because of his accent

I totally forgot about Jarett and then suddenly he appears again and damn, I think Gilmore and Jarett would be an awesome pair …?

I drew a Keith (^__^) And I love his hair!

Alexei Mashkov

Learning and speaking English
(or a treatise on growing up with a mother whose first language isn’t English)

  • he can’t count in english. He can, it’s just very very slow. much easier to just stick with Russian
  • people assume he’s stupid because of his accent and broken english. Some days he doesn’t even want to leave the house because of it
  • he’s bad at switching between English and Russian. when he talks to his mother on the phone, it takes hours for his English to come back properly
  • some things he just… doesn’t bother with the english name for. his teammates have all learned to and respond to the Russian names for “locker”, “shower head”, and “watermelon” (bitty tries to cook with them exactly once, but Tater doesn’t use the English words for half of the kitchen utensils and it goes horribly wrong)
  • strangers stop him on the street and try to guess where his accent is from (so far, people have guessed Poland, Ireland, Transylvania, and South Africa???)
  • every once in a while, his accent makes a word nearly impossible to understand (see: “apocalypse”)
  • babies LOVE him because he sounds different (and they love his Russian nursery rhymes, too)
  • any time the team goes to a movie with a Russian villain, tater spends the entire time criticizing the bad Russian dialogue

I’m like 100% positive that when Jack visited Georgia for the 4th of July both Mama Bittle and MooMaw fell in love with him, and not because of the charming accent or his slammin’ hockey bod but because of his ability to just inhale food.

Like after Jack finishes his first generous helpings of potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, and burger complete with all of the fixings, Mama Bittle and MooMaw plop themselves across from Jack in the shade. They both fuss over him, telling him that there’s plenty of food for seconds and thirds and to help himself.

So Jack stands up with his festive red, white, and blue paper plate and disappears for a few minutes before returning with an extra plate in his hand. Both women look over his plates with a wide smile; one plate was piled high with all of the different sides, and the other plate was holding three burgers and two hot dogs.

The two women chatted eagerly as they fanned themselves and sipped at their sweet tea, watching Jack with lovestruck eyes as he tucked into his plate quietly.

When dessert time comes around everyone serves themselves but Mama Bittle fixed up a plate especially for Jack with extra helpings of everything, which he absolutely demolishes in minutes.

After Bitty finished helping clean up dinner stuff he found Jack rocking on the front porch swing, his head tilted backwards, and his eyes closed.

“Mama get to you?” He asked with a small smile, sitting down next to him.

All he got in response was a soft, “Mhm”.

I can’t help but think that Tony, in his younger years, went through a phase where he developed a British accent. All the time he spent with Peggy and Jarvis, he just sort of took on and didn’t even realize that his accent had changed. It happens as well because I find that if I stay around or watch someone with an accent different to mine, I begin to take it on little by little. 

Can you just imagine little Tony with a British accent and Peggy and Jarvis stare at him, surprised while Ana goes, ‘I knew this would happen.’ 

Then as he grows up and moves away, he slowly loses it until it’s back to the way it was before. But there are still some words that he says where the accent is still there but no one comments on it as they assume he just stayed aboard for a few years. 

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you know what I want. british samwell au. you owe me.

Okay this is terrible and I can’t believe you’re making me do this.  Worst Friend Award.  Anyway as it was stated in chat, “this can totally be used in a modern SMH Hogwarts au” which will be written by me when hell freezes over.

Jack- Is from North Wales.  His dad is a footie legend, won like 9 world cups.  Everything in canon is basically the same.  Jack was meant to start with Chelsea along with Kent Parson but then the Overdose happened, and he ended up at Samwell in London.  He speaks only Welsh at home, his accent is So Strong. He’s from the coast like Llandudno.

Bitty- Manchester.  I know. But we need to accept this.  He’s from Manchester.  Everyone chirps his accent and loves when he gets drunk because No One Can Understand Him. Tries to posh-up his accent, but fails.  A lot. He bakes pies and loves Beyonce and wants to move to the US to be her personal nanny, okay?  Is the fastest forward they have on their team but is also terrified any time the ball comes at him and pulls a fainting goat.

Ransom and Holster- The most lads you will ever meet.  Ransom is from Wales too, but Cardiff.  Doesn’t speak a word of Welsh.  Holster is from Liverpool.  They are the sole reason Cheeky Nandos with the Lads is a finable offense.  They are also 90% of the reasons any time the Haus gets kicked out of the local during pub quiz nights.  Unironically loves Nandos, the both of them.  At any given time will be seen in vines, “THIS ONE HERE JUST BAKED FOUR PIES, THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN,” then being chased out of the kitchen by Bitty and his wooden spoon.

Shitty- from Chelsea.  Poshest accent you will ever hear but bros it out unless he’s on a call to his mum. Then.  Yikes.  Who is this B. Knight you speak of?  Went to Eton with Nursey.  Plans to go into environmental law or something like that.  Maybe he’ll be Prime Minster one day idk.

Lardo- Grew up in Shoreditch, but spent a lot of time wandering round Piccadilly being super emo as a teenager.  Went to the comprehensive, was famous for altering her school uniforms just enough that it was noticeable, but not breaking any rules.  Was recruited as team manager by Ransom when he found her punching a guy during freshers week who was trying to touch her wet canvas.

Nursey- from Brighton.  Vegan, hippy, queer mums.  He basically IS Brighton.  Has a super posh accent and doesn’t care.  Does slam poetry nights in cafes in Hampstead, makes the Haus attend them with the promise of many pints.  Has twice thrown up in Leytonstone Station after getting lost.

Dex- Scottish.  Hates the English almost as much as the Welsh do.  Speaks Glaswegian, has a personal vendetta against, Derek, “Keep Calm” Nurse. Can fix literally anything that goes wrong in the haus.  Bakes with Bitty and commiserates about the accent chirping.  He is an Angry Ginger™

Chowder- First Gen Irish.  Is a goalie and therefore is terrifying and strange and precious.  Will frequently get drunk and wax poetic for hours about Niall Horan, “HE IS A NATIONAL TREASURE!”  Ended up asking Farmer on a date when he found out her mobile background was a photo of Niall at the concert she attended last year.  Can balance a football on his head for six minutes straight.  Hates Guinness, even though the boys buy him a pint of it every time they go out because they are The Worst.

Bonus: Kent Parson: Dual Citizenship—from NY where he spent summers, lived in Islington. Thinks Hersheys is better than Cadbury like the TRASH HE IS.

Rogue One Sick Headcanon

-Jyn and Cassian both pretend they’re not sick and show up to work dying

-whenever this happens Baze will only reply “you’re sick” to literally everything    “alright on todays misson we will-”                                                                        “you’re sick”                                                                                                          “we will be traveling to-”                                                                                         “YOURE SICK”

-Baze will actually do the same thing when he’s sick he just actually can hide it

-Chirrut is drama queen when even if he has the slightest cold                            *Tries to use force to change channel*                                                                *ends up making Baze do it*

-Bodhi is such an adorable sad mess. Just imagine him with a messy bun, sweatpants, no shirt, a robe, three blankets, and one slipper

-He can also fall asleep on anything                                                                   *Is asleep leaning against refrigerator*

- While Cassian is grumpy and mean when they make him stay home, Jyn takes advantage of it and reads. If she can’t work she needs to focus on something.

-Nobody understands Cassian because his stuffy nose mixed with his accent makes it so hard to and he gets SO MAD

-Bodhi just mumbles everything and is also incoherent

-Baze is actually so good at taking care of people and makes really good soup

- “I don’t get sick….. cause I’m a droid”- K-2SO

I found some tweet of Harvey saying that apparently the Isles only had different languages “a long time ago”, and look, I can understand from a creator’s viewpoint that creating languages for a fictional world, as well as modeling the situations when a traveler would encounter situation where they might not be understood due to the cultural/language differences, is a pain in the ass, but listen. “One language for all”, as convenient it is for storytelling, is not a real thing. It won’t ever be. Not only would they have different languages on the Isles, even in case a single language was forced upon them, it would be more complicated than “one island = one language”, each island would probably have a fuckton of their own dialects, this kind of thing in inevitable on a territory this big

also you can pry my “Emily comes to Karnaca, feels confused as shit about the way people talk” and “Corvo arrived to Dunwall, decides to talk as little as possible because his thick accent might give people another reason to ridicule him” headcanons from my cold, dead fingers

J2 Houscon panel summary

-J2 walk out to huge applause from the crowd. They do their typical jump at the end of the introduction song.

-They start off by asking how everyone liked the new episode and thanking all the fans for helping them get renewed for a 13th season!

-Jared and Jensen both say something containing y’all and say that they hope everyone is enjoying the “y’all” drinking game. Both proceed to say y’all about 5 more times.

-The y’all thing reminds Jared of a story. One time he and Genevieve were driving through Amarillo and got pulled over for speeding. Jared and the cop were talking about the ticket and Gen kept making faces at the police officer. After the office left Jared asked Gen what the heck she was doing making faces at a police officer. She responded that she couldn’t understand a single word the cop had been saying because his Texas accent was so thick. Jared said he understood every word.

-Fan asks the boys if they could film anywhere where would it be? Jared responds with a loud TEXAS (the crowd cheers). Then, more seriously, he responds with Austin, his favorite place in the world. Jensen says he would love to film in the Grand Canyon, or any other place with natural beauty in the US, the stuff you can’t fake on a set…

-During one of the questions, Jared says to Jensen, “Hey! We are brothers.” Jensen, acting exasperated responds with, “Actually… we’re not.”

-A fan asks if the show ran for 30 years, would they still want to continue? The boys have fun with the answer. Jared jokes that Jensen will be 80 years old in 30 years and Jensen gives Jared a glare. Jared then asks the crowd if they would still watch the show in 30 years, to which the crowd gives a loud cheer. Jared then answers more seriously. He says whatever life brings them… He’d be up for a movie, or even shorter season in the future (like 4-6 episodes). Jensen says there is no magic number they are trying to reach.

-The same fan asks if they have had any supernatural experiences of their own? Jared talks about a time he was staying in a hotel in Austin. Jensen talks about some stuff that happened last week while they were filming in an old mental hospital. He said right before they were about to role sound an old light fixture in the hospital just fell and shattered all over the floor without anyone touching it. He also talked about how he and Jared convinced the liaison to let them walk around the supposedly haunted 4th floor. The boys went when it was night time so they had to borrow Sam and Dean’s flashlights. The liaison showed them a tiled room she refuses to go into, because it was where they used to do electroshock therapy. Jensen gets excited and walks right into the room and jumps in the tub. He says he has a false sense of security when it comes to the supernatural, because he has been playing Dean for so long.

-Another fan asks J2’s opinions on grapes. Jared says he prefers frozen and green. Jensen says he used to be a green grape man, but now he likes red.

-Fan asks if Sam and Dean came with a warning label what would it be? Jensen says, feed often… or else (for Dean). Jared says, might contain gas, don’t start fire… (for Sam).

-Someone asks what their favorite monster to hunt is? Jared says he enjoyed hunting fairies. Jensen says, good old fashioned ghosts… vampires are too easy. Jared then says, what about zombies? The boys then proceed to act out how easy escaping a zombie would be. Jared is the zombie and is following Jensen around the stage, but Jensen just keeps walking away.

-A fan asks if they could choose a happy ending for Sam, Dean, and Cas what would it be? Jared says he doesn’t think the show will end until the boys both die. Jensen agrees and says it must end tragically.

-Someone asks Jensen if he remembers filming Ten-Inch Hero, and he jokes that no, he forgot about it. The fan continues to ask what was his favorite moment from filming, and didn’t he start dating his wife during filming? He says yes, and that his favorite moment was starting to date his wife.

-A girl asks what advice they have for an aspiring actor? Jensen says to get involved, and to be resilient. Jared talks about how he had thousands of failed audition pages laying around his apartment in LA when he was doing Gilmore Girls. He tells the girl to just remember to remind yourself why you care about acting.

-Fan asks what their favorite moment/ proudest moment with kids has been? Both Js say they could never pick just one. Jensen talks about how last week JJ was over at the Padalecki’s house and she and the boys were playing hide and seek. Tom accidentally smashed her finger in a door and she started crying.  As soon as JJ started crying Tom did too. He kept saying he was sorry to JJ over and over. JJ looked at Tom and said, “It’s ok Tom, I forgive you.”

-Someone asks if Dean would be ok with having Crowley as a hunting partner? Jensen says it reminding him of a Dick Cheney story.

-A woman asks who they would recast in the Avengers if they could? This sparks lots of different answers from both the boys and the audience. Castiel would be Pepper Potts. Crowley would be the Hulk. Sam might be Hawkeye, because he gets beat up a lot. Dean would be Captain America.

-The band comes out and calls for the last question. Jensen heads over to the keyboard and starts playing a soulful/romantic version of the last question song. Jared eventually joins him. Finally, the fan asks the question. What is the ultimate goal for AKF? (Jensen is still playing the soulful keyboard melody). Jared says his goal is to allow young people to keep spreading the love.

-The boys both hug the fan, Jensen sings a little, and the panel ends.

Okay seriously I can’t stop thinking about Irish Dex.  I don’t mean like, Dex’s family has Irish roots, I mean literal Irish!Dex living in the States.  (I may have borrowed some stuff from my kiddo’s experiences when we moved to the States)

  • Okay so Dex’s mam gets a job in Massachusetts and they go live with her brother who moved there for University and just stayed because he loves working on a boat.
  • Dex is fourteen and confused about everything American like….  WTF is ranch, and why is everyone eating peanut butter on everything?
  • His face -__- every time someone asks him if he’s “British”.
  • His face all the time because everywhere he goes, people keep asking him to pronounce things so they can laugh at him.
  • He starts trying to temper his accent and mimic his classmates because he’s really tired of being singled out
  • And god help him if he’s asked one more time to repeat the Lucky Charms commercial.  Or if he believes in Leprechauns.
  • He doesn’t understand the American education system at all, either.  What do you mean he’s not sitting for exams?  Why does he have to take all these useless classes through his entire high school career?  He just wants to fix stuff, why are they making him take English still?
  • By the time he graduates, he can affect a North American accent really well, and he doesn’t get chirped for it as much anymore.  His natural accent gets pretty bad when he’s been home to visit family, or during summers at home with his mam and uncle, but he can get rid of it pretty quickly because he hates when people notice it.
  • His Frog year he experiences American St Patrick’s Day and wants to cry because what the fuck is all this green Budweiser beer?  And if he sees one more Kiss Me I’m Irish t-shirt he’s going to punch someone.
  • He really misses the food (the proper food) and the Guinness, and the parades.
  • He doesn’t get along with Nursey at first, and they clash over ideas of oppression.  He tries to explain what it was like growing up Catholic in Belfast, but Nursey doesn’t really get it right away because he’s super white and has red hair.
  • Later he does research about segregation in Northern Ireland and when Dex talks about it more, he understands a little better.
  • He lets his accent out more when he’s with Nursey, and as he grows more comfortable in the Haus, he starts relaxing over it.  He gets chirped, but in the same way Jack does, or Bitty, and he feels more part of the group than being othered.
  • Their first St Patrick’s Day together, Nursey leans over on the bus and asks Dex, “Are you Irish?” when someone sees a Kiss Me I’m Irish t-shirt and Dex doesn’t talk to him for the entire day.
  • Nursey apologises and later does get kisses.  It becomes a running joke between them, and for one of his birthdays, Nursey buys him a Kiss me I’m Irish t-shirt.  Dex only wears it at home, and only when he wants extra kisses.
  • Dex is angry a lot, because he’s always feels different, but it’s better as he gets older.  And he stops wanting to be the same as everyone.  He still gives snarky replies every time someone asks him if he’s “British” and has gotten in a few fights over the Lucky Charms commercial, but by the time he graduates he’s happy being himself again.  Especially with his adorable (if not incredibly annoying) boyfriend.
Average Divorce Kid TM Damian Wayne Head Canons

Because we all know at some point Talia demands joint custody…

-Damian spends the school year in Gotham and school breaks wherever his mom is at the time, with a few random trips to see her peppered in here or there (he Skypes in for Chanukah or Passover when they coincide with seasonal school breaks, of course)

-Kids from school ask him about a million questions when he gets back because he always goes to the COOLEST places with his mom; he kind of wishes they wouldn’t–it just makes him miss her more

-The batkids can tell right away when he’s been at his moms because he picks up a slight British accent and about 60% more sass

-Night patrols and early morning training sessions are easier because he never bothers to fully adjust to any one time zone

-In fact, he just kind of catnaps around his responsibilities and no one really bothers him about it

-Everyone knows he calls his mom on Sunday nights and/or his dad on Tuesday mornings (and lord help you if you get in the way of that)

-He owns two of everything: two violins, two art boxes, two bookshelves filled with the same books, two closets filled with the same clothes. It’s just easier than carrying everything back and forth.

-Alfred keeps a pair of his shoes by the front door for Titus to sleep on when he misses Damian; after a while it becomes Titus’ happy place and the shoes are a permanent fixture, even when Damian’s at home.

-You’ll often hear nice old ladies gushing about “That nice boy next to us on the flight to Germany… did you know he’s going all the way to China? By himself? Imagine being that young and that mature. Say, doesn’t he look a bit like that Wayne boy?”

-Friends are hard because he always knows as soon as he gets close with someone, he’s going to fly to see his other parent for a while and they’ll forget about him. That, and he wants to use his time with his parents as much as he can… Friends are too much of a time sink.

-On the other hand, he gets extremely close with his siblings and family friends that are often around either house (yes, even Drake)

-He’s extremely defensive of both Leagues, and he’s known for occasional outbursts when either of his families talk too much shit about the other (I mean, it’s his FAMILY for heavens sake. Just because YOU don’t understand them doesn’t mean they’re ALWAYS wrong). As he gets older, he tries to be a bit more diplomatic about his emotions… even when everyone else are being closed minded assholes.

-Talia will fly in for major events like soccer tournaments or art shows, and Bruce is known to stop by once or twice in the summer to make sure he’s doing okay

-As he gets older, Bruce and Talia start coordinating their lives more, and it’s not uncommon for them to Skype to talk about non-Damian centric topics like world events or life plans

-Damian is very proud and passionate about both of his parents, and slowly learns to navigate the millions of moral codes being thrown at him 24/7 from either direction to become his own person

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What is your favorite David Tennant role?

[ Ghostbusters theme plays in the background ]

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Viktor is definitely asking Yuuri to order the hotel food just so that he can hear him speak Japanese & I'm living for it

Was the reason Viktor made Yuuri order room service because he likes hearing his accent? Or would telling us count as a spoiler?

Viktor has a language kink and he’s very bad at hiding it, pass it on 

Canon Alexander Hamilton wakes in a future version of his life

So okay I’ve been thinking about this and I need to share my thoughts on this, I might end up writing a fic but not sure

~ He wakes in a college room and starts screaming because he was in a tent in the middle of a war
~ Lafayette, his roomate wakes and ask Alex if he had a nightmare and asure him it was just a dream, and Alex is so confuse because is his friend with the same voice and accent but so different
~ Laf calls Hercules and John because “something is wrong with our little lion” and when they arrive Alexander is under his sheets
~ John speaks to Alexander and touch him very lightly in the head to make him feel secure
~ Alexander is overwhelmed by this because is his John, but he is talking funny and is touching him intimately in front of the others and his John would never do that
~ Hercules leaves and return with food for Alex and Alexander is surprised and talks for the first time asking how he managed to find so much food in the middle of a war
~ John slowly say to Alex that there’s no war and they’re at school
~After many tantrums (and yes physical aggression) they manage to relax Alex and ask him what’s going on
~ Alex starts talking about where he was before going to sleep and they tell him he was probably dreaming about the revolution of 1775
~The rest of the day Alex is sitting on his bed while Lafayette and John explain about the war, and Hamilton starts crying because that means his friends are dead now, and John hug him and say that they’re his friends
~And Alexander let himself be hugged by the boy because his Laurens will never had allowed it so publicly, and this Laurens smells like his and he is just so afraid that having John around (even if is not his) is calming
~ Hercules is so worried that calls a doctor to see if there’s something wrong with him but Laf convince him that Alex just need time
~The next morning Alexander is worst and the only thing that helps is the promise of Herc and Laf that they’ll find the way to send him back to his era
~ The problem is, after a week living in this world, that he is not sure of leaving because everything is better in here, this gang is way more happy because there is no war over their shoulders, the Schuyler sisters are there too and they’re the best human being. And John is there and he is the biggest change of his life because in this world John is always laughing and taking Alex’s hand and no one thinks is weird and his heart aches for his real John but this John love him as much as the other and one day John kiss him asking if he is finally fine, and Alex found out that John is his boyfriend and he feels like a cheater but at the same time just want to stay with John where they can love without problems

Dating Finn Bálor would include:

× You fall for him because of his accent
× He thinks you’re so sweet
× but holy fuck, he was impressed because you’re a little crazy
× Him being your trainer
× “but Finn, if I do that finisher im going  to look amazing”
× “you always look amazing, love. But no, that finisher is too dangerous”
× Always cheering on for him, everyone will know you’re there because you’re the one screaming the loudest
× Sending stupid kisses to each other from a long distance
× Maybe sometimes you’d suddenly find yourselves in the shower in his locker room
× Pressing a kiss to your cheek when he sees you training.
× Supporting each other in everything
× Him being nervous when he is going to meet your family
× “but sweetheart, what if your dad hates me?”
× “finn, don’t worry, he is going to love you, you are so adorable”
× He managed to swoon your parents pretty good too
× “I know mom, he’s a keeper”
× You being the bestfriend of his mother
× “I swear Finn, if you broke her heart, i’ll hit you in the face”
× Falling down next to you in the couch after gym, or just a long day, and leaning against your shoulder with eyes closed
× other times he’d lay down with his head in your lap, falling asleep to the sound of your voice and the feeling of your fingers playing with his hair or tracing patter on his skin"
× He loves to see you while you’re sleeping
× “i know that you are seeing me Bálor, please stop”
× “is just that you have a line of drool, babygirl”
× Small kisses in the corner of your mouth, on your nose, your cheek, forehead
× He loves kissing all your “imperfections”
× “If I love them… are they still imperfections because for me, all of you is perfect, (y/n)”
× Him being so proud of the amazing wrestler that you are.
× “how could yo do that in the ring? I WAS FUCKIN’ DYING, (Y/N)! but it’s okay because it was amazing”
× Him having two sides in question of sex
× Like sometimes he’s this adorkable man, so sweet and gentle
× and other times you’re havin’ sex with the demon, this man that loves to be so dominant and have rough sex
× and you’re not being sure who side you love the most
× You both being the most sarcastic couple
× Getting in really long and depth talks
× Finn being so kind to you that it actually hurts your heart
× Constant teasing
× He’d absolutely love taking you on dates and would try to make sure they were perfect
× When he got that big injury during summer slam and you was with him, he was more than sure he wanted to have you always at his side.

You know people, i’m going to stop doing this shit because it’s killing my heart and im falling deeply for this idiots im just kidding, i love this even if it hurts lol