had changed into a tank top and a more comfortable pair of pants. You didn’t think much of it at the time, but after being rudely awoken by your mother, you wished you had taken the time to change.
“Y/n,” she had ordered. “Get up. We were supposed to be at Satomi’s fifteen minutes ago.”
“What?” you had mumbled, trying to shield your eyes from the harsh light of your lamp. “For what?”
“The protection spell for her house,” your mother reminded you. “The one you promised me you would help me with, remember?”
You had let out an irritated groan, but you knew that if you tried to stay nestled under your covers your mom would have thrown them across the room, no magic needed. As witches you used magic often, but you hardly ever got asked to perform a spell for someone else. That was mostly because not many people had known about your family before, but the residents of Beacon Hills seemed a little more aware of their surroundings.
Your family had moved around a lot in the past few years, but once you had come to Beacon Hills, it seemed like you were going to be sticking around. You weren’t the only supernatural beings in Beacon Hills, and when your mother’s old friend Satomi informed her that there was a house for sale across the street, she had jumped at the chance to move.
Beacon Hills was your mom’s hometown, and while there seemed to be a lot more murders there than the average place, she was incredibly happy to be back. You couldn’t help but be happy for her too, except during moments like this when she dragged you over to Satomi’s.
You didn’t mind her or her daughter Lori, but her son Brett was constantly trying to get under your skin. You had no idea whether he did that to everyone or if it was just you, but as you tried to find your spell, you didn’t have time to try and figure it out.
“Well they look like pajamas to me,” Brett informed you.
You huffed and set the book down on the coffee table in Satom’s office, crossing your arms over your chest.
“Can I help you with something?” you asked him. “Or are you just here to bother me?”
“Satomi wanted me to help you,” he told you as he leaned against her desk. “You know, help gather ingredients, grab stuff on high shelves, that kind of thing.”
He reached out to mess with the things you had placed there, various different herbs, some of which could be incredibly dangerous.
“Stop!” you warned, reaching out to snatch his hand in mid-air. “Some of those things could kill you.”
Brett raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t seem too upset about touching the deadly ingredients for the spell. Instead, his eyes landed on your hand gripping his. “If you wanted to hold my hand, all you had to do was ask.”
You flushed, immediately releasing his hand. “I-I was not. I was trying to make sure you didn’t die. Which is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing right now and what you keep distracting me from.”
“Fine,” Brett said as you collected your herbs and began to grind them into a powder.
He watched your hands move skillfully and smiled. Whatever you were doing, you were good at it. You seemed to be in your element and for once, Brett didn’t say anything to distract you.
“Okay,” you finally said as you picked up the bowl. “ Go to page 63 in that book and tell me the words.”
Brett reached over and picked up the book, flipping quickly through the pages. Finally, he stuttered out some butchered version of the Latin spell, but you got the idea.
“Okay, cool. Now all I have to do is sprinkle this around the perimeter of the room, and then say the spell. Then we do the other rooms.”
“How long is that gonna take?” Brett asked.
You shrugged. “My mom’s probably already done with her half now, but she didn’t have any distractions.”
Brett rolled his eyes as he watched you sprinkling whatever you had concocted. You set the bowl down and spoke the Latin he had told you, but as you said the words, you didn’t feel the familiar sensation of the protection spell flowing through you. You still felt the magic, but this was something different.
“Brett?” you asked suddenly. “What spell did you use?”
“Uh, the one on page 53?” he offered.
“What?” you cried. “I said page 63!”
“Oh,” he said. “Shit. Well, what does that one do?”
You blinked, looking around the room in suspicion. “You know, I have no id-”
You cut yourself off mid-sentence as your feet began to lift off the ground. You watched as everything in the room, including you and Brett, began to float at least five feet from the floor.
“What the hell?” you cried, looking down at the floating objects. “Look what you did!”
“What I did?” Brett repeated. “You said the spell!”
“You gave me the wrong one,” you protested. “And now we’re stuck here and I don’t even know how to change it all back!”
“Y/n,” Brett said with a laugh. “It’s fine. I mean, it’s gotta wear off sometime, right?”
“Well, yeah,” you told him. “But my mom would kill me if she found out I was this careless.”
“Here,” Brett offered, reaching out to move through the air like he was swimming through water.
He managed to make it over to you, knocking away the floating spellbook in the process. He reached out for you with a grin and grabbed your hand, pulling you closer and spinning you around as if you were dancing. You felt your heart skip a little as he did this, and you instantly hoped that he hadn’t picked up on it.
Of course Brett had heard it, but he figured he would ruin the moment if he pointed it out, so he just continued to twirl you until you began to laugh.
“Okay,” you admitted. “This is kind of fun. "But I don’t think your mom is going to be happy if-”
With a sharp gasp, you were cut off mid-sentence once more. A sick feeling twisted in your gut, and you were hit with the sensation of falling, just before you landed on something reasonably soft.
“Ow,” Brett groaned as you landed on top of him.
“Shit, sorry,” you swore, but before you could get up, the door to Satomi’s office opened in front of you.
You and Brett both looked up as Satomi and your mother walked in, eyes going wide as they saw you on top of Brett. They took one look at the objects that had been previously floating, now strewn across the floor of the office.
“Well,” your mother said. “I’m guessing you two didn’t finish the spell.”
You opened your mouth to explain, quickly rolling off of Brett, but Satomi quickly held up her hand.
“No need to explain,” she told you as you and Brett rose to your feet. “Y/m/n, I believe you owe me something.”
Your mother rolled her eyes and pulled out her wallet. “Seriously, you two? You just cost me fifty bucks.”
“Wait, what?” Brett asked.
You blinked. “Mom, no! That was not what we were doing.”
“Oh no,” Brett said as he realized what your mother was talking about. “I mean, I wish, but-ow!”
You smacked his chest hard, looking back toward your mother. “We are not together. We weren’t getting together. I said a spell wrong. Everything started to float, including us. End of story.”
Satomi and your mother shared a knowing look and your mother quickly tucked her wallet back into her pocket. “Alright, out you two. I’ll finish the protection spell.”
“But-” you protested.
“Out,” she ordered sternly, pointing toward the hall.
You sighed and shuffled out of the room, Brett following quickly behind. As you walked down the hall, you could hear your mother’s voice echoing off the walls.
“Satomi, I’d like to change my bet…”
“I wish?” you questioned, repeating Brett’s word from earlier.
Brett smirked, looking down at your raised eyebrows. “You do look pretty cute in those pajamas.”
You eyed Brett in disdain, but he could tell you were trying to hide a smile. He knew that you liked him just as much as he liked you, and maybe that was why you didn’t protest when he wrapped an arm around your shoulders. You figured you could have protested, but there was no point in trying to push away the feelings that were just itching to come out.
You finally let yourself smile as you walked down the hall, thinking about what your mother had said about how much better Beacon Hills was than the other places you had lived. Brett’s arm tightened around your shoulders and as you walked down the hallway with him, you knew that she was right.

It's been a while since I ranted like this, but the newbies are worth it

So first of all, I haven’t bothered to comment on how stupid Glee is lately because it’s just so obvious. These stupid graduates knew in 5x12 and 5x13 that the glee club was disbanding and that Sue had finally won, yet none of them gave even half a shit about maybe saving the club. Those stupid episodes were all full of fluff and fan pandering and had no real sincere attachment to the idea of glee club. They didn’t honor their roots or make any effort to preserve their legacy, they just let it all fall to the wayside.
External image
Flash forward a year later, and suddenly they care? I’ve had issues with this for ages. Everyone coming back to McKinley? It’s cray cray. I thought they actually set up something really good in the Season 5 finale, showing SAM looking back through the windows of the old choir room and singing the part of Pompeii that makes me bawl my eyes out - “If you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you’ve been here before?”

Yes, Sam, it felt like we’ve been there before. And it felt like we missed the club existing,  but I don’t think anyone wanted the club to return like this. Sam taking over the club? It made sense. He’d come up with a filler dream to find a way to follow his friends to New York and to pretend that he wasn’t completely lost after he bombed his SATs and his college applications, but he was the one who seemed out of place in New York. He was the one who didn’t seem like he liked it, and actually bothered to reminisce back to glee club and everything that had mattered to him in high school.

As a newbies fan, that was what I wanted to see. Sam back at McKinley, reviving the glee club, giving those kids back their home, and making their senior year the best it could possibly be. I’m sure there are plenty of other people whodidn’t want that, since the newbies get shit on so much by this fandom, but now they’ve been cast aside for the most part only to be replaced with new newbies. I’m pretty sure most of the original newbie haters are wishing they could have Blake, Becca, Jacob, Alex, Melissa, and even Erinn back now, but for some stupid reason, Glee burned that bridge. When they went back to McKinley in the Opening Night episode of Season 5? It was like those characters had never existed. But still, I held out hope that maybe we’d at least get one episode of them, see Sam give them the happy ending they deserved in their high school careers, and then time would jump forward like the rumors said.
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Sam back at McKinley made sense to me. Sam wanting to follow Finn’s dream since Finn couldn’t follow it anymore, Sam wanting to lead those kids he’d been friends with to the victory that they deserved when the chance to have a safe haven at school was ripped away from them, Sam back in a small town where life moved a little slower? It made sense. I should have known it made way too much sense for Glee to actually pursue that story line. Instead, what do we get? Kurt and Rachel and Blaine and goodness knows who else crawling back to Ohio with their tails between their legs after what? A year or two of trying to follow their big dreams out into the real world?
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It’s stupid. I know why Glee will never give up those characters, and I understand it, but this isn’t what anyone wanted to see for them. I don’t even care about any of the originals anymore, and I don’t want to see this for them. For a while there was speculation that the time jump was a little bit bigger, that people would have gone out and gotten their dreams to come true before they came home, but we found out that’s not the case, and the time jump is only six months. I know pretty much every part of the fandom has complaints about that for some reason or another, but my biggest one? Why the hell were reports saying the newbies hadn’t been invited back when, given the now confirmed timeline, THEY SHOULD STILL BE SENIORS?

I had a lot of questions. Would Glee ignore the fact that they existed at all? Would we just have to believe that they were roaming the halls of McKinley and wouldn’t want Glee club back when Rachel started it back up again? How the hell were they just going to explain away five series regulars who actually had a reason to still be a part of the story, but instead manage to bring back characters who should be out in the world moving on with their lives? 

I still don’t really get why the hell the originals are all back and loitering around in their hometown when so many of them wanted nothing more than to get out and make something of themselves, but this morning I did wake up to some news that pissed me off greatly. Surprise, surprise: Glee finally acknowledges what the rest of us have known for months, which is the fact that in their messed up timeline, the newbies would still be seniors. And how did they handle it? BY SAYING SUE FORCED ALL OF THEM TO TRANSFER AWAY EXCEPT KITTY.

Excuse you? Is this really the lame excuse you’re trying to make? The newbies have gotten the absolute shittiest treatment of any of the cast/characters, with the exception of maybe Quinn/Dianna and Tina/Jenna. What happened to their moment in Feud when they talked about how they just wanted to preserve the legacy of the club because it was special? Because it wasn’t just about the music, but it was about the fact that they had a home and a safe place and that no other school had that? And what happened to their moment in New Directions, when they got the briefest of scenes talking about how they were part of something incredible and no one could ever take that away from them? About how they’d still stay friends even once the club was over, and they’d say hi to each other in the halls?

Glee’s just ripped away every headcanon newbie fans have ever had, and it’s the dumbest of all the bullshit. I highly doubt even people who hate the newbies think that this was the fate they deserved. They were all loners who finally found a place, especially the four that got forced to transfer, and they didn’t get the happy ending they deserved. Instead, they got separated, sent off to start over and be lost and lonely somewhere new when they should have been staying put and bonding together to face the halls of McKinley. 

No wonder the spoilers say Kitty’s back to being head bitch in charge. The only real friends she had? The ones that got her to let her walls down, and the ones who made her feel like she finally had a place she could be herself? They got shipped away, forced to leave her behind to face McKinley alone. Of course she’s going to be angry and upset. The older members of the glee club came back and didn’t do shit to try to save their club. They only cared about themselves when they returned in Season 5. As long as they had the club when they were in school, who cared if it lived on for those left behind.

I’m so upset. Glee’s supposed to be about all these outcasts being a family, but it’s like part of the family just got shipped off to Timbuktu or something because no one even cared about them. Will we get to find out what happened to Ryder and Marley and Jake and Unique? I know that last we checked, there was talk of them at least showing up for an episode or two at the end of the season, but that’s not what they deserved. The glee club’s coming back and they don’t get to be there to see it? The glee club’s returning, the one thing they cared so much about is going to be restarted, and they don’t get to be there? We get to see one of the dumb new newbies transferring from Dalton, but we don’t get to see the old characters coming back? The only word I can think of to describe it is unfair. Unfair to the actors, unfair to the fans, just plain unfair.

I’ve gone over all the scenarios in my head in which they might actually return, since that’s still supposedly a possibility. Maybe Unique’s back at Vocal Adrenaline, or Ryder’s a Warbler, or Marley’s at some new high school we’ve never seen before, and they’ll pop up as the opposing team in a competition episode. Maybe Rachel will realize the fact that everyone seems to forget, which is that a glee club needs TWELVE MEMBERS, and they’ll suddenly all transfer back because of a loophole in Sue’s plot to get rid of them, and they’ll show up and save the day for Sectionals in the series finale. Maybe we’ll just see them make a cameo in the audience, cheering for Kitty if she ends up back in the New Directions. Maybe, maybe, maybe. All these possibilities, but none of them make me very happy. Why?

Because they shouldn’t have to be returning. The bottom line is, they should just BE there. They should be a part of this, but they’re not, and I have so much anger and sadness towards this. I’m way more upset about this than any of the spoilers yet, and maybe that’s just me being stupidly attached to a TV show and to fictional characters, but at the end of the day, the newbies are the characters that changed my life, more than the old characters, and they didn’t deserve this level of disrespect.

We always knew that there was a big chance the newbies were gone for good, and maybe I should just be grateful that they might get an episode at all. Maybe I should just be happy that we’ll see Kitty make an appearance, because that’s better than what we were told we’d get over the summer. But I can’t be happy. I can’t be happy, because they’ve made them disappear in the worst possible way. They’ve made them disappear at a time when they should have been the ones carrying the team, and they should have been the ones shining. We got to see great closure for the season 3 seniors, we got to see decent closure for the seasons 4 and 5 seniors, but what do we get for the characters that are seniors in season 6? We’ll be lucky if we ever even see their faces.

I’m just done. I’m so done, and I want to not care, but I know I’m going to end up seeing this trainwreck of a show through to the very end. But now, more than ever, every episode is going to make me want to throw stuff at my television. Every episode I’m just going to wonder if Marley’s okay, or if her eating disorder flared up again once she was lost and alone and a wallflower trying to make her way in a new place. Every episode I’m going to wonder if Ryder finally found someone to love him back, or if he ever found someone else he could trust with his secret, or if he was going to make it into college now that he got help for his dyslexia and turned things around. Did Jake keep dancing? Did he keep sleeping around? Without his safe space and his friends, did his anger issues pop back up?

These are the stories the newbies deserved. They deserved a chance to finish what they started, but instead we’re going to see contrived reasons for people who should have moved on to keep floating back through Lima. We’re going to see new newbies that’ll barely have time to get any foundation as characters. We’re going to see the same stupid bickering between the old characters because the writers can never seem to take a step forward in their friendships and relationships without then taking two steps back and recycling the storylines. We’re going to see so much stuff that we don’t want to see, and I just can’t understand how the writers of a show could get everything so completely wrong. 

Now excuse me while I go try not to cry over how badly Blake/Ryder, Jacob/Jake, Melissa/Marley, Alex/Unique, and to a lesser extent Becca/Kitty have been treated. Because even if you hate them and wanted them off the show, I have a hard time believing that anyone wanted to see them go out with these circumstances.

Everything about Glee is awful.
I'm turning 18 tomorrow

The things I learned before I turned 18

  • Friendships don’t always last.

  • People will eventually leave you and when they do you will suffer like an shot animal. But you will get over it. It will hurt so damn much and you will cry and think the world is about to end, but you will get over it!

  • You are not your weight. You are not a number on a scale.

  • You won’t be happy just because you are thin. You will work on your “after” picture but in your head, you will never achieve it. Your happiness is not bond on how you look, it’s how you think and fell about yourself.

  • Your happiness demands on your attitude towards things.

  • Most things can be fixed with a good book, a cocktail and a positive mind.

  • Some days, you just need to say “fuck it”

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official. [johanbeck]

It’s been a long time coming, but at last, here we are. Engagement. 

The premise is centered around this little holiday snippet I wrote a while ago:

For their first Christmas back on Earth together, Beth goes with Chris to stay with his family in Connecticut because she’s never had a snowy Christmas. His sister and her family are there, and they get along great – his whole family adores her, really. His aunt in particular can’t get over the fact that they’ve both been to Mars and they spent all that time in space: “There’s nobody else in the world who understands what you went through up there, Christopher. You hang on to her.” For once, Chris is the one who gets slightly embarrassed every time she says that, but Beth finds it hilarious and likes to tease him by saying, “It’s true, you know.”

It’s cold as shit and Beth can’t believe it’s physically possible for humans to live in that weather. She’s not complaining, she’s just baffled by the fact that they survive every winter. When Chris walks her around town to show her his high school and the field where he used to play in Little League, she wears a black beanie that her short hair sticks out from under, and her nose turns red because of how cold it is, and Chris can’t stop smiling at her. She thinks he looks pretty damn cute all bundled up too.

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Multi-Chaptered {Completed}

Once Then Twice Again by yukine {Personal Favorite Fic}

Angels only come when they think you are sleeping.

Ghost Story by avoidingavoidance

My name is Jean Kirschtein, and I have a shit job. I’m basically a garbage man. And by ‘garbage’ I mean 'very angry dead people.’ I guess it has its perks sometimes, though; I get to meet all kinds of interesting people.

The Pear Tree by avoidingavoidance

We stopped telling the story a long time ago. Once upon a time, though, people knew that the last person to die in a parish one year would have to hang back the next year and help Death get his shit together.

I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 'Jean Kirschtein, Death’s secretary’ doesn’t exactly have a ring to it.

Pledge by MelissaWritesStuff

The guys at the fraternity are really into public humiliation. Jean Kirschtein is really big on not being a jerk to the nice, freckled guy they force him to make out with. And Marco Bodt is unfortunately into boys.

Strings by Kenjiandco

All his life, Marco Bodt dreamed of joining the United States Secret Service…but after a first assignment gone horribly wrong and one failed psych evaluation too many, even the chance to be a simple bodyguard for the heir of the Kirstein Chemical corporation seems too good to be true.

But the leaders of Survey Intelligence Group have an agenda that goes beyond just keeping Jean Kirstein safe.

And Marco’s never been any good at leaving his emotions behind…

Perfectly Suited by quartetship

Trapeze artist Jean is the newest member of a circus company that also just happens to employ an adorable, freckled magician.

La Raconteur by quartetship and lemonmermaid

After a chance encounter with a mysterious and intriguing storyteller, Jean begins to wonder if people in his peaceful new hometown are really who they seem to be.

Multi-Chaptered {Uncompleted}

Pandora’s Box by yukine

It’s a hard knock life for a guy like me. I come from a background of poverty and sickness. I can shoot lightning out of my hands, so the King automatically wants my head. Two old men who should be taking up crocheting instead of trying to overthrow the government are recruiting me to risk my life to go get some mythical Box that I’m not even sure exists.

And the freckled bastard of a royal guard who wants me dead is now my only chance of survival.

Do You Like or Like-Like Me by ReiMori

Things have been shitty ever since Jean’s mom married Eren’s dad. Not only did they have to move to a whole other country, but all Eren does is isolate him and call him names. In fact, Jean’s pretty sure he hasn’t heard a single nice thing come out of his stepbrother’s mouth.

As much as he hates his older brother, Jean’s actually grateful for him in a sense. Because without Eren, Jean may not have ever met the kind, cool, and totally hot Marco, the epitome of Jean’s wet dreams.

Too bad he’s a whole two years older than Jean, and a high schooler at that. But what Jean doesn’t know is that his little crush isn’t entirely unrequited.

A Different Song by quartetship

“It’s hard waiting for things to change for the better when change is the only thing you’re really afraid of.”

A story about baseball, Broadway, the friends you make along the way, and becoming who you were meant to be.

Dichotomy by Sapruikan

Jean just wants to be better at hunting than that Eren Jaeger kid, and he figures that following a master hunter and picking up some tips will do the trick. But when he follows Ymir, the best his village has got, on a solo trip, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Take Me To The Riot by KuroRiya

Marco has always been intrigued by Jean, the school’s resident punk. But it’s always been a fearful, and distant, admiration. When the school system and Marco’s kind nature forces them together, he’s surprised how normal the once enigmatic boy turns out to be. And he’s interested to see how Jean will change him, and vise versa.

Or the one where a punk and a nerd become boyfriends and kiss a bunch and do naughty things and everyone is gay except Sasha and Connie.

My Beating Heart by Lownly

In which Marco is a friendless college freshman with a penchant for creeping on the guy with the two-toned hair in his Astronomy class. Considering the fact that this is a jeanmarco fic, they’ll probably end up becoming friends and, I dunno, maybe fall in love with each other.
Sarcasm aside, this is a lame, unoriginal college AU complete with fun, fluff, and angst. Expect cruel canon references and half-jokes aplenty.
The story of how Marco Bodt offered up his beating heart to Jean Kirschtein.

His Beating Heart by Lownly

In which Jean is a grumpy loser and struggles to get through his first year of college, his three suitemates being about 92% of his struggle. He’s got awful chronic nightmares, is emotionally disconnected, and he constantly feels like someone is watching him every time he goes to Astronomy. The usual college problems, yeah….? Yeah. But hey, that freckled guy in the row behind him looks familiar. Are they friends? Maybe they will be soon. Maybe they will be more than friends.
Just another unoriginal college AU filled to the brim with silly shenanigans, cute dorks, and soul-crushing angst.
The story of how Marco Bodt offered up his beating heart to Jean Kirschtein.

Droplets by theprophetlemonade

Jean Kirschtein is not entirely sure why they need someone to clean the pool when no-one ever seems to swim in the darn thing, but when his socialite mother just can’t stop ogling the new pool boy, Jean realises she might not be the only one.

Apparently balancing a growing relationship with the freckled pool boy is harder than it looks, when coupled with a more than dysfunctional family life, a cheating scumbag for a father, and a seriously lonely existence.

An AU of equal measures fluff and angst featuring pool cleaning, roof-top smoking, lots of parental problems, and mainly shirtless Marco.

Home by FluteFluffWrites

Marco is a cake decorator for a family friend’s bakery. His career was vastly improving and he had yet to get further. However, on the day of his sister’s birthday, he got brutally hit in a car accident and lost the ability to store new memories day after day.
Two years later, an artist moves into town named Jean Kirschtein. He paints the scenery of Miami, and he longs to be committed into a relationship. One day he meets Marco while he works at the bakery, and both of their lives are changed forever.

I’m Worried About My Brother

My older brother stays in his room all the time. Like, all the time. He doesn’t even come out for dinner anymore. My mom started leaving a plate in the hall for him a week or two ago. When I walk past his room at night before bed, the plate is still there, full of food. In the morning, the plate is there, but empty.

I never hear him use the bathroom, but it smells in there. I asked my dad if Damon is pissing in jars, but he acted like he didn’t hear me. That’s the same thing I would do if I had a kid who was pissing in jars, tbh, but it’s still pretty seriously subpar parenting.

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Jily AU Week Day 2: Muggle AU

She’s not sure why he hangs around Cokeworth so often, because God knows he doesn’t belong there. 

And yet, there he is. The skinny, messy-haired boy is roaming the streets of her hometown once more. If Lily hadn’t heard him speak (which she has, though never directly to her) then he might not so easily spotted as the posh boy that he is. His appearance, though unkempt, she reckons to be the product of some rebellion he’s going through in resentment of his loaded, overbearing parents.

Not that she’s thought about him much.

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Duffle Bag Guy (A Check Please! Neighbors AU)

Read it on AO3

Duffle Bag Guy has lived down the hall from Bitty for a few months now, and has become a somewhat concerning presence in his life.  For one, the guy brings a duffle bag with him almost everywhere.  A heavy, lumpy, duffle bag that kinda smells.  Bitty can count on his fingers the number of times he’s seen Duffle Bag Guy sans duffle bag.  All of those times, Duffle Bag Guy has been in a designer suit that starkly contrasts with his usual sweats and t-shirt.  He also has dark bags under his droopy eyes, an almost permanent stubble, and a perpetual frown.

When Eric Bittle left small town Georgia for college, he’d ended up in the equally small Samwell, Massachusetts at the most LGBT+ friendly school in America.  After graduation, he’d moved to Providence, Rhode Island after he’d gotten a job in a bakery, and since then he feels that he’s adapted well to city life.  He likes the faster pace, the convenient shops, the nightlife.  But there are certain parts of city living that are always going to make his little Madison heart seize up.  Number one on Eric’s list of Intolerable Urban Phenomena: enigmatic neighbors.  He’d been able to name damn near every single person in his hometown, and a good portion of his classmates at Samwell too.  But here, in a place where personal space is so much more limited, he’s shocked to find that he can’t match most of the names on the mailboxes to faces in the elevator.

He’d noticed Duffle Bag Guy only because he seemed to wake up at the same ungodly hour that Eric had to be up for work, dragging his smelly bag to the stairwell (twelfth floor, guy takes the stairs).  Bitty didn’t always see him around otherwise, but he had a disturbingly regular morning routine for someone who rarely looked dressed for work.  Bitty had tried to say hello the first time they’d crossed paths, only to be met with a scowl and stony silence.  

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The 100 Zombie AU: Project Infinitum[]

Clarke Griffin would do anything to escape her small town life in Arkenson, and all the whispers, rumors, and memories that surrounded her. The only good things left for her in her hometown are friends Octavia, Jasper, Monty and Raven, all who have experienced their own up’s and down’s, and have experienced the trials of teenagerdom together. But now the group is in for a whole new challenge to survive. 

The end of the world started with detention and Bellamy Blake.

Chapter One: 

“Scientifically, I know beginnings don’t exist. The world is made of energy, which is neither created or destroyed. Everything she is was here before me. Everything she was will remain. Her existence touches both my past and my future at one point- infinity. Lifelines aren’t lines at all. They are more like circles. It’s safe to start anywhere and the story will curve its way back to the starting point. Eventually. In other words, it doesn’t matter where I begin. It doesn’t change the end." -Shannon Lee Alexander

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