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Memory Lane ft. Yoongi

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Drabble game #100: “I adore you.” 

grumpy husband yoongi au aka lots of fluff (mentions of sex)
→ 1.7k words,
part 2

A/N: I recently had a realization that the way my blog is structured doesn’t really give me a great leeway to express my creativity and feels for the members at random. So this is the start to a really short series of drabbles for all of the members in super short (less than 2k) drabbles! To be continued! :) Hope you guys like it. 

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“You’ve got a wonderful wife there, son.”

Yoongi gives the elderly man a small smile and nods in agreement, clinking his beer can against his and tipping back the cold liquor into his throats with his eyes trained on you, a feat that happens quite often.

Often Yoongi finds himself just staring at you, in awe of how someone like you ended up with someone like him.

Your friends would describe you as sweet, bubbly, kind, selfless, and bright. His friends would describe you as “the light that shined in Min Yoongi’s horribly dreadful bitch ass life.” And although he always gives them a glare or just brushes their comments off with an eye roll it’s moments like these when he feels like the six dickwads’ words can never be any more accurate.

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In which Marco is the worst vampire ever. Just. The Worst.

Following many jokes on twitter about Marco the vampire who is mentally stuck in the fifties and kind of grossed out by the concept of biting people…I found my self doing this in an attempt to break my writers block. It’s choppy and awkwardly paced and kind of generic, but hey, it’s complete and about 5000 words, and hopefully having something out there in the world will make working on commissions a little less like pulling teeth.  Here ya go guys! Enjooyy.

God what a dork.

(Mild content warning, a little blood and sooort of blood play, I guess? He’s a vampire, you know what you’re getting in to)

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Making New Friends

The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer’s Top Tips For Friending

I’ve been asked a bunch of times about how to make friends. A lot of people tend to say “oh, just go and make some new friends” or “just talk to people”. But I think that’s kinda bullshit advice. Making friends isn’t that easy. You can’t just go down to the friend store and pick some up! They’re not always available, and this is a situation where quality is definitely better than quantity.

So, how do you friend?

For a long time your Slightly Aggressive Affirmer was not good at making and keeping good friends. There was some bullying and such. It was a mess.

But now, I’m actually very good at making friends with nice people who are genuine and honestly care about me. Part of it is just experience- go through the same shit enough times and you start to spot the jerks. But a lot of it is also doing and saying the right things so that people want to be your friend.

I don’t do it on purpose, but looking back on where all my closest and most lasting friendships started, I can see patterns. So, below the cut, I’m gonna give a few Top Tips for making awesome friends!

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Artists in Action!

Meet Amanda Rynda, Art Director for our new show The Loud House! When Amanda’s not overseeing all the artistic elements needed to make The Loud House happen, you can find her working on photography projects (Zombie Engagement Photos anyone?) and playing with her twin boys. Busy gal!

Read on to learn more about Amanda’s background, influences and koala/dolphin conundrum.


1)    What is your role here at NAS? How long have you worked here? 
Hey! I’m the Art Director on The Loud House. I started here at Nick about a year and half ago.

2)    How did you get started in Animation? 
My path into animation was a bit of an organic one. I grew up drawing, painting, and involved in various creative outlets. I knew I wanted a life filled with art but at that time I really didn’t understand what that meant or what I would be doing. I spent some time at MICA painting, I spent some time studying graphic design, but eventually I ended up in the Character Animation program at CalArts for college. I got sucked into animation there. The love of the art form and the enthusiasm of the animation community was really inspiring to me at that time of my life - and still is! A student film I made at CalArts got some attention and I went on to animate for JibJab, and then worked for Disney TV on Gravity Falls and Star vs. the Forces of Evil before coming over to Nickelodeon.

3)    What is your day-to-day like? Any interesting routines?  
Oh my gosh, my days can be very busy, but my week to week routine is pretty much the same.  The short answer is that I work with our crew to design and put together a blueprint of designed backgrounds, characters, props, effects, background paint and color (essentially all the elements that we see on screen for The Loud House) before sending them off to Canada to be animated. I review every visual element of the show at different stages throughout the creative process and make sure that as a team, we are all staying on course both visually and in terms of our scheduled timeline.  Most weeks I am working on at least 5 different episodes at a time. I often have to stop and remind myself which episode I’m looking at. It can be a little nutty, but it’s really exciting to be so involved.

4)    What continues to motivate you to be an artist and work in animation? 
The end result is so incredibly rewarding. I love seeing the team’s efforts all come together. But most of all, I love to see people react to the finished product. The feeling you get seeing people have genuine reactions to the art that you’ve spent months or even years thinking about is unparalleled.

5)    What are the favorite parts of your job? 
I love working together as a team. Everyone on our crew has a really unique perspective and their own enviable, artistic style that shines through in their work. I love seeing that all come together. Despite being able to distinguish each artist’s hand in the designs, the heart of the show still beats true to what we are trying to communicate. I think that is so cool.

6)    Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career? 
This one for sure! But I think it’s more personally significant. Chris Savino, the creator of The Loud House, really took a chance on me by asking me to art direct. I have never felt like someone who stands out in crowd, so I feel so fortunate that Chris noticed something in me that made him think I was the right person for this job. Art directing was a dream of mine that I thought might never come true, so I don’t take a single day for granted here at Nickelodeon.

7)    What/who inspires you? 
This is a really tough one because as a true gemini, this will forever be changing. I am really inspired by photography, interior design, dance and music. More specifically, I find it awe-inspiring when someone sets out to do something incredible and actually does it! It’s easy to let negative thoughts get the best of you, but those who just throw those thoughts out the window and really go for it are the most inspiring to me.

8)    What is your advice for aspiring artists or people interested in entering animation? 
Practice your drawing like you practice a musical instrument. Remember that you need to learn your scales before you can play a concerto. (My husband says that all the time and he’s totally right!)

9)    Who was your mentor and what advice did they give you that inspired you to continue pursing your dreams/career goals?  
My first mentor was my high school art teacher, Dr. Robert O’Boyle. He told me to believe in myself. And then he told me again, and again, and again.

10)  What are your favorite hobbies? 
A few years ago I took up photography and shot a zombie engagement photo session that went viral. Since then, there have been tons of copycats which is pretty awesome. I still do photo shoots occasionally. But my weekends are pretty much dedicated to my husband and my 3 year old twin boys. We spend a lot of time playing with trains. :)

11)  What is one of the most challenging aspects of your job? 
This job seriously tests my memory and my multi tasking skills. I am constantly jumping from one thing to the next.

12)  What is your Spirit Animal? 
I’m probably a koala but I wish I was dolphin.

13)  Favorite Nickelodeon Show? 
Definitely The Ren and Stimpy Show. Those gross out drawings will stick with me for life. And I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve sang the log song. Everyone wants a log, right? Everyone needs a log.

14)  Favorite Nickelodeon Quote or Catch Phase? 
Nick Nick Nick Nick na Nick Nick Nick Nickelodeon!

15)  Favorite Snack 
Milk tea with BOBA! And anything chocolate! Mmmm…


Check out Amanda’s work here:
Tumblr: @amandarynda
Twitter: @amandarynda​ 

And make sure to watch the first episode of The Loud House online right now!

LOFT 89 *wildest dreams*


Let me just say that what happened on 10/20/15…I was/am still shocked. They say it happens when you need it most and when you least expect it, and that is 100% accurate.

 We’d had these tickets for a year. They were first row lower level behind the B-Stage, and watching the show from that point of view was already more than I could have asked for. S/O to Ticketmaster for being kind to me on the day tickets were released.

 OK. So Lexington is my hometown, and my friend (Mariah) and I were meeting two of my friends that I met for the first time at Speak Now in Lexington four years ago  (Conner and Delani). They road tripped for the occasion because they are beautiful people inside and out. Mariah and I re-created the safari outfits from the “Wildest Dreams” music video cause I’m “Wildest Dreams” AF (little did I know that later I would be even more wildest dreams AF). Conner and Delani were dressed as the real-life Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, sporting cat ears, secondhand reversible scrubs, and a $6 police badge from party city. It was legit and awesome. Once we got to the arena we ran to them, and I mean full on running hugs up the escalator. At this point it was about 3:30/4ish, and we were literally SO excited to all be together at last. We went to grub at Cosi (cah-see, coh-see, coh-say, however you like to say it lololol). After that we went to go sit in line to get in, and that lasted for about an hour. After waiting, I swear it was like the hunger games to get into the Taylor Nation booth. People were sprinting and I was just gilly gallying, we were all laughing and just soaking up the moment. I think we took about 30 guitar picks and ended up with about 6? Those things are hard to keep hold of. We took our pictures, and Mariah and I re-created the “say you’ll see me again” pose, which led to cheers and many “YAS-es” throughout the line. It’s a pretty dope picture if I do say so myself.

SHOW TIME. We get to our seats and are SPEECHLESS. Literally like five feet above the sound booth, so when Taylor was raised we were practically at eye-level with her. Vance Joy was insanely talented per usual, I love when he makes everyone take out their phones to make the arena look like a night sky. His accent is cool; I’d like to have it. ANYWAYS so it’s about to be Taylor time and Andrea made her way through the crowd. Obviously we wanted to say hi, but there were a lot of people and we were sure we would be able to wave at some point. “Welcome To New York” started playing, and all chill was lost between us. I honestly don’t know how we didn’t fall off the ledge during the show cause we were going SO INSANE. After a few songs, Momma Swift brought a bunch of people into the sound booth, so at that time we kind of just decided there probably wasn’t going to be a loft, so we took that out of our minds. During IKYWT, Andrea was glaring at us cause we were jumping and trying to look sexy all at the same time. It was great. We noticed she kept looking at us randomly throughout the show, but we still just danced our little hearts and didn’t think anything of it. It was during “Bad Blood” when the moment clicked (later Andrea told us this) when we set ourselves a part from everyone else. We SCREAMED and I mean SCREAMED the “you forgive, you forget, but you never let it go” line during the bridge, and she turned her body so fast toward us and started laughing, disappearing into the arena a few moments later. The only thing we were focused on was listening and jamming to “Wildest Dreams” because that was the next song. We had no idea our night was about to change. If you’ve seen the video, you’ll be able to see how totally in the moment and into the song we were, when out of nowhere Andrea waltzes right on next to us and started dancing along. Mariah smacked me in the stomach, so I turned, and my face probably went blank. I knew what was about to happen, and I could not believe my eyes. Andrea leans in, and lets us know that we were being invited to LOFT 89! Even writing this out right now feels unreal. I honestly could not tell you if OOTW was performed that night because I was SO wonderstruck literally. My two sisters and mom were about 15 rows behind us, and I ran up to the them, holding the pass up, fighting back tears, while dancing to “this night is flawless, don’t you let it go, don’t you let it go…in your wildest dreams.” I cannot explain the happiness I felt in that moment, it’s unexplainable. I was on a different planet. Never in a million years did I EVER think in my WILDEST DREAMS I would be holding a Loft 89 pass…just…unreal man. I ran to the bathroom and tried to make myself look not as sweaty as I was, cause I jammed hard to Shake It Off.

LOFT TIME. We gathered in our section (the Delta Sig guys were also going to their own loft, I have friends in that fraternity so it was awesome seeing that they got to hang out with Taylor too). We went over the rules, and then we were taken back. I was the first in the line walking back, so seeing that overhead entrance was like walking into Narnia. My friends and I went straight to the couch, and I made a point to take a picture with a piece of pizza and a cookie in front of the neon sign cause I’m weird like that. We hung out, got in the photo booth, and just walked around for about 40 minutes. I’m pretty sure loft was smaller than normal because they set up two different ones, one for Delta Sig and one for us. After waiting a bit, Taylor casually walked right on in, and man she is a beautiful girl. Chill was surprisingly kept cool, there’s just something about her presence that is so welcoming and calming. She went to the left first, so we were the very last group. While we waited we talked to Momma Swift for a while. I know everyone says this, but she seriously is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She made a point to make sure we felt right at home. She told us that she’d been keeping an eye out for us the entire show, and we’re convinced that she waited until “Wildest Dreams” on purpose. Anyways, Taylor made her rounds and ultimately made her way to the couch.

 “HEY GUYS! I watched you all the entire show, I knew I was going to see you here. The Hi BAE sign was great” (she said something along those lines).

 We talked to her for a solid 10-15 minutes, no lie. It was a long time! She was so sweet, and so genuine. She told Mariah that she looked perfect in her outfit. Conner talked to her about something very personal, and Taylor was so so so kind and caring about it. Delani told her about how she almost ran out of gas the night before and hit a raccoon, so she had Taylor sign her gas receipt (LOL). After we took our picture, Taylor and I were still sitting on the couch. I looked at her and really just thanked her for being brave with her music, because without that I would not have found my passion for music and songwriting. I told her how I made it to the Top 150 on The Voice this season with “Wildest Dreams,” and she was very impressed and gave me a huge high five and said like, “yea dude, that’s awesome!” Then we stood up, and I will never in my life forget this moment. I told her I just released an EP, her face zoomed at me, then she looked so intently at me and said, “I can’t wait to see what you do,” and gave me the sweetest hug. Music is my passion, and I can’t see myself doing anything else. Hearing the person that helped me realize that was something I will hold onto in my heart forever. Here’s to one day, Taylor! Maybe we’ll cross paths again sometime in the music world. She said she would look up my EP, so who knows, but just her knowing about it is more than I could have ever imagined.

 10/20/15 will be a night I will never forget with people that I will love forever. Thank you to Andrea and to everyone who has said such sweet words to my friends and I. We went in thinking we were about to see Taylor perform, and we had no idea we were going to be able to spend personal time with her.

@taylorswift – I love you. You know that. I left a letter for you, not sure if you got it or not. Keep doing you.

VLOG of the entire day:




Heda gonplei nou ste odon

I know this is long and I know most of it has already been said today, but I need to rant.

Warning: spoilers for Buffy and PLL if you’re late and for The 100 of course. And maybe some other gay shows. Ok here it goes.

When the rumors first started that Lexa was going to die, before the season 3 trailer even came out, I was so concerned. Despite knowing that Lexa was in danger of dying all the time, and very much okay with this fact herself, I tried to ignore the rumors to the point where I started to believe that she was immortal. If we’re honest we could all have seen this coming, though. And it isn’t even about the fact that it happened, it’s about how and when and why.

Had Lexa died in a battle or during a fight, by the hand of a Grounder or one of her enemies, I may have been able to accept it. She was a fearless commander, she was wise and selfless enough to sacrifice herself for her people if necessary. If I had wanted to see it coming, I would have prepared myself for an honorable death, because that was the least she deserved, that was the least I expected. But she didn’t die an honorable death for her people, not at all. She died for the sake of dying, by a stray bullet that was intended for someone else.

Does that sound familiar?

Yes, it does. Because this is exactly what happened to Tara Maclay, after she spent a whole episode in ecstatic happiness with her girlfriend in Buffy season 6. Almost too happy, it seemed. And it’s not like this is a recent example. This happened fifteen years ago. This is probably not what sparked it, but it has grown into a common theme, killing the queers off right when they have found their happiness. I’m gonna call it the Kiss and Kill Trope™.

Us queer girls have watched so many shows and other things, just for that tiny spark of representation, or at least the hope for some. Don’t even get me started on all the queerbaiting we’ve had to sit through, instead of getting some proper quality rep. This doesn’t seem like a big deal to people, apparently, because most writers don’t seem to give a shit at all. We have been torn apart by Glee, sat through some part of Once Upon a Time for the hope of at least some recognition, watched the friendly girl pecks on the mouth in Pretty Little Liars, I’m sure you have a bunch of things to add to this list that you only watched out of desperation for something real to happen. The straights might have started to notice a lot more gays on television, but the lack and of LGBTQ+ representation is still way too big. And when it’s there, the quality of it is often questionable. Because most of it just ends in tragedy.

But The 100 was different. Clexa was different.

I started watching The 100 after I found out about the kiss in season 2. After I made sure Clexa wasn’t just another case of queerbaiting for the views. Clexa was the only reason I started watching, and to be completely honest, Clexa was the only reason I kept watching. I mean, I like the story, and I like two or three other characters, but I’m not sure I would have stuck around for season 3 if it weren’t for Lexa herself.

When she left Clarke at Mount Weather, I was a little heartbroken, but when the trailers and rumors for season 3 started, I got my hopes up again. It turned out the kiss hadn’t just been a trope to gain viewers. And everything that happened to Clexa from 3x01 to now was truly astonishing. Every single episode left me genuinely surprised that we got this ship. We got to watch these two beautiful, badass young girls leading their people while falling in love. And nothing about their love was made into a big deal, they were treated completely normal, except for the fact that they were two leaders on the opposing side of a war. It had nothing to do with their sexuality, it was just there because love happens, and they couldn’t help themselves.

They didn’t even have another kiss before this episode, but every bow, every hand hold, every touch and every look completely blew my mind. Even the moment Clarke spit Lexa in the face, called her a bitch and screamed she was going to kill her was absolutely amazing to me. The fact that Lexa had hurt her so much that it sparked a reaction like that, it just showed that this was real love, requited from both ends. I was real, happening on prime time television for everyone to see. I honestly felt blessed to be able to watch a show with a ship this good. I was so grateful to the writers. After all these years of watching garbage and accepting it for what it was, we got something so beautiful.

And the whole Bellarke vs Clexa thing, the shipwars, it was annoying as hell, we had been there before so many times, but it was different this time. We’d had Finchel shippers roasting the shit out of Faberry shippers for shipping one half of their otp with a member of the same sex. We’d had Captain Swan fans being ridiculously rude to Swan Queeners, just because they were canon and Swan Queen could never be.

But then there was The 100, and suddenly the roles were reversed. For the first time ever, the same sex ship was canon over the obvious straight ship that seemed to be waiting to happen. I’m sorry for Bellarke fans that took offense to this, but to me and a lot of us, it felt amazing to finally be in that place. It was almost unbelieveable that for once, we were shipping the couple that was favored by the writers. It felt to me like things were changing, things were finally turning around. The lesbian ship was being normalized and treated the way we had watched so many straight ship being treated before.

Clexa was different than anything we had seen before. They were young but powerful, badass but tender, and they were happening in an awesome post apocalyptic universe, where their romance was almost a blinding contrast with the war going on in the background. They were star crossed lovers from the start, but they faced so much and yet stayed together until the end, and that gave me so much hope. And then this happened.

Clexa was different, because it was honestly one of the best ships that I ever encountered, in representational, but also in romantic sense. Clexa had all the potential to be something really special. It was something special. But now it’s not anymore.

Now we can just add it to our ever expanding list of lesbian ships and characters that deserved way better.

All the bows, the hand holds, the touches and the looks, they were all for nothing. Were they worth it? Most definitely! But ending it this way, ending Lexa this way devalues all of its real meaning.

This Kiss and Kill trope happens way too often in queer media. And what bothers me most is that I honestly can’t figure out why. Someone tweeted this morning that it probably had to do with the writers’ cowardice to continue the ship, which I think might have some truth to it. But it’s really not fair. Let’s not even talk about Leslie Shay, who never even had an on screen relationship before she got killed off Chicago Fire. Don’t get me started on Tara Maclay again, who had three on screen kisses in her full two season running as Willow’s girlfriend on Buffy, two of which happened in the episode she died. Let’s not look back at that time Emily wanted to get back together with Maya St Germain on Pretty Little Liars, minutes before finding out she was dead. I won’t say anything about Sameen Shaw, who would have been the #1 example of a literal Kiss and Kill, except the Person of Interest writers had the decency to keep her alive to live through another season.

I came for Clexa and I stayed for Lexa. Lexa will always be one of my all time favorite characters, right next to Finnick Odair, Buffy Summers and Hermione Granger. She was a strong, rational, loving and overall amazingly composed character. Out of everyone in The 100, and I will fight people over this, Lexa was definitely the best.

I’m not sorry for saying I watched my last episode of The 100 today. I do want to be very clear that this is not a loss of interest in the show. It’s a protest against the Kiss and Kill trope and mostly just a loss of trust in writers I thought had my best interest at heart.

After everything they gave us this season, ending it this way was a big fat stab in our backs. I hope they realize what they have done. They added an amazing character and a ship with amazing potential to the pile of victims of the Kiss and Kill trope, devaluating everything they could have been.

To all my fellow Lexa fans: my sincerest condoleances. I’m sorry your trust has been scattered by yet another tv show writer. I’m not saying the Person of Interest writers won’t be able to hurt you just as much, but if you need a place to stay, another great ship to ship, until we get a season 5 airdate (which is never), we have a 100% guarantee nobody will get hurt (ever!).

The Terrible Tale of Taylor Shaw

If you’d come to me two or three weeks ago and told me that Jane wasn’t Taylor, I would have been totes ok with it. But something has happened over that period of time that makes me desperate for her to be Taylor.

Last night, a very sick and incoherent Bill Weller dropped a bombshell on us. He admitted to killing Taylor Shaw (after at least two awkward meeting with Jane over the span of two or three weeks). Now, Martin can go and tell us that this in fact is true, it’s his story to tell, and I will have to live with it, but this is my attempt to show how this does not make sense (also read as a fangirl’s desperate plea for her sadistic show which will most definitely kill her not do this to her).

Let’s look at this… let’s say Bill did kill Taylor. There are a number of flaws in this narrative and here we go (I can literally hear people rolling their eyes all over tumblr, like, here she goes again). Sorry kids. But I gotta.

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