because of my revelation

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{psst; I know it’s in order of- but I’m still hoping it means she gets significant screen time too}

There was the winter I got worse and worse
and then the spring I tried to get better.
That was the spring I opened my mouth for the first time,
made everything one step more real.
And it’s funny, because
nothing really changed after I told my secret.
The transcendent revelation,
the miraculous healing,
everything I’d imagined-
none of that ever happened.
But I had still taken that step,
I had still proved that I could.
That was the spring I decided to cut my hair,
finally change something in the rigid routine I had built up.
And it’s funny, because
nothing really changed after I chopped off my hair.
It wasn’t like I was chopping off the symptoms,
the controlling fear,
the feeling like you’re trapped.
But now my head is lighter,
I think I look nicer,
and I’ve still proven I can change things.
This is not the spring everything is better,
but it is the spring I am deciding to try.
—  trying // c.r.h.

Headcanon where Nico is a very touchy when he’s asleep. Anyone who’s directly next to him at that time will have a cuddly son of Hades sleeping soundlessly on their lap. Naturally, everybody is always fighting for the honor to sit next to him after this revelation because oh my god this kid is so fucking cute when he’s asleep quick somebody take a photo.

Except Percy.

Nico just punches him continuously until the son of Poseidon doubles over in pain while muttering, “Mmhh….not my type…” and anyone who looks upon them just passes out from laughter.

I never realised until this very day quite how uninterested Britain is in Northern Ireland. I mean, obviously, I knew there was a general lack of interest and awareness.  I just didn’t realise the degree of that lack.  No one seems to have heard of the DUP.  Like… no one.  I honestly thought Channel 4 News were taking the piss when they said: “So, who are the DUP?” until they followed it up with a fact package.  I mean… how?!  Northern Ireland is IN the flippin’ UK! They’ve been in the news for as long as Theresa May has been without a soul.


Because before he could save her physically from Spandam and the marine officers, before he could save her from the government and all external forces, he first had to save her from herself.


Album Art Wallpapers: Muse

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Green Day

anonymous asked:

Who are your top suspects for Jasons killer?

Well, we know it’s a guy, so I’m going with Clifford Blossom, or Hal Cooper. It would be obvious as to why Hal did it, and given the context of where the show has gone, would also make sense story wise. He’s been kicked out of the house, he’s distanced himself and the company from Alice, and if he is the killer and went to jail, the story, as I’ve just explained, is already in place for that to happen. 

If it was Clifford, who is my top suspect, only because Madelaine said that the revelation makes Cheryl go literally insane, I have no other reason for him to kill Jason except that it was for some kind of ritual. I’m 99% sure the Blossom’s are in a cult, and, going off pure speculation, maybe they have to perform some ritual with like, the first born or whatever, where they have to sacrifice them to something. Maybe that’s part of the reason why Jason was so desperate to run away. I mean, he went to the Serpents for help. Even FP said that he was a top student, a golden boy, if you will. And it’s not like the Blossom’s are hurting for money, either. 

That wouldn’t explain why Jason’s body was frozen, though. Maybe the ritual, if there was one, calls for preservation, or maybe even like, a “rebirth”? We know he went to Greendale, where Sabrina and the supernatural live, so that could tie into it. We know Sabrina is going to be introduced, and there’s spoilers that she’ll appear in the finale of season 1.

I’m also thinking that if there is cult like stuff going on, the Blossom’s are somehow using maple syrup something. It’s been focused on so much, and last episode, Jughead spent time narrating about the importance of it, and the fact that everyone in town has consumed Blossom syrup. Is there something mystical tied to it? Does it have some sort of control aspect?

Only three more episodes to the season, and two more until the killer is revealed!

I just need to talk about these orchids some more.

He closed the greenhouses after his wife died. They’ve been closed for years. He opened them again, for Victoria. To tend and grow beautiful flowers that take effort, time and tender care. He told her none of this, but tended them in secret. 

The greenhouse is Melbourne’s heart and the orchids are Victoria.

Today, I am learning that it doesn’t matter whether or not our days get easier or harder, as long as God’s presence and grace fill our lives. Difficulties and adversaries will come, and our weaknesses are inevitable; however, as long as God is in us, and we are in God, no mountain is too daunting, no race is too long, and no challenge or setback is unconquerable.

My expectations fail and my plans fail and I fail, but because I am in Christ, I cannot give up. I have every reason to fight, endure, hope, and believe. I know that good and beautiful things come from Him, because He is their reason to be.