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You should post more original art!

AHHHHHH, thank you so much for being interested in my original art, I don’t have words to describe how happy this makes me <3

Well, here’s a picture of Emmeline and Rowan I drew a few weeks ago because I wanted new avatars for my blogs. 

But… I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about putting their story on hold because it’s a really big project that will involve drawing a lot of tricky things and I really need to develop my comic-drawing skills before I’m ready to tackle it. 

So I’m developing a different webcomic idea which will be much shorter and much more manageable. It’s a romance set in a future where human bio-augmentation (for both aesthetic and practical reasons) is very common. If I can get myself organised I’d like to try entering it into the webtoons contest so I might maybe start posting pages in the next few weeks???

Anyway, here are tentative designs for the two main characters.

i cant believe i have finished my first year of a levels with only minor breakdowns and i feel pretty ok (fingers crossed) about how they went as well! it’s crazy that i think i have finally made the transition towards being a “functional person who has issues with food! as opposed to being “an anorexic who is capable of operating on a very minimal level” and it’s so exciting. this time a year ago i would cry because my brain had shrunk by twenty percent and it took me hours to organise my thoughts and months to finish reading a book and i was so frustrated and now im pretty confident in my work and i’ve won an award (lmao) for a piece of work i submitted this year! im so proud of me tbh

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(1) I want your opinion on a certain issue. Usually, when a cis person and a trans person are discussing trans issues, the trans person is going to be right, because well, its their zone. But the other day, I, a cis person, got into a fight on facebook with this trans person. An X person made an status that was like ' its like being trans is a trend now, its annoying see teenagers now claiming to be trans' so I commented telling them how now that is has more exposure they

(2) could feel more close to the issue, and actually know more about labels they probably didnt knew, and that they could not jugde this teenagers for exploring their gender, even if its looks like a trend, but then, a transboy commented, saying that for him it was annoying too seeing so many teenagers claiming to be trans because they didnt knew how hard was to being trans, like him, and that he hated how teenagers usually said that they were trans and just

(3) would start dressing like the ‘opposite sex’ because obviously clothes doesnt have gender, and I agree with that, clothes doesnt have gender, But I answered that I think in this capitalised world, a lot of this teenagers have grown up with idea that certain clothes are made for certain genders, and using clothes they associated with others genders it was their early way to experiment gender, because a lot of them are not mature enough to realize that,

(4) and even if the ones that know that clothes doesnt define you, he didnt have the right to tell them they were not trans because he was not in their heads to know whats happening inside them. Be he insisted that the most of them were trans just because is a trend, because he didint see them suffer as he did and…I dont know. I dont know If I am wrong, or if he was just being closed minded? He is 15, and im intrigued why instead of supporting other trans young people, he was against them.

Ah, citizen, let me tell you something; regardless of Tumblr’s ‘stay on your lane’ policy it IS possible for you to be right in conversations about issues like this, because it IS possible for members of the trans community to be grossly narrow-minded; people seem to forget that, sometimes. But I’m glad you acknowledged that in general it isn’t your place to speak on trans issues.

Truscum can be just as transphobic as cis people, I’ve found, and a lot of the time even more damaging, since young kids experimenting with their gender see this and think ‘Well they’re the authority on trans issues, so they must be right about me’ and end up miserable and unhappy as a result.

The ‘gatekeepers’ of the trans community really, really need to take a step back and look at the damage they do when they tell minors their identity is just ‘a trend’. They do serious damage on a number of levels - 

1. Individually - hurting the feelings and emotional state of a young person who is trying to explore their gender. 

2. Socially - perpetuating the idea that only trans people who want surgery and HRT are ‘real trans’ and invalidating non-binary genders. 

3. Scientifically - since their gatekeeping is what keeps ‘extreme dysphoria’ as a ‘requirement’ for treatments, so, say, someone only wanting top surgery, or only wanting HRT, would not be classed as trans unless they experience ‘extreme dysphoria’. Heaven forbid I’m okay with my vagina.

More to the point, the idea that exploring gender is ‘a trend’ is ridiculous. Lots of non-Western societies and cultures have acknowledged non-binary genders and gender variance (I can’t find any sources at the moment, but I’m very sure on this; if someone can find some interesting links for me, kudos!)

What IS happening is just that the world is growing smaller and smaller thanks to the internet; this ‘trend’ is born from nothing more than people having more resources, more internet safe spaces to discuss gender, and more ways to meet people also exploring their gender. Hell, even if it is a ‘trend’ and half of the kids who come out as trans later realise they’re cis, at least the other half will feel comfortable with themselves. And hey, the cis kids will have gained valuable insight into gender issues and, being the next generation, will be more accepting of trans people. I think it speaks volumes when truscum, especially adults, feel threatened by say, a 14 year old experimenting with their pronouns. 

What upsets me the most is that the trans boy you mentioned is, as you say, 15, and seems to be basing his entire identity on the suffering he feels, and invalidating everyone who doesn’t feel that. When we let that happen, we let cis people define us entirely based on our suffering. Trans becomes a synonym for ‘sad’. And in doing this, we further push the social idea that genitals and gender are intrinsically linked; that trans people are ‘miserable because they have the wrong body’, which does more damage than good, for everyone involved. It makes cis people see being trans as an illness; our bodies are something that need to be ‘fixed’ and ‘cured’. We end up with tragic HBO movies and no actual acceptance. 

It sounds like the boy who commented on facebook has a lot of things he needs to work out for himself still, and that’s a shame. 

Also, on the note about clothing; it’s true, clothing has no gender, and he seems to get that, but you were right - that doesn’t mean gender is irrelevant when it comes to clothing. We’re not at a point where society doesn’t gender clothes; society massively genders clothing still, so for a young trans girl to go from ‘masculine’ clothing to extremely ‘feminine’ clothing isn’t something that she should be scorned for. She is just trying to make it easier to present herself as she wishes in public. 

Maybe one day we’ll reach a point where clothing isn’t gendered and anyone can wear whatever they like without being misgendered, but that’s not going to be soon. I am fully aware that I’m going to be misgendered when I go out in a dress; it’s a risk I take because I feel confident enough. Not a lot of people do, and that’s fine.

Basically some trans people need to learn that we are not the sole position of authority on other trans people and what defines them. We are not in the other person’s head. We have no authority to decide if someone’s gender is valid. We have no right to dictate what people wear or what they do with their bodies. 

Merci for the interesting ask, citizen!

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How did you identify them?

[this was concerning the fascists/racists following my blog]

Well, sometimes they comment on my posts, and when I go to look at their page it’s usually easy to figure out who the fascists are. Also, you can often tell by their usernames or pictures.

Coincidentally, I just took a quick look through my list of followers to see if I could spot some fascists because the Block function has apparently finally been made useful. Before if you blocked someone I think you just wouldnt see their comments, but now if you block someone they can’t follow you anymore or comment/reblog you, or find you in search, so thats good.

I managed to find about 20 fascists. Of course there’s probably a lot more that I couldn’t identify at a glance, but it’s always nice to block some nazis. 

With a bit of familiarity with fascist iconography they’re often really easy to spot:

Sometimes the name subtly gives it away:

And sometimes it’s both:

Why not take a moment to go through your own followers list to clean up the trash a bit?

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Bruce Jenner is a MAN and always will be. He was born a man and I still see him as a man, I'm happy he is who he is now and thats all that matters, but I'm still calling him Bruce.

Well, anon, I know who you are right off the bat just by your typing. (how I know is, I’ve been told the same thing today by a girl who wrote the exact same thing you did and got all pissy because I had to educate you on the matter of transgender people. I shall do it again right about…. NOW). 

Stop fucking saying you “support” and “accept” transgender people when you really don’t. If you didn’t have anything against someone transitioning, you wouldn’t have made an idiotic status/post saying “he will always be a boy to me” or “she will always be a girl”. No. That’s not how it fucking works, man. If someone says they’re/feel like a man or a woman, then they ARE a man or woman or whatever they feel. I know people have their “opinions” on transgender people and all, but, try to actually understand, educate and put yourself in their shoes. You have no right to judge someone based on their gender or sexuality, until you’ve walked or been in their shoes, maybe then you can judge them. But until then, you have NO say on how people should be or how they should live their lives. 👏👏

Allow me to add in her CORRECT gender name and pronouns. 


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Why do you ship Tina with Jimmy Jr.?

Oh, there are lots of reasons. Because they’re really cute together. Because I think it’s nice. Because Jimmy Junior has been in more than two episodes. Because I want to see the Belchers and the Pestos brought together. Because Tina hasn’t liked any other boys in the same way she likes Jimmy Junior. Because Jimmy Junior can be really sweet when he lets himself. Because Tina deserves to get who she wants. Because Jimmy Junior deserves to have someone who loves him and cares about him, and I’m not sure he has that right now. Because they compliment each other nicely. Because they can match each other’s passion. Because they’re actually both interested in each other. Because we’ve seen how well they can work together. Because Jimmy Junior’s 13 years old and I don’t think his mistakes are unforgivable. Because Tina’s made mistakes too. And because no other ship makes me so happy.

Also, please see the following posts: 
Why I Prefer Jimmy Junior over Josh
Why I Ship Tina with Jimmy Junior So Much 

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Hey, I just wanted to point something out about the FM and their seemingly social justice agenda. I don't think that they offered to take out the insurance broker because they were moved by the sailor's story of injustice, but rather I think the sailor hired a FM to kill him and tendered his life as payment. If you look closely at the scene, the man is kneeling, in tears, in front of the black pools. He's going to pay with his life. Gives a new take on how expensive the FM are supposed to be.

Well that was…not made clear.

I mean my main issue with it is that in the books, although Arya tried to rationalize away the murder as being just, the Kindly Man made it super clear that they kill those they’ve been hired to kill and they don’t judge. The show kind of was like “LOOK THIS GUY ISN’T GOOD.” It’s not a major change, but I liked the moral ambiguity of Arya learning from these guys, especially given that it’s in direct parallel to Sansa and Littlefinger.

But you know, themes, book reports, yada yada.


I am on-record predicting that Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign would fall well short of success. It’s an argument I’ve made early, repeatedly and, granted, with some measure of glee. But now that Gov. Scott Walker has come out in opposition to the (somewhat toothless) National Security Agency reforms currently moving their way through Congress — joining every other legitimate GOP candidate and leaving Paul more isolated than ever — I must admit that even I am surprised by how bleak Paul’s future is beginning to look. Because it was premised on a series of fantasies and misconceptions, I always figured Paul’s campaign would falter. I just didn’t think itsEKG would start beeping so frantically, so quick.

The pseudo-libertarian’s campaign was always a long-shot. But it’s sputtering even earlier than expected

little things about avpd that i don’t talk about often:

  • since you’re afraid of people disliking you you apologize constantly, for everything and anything, even when it’s not needed
  • you read any negative interaction (even minor ones) with someone as though they hate you afterwards, even if they don’t
  • never being comfortable interacting with people you don’t know well so you have a very limited circle of friends
  • when you act any sort of outgoing or deviate from how you normally act you become so worried you embarrassed yourself / made the other person hate you 
  • feeling shitty because you feel weird about making first moves or saying ‘i love you’ first to your partner
  • being unable to open up to anyone about your personal life and when you do it feels unnatural and weird
  • feeling isolated and like you’re in a fishbowl all the time
Harry Imagine: Clouds and Meadows

Requested by: skater-boy-hair basically this is whatever I want to write

Life was unplanned, and as unplanned things go, this was pretty unpredictable. Harry had woken you up by singing by your ear the Friends intro about ten times until you could take no more. He then proceeded to choose your outfit according to what he felt like doing that day and then once everyone was dressed and still tasting breakfast on their lips, he drove. Where? You never found out because his car broke down.

The car stopped and made a mechanical noise. “Harry,” your tone was tense but not angry.

“I umm, I’ll check the engine.” he got out of the car and headed for the front of the black Range. You decided to join him knowing well how little he knew about cars.

“So tell me, what is wrong with your car Mr. Harry Mechanic Styles?” he pinched his lips in thought and sighed.

“Fuck, I have no clue. Let me call my friend Jack, he knows a mechanic…” you leaned on the edge of the car and looked at the clear green meadow on the side of the road thinking it should be less lonely.

Harry got off the phone and said, “His friend should be over in an hour,” you nodded and kept staring at the meadow, “I just wanted to bring you to this place I found that has the best pies…” he kept going on but all you wanted to do was roll on the grass, so you twined your fingers with Harry’s and dragged him to the not so lonely meadow.

“We have an hour right? Lay with me.” his face held two dimples and he spread his lanky body on the grass where flowers ever so often made an appearance. He found a violet that stood out from a patch of daisies and placed it behind your ear.

“Princess Consuela,” he joked but the gesture was still so sweet you kissed him. It was the only logical thing to do.

“You’re missing the clouds, Y/N.” he said as you turned and faced the sky.

“That cloud right there looks like a pelican with a bow-tie,” he pointed out tracing the outline with his finger and all of a sudden you could see it.

“I think the one below it looks like a mutated bunny with bat wings,” you spoke making the whole thing up just to see his reaction.

“That’s dark Y/N!” then he remained quiet and then spoke again, “I can actually see it now.” you laughed and rolled a few inches away from him.

“I made that up Harry! You’re the nutter!” then you got up and ran for the car knowing he would chase you and he did, hugging you from behind and fitting his face in the crook of your neck.

“You’re the nutter who even brought it up!” he chuckled tickling your neck.

At that point a car pulled over and it happened to be the mechanic who explained that the car only needed a jump start which he fixed before driving away without asking for any payment.

“I consider this a wonderful day,” Harry said buckling himself in and driving off to the pie place that was closed on Sundays.

School’s out for summer here, so what better time than now to take some school advice from someone about to turn 25?

When I was in middle school I didn’t have very good science teachers. They were nice people, but they didn’t really know the material well enough to cover it in a way students could understand and because of this I barely got by with C’s no matter how hard I studied for the tests. When it came time to enter high school, my teacher made an error on the class sheet and instead of being put in the lower level science course in 9th grade, I was put in higher level Bio. I was going to change it after the first day of class when I saw the mistake, but I fell in love with my teacher who really had a passion for learning, and by the time I graduated, I had Advanced Chem, Advanced Physics and AP Biology under my belt, never making lower than a B.

For those of you taking time off and going back to school in the fall (or those of you on summer break), I want you to know that you deserve the time to clear your mind and spend the summer believing that anything’s possible for you to do your very best next year. If your teachers can’t provide the motivation you need to be passionate about learning, then I’ll provide it by saying I have confidence in each and every one of you, and your test scores don’t measure the amount of potential you have that just needs an extra boost. I believe in all of you and have a wonderful summer break! 

remember when i first joined tumblr and reblogged things like the “this is tumblr we love gays more than gays love gays” post on a regular basis

and referred to myself as “the rainbowsaurus” all the time because my birth name made me dysphoric but i hadn’t come up with an alternative name

and i didn’t know how tagging worked at all so all the shitty text posts i made at that time are forever lost in the void


it was a dark time and please no one go confirm that by looking at my old posts please god there was so much wholock

well anyway that was my 13th birthday that i made my tumblr and because today is my 15th birthday it’s officially been two years on this site

what a long strange trip it’s been

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So many people were being transphobic today and it made me feel kinda sick, how do you deal with transphobia? Do you have any tips?

well first of all, *hugs* because that’s gross and unfair and i wish it’d stop. 

second, tips and tricks!

  • if they’re not people you care about or people who’ll react violently, tell them they’re elbows and asses and glare pointedly at them until they’re visibly uncomfortable. at the very least, it makes me feel better that they’re uncomfortable too. 
  • if you think they’ll be responsive, try to talk to them about what’s wrong with what they’re saying. ((i know this one isn’t your job, and if it’s an off-the-cuff moment of transphobia from a stranger, it’s probably not even worth it, but hey, we weren’t born with a knowledge of what’s ok and what makes us an ass. neither were they. if you’re up to it, try to spread that wisdom around a bit.))
  • if it’s a friend and they’re not responsive to your attempt at educating them, take some time—a day, a week, however long you need—to ask yourself if they’re still worth your energy.
  • to make yourself feel better after dealing with transphobic rotten bananas:
    • tell yourself they’re exactly that. rotten bananas, soggy sandwiches, limp lettuce leaves, wiggly carrot sticks. 
    • remind yourself that even if they’re a good person if you weigh all their good and bad parts, they do have shitty parts in them and this is one of them and it’s something they need to work on. 
    • find someone who isn’t transphobic and vent to them about all the crap you had to deal with. 
    • recognize that whether it’s through erasure or flat-out violence (physical or verbal), what they said or did isn’t on your shoulders. you have to deal with the aftermath, but it’s a reflection of the society we’re in and the person they are, not your or anyone else’s gender. 
    • get yourself some ice cream or salad or another thing you enjoy to commend yourself for getting through. 

again, *hugs* to you friend. i hope at least one thing here helps even a lil bit. 


Princess Mononoke fittings… On the wrong person! Oh well haha :) Maybe I’ll have this one done before Shazz gets back from Chicago!! The only thing I won’t be able to do is finish the straps on the dress/apron for size. 

 This costume so far is made entirely from scraps, which is oddly fitting. The dress is microsuede left over from Cynthia and the white is twill left over from when I hemmed my curtains. I have too much white fur left…. I bought like six yards of it when I was 16 and it’s haunted me since; I’m down to the last few yards! I’m hoping to make the entire thing for under $10 in new costs… Because why not, might as well clear out the stash a little. 

Also, how lame is this after months of seeing Fire Emblem here?! “Here’s these tailored and paneled and embroidered costumes with all the fixings… aaaand now have a shift dress and a twill smock.” Boring!

 - Jenn

Anyone can view!

So in my Literature and Composition 10 Class, our final project was to do a research project on something we’re passionate about. Being passionate about Feminism, I decided that as my topic. Starting off, my teacher advised against it because it was apparently “too broad” in her eyes but I ignored her and went with it anyway because she doesn’t decide what I’m passionate about you know? Anyway, so I did the project and presented it. During the presentation, I got many dirty glares from the teacher. Afterwards, I’ve been hearing a lot of students insulting it as well with things like…

“Wow, he’s really judgmental.”

“Offensive much?”

“This is really inappropriate.”

“It’s just a home-made book on how to grow a vagina.”

I’ve been trying to ignore it because most of the people at my school are just stupid anyway but I went a checked my grade AND I GOT AN F ON IT. WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION AS TO WHY AS WELL. I was literally horrified when I saw it. I told my friends about it and some of them told me to post it here to get some other people’s opinions. I have to admit, I did get lazy with some of the slides just because I was working on this at like 4 in the morning so anyway. But yeah.. Wonderful.

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Korrasami quidditch au.

Korra doesn’t know much about the new Ravenclaw Chaser, except that she’s Muggle-born, fast, and innovative, all of which are things Opal told her, and that she’s not so great and Korra shouldn’t let herself get intimidated or anything, which were things Mako told her; all of these added together made Korra decide this Asami girl was probably someone to watch for, and she grips her Beater’s bat a little tighter as they march onto the field.

“Captains shake hands,” Tenzin says, and Korra takes a couple steps towards Varrick, the Ravenclaw Keeper, before seeing the new Chaser in the lineup and literally tripping over her own feat due to shock, because, well.

In all their descriptions of the new girl, Opal and Bolin has definitely failed to mention how gorgeous she was.

want a 3 sentence fic?

I’ve been thinking lately about how I actively tend to avoid talking too deeply or hanging out too long with straight girls unless I know them really well. I’ve had really bad experiences where I’ve been ostracized for being gay or my gayness has made straight girls uncomfortable and I feel bad about it. I don’t want them to think that I’m attracted to them just because I’m gay, or worse: if I do become attracted to them and it ends up making them not want to be friends with me anymore. It’s an irrational fear most of the time, but lately some acquaintances of mine have wanted to talk to me more or hang out more, but I keep blowing them off because they’re straight and I’m afraid of being “too gay”. Being gay is such an integral part of my interests and who I am, to be uncomfortable with it or to reject it is to reject me entirely. 

I’m not sure if I will ever feel differently ////////

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You have the best voice in the universe. I saw some of your videos and I'm totally blown away and you play the guitar as well. You are like a mini Taylor ready to conquer the world you are really special.

okay whoa, thank you so much for taking the time to write and send that to me, I can’t believe how sweet you are! It’s only 6:18am here but you have completely made my day, so thank you for that! I’m seriously going to frame this because this is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANON ❤️

I was tagged by capaldiiscoming​ to list the six posts I’m most proud of! And then tag ten blogs I think should be proud of what they do, whether it’s art, writing, edits, great choices of what to reblog, brilliant tags, lovely responses to asks…. spread some positivity!

So here goes!

This is still probably my favourite post I’ve ever made, about how Time of the Doctor shows the Doctor’s really not that important

I also really love this meta on the Doctor that I wrote the other day, because it turned out so damn well. 

I have to mention my guest post on Phil’s blog because I’m still really proud of it. And definitely wanting to write a few more in that series at some point.

This is one of my first posts where I really tried to define my interpretation of Clara, and it still holds true and continues to inform my opinions about her.

I really like this post which is much less analytical, but full of unambiguous love for the female characters on Agents of SHIELD

And finally this one, which I came up with one day and made me giggle, and seems to have done the same to several thousand people, which is nice.

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