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The only thing that sounds worse than Adrien’s mom being a villain is Kagami’s mom being a villain. Marinette is too far removed from the actual plot of the story as it is and her personal stakes in the fight are basically non existent. She needs more involvement and importance in this plot (beyond her connections to Adrien) before a new secondary character does.

It still bums me out that we’re 6 episodes in and so far like… I still have no idea what Marinette’s journey is suppose to be beyond the bare minimum, that is being the hero. That in itself would be fine if I knew what steps she was taking to get to that point but so far, as as much as I love the moments we’ve had, her character has been firmly centered around Adrien the past few episodes. There were small moments of her affirming her desire to continue to be the best hero she can be, but they’re small character beats and inconsequential compared to the major plot happening. She’s just so weirdly removed from all the important bits except in the most basic sense. We had two scenes of her with Fuu where she just learns some information, but the information we learned all has to do with Adrien’s family and how they’re effecting the story and their own characters, while Marinette is just on the outside looking in. As if we’re seeing a story about the Agrestes through her eyes, rather than this story really being about her. It just bugs me, and it’s going to continue to do so until Marinette’s character arc is actually given attention outside of romance. Involving all these other people and heightening their importance before the main lead would be pretty stupid to do at this point. 

The Scarf, cont’d.

(Part 1)

More from the fiber witch!Dex ‘verse, since it got so much interest. Honestly, this could have been even longer, but this part hit 4k and got to a nice endpoint (and I’ve been working on it all week), so I’m cutting off here… for now. I even went so far as to download pictures off my real camera for the first time in months just to illustrate this.

But y’all. There’s kissing. I mean, it’s me, so it’s still entirely T, but kissing. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

“Are you sure about this?” Nursey asked.

Dex looked up from the weird new binding off he was trying to do on the pair of fingerless gloves currently on his needles. “Yes? I invited you to come, and I meant it.”

“…’kay,” Nursey said, but in a tone that had Dex rolling his eyes and setting the whole mess of glove and needles to the side so he could roll forward on his knees and really look at Nursey where he was sitting on the floor in front of Dex’s bed.

“Do you not want to go?”

Nursey kept playing with the ridiculous kid’s potholder loom Dex had bought him at a craft store when he accidentally unwound one ball of yarn too many going through Dex’s stash. “No, I do.”


“But you don’t really talk about your hometown that much, and I’m, like, worried? I guess? Because I know it’s a small town, and I know you don’t really think about it, but I’m gonna kinda… stick out. And I didn’t know if you were starting to regret asking me.”

Dex blinked. “Oh. No, that’s not going to be a problem. I swear to you, they have seen black people in Maine before. But, um, there is probably something I should talk to you about.” He settled back on the bed nervously. “Can you… can you come sit up here so I can see you when I tell you this?”

Nursey put the loom down and moved to sit cross-legged on the bed facing Dex. Dex could see him letting his whole “chill” thing take over and knew he must be freaking Nursey out, so he just took a breath and plunged into it.

“So, yes, my town is different. But not like you think. It’s not that I don’t talk about it because I’m ashamed or anything. It’s just… hard to explain.” The string he always carried in his pocket had made its way into his hand, and he wove his fingers through it nervously. “We’re witches.”

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Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: Moxiety
Warnings: None

Summary: Virgil shares a night of stargazing with Patton.  [I saw that @fallingamor was having a tough time and remembered he likes Virgil space fics, so I hope this helps!  I love you, friend, and I hope you’re doing better!]

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Virgil stared up at the night sky, eyes finally adjusting to see the endless stars above him.  The air was peacefully still and the slight chill was the only indicator of the approaching winter.  But for now, just a single blanket and the warmth of Patton beneath him was enough to fend off the chilled night.  He was lying with his head on Patton’s chest, which gave him a perfect view of the sky above.  He loved stargazing with him because he never had to explain anything, they didn’t need to speak in order to enjoy the moment.  Logan would always break the silence to name every constellation- something that Virgil would sometimes enjoy, but often find exhausting after a while- and Roman would usually keep Virgil on edge because of the likelihood of monsters finding them.  Granted, that wasn’t the prince’s fault, part of his job was to fight off bad ideas that had manifested, but having Virgil there with him only escalated the situation.

So Patton’s company was optimal; he knew when it was okay to talk and when they were sharing a peaceful moment of silence and he didn’t have to deal with monsters.  Virgil let out a soft breath.

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I dont know if it’s just me, but as much as I love Harringrove, I also love Billy interacting with Max, and the kids, and other characters too, because I don’t know, I think he’s lonely. And having people around him, who see his growth and slowly warm up to him, and Billy sees that people, in their own way, give a damn. The idea alone just warms my heart.

aahhh this request hit too close to home for me and it was really soothing to write about for some strange reason.

i know how hard it is to come to terms with your body and how even harder it is to present yourself at such a vulnerable state in front of someone you love but i promise it’s okay! you’re all gonna be okay and one day, one day i promise you’re not gonna hate your body as much as you do now. please believe me!

anyways i hope you enjoy this!

(i’ll be sure to do v & saeran soon enough, i’m still working on theirs since i put a lot of more detail into them, i hopw you understand!)

-sex was the last thing on his mind within your relationship
-alright, that was a bit of a stretch but it wasn’t something he was constantly thinking about 24/7
-just to be near you, hearing your beautiful laugh and watching your smiling face was enough
-and the way you always presented yourself so confidently made him so very happy and gave his self esteem a boost as well
-to be honest he was afraid of asking you about sex so early into your relationship because he’d thought you wouldn’t want to be with someone as unmanly as him who had 0 experience in the bedroom
-you were so very beautiful and so good with people, the fact you chose him was enough to satisfy even the deepest of desires burning within his heart
-that was until one day your cute make out session turned hot and frisky all too soon
-he hesitated at first but soon he was groping you all over and started to hike up the shirt you were wearing, which soon caused you to suddenly pull back, the red dusting your cheeks and the lust twinkling within your eyes soon disappearing in mere seconds
-yoosung felt a throb of disappointment pound against his ribs as he put distance in between the both of you, now trying to hide his erection into the elastic of his boxers as he cleared his throat awkwardly
-“i’m sorry mc, i didn’t mean to rush into things. i understand you don’t wanna have sex with someone like me-”
-before he could even continue he felt a hard slap on his face which caused him to let out a high pitched yelp as he looked over at your teary eyed expression
-“you idiot yoosung. it’s not you, it’s me.”
-“i just don’t want you to be disgusted by me when we make love. i’m afraid you’ll leave me if you see what’s underneath. i’m so pathetic huh? i’m so sorry.” you croaked out, sniffling slightly as you wiped at your eyes
-suddenly you felt the world beneath you disappear and opened your eyes to find yourself on your back, pressed up against the sofa as yoosung laid above you, supporting his weight on his hands that were on either side of your head
-“don’t you ever say that i’ll be disgusted by you. you’re the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen in my entire life honey. you’re so confident and brave and you always know what to say and the way you smile at me and help me with so much is amazing. i love you mc, i love you i love you i love you! i’ll say it for the whole world to hear! i don’t care what you say about yourself you are the sexiest person i know. the way you glance at me is enough to get me going. the chance to see what’s underneath would only heighten that sensation. please, please give me the chance to let you know what i really think about your beautiful body and face and everything else. i’m afraid too but i know we can get through this together, and i’ll try my best to make sure we both enjoy it. so please-”
-before he could continue on with his babbling you wrapped your arms around his neck and brought him down on top of you, now resuming the make out session that you had interrupted
-though you were both hesitant you somehow made it to the bedroom
-where yoosung tried his best to please you while also letting you know that you were the most beautiful person he knew every second he got the chance
-though it was embarrassing to admit it, the morning after it all you did feel a little more beautiful
-it was just a small change but one that made your heart soar just as much as seeing yoosung pressed up against you did <3

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I had a random thought. I saw a headcanon a while back where Bucky’s metal arm would have probably been painfully cold when they took him out of cryo b/c it would get cold really fast. Does that mean that in the summer it would get really hot? Like how the metal part of the seatbelt gets BLAZING HOT during those hot months. Does Bucky experience extreme temperatures in his metal arm or it is like..built to have a constant temperature??? I’m pretty sure it is, right? Yeah that’s probably it. But I’m sharing this anyway.


Color testing! Need to go back to doing my HW… and working on my next chp… So Im just gonna leave this here so the colors will be easier to find when I get back to it. BTW… How do you draw background sunsets? lol 

Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble

that interview with Zach Sang is probably the best interview BTS’s has had since coming to the US for the AMAs. like, Zach obviously did his research and he didn’t ask petty questions like ‘who is your celebrity crush?’ instead what he did were:

  • he actually asked questions the boys’ wanted to answer and you could see that they’re very comfortable. 
  • yoongi even spoke up a couple of times and joked about making it to the billboard
    zs: what was your dream growing up? like, when you first realized that you wanted to sing. what was your end goal? what did you wanna see yourself do?
    yg: go the billboard. i made it <laughs>
  • he talked about how BTS’ music embodies change and the belief of the next generation and that even when their songs are in Korean they’re proving that music is w/o borders wHICH IS ONLY WHAT NAMJOON HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT EVERYTIME SOME IDIOT ASKS THEM ABOUT RELEASING AN ENGLISH SONG
  • he did his research about the history of their songs and their lyrics and Namjoon legit sounded surprised when Zack reference their earlier lyrics of studying and being turned into working machine bECAUSE SHIT SO FAR HE’S THE ONLY INTERVIEWER WHO TALKED ABOUT IT
  • instead of talking about how the boy’s are dealing with the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity/idol, he asked about how they deal with the pressure of being idols and basically being looked up to by their fans and how do they deal with it (of course he mentioned about the glitz and glamor of being a celebrity but that it’s just material and he asked them how they stay in touch with themselves)
  • he understand that BTS’ journey isn’t an easy one and he knows what their work is all about calling them ‘socially charged since the beginning’
  • HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO ASKED ABOUT THEIR UNICEF WORK SO FAR and you could practically see the boys light up at the question. they all smiled and nodded and Namjoon thanked him and enthusiastically discussed about their UNICEF #EndViolence campaign
  • he asked them about how they remind themselves to love their selves and not as BTS - which for me is a very relevant and good question bc so far all we see people ask them is ‘how does it feel like to be one of the biggest boy bands in the world??’
  • the boys are comfortable enough to answer in Korean and let Namjoon translate for them unlike in the other interviews where they really struggle to speak in english for the interviewer (but idk. maybe that’s just me)
  • yg: please don’t compare yourself with others
    jh: finding my dreams and something that i really want to achieve is the best way to love myself
    nj: simply just call yourself (…) if i’m zach i’ll tell myself ‘zach, you’re doing just great. zach, i love you.’ pat your shoulder 3x a day. that can change you.’
  • he asked them if anybody in the group has the goal of learning english and everyone is just like ‘of course!’ (suga said ‘why not?’ V was very cute raising his hand and saying ‘me!’ and jhope sang the english alphabet. omg these boys.)
  • namjoon said they’re practicing and studying and memorizing words for the interviews and he’s really very, very proud of them.  (◡‿◡✿)
  • ZACH TOLD THEM TO JUST KEEP RELEASING MUSIC IN KOREAN because BTS is connecting people through music, telling the same struggles and experiences wherever they may be, and it’s a Big Deal.
  • He thanks BTS for their UNICEF work, telling them it’s very appreciated that the boys are working towards making the world a safer place and Namjoon legit said he’s the first one to ask them about their UNICEF campaign and said they’re so touched.


“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble