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Imperial Problem Child-verse. I kind of feel bad for any future historians interested in the Galactic Civil War. The Skywalker Dispatches, granting revolutionary access to the Imperial Prince, were a distraction? The famed agent of Emperor Vader, Lady Nesbitt... is a hat? The largest cross-faction co-operation was an attempt to stop Rogue Squadron from pretending to be zombies... and failed? What's next? Brad actually correctly IDing a mouse droid?

The day Brad correctly IDs a mouse droid is the day teens of every species post on their social media feeds “Well everyone, the Holonet is over. Good game, everyone, good game”

Until the next big memes: “Can Prince Skywalker Adopt That?” and “The Dad Side of the Force”

It gets worse when they find out the Luke actually has a Hol-Link account and will, in fact, re-link their posts.
He’s as big a memer as any of them.

Got7 as types of princes

Mark: the hidden away prince. Had a curse placed on him when he was born. Sneaks out of the palace and uses a fake name to adventure around. Sounds really good when announcing royal proclamations.

JB: the cool prince. Appears to be scary and there’s rumors that he slayed a dragon when he was three. Is actually a sweetheart that bows to palace staff.

Jackson: the travelling prince. Speaks more languages than all their diplomats combined. Very involved in politics and often goes out to visit his citizens. Everyone has a crush on him.

Jinyoung: the scholarly prince. Has read everything in the royal library twice. Funny at royal balls and has the best manners. Doesn’t return babies he’s handed to kiss.

Youngjae: the soft prince. Really awkward about royal duties. Prefers to be in the gardens or music hall. Attracts woodland creatures.

BamBam: the pretty prince. Designers would kill to dress him. Has at least four closets. Throws great parties. If he pierces his ears, so does everyone else.

Yugyeom: the nice prince. Choreographed the latest ballroom dance. Sipped champagne once and got found in the dungeons. Cares a lot for his citizens and is honest in nation reports.

FACT: Azriel says more in the Nephelle segment (chapter 29 of ACOWAR) than he said in the entirety of ACOMAF.

I literally went through ACOMAF and typed every single word Azriel says as he says it (contractions or no contractions) and he said 657 words.

The entire book.

657 words.

The Nephelle bit alone? 1,205 words. 

All Azriel.

don't get me mortal sick
  • Mark with squeaky voice: dark.. I'm.... sick..
  • Darkiplier:
  • Darkiplier: what did you do
  • Mark: I lost.... my voice.. again
  • Darkiplier:
  • Mark:
  • Darkiplier:
  • Darkiplier: what you lost is my trust get the hell away from me