because of how well it is made

I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologise because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest. If I love you at 5AM, I’d damn well rather that you know I felt it. If I love you two hours later, I’ll tell you then too. Listen, I won’t wait double the time it takes for you to text me back because I don’t want to. I don’t care enough to be patient with you. I’m happy, you made me feel that way, don’t you want to know? So that’s how it’s going to be. I’m going to leave myself as open as a church door. And I’m going to wake you up before the crack of dawn to tell you that I’m fucking joyful, no pretending, not from me, not ever. Would you like some coffee, would you please kiss me? Here, these are my hands, this is my mouth, it is all yours.
—  Azra T.Don’t Wait Three Days to Text First

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I was wondering how you manage to draw eyes on a character so well, I know they're one of the harder parts to draw because one has to look exactly like the other. Would you ever consider going over this on your anatomy blog? P.S. Beautiful art❤

Hello :)
I’m definitely going to cover that on my anatomy blog in the future - a very far future, though, because since I’m already confident in drawing faces, I’d like to finish aaaaall the body parts first. Sorry ç_ç

In the meantime, since you’re super sweet and sent me a cute ❤, I made this instead. It’s not a tutorial at all, but more something like a commented speed-painting video about how I draw eyes. 

PS: well, it’s not technically true that “one [eye] has to look exactly like the other”. Humans are never precisely symmetrical, so it’s even better if you make two eyes that are slightly different from the other ;)

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To impress her new warden gf, Jaina just fucking creates a second dalaran

maiev: the reckless use of magic has brought azeroth to the brink of destruction too many times. its unacceptable

jaina: hey so like i made a new dalaran cause the old one sucks and i covered the perimeter with knives, because, i know how much you like putting unnecessary knives on things

maiev: well i cant Not fuck her

“I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologise because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest. If I love you at 5AM, I’d damn well rather that you know I felt it. If I love you two hours later, I’ll tell you then too. Listen, I won’t wait double the time it takes for you to text me back because I don’t want to. I don’t care enough to be patient with you. I’m happy, you made me feel that way, don’t you want to know? So that’s how it’s going to be. I’m going to leave myself as open as a church door. And I’m going to wake you up before the crack of dawn to tell you that I’m fucking joyful, no pretending, not from me, not ever. Would you like some coffee, would you please kiss me? Here, these are my hands, this is my mouth, it is all yours.”

- Azra T.Don’t Wait Three Days to Text First

Maybe I shouldn’t type this as I’m about to sleep, but I finally remembered what I wanted to write a week ago.

As an Asian living in America, I am well aquatinted with racism. So when I read posts complaining about how “feminine” some ppl made their male Lavellan, it really rubbed me the wrong way.

Hollywood and media has gone to great lengths to emasculate men of color. For example, Asian males are often seen as short, wimpy, and small. Even if Asians are shorter and more slender compared to their European counterparts, it does not make them any less masculine. So simply because male elves are less bulky than humans, dwarves, and qunari, they are not “feminine”. It’s genetics. What makes a man a man is his identity.

Okay, let’s say they weren’t targeting the openly discriminated elves in general. Zevran and Fenris are pretty “manly”. It wasn’t about elven stature but instead how people portray Lavellan. You dislike Lavellan because their creator make him act “feminine”.

I’ve been following a lot of Adaar inquisitors and they are the cutest little cinnamon rolls that pick flowers and coos and ahhs at shiny things. I absolutely love them, but because they are Qunaris with huge hulking muscles, they won’t get slapped with the “too girly for Dorian” label. It smacks of hypocrisy to me.

So because of the way elves are built, they can’t act a certain way either, in order to live up to your standard of what makes a man?

fractxum replied to your post:He was a little hesitant but eventually, walked up…

The other’s fingers combing through his hair made the redhead hum, crimson hues fluttered shut for a fleeting moment. “Mh, hey…~” He leaned down, enough for their foreheads to just lightly touch. “How are you feeling?” Because yes, he wanted to know how the elder was doing and know everything about his day, like the good boyfriend he is.

Well, isn’t that just sweet of him. What a sweet boyfriend he is. His own eyes fall closed for a moment, just taking in the others scent. His shampoo still clung to his hair and he enjoyed the smell of it. Tilting his head back just a bit more, he pressed a sweet kiss against his forehead. “Feeling pretty good. The cadets were unruly today so I took them out to the practice field. They were more energetic than Blitzy was, can you believe that?”

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Hey, just wondering if you got a chance to show Richard your tattoo at MinnCon and if so, what was his reaction? <3

YES! I did show him. And since you asked, I might as well tell you the entire story of my auto with him because its important and basically made my entire weekend.

So, I got up to the table and passed him my Fugitive Pope CD for him to sign. He saw what it was, then looked to see who brought it and his face just lit up when he saw me. He asked how I was, and said something to the effect of “Of course YOU would find a copy of this and bring it to me. You’re too good at doing your homework!”

Then, I showed him my tattoo and he just stared in awe for a moment before asking a few questions about it. He really seemed to like it, but I think he just couldn’t believe that someone would get his handwriting tattooed.

@ihaveallthesefeelsokay happened to be behind me in line so I stuck around while she got her copy of Ernest signed. Susan mentioned that four of us were going to be in costume on Saturday as imaginary friends and he got SO excited. He asked if we were going to be in the contest and seemed genuinely worried that he was going to miss seeing us. Once we told him we were planning on getting an op with him in costume, he seemed super relieved and excited.

He then asked if he’d see us later, and I said in ops, but I didn’t get a meet and greet. He tried to cheer me up by saying something to the effect of “You’ve met me loads of times, I must get boring” and I said “Shut up, I love meeting you” which made him blush a bit and thank me. Susan then mentioned how the only reason I wasn’t going was because someone sniped it from me in the auction and he was like “HOW DARE THEY”

We laughed and waved goodbye and thats how I died and was resurrected. :D

despite the fact i hate tf2 with a burning passion for very personal reasons i still respect the people who enjoy it as well as enjoy people who generally make or made tf2 content (salty phish, jerma, star_) and i feel really really bad for avid players of the game as a whole due to valve’s ignorance (even though i stopped playing altogether i heard that the system of vanilla servers was completely removed??? please tell me if i’m wrong but if that’s true then Jesus Dude How Do You Fuck Up That Bad)

i really hope valve gets their shit together and gives you guys who still play the experience you deserve. again i havent played in months so who knows maybe meet your match isnt that bad but i digress. i know a lot of people who followed me for tf2 have unfollowed already (i stopped posting it shortly after some very personal issues and loss of interest in general) but again i still hope valve fixes stuff

“when connie is president what will that make me? first boy?”

honestly I think that might be my favorite (non-singing) line in all of steven universe because it makes my imagine the craziest/best presidential term in U.S. history.

“Mr. Universe, many republicans are claiming that your birth certificate was faked and that you are an illegal alien. What would you say to these allegations?”

“Well definitely not illegal, but I am an alien.”

“you were born outside of the country?”

“no, I was born here”

“then how are you an alien?”

“I mean a literal alien, from outer space. My mother and guardians are all aliens.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Well I’m half alien anyway. I thought we made that clear from early on in the campaign?”

(conspiracy theorists have a field day)

“Madam President, why is your husband carrying a huge crystal disc out onto the white house lawn?”

“oh, that’s a warp pad, It lets Gems travel around”

“Isn’t that a security issue?”

“Well only gems can use it, and the only gems on the planet right now are friendly”

(the secret service has their work cut out for them)

and then theres other things- like the time the president and her husband combined into one person at a state dinner. Or how the president is ridiculously badass with a sword. Or how the fist gentleman has five (or possibly six?) adoptive mothers. Or that time the president, her husband, and an insane eldritch monstrosity defended Washington DC from an alien spaceship. (approval ratings skyrocketed)

what I’m saying is: Take some time to imagine the shenanigans President Maheswaran would get up too. It will not disappoint.

remember that time that jim and pam had realistic and well written marital problems and then remember how they worked through them and fought for each other and never stopped loving each other because they were the most important things in the entire world to each other and then remember how they both made sacrifices for the other’s continued happiness??? 

I keep thinking back to this quote from the novel because of how well it illustrates Kubo knew he was shitting on what he’d written - plot, themes, characters, all of it. This tells us it wasn’t mere laziness or negligence (although it may have been those things too).

I don’t think I could’ve come up with a lamer ending. The final chapters were a mess and the point of this arc made little sense. Yhwach’s motivations weren’t clear (merging the worlds? tf? why?) and the Quincy story was left hanging, but Kubo felt the final arc was the appropriate time to spend years on new, underdeveloped characters for every letter of the alphabet.

Tsubaki wasn’t used or mentioned for ages but now he’s relevant through baby-sitting. What does Orihime do? Uh, helps run the clinic? Is a housewife? We aren’t completely sure. She’s in one page.

Rukia was supposed to have her thoughts on becoming VC shown. Never happened. The female lead had no part in the final battle. I guess a random promotion (in which Ukitake was killed in the process) was a consolation prize to distract us from how badly she was sidelined. “Guys I know she barely did anything but, uhhhh- hey, look! Long hair!!”

Renji doesn’t speak, just stands behind Rukia like a club bouncer. Uryu and Chad get two panels each. Uryu seems isolated from his friends and absorbed with his work. Kenpachi had 3 detailed fights while Uryu got the cliffsnotes version. The final colorspread that caps off his arc features the back of his head. Chad’s job is out of a fanfic.

Does Ichigo do shinigami work anymore? We can assume every now and then, but that this topic wasn’t even a footnote is amazing. What he repeatedly worked for throughout the manga, what he took pride in, what became such a big part of his identity, not mentioned at all. The hero who saved worlds and changed Soul Society is doing something as mundane as running a clinic and we’re left to wonder how much The Deathberry still includes shinigami related things in his life.

Ichigo and Rukia are implied to not have seen each other for years. Think about this for a minute. The person who missed her after 17 months, who had the image of her leaving ingrained in his memory, who Kubo used to draw hanging with Rukia in almost every Christmas/New Years omake, now has the ability to see her but doesn’t. It doesn’t really matter how you viewed the nature of this relationship. If Kubo still had the love for it that he once claimed, he wouldn’t have discarded it.

He ignores it AND YET still couldn’t build his endgame pairings into something that surpassed or even approached it. Apparently it was just enough to ignore it and have IH and RR….standing around each other most of the arc. That was important development I guess?? That was better than the personal, thematic, and poetic resonance IR had from chapter one? Ok.

He couldn’t even be bothered to show the pairings interact in any real way that shows they’ve been couples for years. A ten year timeskip and two kids did the work for him.

This is the amount of effort he put into ending 15 years of story. Plastering the D & S title on a chapter like this was not only sloppy, it was purposely taking the meaning and importance behind something and tossing it in the trash. So much of what he’d written was thrown away and the majority of fans can see it.

People will know when they’ve been fed garbage. And they aren’t going to happily accept it after putting time, energy, and money into something for years - certainly not out of some concept of needing to respect a creator who at the end didn’t care enough to respect his work or his readers.

ordinarily i’m all for countering the notion of scene kids being inherently ridiculous with an earnest appreciation for scene kids and their aesthetics as well as for the way that post-scene aesthetics have influenced all kinds of people but like, one where the comparison is between someone in scene furry gear and a white dude with facial hair and fucking steven-universe-official reblogs it…you’re not supposed to like, look back earnestly and go “oh hey look it’s like how we made our own youth culture when we were kids it was great” it’s supposed to be some homophobic, transmisogynist bullshit

because like, the specific notion of the grandfather figure as duo-father, the specific psychoanalytic location of the father and the grandfather resultant of that in the Oedipal triangle, the manner in which one’s father is Oedipal while being Oedipalizing is incredibly important when considering notions of filiation and fatherhood. 

I personally know that the way that this triangulation is carried out within the family perpetuates homophobia and transmisogyny, my own father (who I share part of a deadname with) specifically sees me in a fashion that is unmistakably shaped by the Oedipal structure of the family. The specific prohibition on homosexuality and the denigration of becoming-homosexual (even when understood as bisexuality), prohibition on becoming-woman and more specifically on becoming-woman as it is encountered by trans women (as well as becoming-trans) is all discouraged by the conventional figure of the father

I’m back from my psychiatrist’s appointment. 

It went well, I think. My doctor is a big nerd like me. He told me about his experience with Wil Wheaton at Gen Con and we talked about the new Star Trek movie. He asked me what TV shows I watch. I said “Steven Universe.” And he said, “What’s that?” To which I said, “Ummmmmmmmm… WELLLLL… there is this boy, with a magic gem in his belly, and he has 3 space moms, well, sort of four space moms because one of them is actually 2 combined…. you know what… I don’t have a clue how to explain it. It’s just really good.”

We got on to the deep stuff. The depression stuff. He made me start listing every med I’ve tried and I couldn’t remember. It’s been 10 years since I’ve tried some of these pills. Instead he had a better idea. It’s a new genetic test. They swab your cheek and test your DNA to find out which antidepressants will work best for your specific genetic makeup. I had heard about this test but didn’t know it was available yet. I get my results next week or so. 

He was a real go-getter as far as doctors go. He wanted to try and treat my CFS and my narcolepsy too. He typed into his little laptop and was like, “Have you tried this? What about this? How bout this?” He was literally trying to cure all my ailments. I told him that was nice, but I really just came to get the depression taken care of. 

He seemed like a really nice guy and he knew his stuff. He was very tech oriented too. Which I liked. He sent a prescription right to my pharmacy from his computer. My regular doctor barely knows how to use his smart phone. 

Overall I am encouraged. I really think this doctor relates to me and will do his best to get me better. Even if he can’t cure everything I have, I think my depression should be scared of what’s coming. 

So my mum took me shopping for some clothes for school.
  • Just like always, this is how it went:
  • Me:*goes into women's section to make my mum happy*
  • Mum:"oh, don't you like this! This is nice! HOW ABOUT THIS!"
  • Me:*looks at women's clothes, thinks to myself "I don't understand this shit"
  • Me:*complains about how women's clothes are made because seriously, some shirts I'd have to buy four of and where them all at the same time just so it's not see thru!!!*
  • Mum:"stop complaining, it's not me that makes the clothes!"
  • Me:"well y'know, some other sections of the store might have some close that actually make sense!"
  • *continues for about 10 minutes*
  • Mum:"fine. Y'know what, if you wanna look at the men's section go, but hurry up"
  • Me:*does a tiny fist pump of victory and skips over to the men's section happily like the person I am"
  • Me:*SO MANY NICE CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • After all that I finally bought three shirts and they all look AWESOME!!!

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Can you help me? I'm really bad at drawing dog bodies... What do you do to get the legs right? I specifically suck at legs

Alright Nonnie, here is how I do my dog legs!
I went in and made a little guide for you, I hope it will be helpful. I used some stock imagery and personal photos to help you visualize what exactly I’m doing.

Right, so, Front Legs first: Let’s take a look at how it is structured from the very inside, because that will also be your greatest ally when positioning the front legs:

(DISCLAIMER: these bones are not anatomically correct and are only there for illustrative purposes!)
Now, using the ‘skeleton’-segments in a rough sketch can help you see what position you want for your legs, as well as give you an idea where your joints are at and how long the individual parts of the leg are!

Once you get to that, here’s an example for you of how to draw the ‘flesh’ around your bone. (if you need a guide on paws, I can make a seperate one for that on request!)

The Sketch really functiones as your ‘bones’ and gives you an idea where you will be putting everything.Pay close attention to your leg thickness; the front leg is at its widest at the elbow, meaning the intersection between the blue and purple segment. it grows thinner to the wrist. Legs are never straight.

Hindlegs in my opinion are a little harder to draw. Especially when the dog is sitting or laying. But for now, lets focus on standing and walking!
Again, looking at the skeleton can help you get the positions right later on and help you out on the rough sketch:

(DISCLAIMER: these bones are not anatomically correct and are only there for illustrative purposes! Again.)
Ta-daa! Again, the three segments we saw above on the skeleton still work here!

When drawing the ‘flesh’ around your structure sketch that mimics the bone, pay close attention to where the joints are. Dogs knees are very different depending on breed and the distance between paw and hock is different for every type of dog you draw too, but generally shouldn’t be too short!

(Please note on my example I placed the knees very high,mostly on accident! it is fine to place them lower.)

I do hope this helps! If any of you have further questions or want to see more tutorials feel free to send an ask <3 My inbox is always open!

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Cap'n odd, how do you feel about your lil nugget blowin up tumblr?

Well lieutenant anon I am really glad that first mate chicken nugget has made the crew jolly
It’s a right sight it is on these blue waters but I feel like things are a little more smoother sailin because of this good natured talk
Of all the things to get my little ship across the seas I’m glad it’s chicken wing

Imagine: You and the Joker having a baby

Hey guys! So this is my first imagine ever. Generally is with Jared Leto Joker. I know that the Joker is not that fluffy, but I’ve always imagined having a boyfriend, that is a bad guy and I’m the only one, who he threats well. Besides, this is an imagine and everything is possible :D There are not so many imagines with babies, so I decided to write one. I hope you will like it and feel free to tell me your opinion :) 

Words: 1,677

Tapping your barefoot on the cold floor in the toilet, you were waiting for the pregnancy test, which you held in your hands. Your body was shaking, because you were scared. Scared how would he react when you tell him or when he finds out alone. You’ve never spoken on this topic. You already made a script in your head. He is so possessive and selfish and hate everything which takes your time when you could spend it with him, what alone for a baby, that takes every minute from your free time. 

Two red lines.
“FUCK!” you swore. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, this wasn’t supposed to happen… Oh Holy Jesus”
You were so confused. Do you have to tell him? Or just keep it in secret until you can’t hide it no more and say you had no idea.

And then… here you are. After three hours of giving birth, finally you were hugging your sweet little baby girl - (B/N). How did Mistah J find out? Next week after you made your pregnancy test, you went to a gynecologist. The doctor said that the embryo is six weeks old. In the next two weeks and a half you started vomiting.

“What the fuck is going on, doll face? Are you sick?” he asked you, while you were washing your mouth in the toilet.
“J… Please, don’t freak out.” You placed your right hand on your belly, looked down for a moment and then looked up at him. He just stood there, watching at your stomach. Mistah J slowly started to walk to you and put his hand on yours. His eyes were wide open and his mouth looked like a red horizontal line.
“What have you done, you stupid whore…This is not happening…Impossible” he yelled. You felt tears sliding on your cheeks. He knows perfect, that he is the one that you’ve ever loved and you are still loving him. J went crazy and for a moment both of you thought that he was going to slap you, but centimeters from your left cheek, his hand just hanged in the air. He constricted it into a fist and hit the sink by your left side. Then he just left you there. Alone in the bathroom. You heard the Purple Lamborghini’s wheels rubbing on the asphalt and you heard them no more until the hour was 4:17am.
You couldn’t sleep well. You cried all night, lying in your bedroom all alone, hugging your legs.
“(Y/N)! WHERE ARE YOU, PUDDIN’?! (Y/N) DARLIN’ STOP WITH THIS GAME I NEED YA!” you heard a familiar voice. It was J, drunk, trying to go upstairs but because of his condition the only thing that he was doing was to fall every time after he made a single step up.
“Joker, are you crazy, how did you get home like that, you’re drunk as fuck, you could have hurt yourself!?”
“My sweet little (Y/N). You’re so naive. How could you think for a second, that I am that stupid to drive drunk, huh? Looks like I’m the only smart person here, am I not? Yes, yes, help your daddy to go to his bed, yes, that’s right, that’s right, doll face.”
You wrapped your left hand around his waist and let him lean on you so you could lead him to the bedroom. It was hard, because he is taller and his weight struggled you, but finally you placed him on the bed. You sat beside him and looked at his wide smiling face. He was watching you too.
“Tell me, darlin’. How are we going to name him…or her?”. You couldn’t say anything. Just kept watching him. Mistah J placed his head in your lap and stared at you still smiling. “C'mooon, (Y/N), darlin’, I really wanna know. Aaaah he or she is going to be daddy’s little prince or princess, yeeesss… Gotham City will shake of fear when they hear his or her name. Daddy will be proud.” he said with closed eyes, probably imagining everything he was saying and reached to get your hand in his cold one. Suddenly he started to laugh and it was the hysterical and maniacal laugh. Joker’s laugh. “You hear me, baby? I love yewww and yourrr mummmmyyy tooo”. You couldn’t believe what he has just said and let him hold your hand and with the other one your started massaging his scalp and running your fingers through his green hair, so he could calm down and rest easier. You were wondering if he meant all these words.
“I can’t wait to punish you for your naughty act, doooll faacee.” he said, then kissed your belly, wrapped hands around your waist and fell asleep. You kept fondling him and soon you fell asleep too.
Next morning when you woke up, the first thing you saw was cold blue icy eyes staring at you. Mistah J looked like a mess, but he was your mess. His hair - shaggy, the red lipstick blurred around his mouth and he had no shirt on. You felt his surprisingly warm hand rubbing your stomach.

Next days he was always apologizing for everything he said in the bathroom and serious conversations about the future followed. Although them you secretly were worrying because the baby wasn’t still born and everything will be different when this happen. You were scared because with the baby, you couldn’t commit crimes and when the enemies find out, there will be a new weak spot, which will be the perfect opportunity for them. You gave a word to yourself, that you will do everything to keep your little angel safe.
First time when J hold (B/N) he looked abashed and worried. You left them in your room to take a shower for 15 minutes and when you came back you saw one of the cutest things ever. While (B/N) held his dad’s finger, J looked extremely happy and his wide smiling face proved that. His golden grill shined. (B/N) looked at him and Mistah J was doing funny faces and laughed like the crazy psychopath he is. He waggled and tried to lull the baby and then headed to its room to leave it sleeping.
You watched J long time and since (B/N) was born, you saw a little change in his behavior. Even bigger when you two started to have feelings to each other. Yes, it was really hard to get to know him and it happened really slowly, but at the end it was worth it. You understand his interests. You saw beauty in his darkness and he saw darkness in your beauty. You’ve always wanted such a relationship - to have someone, who is only good for you. (b/N) just helped to be even better. You noticed that you and here were the only one he really cares about. No matter that at the beginning was difficult and J didn’t want her. Although he already have declared his feelings to you, sometimes he is still trying to act like he does not care so much as he do in front of the others. But you know him well and his offending when you tell him that he is so kind and careful with (b/n) is enough to prove inverse. He convinced you when you saw him lulling her when she was 4 months old.

(b/n)’s cry woke you up. You didn’t feel J'sarms wrapped around you as it was when you two fell asleep. The only thing you could feel were the cold sheets. (b/n) cried loudly again. You stand up and put your shorts and top. Rough night with J… Maybe he was downstairs drinking a glass of bourbon as he always did, no matter that after nights like this you both were exhausted. You headed to (b/n)’s room and heard someone talking to her. The door was left ajar. You peeked and saw Mistah J holding your little daughter, gently talking to her. She let out a little cry, but J immediately calmed her down. He was moving side to side, absolutely focused on the child.
“Yesss, my little princess. Who is daddy’s princess, who, who? No, no, no, don’t cry, don’t cry. You’re going to wake your mummy up and we don’t want that, do we? Let her sleep a little. Daddy is here and he is going to take care of you just like your mummy did for your daddy. Yes, don’t you know that your daddy was a really bad daddy before he met your mummy. Of course you don’t know it, you weren’t even born. But even when you were in mummy’s belly I swore to keep you both safe no matter what it costs, because you two are the most important things in my life and I won’t let anyone to touch ya.” he was talking to (b/n). You just stood there, listening to your boyfriend. You pushed the door lightly and ran on toes to your puddin’. He freed his one hand, hugged you and kissed you passionately.
“Were you spying us, (y/n)?” he asked with a fake dour face. “Such a naughty girl you are”
“Nooo, I don’t know what you’re talking about…J, you are amazing.I’m really proud of you for facing your fears and changing because of us.” he kissed you again and sat on the couch in the baby room.
“Come to mummy, angel” I said and I took her from J’s hug.
“I feel…harmony. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt like this. I can finally call this place a home.” he hugged you tighter and gently kissed your neck. “I don’t say this quite often but (y/n), darlin’, I love you. You and our princess.”
:We love you too, puddin… More than anything and anyone. Always.“ You said and kissed him, then placed my head on his chest, (b/n) in my arms, You in your puddin’s and you all slowly fell asleep.


This started as a sketch of lance as finn (cuz y’kno, same va) but then i thought what about hunk as jake? then i couldnt stop.

I made keith left handed because ive seen them both switch handedness before thats not how guitars work marceline but whatev

I was also pleasantly surprised with how well a lot of their colors worked

For Everyone Not Understanding The Gurus

1. There are three different teams: Stuff Pack, Game Pack, and Expansion Pack

2. Each team has different people. They all don’t work on each thing together, i.e why we have waterslides, wishing wells and lemonade instead of toddlers.

3. The Sims 4 wasn’t supposed to be like TS1,2,3. It was supposed to be and online game. like “Habbo” or “World of Warcraft.”

4. We don’t have toddlers because it wasn’t what they were going to initially going to make, not because they were being “lazy.”

5. If you’ve never made a physical, marketed game before, you can’t exactly tell them how they should do something.

6. Toddlers need several animations. They’re not like Aliens. They are a completely new life stage and should be treated as such. By demanding something so expensive and time consuming as often as a lot of you do, you’re ignoring all of the amazing things that they’ve worked on.

7. Widenburg had been in production for so long. It is so amazingly done and deserves so much respect. It’s not toddlers, but this is something that they made and are extremely proud of. Can we support that?

8. If you don’t want to give Eaxis money, because of the lack of toddlers, then don’t. Just don’t. Don’t go and comment on posts about how happy people are about ts4. Make your own posts. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to play ts4. Good Bye. We don’t need you.

Fuck customers, and bless customers

Today at the golden arches we had a man come in, claiming that his order had been made incorrectly at the drive-thru, and he had come inside so that we “hopefully wouldn’t fuck it up this time”. We made it again, exactly as it was printed on his receipt (which, oddly enough, was how it had been made the first time) because that was “how he wanted it”. He started screaming about how we were all morons and idiots, and we had made his order wrong twice. Well, sir, you were the one who said that it had been rung up correctly. He read his receipt to “prove us wrong” and then started screaming that we were overcharging him and he wanted a refund. Everyone was staring, because of course this happened during a rush, and even the people at the drive-thru were looking at this man in disbelief.

The manager gave him the refund and he demanded that we make his food for free. The manager began to explain that she couldn’t allow that and he continued to scream about how he “owned a fucking company”, “none of his employees were this fucking stupid”, and “he was going to get our asses fired”. At this point, three of the other customers stepped in, telling this guy to leave because he was being an asshole, and he started screaming at them too, telling them that we were useless and “couldn’t even get a single fucking order right”, claiming that he had 300 employees in his company and he came to order for them. Really? This guy had 3 meals and some value menu items, hardly enough for 300 people.

Eventually, after continuing to scream at my tiny manager, every single employee, (the girl on drive-thru came up front to help get orders out, and the grill team was visible from the counter) and most of the customers, this guy threatened to punch the manager and fight the customers standing up for her.

At this point, one of the grill members poked his head out and said he was calling the police. The guy turned to him and screamed “Call whoever the fuck you want! I don’t give a shit!” He stormed out after that, so obviously, sir, you did care. My manager went into the office after this and called the police to make sure that the man had actually left the property and wasn’t going to return. As soon as she hung up, she started to cry.

The three customers who had stood up for her waited by the counter for her to come out (she was only back there for less than a minute, her face was still red but she wouldn’t give herself more time because it was still busy) and they told her that she had handled the situation well and went to sit down. Even after the cop showed up and subsequently left because the man had gone, the three customers stayed in the lobby to make sure the guy didn’t return.

Honestly, if my manager decides to quit after this, I’m 100% behind her. This isn’t the first time that she’s been screamed at, but this is the first time it’s brought her to tears. And I have never, ever, heard a customer threaten to hit an employee here.