because of my carelessness while shooting this

Congrats on being a columbiner! These are some things you'll experience:

The light research phase: this is usually the first stage in the process of being a columbiner. it starts with innocent research, wanting to educate yourself.

The crying phase: where the tragedy makes you very sad and you see how much death and pain it caused. You probably sympathize with the victims’ families and you’ve most likely watched 2 or 3 Rachel Scott tributes.

The heavy research phase: you’ve seen every documentary, read all of the transcripts, watched all of the boys’ videos, heck, you’ve even read their journals. who wouldn’t, right?

The anger phase: you’re basically Eric harris 2.0 and you listen to KMFDM and NIN etc until you are filled with rage. (does not apply to all of us)

The alternative to the anger phase is the lovesick phase: This is when you draw hearts everywhere like dylan, become attracted to guys with long hair, and read his sappy poetry like it’s for you. Half of it is feeling bad that he never found love, while the other half is wanting to hug him and show him love. this is a pretty controversial phase.

The shame phase: this can be continuous for most of us. this is where we hide our interest in columbine from mostly everyone. we have a secret blog, secret columbiner friends, and we probably have the 11k documents bookmarked. We have probably been caught looking at photos of Eric & Dylan and questioned before, but we just shrug it off to others.

The careless phase: this is one most of us have yet to reach. this is when we don’t even have to say “i don’t condone” because we honestly don’t give a damn what all of those kawaii rp blogs have to say about us. we are total columbiners, and we might as well be eating cinniminis with brooks brown while we’re at it.

~Thus concludes the columbine transformation~

anonymous asked:

I am yeheting scared that I will be kkaepsonging miss something related to EXO while I am ohorating asleep or in school. But you know what never don't mind about a thing because of exams I can't party and stalk EXO till the sun dawns, I still do it. Our schools, universities, jobs are careless careless shoot us shoot us heartless mindless no one except EXO cares about us. To sum it up you can use every EXO song other than the positive ones unless something official is hurt me so bad

why did you make me read all this with my own two damn eyes…