because of hilarious reasons

so i’m watching the magicians and what should pop up, but this establishing shot

of Havemeyer Hall, the lab building I work in, masquerading as a convalescent home?

The two ground floor windows on the far right are literally my lab? There’s a nonzero chance that whenever this shot was taken I was sitting on the other side of that window?

anyways, that’s weird


When the starting lineup is announced, Isco and Morata joke about their place on the “menu” {} | February 26, 2017

Everyone, anywhere when Clay and Tony hang out together: “Awe you guys make such a cute couple!”

Tony: “Oh no we aren’t together. We’re not a couple.”

Clay: (offended): “Wow, you seem pretty insulted by that, what, I’m not good enough for you?”

Tony (confused but amused) “Clay you’re straight.”

Clay (smirking): “Am I?”

Tony (elated): “Oh, OH!”


My favorite thing about Boruto so far is the salt from certain Naruto fans over the fact that they DARED to have a minor female character (who was always known to be a heavy eater) gain weight as she aged. Like it’s seriously funny.

The Akatsuki’s Instagram feeds

What sort of content would the Akatsuki post if they had an Instagram? You can see their Tumblr posts here.

1. Pein

Pein likes to post images of quotes. Like the kind of “inspirational” text photos you see on the internet with pretty backgrounds and fancy fonts. All of the quotes are his. Some are a little disturbing. 

Currently has: 24 followers. 

2. Konan

Konan uses Instagram religiously. She posts everything: her origami, photos of nature, of Pein, of her bedroom. There’s even one of Kisame sleepwalking. She hashtags a lot, so she’s gained quite a few followers (she follows back almost everyone too). 

Currently has: 899 followers. 

3. Deidara

Posts his clay art with the hashtag #betterthansasoris on every single photo. No one really knows what it means. If people say it looks bad he argues back before reporting and blocking them as he doesn’t take criticism very well. People tend to follow him just for the hilarity of it.

Currently has: 1010 followers. 

4. Sasori

Doesn’t really post on instagram. He has about 4 photos posted. Three are of Hiruko. The other is of Deidara shaving his legs that he uses as blackmail.

Currently has: 100 followers, surprisingly. 

5. Kisame

His Instagram is aimed at promoting the organizations that help stop the illegal finning of sharks. Actually, there’s only one organization. It’s his. He doesn’t have too many followers (although there is one user named “suigethoes” who comments on EVERYTHING).

Currently has: 37 followers.

6. Itachi

Itachi posts baby photos of Sasuke. A lot. He posts at least once a day and often reposts photos because he doesn’t really have too many available. People adore them, though. Sasuke found the account once. He deleted his own account shortly after. 

Currently has: 900 followers. 

7. Hidan

Hidan has had around about 20 different accounts that have all been banned. He just keeps making more because he finds it hilarious. The reason being is that he posts very very gruesome photos of his sacrifices. He’s got a backlog of them so he doesn’t really ever run out of content. 

Currently has: 3 followers. But it fluctuates, obviously. 

8. Kakuzu

Kakuzu tried Instagram. Once. He tried to use it to have people donate money for his ‘medical bills’. When people asked him for proof he deleted his account and never went back.

Currently has: 0 followers. 

9. Tobi

Obito, under the disguise of Tobi, literally just posts photos of Deidara. It doesn’t even matter if they’re good or not. He’s got super pretty looking high resolution photos and super blurry close ups of Deidara eating. Deidara has reported the account many times but nothing ever gets done about it.

Currently has: 3000 followers. Deidara isn’t happy.

10. Zetsu

Zetsu either posts in bulk or doesn’t post for months. It depends which side of him is using it at the time. Black Zetsu never posts anything; White Zetsu posts photos of plants. He posted a close up of his flytrap once to see if anyone could tell it was him. No one could. He was ecstatic. 

Currently has: 102 followers. 

torchu325  asked:

Carl and Ted, I'd imagine that Scooby-Doo deadlines and budgets tend to be so tight that it's barely a one-and-done deal. How do you guys manage to make it work, and do you even have animation/artwork quality control? Because it's often hilarious for all the wrong reasons.

Ted the Animator: “You’re tellin’ me… I do what I can to keep things on track, but there’s only so much possible what with the inherent problems of the industry. And by ‘inherent problems,” I mean ‘Carl.”

Carl the Animator: “Hey!”

Ted the Animator: “I mean, by now, it’s no secret that half of my job is fixing your job.”

Carl the Animator: “I do, like, 90% of the creative stuff, though! Quick motion sequences and stuff! You’ve said yourself I’m better at styling frames for visual gags.”

Ted the Animator:When they don’t get too weird, I said. Big difference.”

Carl the Animator: “Come on, when does that ever happen?”

Carl the Animator: “…ok, well, maybe sometimes.”

Ted the Animator: “Class dismissed.”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, you ain’t so perfect yourself, mister. I saw the way your end scene shot of Freddy looked.”

Ted the Animator: “I had to rush for the deadline! I didn’t notice the shot was slightly out of focus until too late.”

Carl the Animator: “…oh, it was out of focus?”

Ted the Animator: “Yes! I’ve admitted it, are you happy n–… wait… then what were you commenting on?”

Carl the Animator: “The fact that it looks like Freddy has a pierced ear.”

Ted the Animator: “…I… that was the accidental most-perfect placement for a piece of dust ever.”

Carl the Animator: “If it doesn’t become part of Freddy’s official character design next season, then I – much like Mr. Flibble – will be very cross.”


Amita in a leather jacket feat. Nadia ( @madmadameem ) and Jeanne ( @druidickats )!!!! I ended up caving and giving Nadia a Kirin Tor crest because I liked the idea of them each having distinctly different crests >:CC that, and they all have slightly different styled jackets too so YAY!

Nadia always struck me as being v sophisticated, so I gave her a leather skirt, and her jacket is purple tinted. Amita is… meant to be dressed somewhat provocatively given her nature, so she’s in short-shorts, and YEAH brown tinted jacket. Jeanne for some reason always makes me think “FIGHT ME” so she’s wearing jeans and has the blue tinted jacket RIP (and also, yes, wolf prints, because worgen).


Study Break | Yoon Sanha (ASTRO)

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Genre: High School! AU, Fluff

Word Count: 1022

Summary: Your study break turned out to be longer than your study session. And Sanha might have caused that.

A/n: This scenario was requested to be with a male reader, but I made it gender neutral.

Minutes have ticked by, and yet you’re unable to read passed the same paragraph in your textbook. You took a moment to rub your eyes, stretching before going back to the section. You still were incapable of concentrating on the words, despite having an important test on the material the next day. But, against your better judgment, you decided to take a small break. You glanced up, readjusting to your surroundings as you surveyed the trinkets littering Sanha’s bedroom.

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Remember when one of the reasons people didn’t vote for Hilary was because as a woman she would start a war if she got a hot flash? Meanwhile, were barely 100 days into this mess of an administration and here we are.

Over-Researching for Fanfic

I know that nobody reading a fanfic is really going there for deeply plausible science and history, but does anybody else put a lot of effort into those kinds of details… basically only to satisfy yourself?

Because while writing The Yearbook, I have read a crapton of studies and background information about neurology, including:

  • Details on the actual process of memory removal/implantation
  • Logical impacts of supposed brainwashing
  • Brain patterns of psychopaths and sociopaths vs. normal functionality
  • Different types of brain scans and what they can each reveal
  • and more!

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who cares whether I’m getting the science right or at least plausible whenever I talk about Danganronpa kids’ memory loss, but god dammit I’m gonna make it good because for some reason I’m obsessed with nailing the details.

It’s kind of hilarious when I stop and think, “Hey, nobody cares but you, ok? Like, calm down. No one’s coming here for a neurology lesson. Just make the OTP happy.”

And yet, I’m positive I’m not the only one who does stuff like. I bet there are plenty of us who are out there researching lots of unnecessary details.

Raise your hand if you’ve looked at the patterns of weather in South America for hours just so you can make it realistic when your characters go to Bolivia.

not to comment on tumblr drama for the second time today but i find it really funny sixpenceee is offering mental health services considering their established very empathetic perception of psychotic people (via all the horror content they reblog about how scary and evil schizophrenics are). also because the whole thing is stupid and hilarious for basically every other reason. imagine paying someone who runs a tacky horror tumblr for sketchy fake therapy. that’s like getting one of the 17 year olds who works at your local hot topic to do your root canal for you


i need one of these gigantic dragon trees on my team right now

thinking about the ti gang’s time in onorhant is hilarious to me because literally the reason they went there was just to become champions and get some money. that’s it. but things got so convoluted and they did exactly not that and so when they finally came back they’re like …ok now we have to find a job and maybe actually get money this time?