because of my revelation



{psst; I know it’s in order of- but I’m still hoping it means she gets significant screen time too}

Headcanon where Nico is a very touchy when he’s asleep. Anyone who’s directly next to him at that time will have a cuddly son of Hades sleeping soundlessly on their lap. Naturally, everybody is always fighting for the honor to sit next to him after this revelation because oh my god this kid is so fucking cute when he’s asleep quick somebody take a photo.

Except Percy.

Nico just punches him continuously until the son of Poseidon doubles over in pain while muttering, “Mmhh….not my type…” and anyone who looks upon them just passes out from laughter.


Album Art Wallpapers: Muse

Panic! at the Disco

Fall Out Boy

My Chemical Romance

twenty one pilots

Pierce The Veil

Sleeping With Sirens

Of Mice & Men

All Time Low

Bring Me The Horizon


Green Day

I just need to talk about these orchids some more.

He closed the greenhouses after his wife died. They’ve been closed for years. He opened them again, for Victoria. To tend and grow beautiful flowers that take effort, time and tender care. He told her none of this, but tended them in secret. 

The greenhouse is Melbourne’s heart and the orchids are Victoria.


Cosplaying Takumi is suffering. Not because he’s my problematic fav and I like to sneak up on all Nohrian cosplayers and whisper “Nohrian scum” ‘till they notice me. But actually because this dumb wig is at least a whole two pounds heavy and it both slips off religiously AND manages to give me the worst headaches in the world.

I loved being Takumi. You can bet I’ll be reworking him until Katsucon and getting my Fujin Yumi done too. Also, getting lenses. Because I don’t care enough about Otakuthon to bother getting lenses, but I gotta get to it for Katsu.

I had tons of fun! The Fire Emblem cosplayers were really funny and I met some fantastic people. Thank you everyone!!

This is the best thing Brendan has posted on Instagram!!!!!!

(Don’t mind my iPhone prinstscreen shot or the non-editing of this post because I’m on my phone in bed! Just revel in the glory. And let’s face it, we all know the history there and just have to accept that they’re most likely not gonna mention it, so we can move on with the Egyptian way of life. Too fandom with the throwback Egyptian shipper name?)

Ni-dom + Discounting the Past

I think the reason I don’t find value in the past is because my life can be described as a series of revelations. I keep getting obsessed with something particular, but it’s more than an obsession, it’s like I’m looking to get something out of that particular thing, and for me, honestly I’d describe it as a revelation. And each new revelation I have, it changes me so much. It changes everything. And it makes everything prior to the revelation feel irrelevant, it makes the past feel irrelevant, because if it happened prior to my latest revelation, then it doesn’t matter, because the revelation changed everything anyway, so nothing in the past is applicable anymore. And I keep having new revelations all the time, and so that’s why the past can never be relevant.

29876) This is more than a matter of appearances, and girls being so influenced by the media today. When I was at my lowest weight, I spent hours panicking over what to wear, trying to find something that would hide my emaciated form. Not because I didn’t look thin enough, but because I was repulsed by my figure. While I could revel in the reflection of certain features, like rib bones or collarbones, these were just trophies of what I believed to be self control, there was nothing aesthetic about it. No photos were taken when I was extremely underweight, I can’t even remember what I looked like because my body dysmorphia was so bad.


So about nine million people have tagged me to post selfies and being the trash human that I am I haven’t done it. But I felt cute as fuck today so here you go sentinelalenko, far-far-better-things-ahead, goldenheadfreckledheart, bellamyblakesarmy, and probably more of you but I can’t find the posts. Y'all are gorgeous, okay.

And revel in my trash-ness because this is the nicest I’ve looked in weeks.