because of mjolnir

team thor is the best video in the entire mcu canon, honestly. these are my favorite parts (basically all of the parts):

  • poor darryl trying to vaccuum around mjolnir, because thor is the kind of roommate who leaves his things everywhere
  • ‘and who’s this purple weirdo??’ ‘vision!’
  • the way thor opens his electronic letters with “dear ____,” the same way my grandma does
  • mjolnir, tucked under a blanket, taking a nap. thor acting like mjolnir’s proud dad
  • fury! what does he really know, and is fury his real name or is it actually pronounced ‘furry’?
  • when the rainbow bridge is so bright you have to wear shades
  • hey t-bone
  • ‘your little pissing contest’
  • i don’t have a phone, send a raven
Darcy Lewis Headcanon

Once during a fight, the movie!verse Thor characters got knocked around, including Jane and Selvig who were seriously injured. Darcy gets really angry and starts ranting and hollering that you do NOT attack her friends, you twat nugget! And she just grabs Mew Mew out of THOR’S HANDS and whacks the enemy clear across the battlefield with the added satisfaction of thunder booming. She still doesn’t register the fact that she’s holding Mjolnir and starts trash talking even though the person can’t hear her and gesticulating with the weapon. “Yeah, bet you’ll think twice about messing with me and my new badass taser! Boom!”


When Darcy finally acknowledges that she was worthy enough to use Thor’s hammer, she drops it on his foot in shock. After that she turns red with embarrassment, apologizes furiously, then picks it back up and hands it to him. “Yeah, I’m just gonna go-sorry-cool hammer by the way-bye.”

I think way to much about Teen!Stein having a massive crush on Marie (of which she is MASSIVELY oblivious) and flat out not understanding it and trying to explain it medically

-Heart is going thump really hard around her? Check into cardiac related illnesses
-Can’t talk properly around her? Something must be wrong with vocal chords
-Gets all warm when she’s with him? Coming down with a fever
-Has the urge to spend excess amounts of time with her? Clearly, her wavelength must be addictive.
-Is very happy when with her? Her wavelength must help increase serotonin production
-Feels that nervous, butterfly in the stomach feeling? Food poisoning
-Blushes? It was just heat flash

Literally, he thinks up some bullshit reason for just about everything and everyone else is snickering behind their hands because Franken Stein and Marie Mjolnir are mutually pining mofos and neither Marie nor Stein even know that Stein’s pining

Headcanon: Bruce and Tony being okay with not being able to lift Mjolnir, because Steve leaves his shield laying around the tower all the time, and really, what’s a mythical hammer to being able to pick up and hold the shield of their childhood hero?

Tony: [scoffs] Please. We were just picking it up so no one tripped over it.

Bruce: [blushes, holds out shield] Sorry. Here’s your shield back, Steve.

Imagine after the battle of New York the Avengers all get shwarma and Loki is handcuffed to a bike stand outside with Mjolnir on his chest; the reader comes by, notices his distress and offers to help, which makes Loki chuckle at this “ignorant mortal” because of Mjolnir’s presence; so the reader picks the lock on the handcuffs and tells Loki to get up, he tries and he really can’t; the reader thinks Loki is just messing with them and picks the hammer up themselves, like it weighs nothing; when they run off together, Thor comes outside to see Mjolnir on the ground with a sticky note attached saying “Better luck next time! With love, Loki and (Y/N)”

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Theory: Vision (MCU) can lift Mjölnir because he is technically an "inanimate" object. Reasoning: The conversation between Tony and Steve at the end where they discuss the worthiness of an elevator which lifts Mjölnir. Thoughts? (I get that maybe Vision is worthy and that this is probably a worthless theory, but I find it interesting to think about. And yes I know Vision isn't literally inanimate, I guess inorganic would be a better word.)

I think Vision can lift Mjolnir because Joss Whedon needed a way to make the Avengers trust him in a hurry, having made a mess of the pacing of the rest of the film. :D

Pietro Maximoff, our little sunshine.

Pietro Django Maximoff will always be our special little Sunshine.

He’s like the Beyoncé of the fandom.

He hugs his sister way too much that that proves that he has sempiternal love for her, just as she has for him.

He got knocked down two times: One: He thought the Mjolnir looked pretty sweet in slow motion, so he tried to grab it and proved a point: He ain’t worthy. Two: He tried to get up to keep fighting, Cap knocked him down and called him “kid”, which proved the point that he has that childish side we wanted to see.

He would do anything for his sister then when Clint places that shocking arrow on her forehead, he even tells her: “Be right back”, as if he did it constantly.

He took a candy after being offered one in super speed, just because he thought it looked delicious and needed some suger in his system.

He says “You didn’t see that coming?” and probably “Get off your asses!” way too much that he probably wakes up early in the morning just to practice it in front of the mirror in case he needs to say it that day.

He cares more about his sister than he cares about himself that he’ll kill anyone, even his super pal, Clint Barton, just for her safety.

He was the man that punched the all-mighty Captain America.

He cares more about people than he cares about himself that he’ll even die for his super pal, Clint Barton, and some random, little ass kid.