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bangtangy’s super cool 3D gfx tutorial

hey everybody, ur lil slug friend is here to give you a super hip, super rad graphics tutorial! (request via @fabtaebutt)

so today I’m going to teach you how to make this picture:

do this:

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tutorial: cropping & editing icons on mac

Howdy everyone!

jerry-mod here with your first tutorial! we’re going to go all the way from start to finish, so depending on how much you know, you’ll probably be able to skip some of this. i, however, am leaving no stone unturned. so before we dive in, let’s gather our materials!

  • first of all you’re gonna make sure you’re using a macOS. duh right? it’s in the title.
  • if you have a mac, you have Quicktime, but you know i figured i’d mention it.
  • this tutorial will use Photoshop CC6, however i have used this method on CS5 as well. (really, as long as you can use timeline, you SHOULD be good. the positioning may be a little different though.)
  • you’ll want a frame ripper for this method… unless you’re using pre-made frames or print-screening. i personally use SnapMotion but i’m sure there are more comprehensive ones. 
  • Photoscape is a bonus feature for this tutorial. i’ll show you how to mass edit file names with and without it.

okay! this tutorial WILL be image-heavy so if you’re ready, click the cut!

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Sterek au: In which Stiles decides to go and deal with a rogue alpha werewolf when Derek is away, because Stiles is caring like that and wants to keep Derek’s stress levels down. Stiles does end up taking care of the alpha, but not before it manages to bite him. Derek is more than a little surprised when he gets back. 

anonymous asked:

viria im just starting to draw but i have a lot of experience with photoshop because ive been editing and making graphic edits for a couple of years now. a friend of mine told me that pen tool sai is better than photosop for drawing; im not sure since ive never used sai but what do you think?? experience with photoshop is close to…non-existent, to be honest. I tried to draw in there but for me personally it’s too big of a struggle and it never works quite right. I think photoshop has more options with editing and brushes, and layers, and is amazing, but requires more some knowledge. With sai it’s kind of..easier to understand, I think?

Plus for me it’s generally more pleasing to draw in there, not sure if that’s because I got used to it or no. But really I’d say try for your own and see, because I’m sure people have very different opinions on what’s better and the questions should be what’s better for you:3