because of hand holding

ritsu and love

ritsu is 100% done with the painful, but obvious stench of love in the air. everywhere he goes he can’t avoid it. his peers can’t get their act together and confess their love and ritsu wants out for a good whole six months

-it starts in the student council. he hadn’t seen it coming. tokugawa and shinji are so in sync these days and they talk with their eyes and only their eyes. no one has a clue what’s going on cause ritsu clearly wasn’t invited into their special eye flirting world

-could inukawa and takenaka be anymore obvious? do they have to send telepathic sweet nothing across the hall? can’t they just find a bench far away from ritsu and cuddle?

-ritsu wonders how long rei kurosaki and tome will stutter around each other. he’d time it but he doesn’t really care

-it starts after school. mob doesn’t see how romantic his afterschool walks home with teru have become. they hold hands because hanazawa claims he wants test his pryokinesis at a small scale. but then mob dares ask ritsu if he wants to join them and ritsu declines because he is not third-wheeling today. tho it’s tempting cause hanazawa makes this face of please let me woo him i’ll go slow and you’ll just be in the way and three’s a crowd by the way

-never again will ritsu be interviewed by ichi for the secrets to his studying success if tsubomi’s interviewed too because ichi just has to fixate all attention on tsubomi for a whole fifteen minutes. worse, tsubomi just has to play footsie with ichi under the table. frankly, this is an interview. not a date. and ritsu has better things to do

-what irritates ritsu the most is when he sees dumb, romantic quotes shou keeps posting on the Internet because shou is hinting at being in love but he’s all tight-lipped and joking around when ritsu asks. it’s infuriating because ritsu badly needs to know for reasons. it keeps him up at night. the only clue shou gives him is: too smart for his own good, grumpy but hot, extremely grumpy but wise, his hair doesn't know gravity, but yeah he’s grumpy all right. 

some Monoma headcanons because I saw people saying some upsetting things about him today so here it goes

  • hums to himself while doing literally anything
  • has a really pretty smile but never shows it
  • puts a lot of effort in taking care of his hands because what if he has to hold someone’s hands one day
  • also because he thinks his hands are pretty
  • made a poll to find out who is the prettiest boy of the class and everyone voted for Honenuki except for Pony, who voted for him
  • hates to be alone so he’s always around his classmates
  • can’t go to pet stores because he starts crying
  • “I can’t take you with me” he whispers to a lizard
  • speaks to himself in French
  • Sen heard him once and said “that was hot" 
  • has a habit of drawing in the corners of his notebook
  • lacks motivation for studying and procrastinates a lot then feels bad about it
  • tends to have bags under his eyes but they are really subtle
  • also tiny freckles on his nose
  • kids used to avoid him while playing because they didn’t want someone else using their quirks
  • little Monoma always playing by himself and pretending to be having fun
  • has a really loud dumb laugh and is scared that someone will find out
  • "is this love or the unfamiliar warm feeling of friendship”
  • loves rainy days 
  • can’t watch horror movies because then he can’t sleep
  • a hopeless romantic
  • can do french braids and all the girls love it
  • Tsuburaba it’s his mortal enemy and he would push him off a cliff 
  • the kind of boy who feels at peace while looking at the stars

midway through the gang goes to hell mac puts his hand on dennis’s hand and pats his hand because he wants to hold dennis’s hand but he can’t quite muster up the courage to do it… later on he gets a chance to hold dennis’s hand… as they’re about to die…

biffbang  asked:

Co-worker: Ben and Armie work at the video rental place during the summer. They hate each other (what kind of person has a Ken Burns doc as their favouorite movie, Armie?) but they always end up working the closing shift together because no one else likes them. They spend their time in a two month long argument over the merit of The Dutch Angle, if The Red Shoes is a noir, the importance of soundtrack and complaining about their co-workers and customers until they realize they might be dating

They realize once they’re out at Denny’s after their shift. They always go for dinner after closing. Ben suddenly looks up with wide eyes.
“Armie, are we dating?”
Hux looks up shocked.
“Oh god, I think we are.”
Neither complain about it though. This realization helped because now they can start doing things like hold hands and kiss in the back room at work.


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

I need a fic where Supergirl and Livewire exchange hate mail regularly…

Kara randomly just receives a postcard from hawaii or new zealand or france saying: Saw you get beat up on the news… your form is off… coming for ya blondie…

Livewire always hangs around long enough to get return mail, usually on the back of a gaudy greeting card that Kara found in some back alley gift shop, filled with a really bad pun and a quip about Supergirl being in top shape…

Then once a year, they meet up… beat the absolute crap out of each other, then part ways…

2 weeks later, Kara receives another postcard from Tahiti… bet you wish you were here instead of in a hospital bed… that was a nasty fall you took… shame you’re bulletproof…


Whatever you have, it’ll work.


Look at how jealous Mickey is because Emil and Chris are holding hands 😏


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

The Prince (M)

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↳ Pt 1 (1/?)
Pairing: Jimin x reader 
Genre: Inspired by Ever After | Royal; Arranged Marriage AU.
Information: Recommended song here. I have uploaded this onto my Wattpad and A03 if it looks familiar ayoo. Raiona in Māori means lion <3 Happy reading.
→ Summary: You refuse to marry the youngest prince of the Raiona Kingdom. 

“They just keep coming!”

Sorting through letters, it finally begins to sink through the valves of your heart. You were nothing but currency to the royal family, expendable to royal intermarriage for the sake of forming an alliance; an act that would bond faraway kingdoms together; a kinship of sorts. 

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I drew this imagining us still holding hands together five years from now.

- Daesung’s message to his future self and fans, Welcoming Collection 2017

Listen, I don’t know how this happened but here’s a little something involving hands, and well. You just read. And… ALT ER LOVE.

  • what if Even was passing by a jewellery (on his way to pride) with Sana, or maybe was it Magnus, and he would stop for a few minutes. Thinking out loud, you know “one day I’ll marry Isak”, but this time he’s very clear. (unlike at the hotel where he saw that scene as a dream.) Him who always seemed terrified of what the future could hold, because he would always feel a liability somehow, whether tomorrow or the next month or decade. But now he’s not afraid anymore. He can think of more than just the next minute. And of course that means he cannot imagine it with anyone else but Isak now.
  • or something ridiculously sweet… like Even would take him to an actual balcony,or NO. Their bench, that’d be even more meaningful (because hey that’s where it began! Where Isak heard that name for the first time. Where Isak touch his hand for the first time.) and say to Isak, like “in 10 years, we’ll come back here and I’ll have a question for you.” And Isak, being the smart ass that he is, would figure out right away. And he’d say something along “ No matter where our path may lead us in 10 years from now, i’ll be right here for you. With you. And you already know the answer to that question. It’s the same as today. And the next minute and the next…”
  • and Isak would joke along "and you won’t need any paper towels this time” and and Isak wouldn’t say anything just give Even his hand, as “symbolic” for that future question…. well the answer.
  • And maybe, maybe there’ll be a complete twist… One day, in like 5 or 6 years from now, as he is now working for the Nasa or something, anyway he becomes one of the smartest scientist of his generation. One evening as he comes home to Even, they do live together now, he’ll surprise Even and bring him to their bench. Remember what you told me that 21st of June …. Wasn’t it 21:21…. Look at your watch now. E: “but you know i’m never wearing a watch ba…..” I: “wouldn’t you mind wearing this for me now ?” as he’s going down on one knee, ring in hand…. Even would join him down, kneeling too, in tears. “YES YES YES. Of course yes!” As they would held both hands together.
  • (hands that were once shaking…  being held for the first time in that locker room, as so much was still new to Isak. At the beginning, Isak was very guarded, staying at distance from Even, waiting for him to make a move, to say something. And then to drop the bomb litteraly, nothing is standing in our way anymore, how frightening is that ? Exciting too but what Isak must have thought, he dropped everything, for… for little old me ? He could not believe, it was too good to be true. He’s here professing his love basically… for me ? you sure you have the right person ?? Of course those hands were shaking. Until that moment, where he saw, where he felt Even meant it. Holding his hands. Where he believed. He could be that boy, kissing more of Even in the intimacy if his bedroom, why not even one day at school… he could finally have that life. Real life. His life. Their life.)
  • So that night, it was with steady hands, Isak holds on Even’s hands. And in this minute, Even believed too.(It had been playing in his mind since the first moment he ever saw Isak.) Their reality. 
  • And it actually would be 21:21.

(i’m blaming @tocapturethisvoice aka my beloved Cris for making me “word vomit” as Cee Cee would poetically put it down ahah ALSO Julie who is still making us wait so here it is….)

ravenclaws, endless oceans.




that’s what we all think about ravenclaws.

like the eagle, they soar above the land and pick their enemy, calculating how to tear them apart, slowly.

they strive to find the most original, find the most extreme way to overcome their obstacle; or they create a plan that suits them just best. because ravenclaws hold the world in their hands and can crush it in a heartbeat.

but they don’t; they don’t want to take over the planet because the world is interesting and there’s so much to do. because they haven’t discovered all the creatures or found all the plants, they haven’t uncovered the secrets behind the buried whispers of old, ancient artifacts.

or simply, because they have not read all the fanfictions on the website.

there’s so unearth, so much to say and ravenclaws want it all. their hearts crack and cave because not even a lifetime can carry out all the dreams they wish to achieve.

they try, try, try their hardest to fit in the things they love because everything doesn’t last forever. if that means watching netflix until one am before a big test? screw it. because ravenclaws hold the knowledge of creativity and acceptance that even though they are intelligent, being intelligent isn’t everything.

because ravenclaws have learned through anxious times when life became hard. they learned through hunched sobs and heavy hiccups that friends and family and love are crucial to happiness instead of one’s grades and they pity the ones who aren’t content.

because ravenclaws won’t hesitate to shred a person to tears. won’t hesitate to rip them to pieces when they are backstabbed— left in the dust. they know they deserve what they received, but they never fail to create a low, petty competition. because ravenclaws knows that that everything is just a climb to the top, and if they can’t sit on the throne, no one else can. no one can come close.

because ravenclaws are eccentric and quirky and the have the ability to understand why they are the person that they are. because their wisdom diverges into so many rivers and it all leads to one place. acceptance.

because through time, ravenclaws strip away the dirt and the grime from a rock to divulge a diamond. because ravenclaws are striking in a way that no one else is, accepting their own being and being joyous.

because ravenclaws hold the world in their hands simply because they are motivated and competitive and happy.