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Headcanon where Nico is a very touchy when he’s asleep. Anyone who’s directly next to him at that time will have a cuddly son of Hades sleeping soundlessly on their lap. Naturally, everybody is always fighting for the honor to sit next to him after this revelation because oh my god this kid is so fucking cute when he’s asleep quick somebody take a photo.

Except Percy.

Nico just punches him continuously until the son of Poseidon doubles over in pain while muttering, “Mmhh….not my type…” and anyone who looks upon them just passes out from laughter.

There was the winter I got worse and worse
and then the spring I tried to get better.
That was the spring I opened my mouth for the first time,
made everything one step more real.
And it’s funny, because
nothing really changed after I told my secret.
The transcendent revelation,
the miraculous healing,
everything I’d imagined-
none of that ever happened.
But I had still taken that step,
I had still proved that I could.
That was the spring I decided to cut my hair,
finally change something in the rigid routine I had built up.
And it’s funny, because
nothing really changed after I chopped off my hair.
It wasn’t like I was chopping off the symptoms,
the controlling fear,
the feeling like you’re trapped.
But now my head is lighter,
I think I look nicer,
and I’ve still proven I can change things.
This is not the spring everything is better,
but it is the spring I am deciding to try.
—  trying // c.r.h.

i could never lie to you // peter parker

summary ; a series of imagines (can be read individually too) that correlate with my headcanon of ‘dating peter parker would include’.

 in which peter is utterty ecstatic with y/n’s reaction to his sudden powers, and can’t help but fall for her even more because of it. [130817]

warnings ; none, just y/n and peter being dorks

word count ; 1.6k


stay safe + ily🎐

Your weary, tired eyes had finally begun to flutter closed after your phone slipped from your fingers and landed with a quiet thud somewhere in the mass of cotton covers. 11:34 pm, you read through the blurriness of closing eyelids on the insistently ticking clock situated on your bedside table, with the help of the moons bright, glaring optical rays peering in through your open window. 

Then, a faint knock on your bedroom door infiltrated your senses, and your body jolted awake - not expecting someone to be asking for entrance this late at night.

You cleared your throat, leaning up on your elbows as you called out a soft, “Come in,” Squinting your eyes slightly through the shadows eclipsing your room with darkness, you tried to make out who stood in your doorway as the wood opened gently on its hinges.

“H-Hey, sorry, your mum let me in,” Peter’s voice travelled through the dark and met your ears as a sigh of relief slipped past your lips.

“Peter? What’re you doing here?” You carefully climbed out of the warm solace of your duvet and met your boyfriend halfway, letting him gently clasp you by the waist and bring your body closer into his safe vicinity as he pressed a quick, sweet kiss to your lips.

“I have something to tell you,” The words uttered from the boy in front of you would’ve worried you greatly had it not been for the pure excitement etched onto his glowing features and the hyper bounce in his movement as he pivoted on his heels and quietly closed the door.

You eyed the now closed door suspiciously before landing your gaze on your animated and lively boyfriend, “What’s going on?”

“Okay, so,” Then, he launched into the beginning of his explanation, “You know yesterday when we were on the field trip, and I disappeared for a few minutes?”

“You disappeared for a few minutes?” Your eyebrows tugged inwards and a chuckle on the tip of your tongue when you eyed his sudden change in expression as he feigned feeling offended that you didn’t even notice his lack of presence. 

“Wow, (Y/N/N).” Sarcasm heavily laced his words before turning serious like the flick of a switch - eager to tell his story, “Anyway, I disappeared for a few minutes because my curiosity got the better of me and I snuck into this lab and I was looking around and then I felt a pinch on my arm; it was a spider.”

“A spider?” You questioned wearily, unsure as to why they would’ve kept spiders that could bite, and potentially poison, out in the open within a lab, also unsure as to which direction this adventurous story was heading in, “Where is this even going, Peter?”

“Just listen, okay? Everything was fine; everything was totally normal when I left so I brushed it off and made my way back to the group. But then I got home, and when I went to grab the door handle, I got stuck to it. And it took a solid 8 minutes for me to figure out how to unstick my hand from the door handle.” He stopped, and you nodded to show that you were following along even despite your scepticism to believe the strange sentences spilling out into the open.

Regardless of your uneasiness, he continued, “And then, I opened my drawer to get clothes to get dressed and I accidentally tipped the whole chest of drawers over because all of a sudden, I've acquired this great strength.”

You couldn’t help but eye his scrawny arms, clearly dubious and doubtful with the eager syllables spewing from his lips in excited and rapid rasps, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure!” He exclaimed, the ghost of a lively smile pulling at his rosy cheeks, “And so many weird things kept happening and I discovered that I could do these cool flips and moves like a real superhero. So, because of this revelation, I spent the rest of my night making this webbing stuff that emits from this shooter.”

“What shooter-”

Then, the sound of a startled squeal erupting from your chest sliced your query short as Peter’s arm shot out and you felt a strong force snatch you by the waist and swiftly spin your body; you tumbled into your boyfriend’s open arms with a gasp slipping from your lips and wide eyes. 

“Oh,” You mumbled, your cheeks tainted by the paint of a deep crimson at the close and intimate proximity; you tried to ignore and disregard the heat brewing in the pit of your stomach as you felt the ghost of his minty breath tingle against the exposed expanse of your neck. You avoided his intense, loving gaze in your flustered wreck and glanced down at his wrist, adequate with his homemade invention, holding onto your waist delicately, “That shooter.” You concluded.

“Yeah! Isn’t it cool?! I could do so much with this; I could save the world! Holy shit, what if I become an Avenger?!”

“Well,” You started, shaking away the taunting hormones and taking a small, gradual step out of the solace and safety of his arms so you could face him, “If you’re gonna become a superhero, and possibly an Avenger, you’ll need a suit!”

“Like an actual superhero suit?!”

You gave him a nod of your head, “And a superhero name!” You gasped  - slowing falling more and more excited with the idea of having a superhero for a boyfriend and the adventures it would bring.

“Oh my god, this is going to be awesome!” He bounced on his feet with utter exhilaration and enthusiasm, and you couldn’t help but allow the endearing grin adorning your features to grow as you watched him glow with utter happiness. 

Peter, however, was more ecstatic about the fact that you were being as supportive and jubilant as you were than he was about the actual powers he had seized and obtained over the last 24 hours. He was completely convinced that he couldn’t have gotten himself a better girl that was as encouraging and caring and understanding despite the unbelievable circumstances. 

On his way over to your apartment, he was conflicted as to whether he should tell you his recent discovery, but as you stood in front of him in the darkness of the late night - your eyes shining with adoration as you looked up at him - he knew he made the right decision. 

Nobody else would’ve believed such an unimaginable and inconceivable announcement, and still stuck by him. But you - you were different. And he felt himself falling more and more, deeper and deeper, into his profound feelings for you because of it.

Amidst the loving smiles and excited and elevated gasps, a quiet yawn escaped past your slightly parted lips and Peter’s hyper, darting eyes softened immediately when he noticed, “Tired?” He questioned quietly, his hand coming up to gently tuck a strand of your silky hair behind your ear.

You gave him a mellow nod of your head, stepping closer to intertwine your fingers with his - revelling in the endearing smile that graced his lips due to it, “Will you stay?” Your shy, timid inquiry had hues and shades of red rushing to your cheeks, and Peter’s, despite it not being the first time Peter had stayed the night.

“Of course,” And with that, you gently tugged on his hand and pulled him over to your bed, noticing that he was already clad in comfy sweatpants and a t-shirt.

The two of you settled under the covers, your head resting lightly on his rising and falling chest and his arms wrapped tightly around your body, his chin tenderly propped upon the top of your head. You eyed the shooter on his wrist once more, not being able to harbour the question spilling out into the calming silence of your room, “Does anyone else know?”

You felt Peter slightly shake his head, “Only you, and always only you. No one else.”

“How come?” You lightly traced random patterns and swirls with the tip of your finger across his clothed chest, the trigonometry pun printed onto his shirt provoking a quiet giggle to slip past your lips despite it being completely off topic to what you and he were currently discussing.

Peter let out a chuckle when he realised what you were finding amusing before softly grabbing your hand from his chest and lacing your fingers with his, “Because if people found out, they’d treat me differently and bring attention to it,” He answered to your previous inquiry.

“Weren’t you afraid that I’d treat you differently?“ 

“Not at all,” He paused, “You’re not like everyone else. You’re different, a good different. Plus, I could never lie to you.”

At his soft-spoken syllables, your heart swelled in your chest and because of it, you couldn’t keep the endearing smile threatening to break out across your rosy features at bay as you propped yourself up on your elbow to face him through the inky, appealing darkness of the night.

You contentedly closed the distance by pressing your lips to his in a sweet, lingering kiss as a subsequent, sighing in utter bliss and euphoria as they moved in sync, only to draw back a few moments later and rest your forehead against his to retain the close, cherished, negative of space between the two of you, “You’re a good different too, Peter Parker.”



Because before he could save her physically from Spandam and the marine officers, before he could save her from the government and all external forces, he first had to save her from herself.

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If you don't mind my asking, who did you romance in Conquest and Revelations?

I haven’t advanced beyond Chapter 16 in Conquest because I’ve been levelling up my units in Boo Camp, and haven’t married off my Corrin because of this very real dilemma:

As for Revelations, I haven’t advanced beyond getting my Stronghold and not given much thought about who will be Corrin’s husbando. Someone has suggested Shigure as a possible choice, and if I ever go with that I think it’ll happen somewhat like this:


Album Art Wallpapers: Muse

Panic! at the Disco

Fall Out Boy

My Chemical Romance

twenty one pilots

Pierce The Veil

Sleeping With Sirens

Of Mice & Men

All Time Low

Bring Me The Horizon


Green Day

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F: Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.

“I don’t want you to move out.”


“I don’t want you to move out, and I realize that it probably would have been a good idea to tell you that before you decided to spend two million dollars on a condo, but I don’t. Want you to move out, that is.”

“You don’t?”

“No, that’s the last thing I want. I know that I probably screwed everything up when I kissed you, but I promise, it won’t happen again. I will do everything I can keep from making you uncomfortable.”

“You think I’m moving because you kissed me? Which technically I kissed you first.”

“You kissed me because you were trying keep that pervy guy from flirting with me. I kissed you because -“ Kara stops, fiddles with the thumb loops on her suit. “I kissed you because that’s all I’ve been able to think about for the last four months.”

“Four months?”

“You know when I blew out my powers and you took care of me?”

Lena nods slowly, trying to take everything in.

“While you were at work the next day, that’s when I figured it out.”

“Figured what out?”

Kara’s eyes meet hers, unblinking.

“That I love you.”

Lena doesn’t have time to process the words before Kara speaks again.

“Did you know that your heart beats exactly sixty-seven times a minute while you’re asleep? I do, because I stay up and count it; sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me from going into sensory overload - staying up and counting your heartbeat, drowning out the rest of the world. Did you know that when you’re being snarky your left eyebrow raises? It’s always your left one. Or did you know that your feet freeze in the middle of the night because you refuse to wear socks to bed and every night, without fail you warm them up on me while your asleep.”


“I know all of these little facts about you, and I love each and every one of them. I love that you’re so completely selfless. I love that you always put ridiculous amounts of creamer in your coffee and that you drink Scotch because it make you feel like a badass. I love that when you get excited and worked up about a new project the first thing you do is take off your heels. I love everything about you, Lena Luthor. And I know that you don’t feel the same way, and that’s okay. But I had to tell you, I couldn’t let you leave without telling you.”

This is my fave because I am just a sucker for romantic feelings revelation scenes where one person lists everything they love about the other!

Defend (Peter Parker x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y’all! It’s been far too long since I’ve last updated a fanfiction and I apologise for that. I’m kind of proud of this idea and I spent quite a while writing, and editing this. It’s still crappy like any other fanfic I’ve written but I kind of like it.

Description: Mad at Flash’s relentless teasing of Peter at the party, you break out of your shy and quiet shell to speak up for your best friend, Peter. During your banter with Flash, he purposefully addresses your obvious crush on Peter. After that, Peter confronts you about Flash’s words and something both of you have longed for finally happens.

Reader Gender: Female

Characters/Ships: Peter Parker x reader, Flash, Ned, mention of Liz

Rating: PG

Warnings: Slightly descriptive kissing, horribly written insults and the word ‘penis’ repeated

Y/E/C: Your Eye Colour

The pounding music suddenly faded away into the background and the obnoxious repeats of ‘DJ Flash’ came to a screeching stop. Curious as to why Flash had abruptly stopped playing the music, you turned towards the makeshift stage where he stood upon. The moment your eyes fell on his face and you saw the mischief dancing in his eyes, you knew trouble was soon to arise.

“When I say penis, you say Parker!” Flash laughed maliciously as his voice vibrated throughout the room. With a sneer on his face and a triumphant smirk, the crowd of students obeyed his instructions. Soon enough, the whole room of students was chanting the word ‘Parker, thoroughly enjoying ganging up on Peter and supporting Flash. 

Although some of them still looked down on Flash for being a geek, the student body never took down the chance to taunt someone, especially when it came to Peter Parker. Some pupils were also slightly angry at Parker for making up lies that he knew Spiderman as he made those who believed him look like complete fools for even choosing to trust him. 

Flash continued to chant, his ego gradually inflating as the many voices chanting Peter’s surname slowly became louder and louder. Soon, the room seemingly shook from everyone’s shouts and the echoes of Peter’s defiled name filled the house. With the adrenaline pumping, Flash began to raise his hands up in the air, egging the teenagers on.

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Who are your top suspects for Jasons killer?

Well, we know it’s a guy, so I’m going with Clifford Blossom, or Hal Cooper. It would be obvious as to why Hal did it, and given the context of where the show has gone, would also make sense story wise. He’s been kicked out of the house, he’s distanced himself and the company from Alice, and if he is the killer and went to jail, the story, as I’ve just explained, is already in place for that to happen. 

If it was Clifford, who is my top suspect, only because Madelaine said that the revelation makes Cheryl go literally insane, I have no other reason for him to kill Jason except that it was for some kind of ritual. I’m 99% sure the Blossom’s are in a cult, and, going off pure speculation, maybe they have to perform some ritual with like, the first born or whatever, where they have to sacrifice them to something. Maybe that’s part of the reason why Jason was so desperate to run away. I mean, he went to the Serpents for help. Even FP said that he was a top student, a golden boy, if you will. And it’s not like the Blossom’s are hurting for money, either. 

That wouldn’t explain why Jason’s body was frozen, though. Maybe the ritual, if there was one, calls for preservation, or maybe even like, a “rebirth”? We know he went to Greendale, where Sabrina and the supernatural live, so that could tie into it. We know Sabrina is going to be introduced, and there’s spoilers that she’ll appear in the finale of season 1.

I’m also thinking that if there is cult like stuff going on, the Blossom’s are somehow using maple syrup something. It’s been focused on so much, and last episode, Jughead spent time narrating about the importance of it, and the fact that everyone in town has consumed Blossom syrup. Is there something mystical tied to it? Does it have some sort of control aspect?

Only three more episodes to the season, and two more until the killer is revealed!