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[Kaneki and Furuta as Oreste and Hamlet?]

I won’t say that Ishida put references to Pirandello’s works in his manga because that would be a stretch even for him, but certain panels of this chapter reminded of “The late Mattia Pascal”, so I thought I’d share for those who might be interested. The scene that made me think of the parallel is this one: 

Mattia, the unfortunate protagonist of the work, is declared dead thrice.
First, by the newspaper: 

(His family, who had lost contact with him, has declared an unknown corpse to be his,

and Mattia takes this as an opportunity to start a new life.)

Soon enough, though, he finds out that he’s not happy even though he started afresh with the fake identity of Adriano Meis, because he has no legal rights, and to the world he still doesn’t exist: 

This later brings him to fake his own death and reclaim his identity as Mattia Pascal. 

I’m not saying that this is a legit 100% parallel to Pirandello’s work because it doesn’t match up to TG as nicely as other literary classics like, say, Kafka’s works, but if we pretend that it did, then it would be interesting to note the bit in chapter 12 about the hole in the paper sky: 

This part is meant to stress the difference between the figure of the tragic hero as it is perceived in a traditional way (Oreste) and the modern hero (Hamlet), who is perfectly aware of his own condition as a marionette on a stage. As someone explained in better words than mine: 

We could say that Kaneki/Oreste never actually became Hamlet, because despite realizing his condition as a tragic hero: 

He’s very passive for a main character. I know that other people in this brilliant fandom explained it in detail before me so I won’t expand on it, but the gist of it is that Kaneki was, and essentially still is, a marionette. The story of TG has always progressed through an external intervention, not because of a conscious decision of Kaneki. 

If you allow me the stretch, this chapter only further emphasizes this point by suggesting a comparison between Takizawa (who was portrayed in the calendar as a marionette) and Kaneki. Both are empty, both have no real reason to live, only to stay alive, and both are basically just pawns (after all Kaneki is still following Eto and Arima’s plan, as long as he identifies as the OeK). 

On the other hand, Furuta is perfectly aware of the hole in the paper sky. One could argue, this is why he’s very active, as opposed to Kaneki’s passive attitude (it’s always Furuta who starts the offence. Kaneki always sidesteps around Furuta’s strategies). One could also say that this very awareness of his role as an actor is what makes him wear literal masks: 

And treating this reality for what it is: a stage, a set, something fake and artificial; that’s where he takes his anger from, and that’s why he condemns this world and laughs at it, wanting to destroy it. 

If you’re outside of their target market your opinion is as irrelevant as a vegetarian judging how you ordered your steak. A man in his late 20s complaining about Justin Bieber – not seriously considering and critiquing his work, just complaining about his very existence – is like if I walked into Hot Topic and made a scene because their Pokemon sports bra doesn’t fit me. Well, it would have been nice if it had, but they weren’t making it for me. I’m sure Bieber appreciates his 40-year-old fans, but they aren’t paying his bills and government fines.

It’s easy to dismiss something that wasn’t made for you as having no value, while forgetting that countless people think the same thing about all the stuff that you like. Your timeless song that helped you through that junior high breakup was some out-of-touch adult’s proof that music was objectively better when they were getting dumped by the cutie from English. Your favorite video game is the crux of someone’s rant about how games are a useless medium for immature adults. You know, the kind of idiotic sweeping generalizations that make us want to scream because they contribute nothing to anything, except for when we’re insightfully making them.

Complaints about pop culture way outside of the complainer’s demographic are most common with stuff marketed at teens because, well, a lot of it is fucking terrible. I read The Maze Runner, and the author belongs in word jail. But one of the shittiest things an adult can do to a teenager is mock their interests just because what’s new and novel to the teen is old and boring to them. Maybe it’s objectively bad, or maybe it just doesn’t push the right buttons in your brain. But unless it’s fascist propaganda, like the new YA hit The Fault In Our Cucks, it’s really none of your business.

How To Deal With Pop Culture That’s Not Made For You

Trump is so scary because you can tell even most Republicans are terrified by him.  It’s not that he’s corrupt or greedy or with Wall Street. (This is Washington, after all.) It’s how unstable he is.

Paul Ryan, for all his flaws, seemed to acknowledge (at a distance): “We had a problem. We made a mistake.”

Trump, meanwhile, is living in so much of a fantasy land he might as well be hanging out with Gandalf and Frodo.

Batkids and fundraising

Idea came from @atomicnightbear
- In school (or at least when i went to school) there was always fundraisers for like PTO or new school items.
- Now the batkids would have to particpate because well they are school students.
- Bake sales are the easy option, or so they think.
- Dick learned it firsr, but Alfred insist the kids help with making the food since it was for their school.
- No matter how many times they destory the kitchen or set off the smoke alram Alfred sticks by this rule.
- Jason impressing all his classmates with browines.
- Jon wanted to join in, so he made Puppy Chow with Damian for his schools bake sale.
- When it comes to selling stuff like wrapping paper or cookie dough, they totally use Bruce.
- Like he leaves the sellling sheets in his office and with his secretary.
- Needless to say they usually meet their goal.
- Duke proving he can do it without Bruce and raising a lot of money.
- 13 year old Dick convincing everyone to buy cookie dough.
- Tim now working at WE when Damian does the fundraiser and getting himself a few tubs of it and telling Bruce to not let Alfred know.

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German fan here and honestly I really hope some of the Ducktales team see your doodle comics! partly because it might give them a sense of how integrated Gladstone is in a lot of our childhoods and hearts in a much bigger sense than the Barks comics allow for- not that they are bad I adore his comics, but I fear they may be mistakenly limiting character potential due to loyalty

Oh gosh, thanks man I don’t know if they will/have or what I’d make of it if they did, but I do feel the same way. Carl Barks material is absolutely wonderful and I’ll not say a word against him or his stories, but I do agree that there could be a severe pitfall awaiting writers in not allowing for any evolution or emotional development of characters outside of his works. Having said that we don’t really know yet what the new Ducktales take is going to be on Gander or any of the characters, and while a cautious optimism may be best I don’t want to go anticipating it with a negative attitude. Right now I’m just expecting it to be ‘its own thing’, and whatever happens I’m excited for the new show and hope the team making it are having a good time!

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would you be okay if eventually someone made a full sequel to UNSPKN? i kinda want to and put some focus on how the events could alter the entire timeline and some more emphasis on everyone else as well because while FINAGLC and UNSPKN are definitely amazing focused on Papyrus, i do think there are things that would majorly affect the timeline and I kind of want to follow up on that :v

I have no problem with that bro :D This fanfiction was so awesome, i could not answer all the questions it asked (tho I am gonna continue with some UNSPKN related one-shots)

Go crazy tho, have fun!

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I remember the first time I ever got exposed to furries irl at a con, there was one guy in a fursuit who ended up getting banned for being creepy and predatory so not a good first impression. Few years later I made friends with a guy who I really hit it off with at a con, got to know him and eventually confessed he was interested in furries hesitantly...had absolutely no issue, whatever makes him happy! Might not be my thing but I can damn well appreciate the effort and craft of suit making

yeah, another fun fact: people report suiters at cons all the time for being creepy and predatory literally just because they are wearing fursuits and not because they did anything alarming

like i can’t even begin to tell you how many times i’ve witnessed people get escorted out and banned from anime conventions because they were in character in their fursuit and everyone was disgusted for whatever reason and thought itd be better to just get them kicked

i’m not saying there aren’t predatory ppl who are furries, but it’s not exclusively a furry thing and something people should just associate with suiters 

i’ve personally only ever had predatory experiences with non furs at cons lmao

but yeah im glad you support your friend !!! im sure he could rlly use that !!

Sometimes I’m giving people advice like “well maybe you need to apologize bc blah blah blah or maybe taking their circumstances into account you don’t have to say ____ but can show” and then I feel like I can never have kids because what if Im trying to show them how to see from another persons perspective but instead accidentally project newfound passivity onto them and invalidate their feelings. It feels very different bc my advice used to be just like “they made you uncomfortable? Doesn’t matter what their intentions were u should block them and let them know it’s not ok.” And sorry but life isn’t so simple

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Hi I just suddenly have the urge to tell you that you're perfect to me. Reading your stories give me that feeling I got everytime I have the chance to curl up on my bed and do nothing but listen to raindrops on my windowpane. How you choose and arrange every words is amazing, it's so tender and I love it so much. Thank you for making me feel secured with your words and I'm sorry if this is bad, I come from Vietnam so I'm not quite good with English. I hope you're healthy and love you <3

WELL I THINK IT’S FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! thank you so much for telling me this because reading things like these always gets me going and makes me really happy so this made me happy, you made me happy and if i could i would hug you until you’d want me to get off you but then i’d hug you tighter anyway so thank you so much <333

Admin here!

I just wanted to say thank you for 100+ followers! I really appreciate you all very much, esp. because A) I made this blog like two days ago wtf and B) I didn’t think people would like Austria as much lol

I’m also happy because of how quickly I was accepted? The other Google History™ accounts are very nice and sweet and I thank you as well!

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Promo time fuckers || Accepting


@noblefailure HO DAMN. AGRIPPA!! IS THE BEST!! JULIUS CAESAR EVER. Like?? holy shit, how do they know so much. I don’t know, but they’re great. After Agrippa’s Caesar, I am no longer satisfied by any media portrayal of Caesar ever. Because…Agrippa just…captures his essence so well?? Like he’s not a good dude, but you still feel for him, and Agrippa makes me cry about Caesar and Pompey at least once a day, so there’s that. But yes!! Follow Agrippa!! CAESAR IS A LABOR OF LOVE AND IT SHOWS.

@notorator/ @pvlcher EVI!!! did not like Mark Antony..nor Clodius..but..Evi has made me like both of them. Well, at least a little bit. I still want to fite Antony and Clodius for doing my boi Cheech like they did. BUT STILL. Evi puts so much passion into both of them, and she says she’s only been into Roman shit for a few months but I don’t believe her because she knows so much, I swear she’s been researching for years and is fooling all of us. SO YES FOLLOW EVI RN 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND.

@fulviaflacca/ @uticensiis/ @catosdaughter/ @heartbetwixt Man…I just luv Cat sm. I luv how much luv she puts into her characters and also how she gives Roman females the attention that they need. She also enlightened me to the fact that cato wAS INDEED NAKEY ALL THE TIME AND THATS WHY HE ONLY WEARS A TOGA IN HBO ROME. THE MORE YOU KNOW I GUESS. But Cat is so!!! Great!! And so sweet and like…she puts up w/ me yelling at her about Cheech and Cato all the time klfdjg. Anyways, Cat is amazing?? So please follow her. Follow her for lovely written women that need all the lovin in the world.

@aliosventosaliasprocellas BREATHES BOI. Okay, literally!! Amazing!! Atticus is written so well…Tullia is written so well…Catullus is written so, I cry about Atticus and Cheech at least once a day because of them. I always look forward to their replies because!! Cicero and Atticus give me boys..our boys..and the replies are always so beautifully detailed?? I am in LOVE with the writing, and I love how so much life is breathed into Atticus and Tullia since we know so little about them historically and i just mMM. 10/10 FOLLOW IF U WANT CHEECH AND ATTICUS EMOTIONS EVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE.

@calledprogress Daphnis is literally so pure and wholesome and I love him sm. Okay!! HE GAVE ME OCTAVIAN’S #SQUAD SO LIKE +1000000 POINTS TO U DAPHNIS. He just!! Writes everyone so well..and I love the friendships..the bromances..Daphnis’ muses are so #pure tbh. So follow Daphnis for pure wholesome goodness. Ur not gonna get it anywhere else alright.

@hnbaalbrq Whoops another Laure promo bc I am #shameless and I need to follow the historical theme lmAOOO. Anyways, as I said, Laure is  <333 and, u know, I may be a Roman gal, but Laure makes me feel things for Hannibal. THINGS. Sad things mostly. But yes follow my beb here too <3

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unpopular opinion: abdul was handled so fucking poorly. so was kakyoin. also joseph after battle tendency. like you'd not have much trouble convincing me that sdc and diu joseph are the same person, but not that it's the same jojo we know and love from battle tendency. honestly tho that's bc imo jjba lost a lot of its "what's this wily bastard gonna do this time" quality after pt2 and it doesn't come back for a loooong time.

unpopular opinion time

oh jesus god i really dislike how abdul was handled. he got maybe two impressive moments, but other than that he was a side character who existed to, well, be there. allegedly, araki never made him fight much because he hated drawing magician’s red even though abdul was fun to draw and a favourite(?) character of his. i don’t doubt this at all, but abdul in general had a really mediocre arc and in the long run he had no real reason to show up again (though personally i really like how he was drawn when he came back) other than to, uh, get killed a second time.

as for kak, i feel awful for canon and fanon kak, but fanon kak is the big, ugly monster imo because his character gets ripped open and turned inside out. because he looks feminine, he’s often reduced to woobie arm candy/waifu material for a relationship that barely even qualifies as a friendship and that wouldn’t exist outside of the events of SDC according to the author himself

as for joseph, i refuse to acknowledge pt3 joseph is actually joseph because all he does is act as a comedy character and is somebody else for jotaro to insult. i know it’s not his part, but he just lost a lot of his personality and only really shines through as joseph in one or two moments. he was suppose to be mature and the pathfinder of the group, but he’s still really disappointing in his return and his stand makes him effectively useless.

pt3 in general was so disappointing. it had its weird moments but it was overall really unengaging and forgettable. i made a huge post about sdc’s shitty plot and where it messed up (imo) here if you wanna read it!

just to clear some things up...

It came to my attention yesterday that some have been pointing to my videos and saying that I am giving credibility to the anti-Semitic movement, and my fans are part of it as well for watching. I don’t want to cite the sources because I don’t want to give them any more attention.

This originated from a video I made a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online. I picked something that seemed absurd to me—That people on Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars.

I think it’s important to say something and I want to make one thing clear: I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes.

I make videos for my audience. I think of the content that I create as entertainment, and not a place for any serious political commentary. I know my audience understand that and that is why they come to my channel.  Though this was not my intention, I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive.

As laughable as it is to believe that I might actually endorse these people, to anyone unsure on my standpoint regarding hate-based groups: No, I don’t support these people in any way.

Thanks for reading.

I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologise because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest. If I love you at 5AM, I’d damn well rather that you know I felt it. If I love you two hours later, I’ll tell you then too. Listen, I won’t wait double the time it takes for you to text me back because I don’t want to. I don’t care enough to be patient with you. I’m happy, you made me feel that way, don’t you want to know? So that’s how it’s going to be. I’m going to leave myself as open as a church door. And I’m going to wake you up before the crack of dawn to tell you that I’m fucking joyful, no pretending, not from me, not ever. Would you like some coffee, would you please kiss me? Here, these are my hands, this is my mouth, it is all yours.
—  Azra T.Don’t Wait Three Days to Text First
One little thing about the banquet reveal that left me unsure whether to laugh or weep

I know the fandom’s collectively lose their minds over poor Victor for crushing on a guy who doesn’t remember grinding him, but has anyone talked about Victor’s face right before Yuuri revealed that he forgot the whole thing?

because here he is, thinking that’s Yuuri’s gonna talk about how he made Victor falls head-over-heels with his superb dance moves invited five-time-consecutive world champion Victor Nikiforov to be his coach.

yea tell them babe tell them how you make me yours with your half-naked eros *bashfully lowering my gaze*

preparing to hear bae narrate the beginning of our epic love story then we can announce our engagement, my memory of the night I first saw bad half-naked is very fond -


Poor Victor lol I feel so sorry for the gorgeous Russian man T_T

 I’ve seen a few posts around saying that Andy was problematic or that the episode would have worked just fine without him. The thing to remember is that the crewniverse creates this show to be relatable not only in ways that have us singing from the mountain tops, but also in ways that are a little harder for us to face. Maybe in ways that make us uncomfortable, but are very much issues that we need to address as well. 

How many people were reminded of their own closed minded family members while watching Andy? My literal thoughts were ‘oh look, it’s my dad in an SU ep!’, before wanting to sink away from second hand embarrassment for the comments he made. Because man, have I been there before. 

Because who hasn’t had their sort of uncle freak out over the illegal hippy martian immigrant farmers your dad said could live in his barn? 

No but really. Especially that part about hearing about this on AM radio? Yeah, at least one writer has come up close and personal with this type of specimen. It may seem that given the timing of certain current events, the last thing anyone wants to see on SU is one of THOSE types. 

But here’s the thing: they exist. You can hide your head under a rock all you want, but they’re still there. So what do we do? We actually get two points of view on this. One: the gems as literal aliens. On a good day they really don’t understand even the most open minded of humans. So here they are running smack into one that’s mad about a world that’s changing even without the interference of the gems. And he’s upset that they’re not acting in the “traditional” roles he’s use to seeing human women in. Never mind that they’re not human, or technically speaking, women. They’re there in his barn, messing with his things, and really there’s no way this can end well. 

Until you bring in the nephew he never knew he had. Who just so happens to be very, very interested in learning about his human family.And who just wants everyone to get along. Because let’s face it, that’s Steven’s MO. He’s so focused on finding out that his family name is ‘Demayo’ that Andy’s comment to Greg ‘not even marrying an American’ floats right by him. But it was very much meant for the audience to hear. 

Not that any of that matters to Steven, he’s already planning the most awkward family reunion in the galaxy. 

And the Gems, bless their hearts, are eager to make Steven happy.

And honestly, for all his misgivings, so is Andy.

To a point anyway. Until he realizes that maybe, just maybe things are changing. That change is coming whether he likes it or not. And that change can never, ever be one sided. 

And at the first Thanksgiving, the gems and the humans gave thanks for polyamorous wedding cake, corn, this table, and traumatizing life events.

The thing about change is that it’s never simple. It never happens over night. Both sides are scared or angry, or very probably both. They’re also sure that their side is the right side. 

And even when it seems like everything is going right, you’re trying so hard include everyone in your new vision and it seems like you’re really getting through to them, they just… slip away. Because change is scary. Because they’re going through the motions without really understanding why. Because sometimes it’s easier to go along with things even if they don’t agree, even if their heart isn’t in it. So again, what do you do?

You listen. You hear their fears. You let them come to their own conclusions that maybe, just maybe, things HAVE to change. 

But that doesn’t mean being left behind. 

Now for reality: It’s never as simple as this. Bigotry isn’t faced and solved in 20 minutes. No one is saying it is. Sometimes it’s safer not to face it, and sometimes you just can’t. 

But I think overall its meant to be a message of hope- just like the overall message of Steven Universe is a positive one. People have opposing points of view. Talk. Listen. See that in the end you have more in common than you ever thought possible and go from there. Also: family is what you make of it. Even if it’s a dad, an estranged uncle, an alien hybrid child and his hippy illegal martian immigrant aunts. It can work, as long as you work together.

I want Yuuri to cry.

Hold it! Before you get to my throat, I’ll explain why:

The scene in ep 1 where Yuuri cries alone in the toilet really got to me….because I could relate to it so well. The way he behaved like an emotionless robot when he was outside with Celestino, the way he made the fake voice while talking to his mother on the phone, and the most heartbreaking of all was when he cried…

Here are the things which struck me the most :

1) Yuuri’s own mother didn’t realize exactly how upset Yuuri was……this leads me to believe Yuuri never allows himself to cry even in front of his closest family and friends….Sure he whines when teased by others or cries when he gets physically hurt, but actual full blown crying just to let out his feelings? I don’t think he’s ever done that

2)Yuuri was trying to hold back his voice……as far as Yuuri knew, there was no one in the washroom, he could have been louder if he wanted to…but the way he choked back on his voice makes me feel this isn’t the first time he has cried like this….silently, so that no one knows. How many times must he have cried into his pillow? Just to muffle his voice and hide his tears?

Yuuri has subconsciously conditioned himself that crying in front of others is wrong, showing his vulnerability, even when with his own family , is wrong…….and now, even if he wants to cry his heart out to someone…….he won’t…no, he can’t
He just can’t bring himself to do it….

And I’m saying all this as a person who goes through the same thing……I’m starting to open up…..just a bit, enough to trust two friends to not look at me weirdly when I have a silent cry……but to this day I haven’t found someone I can trust myself to simply bawl my heart out to without being judged or being told ‘don’t be such a crybaby’ or ‘don’t cry over something so silly’

So just once….just once, I want Yuuri to cry.

I want him to stop holding up that dam he has built up over these years and just let his emotions out. And it doesn’t have to be over something great like losing a tournament……. it can be something as stupid as falling on the ice exhausted…..when he’s just practising, alone in the Hasetsu castle’s ice rink…

And when the dam does burst, I want Viktor to be there for Yuuri.

I want Yuuri to be able to break past his conditioning and trust Viktor enough to cry as loudly and messy as he wants to.

And I want Viktor to simply plop down on the ice next to Yuuri, give him a shoulder to cry on, to gently run his fingers through his hair and wait for Yuuri to calm down and just tell him,

It’s okay.

The more I look back at YoI, the clearer it becomes how unreliable a narrator Yuuri is, especially in the first episode. We should have realised it right from the off that something wasn’t quite matching up between what he was saying and what we were seeing.

Lemme have a quick look:

“I’m one of the dime a dozen figure skaters certified by the JSF”

Dime a dozen. Right, kiddo. When you have groupies who are the rising stars like Minami-kun, who recognise good skating because they’re trained to, I suspect you may be understating how good you are. When your home town plasters your imagery all over the place because you are their famous skater, you’re more than a dime a dozen.

Also, let us take a moment to remember that he made it as far as the Grand Prix final. We learn in later episodes how many competitions you have to win to get through to the Grand Prix Final. He won. He won lots. He did *well* right up until the Grand Prix. The commentater even comments that he wasn’t himself at this one significant event.

This anxiety-ridden little moppet even explains why: the death of a beloved family pet and grief threw him off, and I suspect his natural anxiety was the nail in the confidence coffin. But he still blames himself, despite a run of horrible circumstances, grief, isolation and the insane amount of pressure he was putting on himself to get his ‘big day’ right.

“I was an idiot to think I could finally meet my idol on the same playing field…”

Maybe Sochi wasn’t a level playing field, but it certainly wasn’t because of the skating. It was because of everything else crashing in on him at the same time, which meant his skating suffered. Then it became a domino effect of depression and anxiety and he lost again and again.

We know this because when he was trying to get his groove back, he took Viktor’s gold-medal winning routine and performs it to perfection. Lemme repeat that: a gold-medal winning routine and performs it to perfection. Which he is doing while not in peak condition and while significantly heavier than he had been during the competitions.

Yuuri is a badass-skater, but because of his spiral of depression and anxiety before the start of the series, his narration about himself and his career naturally skews to the negative. And we believed him. We fell for it, because he believed it himself.

How wrong we all were.

How it went down

In the past, I feel I’ve made it abundantly clear that I do not like it when people speculate that Rose Quartz was pink diamond.

It’s not that it’s impossible: because really it isn’t. We know for a fact that as an extension of Steven’s empath abilities, he can swap bodies with other gems, as well as humans and even watermelons. The mechanic exists for Rose and PD to swap bodies, and seems to have been introduced for the sole purpose of giving us a hint

It isn’t a lack of foreshadowing that spoils it for me either. All the foreshadowing that existed before it became obvious that Rose had the body of a quartz still stands, both for Rose and for Lion. For fuck’s sake. I can see why Pearl would might still have a pink diamond on her uniforms, but Garnet, Sardonyx and Baby Steven have no excuse!

No, what pisses me off about these theorists is that I have yet to see a variation that does NOT make Rose/PD look like a sociopathic idiot. See, the core flaw with these theories is and always has been that Pink Diamond stole a Rose Quartz’s body then killed her for reasons that make no sense.

If she had wanted to protect earth, she could have easily done more easily as herself, and wouldn’t have to murder a bunch of other gems in cold blood to do so. She would have had the political power, the control over the planet, and she wouldn’t be hunted for regicide!

Of course, all these wrinkles iron out if we change one tiny thing; Body swapping wasn’t Pink Diamond’s Ability, It was Rose’s!

See, if we assume it was Rose Quartz –the original Rose Quartz – who stole PD’s body, suddenly everything falls into place.

First, we have the motivation: There is no reason why Pink Diamond would have wanted to be a quartz, but there is every reason why a Rose Quartz would want to be a Pink Diamond. All this Rose had to do is mind swap with PD, and once that’s done it’s her power. Pinkie would be unable to switch back!

Second, we have a reason to believe mind-swapping was always Rose’s power. It’s never been more clear than in the past few episodes that Steven is not simply empathetic in the mundane sense, he’s actually an Empath, a type of telepath who can feel other’s emotions through a psychic connection rather than mere sympathy. This power is vital to a Rose Quartz, who needs to be able to physically feel a patient’s pain to cry healing tears. Since Empaths are a form of Telepath, mind-connection powers like dreamwalking and body snatching are actually part of the package deal!

Third, it’s a situation that morally and strategically justifies Pink Diamond’s actions. If Pink Diamond wanted to protect earth she could do more easily as the planet’s ruler than as a soldier who just committed regicide, and she wouldn’t need to switch bodies with an innocent rose quartz and then murder her in cold blood to do so. Even if the Rose consented, it would still be completely unjustified, but if it was her body that was stolen Pink would be absolved of all responsibility.

Now usurped, trapped in a new form and possibly hunted by the soldier who stole her body, Pink Diamond had no choice left but to rebel, and this would give Rose every justification she would need to implement part two

Never forget, Quartzes are soldiers, military tacticians. If this Rose stole the body of a diamond, then any other one could as well. Rose Quartz couldn’t have that happening, so she had her sisters poofed and imprisoned in bubbles, leaving them trapped in stasis and unable to do the same to her.

Now Rose was in a tough situation. Pink Diamond, – who we knew up until this point as Rose – Was fascinated by earth. If their sister suddenly lost her love for humans, the other diamonds would become suspicious. Rose Quartz would have to play the part. Thus, the human zoo was born.

As for Pink Diamond, she would was now leading a rebellion, but nobody would believe her if she claimed to be the real Diamond authority. Hell, many of her followers may have been like Bismuth: resentful of their former leaders and hungry for shards. No, the only people Pink Diamond could trust were her closest followers. Pearl and Garnet and possibly a few more. Only they knew they were really doing the duty of a queen, and that’s why even millennia after the war ended they and their fusions still bore pink diamonds on their shirts shoes and pants.

In the end, Pink Diamond was never able to take back her body, but she couldn’t let Rose use her body for tyranny anymore. The die was cast, a diamond fell, and a quartz and her pearl watched the miracle of a new beginning.

Pink took her body, her usurper and shards, a remnant of the life she hand long left behind. These would later be fed to the lions who followed her, creating a pet left for Steven when he needed it most.

All theories are true on this one, they all fit into place. I’m just glad I was finally able to make order out of these disparate parts